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Numb Bills Fan Podcast | Fireballs of Raw Thought on the Buffalo Bills

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A Blazing Fire Storm Covering the Buffalo Bills, with a raw- comical- philosophical approach, tactically going where the main stream refuses.

A Blazing Fire Storm Covering the Buffalo Bills, with a raw- comical- philosophical approach, tactically going where the main stream refuses.


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A Blazing Fire Storm Covering the Buffalo Bills, with a raw- comical- philosophical approach, tactically going where the main stream refuses.






Numb Bills Fan Podcast #249 Bills Steelers Review with Tampa Dave

During a midlife crisis trip in the spring to Florida, host David Palermo made a new friend- Tampa Dave; a Buffalonian bartender who loves Buffalo Bills football. Tampa Dave is great at calling the host on his shit, and challenges him mindfully. Great discussion about Edmunds and expectations after piggy backing off 248 with Icey Vick. Was coach McDermott lacking in the belief department? Subscribe to the podcast everywhere has a player @NumbBillsFan @DavidjPalermo...


#248 Billsmafia is Back in the Building! Icey Vick Joins to talk Steelers at Bills Home Opener

Opening week for the NFL as the Buffalo Bills welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers. Icey Vick @iceyvick joins the show with host David Palermo, talking over a few key points. Are the Bills over hyped, are the fans nuts to think this team is a Super Bowl champion? Josh Allen is really real- can the defense stop the run without Starr Lotulelei- what impact will Trumaine Edmunds have? The energy at the Stadium for home games at the Ralph is second to none- what’s the impact? Follow, subscribe to...


#247 Josh Allen is the 2020 Bills, Fitzmagic to Bills? w/ Kevin Massare

The Buffalo Bills have invested most of their resources under Sean McDermott in defense. 2020 Bills defense cannot stop a run to save its life and cannot tackle. Also what’s very uncharacteristic is the penalties and type of penalties the McDermott run Bills received against the Chiefs. Josh Allen plays great- poor defense is forgotten about, it’s “modern football,” and not a talking point. Josh Allen plays average or has a down game- Bills lose pointing the defense has a long way to go- or...


#246 Draft King Champion Brenton Biddlecombe and Lucas Hirl from Whats the Odds Podcast talk “Champ Life,” Bills, is Brady a System Qb, Allen, Bledsoe, Flutie, Dan Gable

We welcome a champion today, Brenton Biddlecombe and his pal and fellow comedian Lucas Hirl, “From Whats the Odds Podcast with Steve Rennazzisi,” who many know from hit show “The League.” Lucas brought up Iowa which led to McDermott and Dan Gable wrestling talk and back into systems. Is Tom Brady overrated or is he more than a system player- deeper thoughts than surface level on this topic. Was Bledsoe a statue at the wrong time for football? Josh Allen crushing makes the NFL super...


#245 Mike Smith Calls Late w/ Fantasy Takes, Quick Bills Rams Predictions

When Mike Smith calls in late, you press record- even after wrapping up a podcast with Tim Avery... There’s always some wild fire from Mike’s face that keeps Radio great. Fantasy advice along with putting host Dave on the spot with bold Rams at Bills predictions. Start Diggs against Ramsey? Help Support Vicky T (Host Dave’s wife) Subscribe to Numb Bills Fan Podcast wherever...


#244 Catching up w/ Tim Avery talking Rams at Bills

Tim Avery has been a frequent contributor to as a writer, and podcast guest, who brings unique perspectives. Josh Allen is crushing at this football thing right now but has a solid test against Jalen Ramsey of the Rams. Will Allen and Diggs poke and test Ramsey or do the Bills run first; which is would be a new look for 2020 thus far. Bills linebackers Milano and Edmunds being out against the Dolphins, showed their value as a forward thinking designed defense. Help Support...


#243 Bills in Miami, to Squish Fish... w/ Ice Vick and Mike Smith

Week two for the Buffalo Bills, is the annual trip to play the Miami Dolphins. Ironically or tragically, Ryan Fitzpatrick is starting for the 'phins. Icey Vick makes his Numb Bills Fan debut joining Mike Smith on the call, for a quick game preview and thoughts of the Bills encore victory. Subscribe to Numb Bills Fan Podcast wherever you find your podcasts @PunchDrunkSports Follow Us! @NumbBillsFan @Iceyvick_RSN @FantasySmitty @Nooch_Burger on...


#242 Buffalo Bills Encore vs NY Jets- What to Expect, With Kevin Massare and Mike Smith

Host David Palermo called Mike Smith and Kevin Massare for some Bills 2020 thoughts along with a opening day and season preview. General Manager Brandon Beane with Head Coach Sean McDermott have had an incredible offseason. Trading for wide receiver Stephon Diggs from the Minnesota Vikings, to add to last year free agent addictions John Brown and prime slot receiver Cole Beasley. Loads of support for Josh Allen as this Buffalo Bills defense comes back even stronger with extensions to Tre...


#241 Matthew Fairburn from the Athletic, and Buffalo Beat Podcast

2020 has offered an array of podcasts to listen to, especially for Buffalo Bills fans. The Buffalo Beat podcast is Numb Bills Fan host David Palermo’s top Bills podcast to listen to. The brutal honestly is second to none at the Athletic, and the Buffalo beat goes down avenues of information nuggets every episode. The conversation went from comparing diy reporter to professional reporter; really sheds light on the work behind the scenes along with gettin us up to speed with the 2020 Buffalo...


#240 Overview of The Buffalo Bills 2020 Draft w/Mike Smith

For 2020 the Buffalo Bills just completed their NFL draft, Mike Smith joins via Numb Bills Fan hotline. After Bills traded their first round pick for Stephon Diggs, they still had 7 picks- rounds 2,3,4,5,6,6,7. Host David Palermo and Mike Smith give a light rundown on each pick and impact they might have if they make the team. Loads of settled roster spots going into the 2020 season before the draft, the competition is thick at multiple positions. Subscribe to Numb Bills Fan Podcast...


#239 Bills Trade for Diggs, Offensive Implications- Fantasy Included w/ Mike Smith

#239 Bills Trade for Diggs, Offensive Implications- Fantasy Included w/ Mike Smith The Buffalo Bills just traded for former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stephon Diggs, a former fifth round pick of the Vikings in 2015 out of the University of Maryland. Bills sent their first round pick of 2020, 22nd overall along with a fifth-round pick (No. 155), sixth-round pick (No. 201) in 2020, along with a 2021 fourth-round pick. Along with Stephon Diggs, Minnesota is sending a 2020 seventh-round...


#238 Cam Newton Plus McBeane Carolina Train? with friend of show Kevin Massare

Numb Bills Fan fav Kevin Massare joins host David Palermo for a fun discussion. Bills fans everywhere love Josh Allen at quarterback, truly believe he will be the franchise guy. Recently released Cam Newton clearly has ties to the Sean McDermott Brandon Beane Carolina railroad that steers to Buffalo NY. Would Cam Newton be a chess piece for the Buffalo Bills, help Josh Allen develop, offer incredible insurance if Josh goes down, or would the Bills worry about losing credit if Cam Newton is a...


#237 FAST Bills at Steelers Pregame Chatter

The Buffalo Bills have gotten flexed to Sunday night football for the first time in since week 11 of 2007. Josh Allen was suffocated last week from the Ravens non stop blitzing defense, can the Bills coaches and Josh prove they can throw over the top of encroaching safeties? The Bills defense has been unreal and the best defense since the classic 90s and what’s incredible is how much energy they maintain throughout the game. Steelers running back James Conner is scheduled to be back in the...


#236 Bills Firing on All Cylinders FAST Ravens at Bills Preview

The Buffalo Bills are for real at 9-3. After knocking off the Dallas Cowboys on national tv, aka smashing them on national tv, the Bills are on a three game win streak. The ravens boast a killer number two offense in the league and arguably the most enticing offense in the league. Bills defense stops just about every team from blowning them out and the last piece was the offense to be on at least a baseline level. Josh Allen had his best game of his young NFL career and look to keep adding...


#235 FAST Bills Dolphins Preview- Coach to Strengths

On this edition of a FAST Buffalo Bills game preview the team travels to Miami to squish the Dolphins. There is a divide between fans of players and coaching philosophy, cherry picked numbers for stats from everyone to support their case... at the end of the day are the coaches putting their team in the best position to suit their strengths? Identity crisis is a feeling when looking at this Buffalo Bills teams, if the Bills cannot handle their business in a depleted Miami Dolphins team,...


#234 Calm Cool Convo with the Classic Adam Deacon on the 6-2 Bills

The Buffalo Bills are 6-2 heading into Cleveland Sunday to play a majorly disappointing Browns team. Bills are 6-2 but is it shameful to feel bad about the record, should fans shut it and sit back and enjoy numbers, or is it ok to expect tighter coaching and improve to seek championship level play versus- just get into the playoffs. It’s a different feeling for Buffalo fans to be in a position of playoffs all while a chance to still improve and get better as a team, many divisive...


#233 FAST Bills at Titans Preview, Allen Playing!? Duke Finally Called up!

The Buffalo Bills are in Tennessee playing the Titans hoping to go 4-1 into their buy week. Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota is coming off his best performance of the season with 3 tds against the Atlanta Falcons, another note- zero interceptions all year. The Bills and Titans defenses are within a half a point per game apart allowed; the Titans defense is nothing to sneeze at. Can Josh Allen and the Bills not beat themselves, especially after a performance against the Patriots that was...


#232 Pat Moran from Moranalytics Podcast Joins- The “Dave Talks over Pat interview about Media”

This week Numb Bills Fan Podcast has a guest, Pat Moran from Moranalytics Podcast joins Host David Palermo. This podcast was essentially a “ramblathon” by Dave dating back to the sometimes freestyle format of pressing record and going with the conversation. After the interview, this podcast was slept on and thought about scrapping it but theres loads of great content on life within Buffalo Media members and reflecting on our own lives- a reminder we are all humans. Next time, Pat will have...


#231 FAST Patriots at Bills Preview

For the first time in a long time the Buffalo Bills are 3-0 let alone entering a home game. The opponent- The New England Patriots, who as well are 3-0. It can be argued the Bills and Pats have faced preseason teams in their first three opponents, but they play the schedule dealt. Will the Bills pull off a victory against the Patriots or will chess master Bill Belichick dismantle the McDermott Bills, exposing the teams weaknesses? Subscribe to Numb Bills Fan Podcast wherever you find your...


NBF #230 FAST Bengals at Bills Preview

The Cincinatti Bengals enter New Era Field to take on the Buffalo Bills for the Billsmafia home opener. The records for both teams are inverted as the Bills are 210 and the Bengals have struggled thus far with a 0-2 winless record. Andy Dalton has quietly put up eye popping statistics with Aj Green being injured and John Ross and Tyler Boyd stepping up. As Stevie Johnson would say #handlebizhavefun- is the key to victory; and with coach McDermott, handling business is his business. This game...