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Welcome to Numbers on the Boards, a podcast for basketball fans who want to have some fun listening to Mavs TV analyst Jeff “Skin” Wade and's Bobby Karalla talk hoops, stats, and life in the NBA with a new guest each week.

Welcome to Numbers on the Boards, a podcast for basketball fans who want to have some fun listening to Mavs TV analyst Jeff “Skin” Wade and's Bobby Karalla talk hoops, stats, and life in the NBA with a new guest each week.
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Welcome to Numbers on the Boards, a podcast for basketball fans who want to have some fun listening to Mavs TV analyst Jeff “Skin” Wade and's Bobby Karalla talk hoops, stats, and life in the NBA with a new guest each week.








Episode 58: It's Dirk's Birthday, and the NBA Draft

After a quick summer break, Skin and Bobby are back at it! First, they talk about the upcoming Mavs Twitter/Reddit on June 30. Then, they give Dirk Nowitzki all the birthday love that the legend deserves. Finally, they take a look at Thursday's NBA Draft, where the Mavs will pick 37th.


Episode 57: Dwight Powell

Mavs center Dwight Powell joins Bobby Karalla and Mike Marshall to discuss the strides he's made as a player and person since entering the NBA, what it's like to find himself as a veteran on a team that's become younger since he arrived in 2014, and how much he's looking forward to next season.


Episode 56: Dirk Forever

Skin and Bobby reflect on Dirk Nowitzki's final two games and the day after, and all the incredible moments from both on and off the floor. Then, they discuss what he means to the city of Dallas and to all of those who watched him. Finally, they take a quick look ahead to the 2019 offseason, beginning with lottery night up through July 1.


Episode 55: Dirk, Nash, Fin, and the early-2000s Mavs

Skin takes Bobby on a trip down memory lane, sharing details and insight into how the Mavericks assembled the Big 3, first with the trade for Michael Finley, then the hiring of Don Nelson (and Donnie), and finally with the 1998 Draft-night acquisitions of Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash.


Episode 54: The Mavs Win Big, And Is Jalen Brunson An All-Rookie Candidate?

Skin and Bobby look back on the Mavs' big win at Golden State, and then take a trip down memory lane through some of the Mavs' most lopsided road wins. Then, they wonder whether Jalen Brunson is an All-Rookie candidate. Finally, they analyze the Mavs' time of possession numbers before and after the trade.


Episode 53: Dirk Passed Wilt!

Skin and Bobby reflect on Dirk Nowitzki's historic night at American Airlines Center when he moved past Wilt Chamberlain on the all-time scoring list. They discuss Wilt's legendary status and what made him so great, take you inside the game when Dirk passed him, and look ahead to the home stretch of Dirk's 21st season. As always, if you enjoy, please subscribe, rate, and review on your favorite podcast platform!


Episode 52: Luka vs. Trae, Lottery vs. Convey

Skin and Bobby are back, and they waste no time before getting into the Luka vs. Trae debate and why they believe it's not much of a debate at all, because what Luka is doing is historic. Then, they piggyback off of Mike and Jake's conversation on "The Four Pointer" by discussing whether they'd prefer to move into the top-4 via the lottery or convey the pick to Atlanta this season.


Episode 51: LA Shows Dirk Love, And Luka + KP Has Us Hyped

Skin and Bobby react to Doc Rivers's incredibly classy move Monday night in LA and reflect on Dirk's season and how he's playing better now, down the stretch. Then, they compare the Mavs' future with Luka and Kristaps compared to other teams in the West and throughout the league.


Episode 50: Wow, The Mavs Really Won That Game, And Luka Doncic Is Good

Skin and Bobby break down the Mavs' win against the Blazers, from Luka Doncic's heroics to just exactly how improbable the comeback really was. Then, they discuss keeping one excited eye on the future while also considering what it will take to make a playoff push this season.


Episode 49: Kristaps Porzingis is a Maverick

Skin and Bobby break down the Mavs' blockbuster trade for Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., Courtney Lee, and Trey Burke and discuss how those players can fit into the offense and alongside sensational rookie Luka Doncic.


Episode 48: Dennis Is Back!

Skin and Bobby talk hoops right after the Mavs beat the Clippers 106-98 in Dennis Smith Jr.'s return to the lineup. They assess his performance, Harrison Barnes' slump-busting outing, DeAndre Jordan's defense, and much much more. Enjoy! And if you do, please rate, subscribe, and review!


Episode 47: Rumours, But We're Not Talking Albums

It's a great time to be a Mavs fan, but there's always something going on in the great world of sports. Skin and Bobby talk about everything. And we mean EVERYTHING. Rumors, Dennis, Luka, J.J., and much, much more. Enjoy!


Episode 46: Live At 40,000 Feet

Skin and Bobby spit fire on the Mavs' plane (figuratively speaking). They consider what to take away from the team's last 10 games, put into perspective Luka magic, discuss Harrison Barnes' season-long 3-point surge, and much more. Please rate and review if you enjoy!


Episode 45: Previewing The Four-Game Road Trip

The Mavs have been great at home this season. The road, meanwhile, has been a difficult beast to tame. Skin and Bobby take a look ahead at each of the Mavs' next four road games, and meander there way in and out of plenty of other topics. Enjoy!


Episode 44: That's What's Up, Shawn Marion

Mavs legend and 2011 NBA champion Shawn Marion joins Skin and Bobby in this week's episode to chop it up about Luka Doncic's emergence, Dwyane Wade's legacy, and his games of 1-on-1 against Dirk during the 2011 title run.


Episode 43: DSJ's Defense, The Wacky West, And Awesome Alliterations

It's the holiday season but that doesn't mean Skin and Bobby believe Patrick Beverley will be getting a Christmas card from the Mavs any time soon. The two hosts talk Mavs/Clippers and Dennis Smith Jr.'s big defensive play against Tobias Harris. Then, they revisit the Smith/Luka Doncic conversation and admit why we shouldn't be talking about it. Finally, the West is still weird, and they take a close look.


Episode 42: Halleluka! The Mavs' Bench And Defense Are Really Good Right Now

Skin and Bobby try to figure out why the Mavs have been playing better basketball lately, and it starts with J.J. Barea, Devin Harris, and the bench. Then, they sing the praises of "Halleluka" and discuss the DSJ/Luka backcourt duo. Finally, they look around the wild, wild West to see what's going on in the standings.


Episode 41: The Mavs Are Never Losing Again

Skin and Bobby are riding high because of the Mavs' four-game winning streak. In this week's episode they look back at the dramatic 112-109 win against Golden State on Saturday, including what makes Luka Doncic so special and how Dennis Smith Jr. has adapted to his new role, and then look ahead to Monday night's game against the Memphis Grizzlies.


Episode 40: Winning Basketball Games Is Fun

Skin and Bobby take a look at the Mavs' gritty win against the Bulls and pay homage to J.J. Barea, surprisingly one of the longest-tenured Mavericks. Then, Bobby tests Skin with some historical Mavs trivia before they discuss stories from around the league.


Episode 39: Burgers and Basketball

Skin and Bobby stuff their face at a local burger joint and then diagnose everything that's happened during the Mavs' six-game losing streak, and identify the areas they've done well in. If you've been upset about the results lately, this podcast is for you. This was recorded before Tuesday night's win against the Wizards.