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#28 Prospects and Netflix

The boys talk NHL Playoffs Round 3! What to do with Free Agency, Flyers Prospects and get lost in Netflix docs. Keep an eye out for a Knife Show live stream. Remember those old knife shows, well the boys found one and are gonna figure out how to share the experience with you.


#27 - False Starts and Gun Shots

The boys take a couple runs to get the podcast started after some alleged gunshots near Matt Angle. The boys have a rough time staying on topic but managed to squeeze some hockey talk in. Follow the podcast @offthedashers on twitter and make sure to subscribe where ever you listen to never miss an episode.


#26 Round 2 - No Licking

The boys are back at full strength, they recap their thoughts on the Flyers, the 2018-19 off season. A look at the NHL awards and the Draft. The boys finish up telling stories about the flea market.


#25 Round 1 Tee Times

Jim McBride is running solo this show because the Matts are off doing other things. Jim talks the end of the 1st Round, and looks at the 2nd Round matchups. He talks about the Flyers battling back but ultimately losing the keystone clash with the Penguins. He also looks over the upcoming offseason for the Flyers. Follow the podcast on twitter @offthedashers to stay up to date on all the latest news and be the first to know when the newest episodes drop.


#24 Playoffs? Playoffs!!! Playoffs......

The boys are back with some Playoff talk. The Flyers ups and downs, what the team needs to do to improve. Vegas, Winnipeg and Columbus win their first games.


Episode 22 - Send offs and Playoffs

The boys discuss the Sedin Twins calling it a career. Emergency goalie Scott Foster getting his moment. The Flyers magic number and NHL trophy hopes and so much more.


Episode 21 - Acceptably Average

Back at full strength the boys talk Playoffs! The Flyers and the Metro division being super close. They discuss the wonderful Players Tribune articles and much more. Follow us @offthedashers on twitter.


Episode 20 - Drop in MVP

Jim McBride and Matt Angle are joined by emergency drop in Nick Tricome. They talk the Flyers turning around the last few games. They talk the r/Flyers Wells Fargo Takeover. They talk about the greatest hockey movie ever, and much more.


Episode 19 - Make Bi-opic, Bio-pic again

The boys talk the Flyers, Matt Angle tries to convince us that Bio-pic is pronounced Bi-opic. What happened to the Flyers winning games? The look at the NHLPA players poll and much much more.


Episode 18 - Weekly Doping

New album art, new intro, new weekly podcast! That's right we are all fresh and clean. The boys discuss Icarus again, the Flyers going from Hot to Not, The Stadium Series and end with some talk on MMA. All this and more in these weeks episode.


Episode 17 - Rumors and Cover Ups

The boys talk hockey...eventually. The Trade deadline happened, the gang talks about PK Subban, the Icarus Doc on Netflix, and struggle to pay attention as the Flyers take 1st place in the Metro Division


Episode 16 - Jim and Angle - Hockey and Beyond

Another episode on the PK, Jim and Matt Angle talk hockey ambassadors and a certain Bruins player who they should have passed on. We laugh at childhood dreams about levitation and sillyness. They go down the movie rabbit hole and talk the Jim and Andy Documentary on Netflix. Jumping back on track the finish up with Flyers talk.


Episode 15 - Angling on Rat Noses

Jim McBride, Matt Angle, Matt Soffel and special guest r/Flyers Dungeons and Dragons DM Nico! Jim recaps the r/Flyers Winter Classic Takeover. They talk NHL All Star Game and how a certain player who is suspended shouldn't be suspended. They talk early 2000's Fox TV and much more. Intro music provided by Einstein Metal Riff 100BPM by Aussens@iter (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license.


Episode 13 - Holiday Break and Resolutions

Jim McBride, Noah Eltringham and Matt Angle, break down their holidays. Look over the Flyers recent ups and downs. Discuss the Vegas Coach being the coach of the year and their ever growing shot at the Cup. And much, much more. Visit and pick up your GNGHockey gear. There is a lot of new merchandise available, so be sure to check out the store. Intro music by Josh Kinsey.


Episode 12 - Going Streaking on the Highs and Lows

Jim McBride and the artist formally know as Matt from the D&D group, Mr. Matt Angle talk the Philly sports high and low the past 2 weeks. The Flyers flipping the script and winning 6 in a row after losing 10. NHL maybe getting alternate jerseys and which teams could benefit from the make over and much much more. Intro music by Josh Kinsey.


Episode 11 - Wrestlin' with Self Deprecation

On this episode the boys discuss all things kinda related to hockey. It's GNGHockey's birthday, Jim recounts the journey. The crew talk injuries, and resting to stay healthy. They dance around the elephant in the room, the Flyers 10 game losing streak. What the Flyers need to correct to right the ship. They turn the page on the NHL Guardians Project and talk comics. They wrestle with staying on topic as the NWO gets the 3 count to win the match. And much much more. New Intro done by Josh...


Episode 10 - Tryout Hosts and D&D

Jim McBride and Noah Eltringham are joined by a special guest Matt from the r/Flyers Dungeon and Dragons group. They discuss Coyotes first regulation win. The continued slashing calls, breaking Radko Gudas news. The boys also discussed the Flyers, And much more... UPDATE 11/20/17 Hey everybody Jim here, it has come to our attention that there are more audio problems through out this episode. Upon further review of the podcast and the software used to record there was a noise gate placed on...


Episode 9 - Slashin' and Dashin'

Jim McBride and Noah Eltringham are joined by gnghockey head Dylan Coyle. They discuss the NHL's seeming stance on calling slashing over other penalties. The NJ Devils and their continued success. Vegas finally cooling off, and the Lightning striking more than twice. And much more... Want to support us go to and pick up a shirt. Use the promo code PODCAST to save $5 Intro music provided by Einstein Metal Riff 100BPM by Aussens@iter (c) copyright 2016...


Episode 8 - Great starts and Hiccups

The first line is back together as Jim McBride, Noah Eltringham and JT Volpe discuss the Vegas Golden Nights hot start. Also they look at the bizarro last 2 weeks in the NHL. They look back at the Super Mario Bros. live action movie. The struggles of calling penalties in the NHL. Philadelphia Flyers news and how Calgary broke Jagr. Want to support us go to and pick up a shirt. Use the promo code PODCAST to save $5 Intro music provided by Einstein Metal...


Episode 7 - Cursed and Short Handed

Your hosts Jim McBride is on the penalty kill with OTD podcast call up Nick Tricome The boys discuss what happened before the show and why this episode is cursed. They talk the start of the NHL season and talk about everyone's favorite NHL player Jaromir Jagr. Want to support us go to and pick up a shirt. Use the promo code PODCAST to save $5 Intro music provided by Einstein Metal Riff 100BPM by Aussens@iter (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative...


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