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Podcast by Lory Ankiel & Alysa Bajenaru, baseball wives giving you a glimpse of life off the field

Podcast by Lory Ankiel & Alysa Bajenaru, baseball wives giving you a glimpse of life off the field


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Podcast by Lory Ankiel & Alysa Bajenaru, baseball wives giving you a glimpse of life off the field






Ep. 37: Madi Hiatt

No matter where Madi and Jack travel for baseball, they are home thanks to the school bus they renovated. We talk to Madi all about the 90-day project, what it’s like to live the “great bus adventure” and how their story captured the world’s attention this past season.


Ep. 36: Daniella Correa

This week we're talking with Daniella Correa! We find out how she and Carlos met, ask her about what it was like to be proposed to on national television after winning the World Series, and how she uses her position in the spotlight to help children in need.


Ep. 35: Coach Dar

Darleen Santore or "Coach Dar" as most people know her, is a Board Certified Occupational Therapist, business executive, author and speaker. She is passionate about helping people break through barriers to achieve their goals, and today we're talking to her about the mental side of sports, how to break the anxiety cycle, and learning to live in the moment.


Ep. 34: Anna Cressey

If you're in the baseball world, you've probably heard of Cressey Sports Performance, the premiere training facility of professional athletes including both 2017 Cy Young award winners (Corey Kluber and Max Scherzer). Anna helps run the facilities in Boston and Florida, PLUS Anna has her own Optometry practice. She is a self-professed jack of all trades and a woman who truly understands Our Baseball Life.


Ep. 33: Ashley Barden

This week we're tackling the tricky topic of divorce in baseball. OBL photographer and conference speaker, Ashley Barden has first hand experience and candidly tells us what life was like at the end of her ex-husband's career, the lessons she's learned, and what she would do differently if she could go back to that time.


Ep. 32: Elsie

This week we're catching up with Elsie! We talk about her music career, her new favorite fitness program, ideas for future @WAGSBeLike videos, and why we all think baseball games would be more interesting if WAGS were in the booth.


Ep. 31: Catching Up

We're back! Today Lory and Alysa bring everyone up to speed on where we've been and what we're up to now. Find out about our new projects and events and what we have coming up next!


Ep. 30: AskOBL

This week, Alysa, Lory, and Paige are talking through the most recent #AskOBL questions from instagram! What should you do when your man is in a slump? How do you keep yourself busy in a new city when the team is on the road? What do you do when your baby develops stranger danger with their dad? How do you help your guy through an injury? We tackle all of these questions and more.


Ep. 29: Chellee Siewert

Today we’re talking with Chellee Siewert, President of Capture Sports Marketing. If you’ve ever wondered about getting more involved in charity work or even starting your own foundation, you’ll definitely want to tune in. Shelly is answering all of our questions and is a fantastic resource for all things philanthropy and marketing.


Ep. 28: Hot Topics, Questions, and More

Should you tell a fellow WAG she's being cheated on? What's the deal with emotional support animals? How do you handle unsupportive family members? Lory, Alysa, and Sara tackle these topics and more on today's episode.


Ep. 27: Jenny Reimold

This week we're hanging out with Jenny Reimold, Homegoods Style Expert, owner of Whim and Willow Designs and mom of 7 (yes 7!). Find out about her upcoming Property Brothers episode, how she has embraced the hustle of owning her own business, and what she would say to anyone thinking about going through the adoption process.


Ep. 26: Marin Sadler

Today we're talking with Marin Sadler who spent all of the 2018 baseball season living in an RV with her husband, daughter, and puppy. Is RV living a good idea for baseball life? Find out in this episode! We also hear about some of Marin's minor league hotel horror stories, her new passion for makeup and skincare, and how she believes we can better support each other in his crazy life.


Ep. 25: Janie Reed

Today we’re talking with Janie Reed, outfielder for USA Softball and founder of Church on the Dirt. We talk all things softball, and learn how she and her husband navigated their first year of marriage doing long-distance.


Ep. 24: Bailey Alford

This week we're hanging with Bailey Alford, singer/songwriter and creator of the hilarious new account WAGS Be Like. Find out where she gets her inspiration and what's coming next.


Ep. 23: Lory, Alysa and Sara

After our summer break, we catch up on everything that's happening in our baseball lives. Sara's husband is now in the big leagues, Alysa's husband is coach of the year, and Lory's husband is working on a comeback. Plus, why you should ALWAYS pack extra underwear on getaway day.


Ep. 22: Lory & Alysa

Today we're hanging out and chatting about everything from current events to Pinterest and ripped booty jeans. We also announce our new partnership that will expand resources for minor league WAGS.


Ep. 21: Kristi Hendriks

Kristi Hendriks owns the wildly successful online boutique For The Field Apparel. This week we're talking to Kristi about how she started her own business, the incredible work she does to rescue animals, and what she wants everyone to know about being married to a professional athlete.


Ep. 20: Jessica Leigh

This week we're talking to Jessica Leigh about her decision to become a flight attendant and what that means for life in baseball. If you've ever thought about this career path, this episode is for you!


Ep. 19: Ashley Wittgren

This week we're talking with Ashley Wittgren about all things health and fitness. Find out how she keeps it simple in the kitchen, why she says motivation is a myth, and how she is learning to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.


Ep. 18: Ashley Eckstein

This week we're talking to Ashley Eckstein about her acting career, the massively successful business she built called Her Universe, and the best "how we met" story we've ever heard.