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Hot and heavy in demand in the NHL

Postmedia’s national hockey writer Michael Traikos joins Paul Chapman to talk about the issues around the NHL this week. Traikos explains that the big, heavy hitters around the NHL are the difference makers that everyone wants. Tom Wilson, Ryan Reaves, Dustin Byfuglien are the prototypes, and teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs want one, and may have to overpay to get one. Traikos argues NHL general managers love to copy blueprints, and the big guy who can be physical but can still play in...


The Rise of the machines, hockey’s new wave of young stars

Montreal Canadiens beat writer Stu Cowan joins Paul Chapman for the Off the Post podcast where they get into the complaints of Ken Hitchcock about the clutching and grabbing that is holding back Connor McDavid and the game’s skill players. Is the NHL really doing enough to promote offence and get the young stars blazing? They also talk about the next generation of the ‘hockey machine’ kid, who has known nothing but elite hockey since they were a kid and are now taking over the NHL. Stu says...


Alex Ovechkin's amazing season

In this week’s Off The Post, hockey writer Don Brennan from Ottawa joins Paul Chapman as they talk about Alex Ovechkin’s amazing season, and how he stacks up versus the young guns also ventilating goalies around the league this season. Can Ovechkin get close to Wayne Gretzky’s all-time record as he’s on a 65-goal pace for this season? Next the lads put the Canadian teams under the microscope. There are currently three Canadian teams in the NHL’s top five, and the Leafs lead the way. Would...


Seattle gets an NHL team, who’s got next?

Postmedia’s National hockey insider Mike Traikos joins Paul Chapman fresh from the NHL Board of Governors meetings in Georgia to talk about the process of getting Seattle into the NHL. Traikos explains that while markets like Quebec City, Portland and Houston are now lining up for their chance, it’s more likely that relocation rather than expansion offers the most hope. But from where? Mike suggests Arizona, Carolina, Florida, and potentially Ottawa might be the franchises at risk.


New GMs, new coaches, new arenas and new stars, NHL is pressing forward

Edmonton's Jim Matheson joins Paul Chapman in the latest Off the to talk about the latest firing in the NHL, Philadelphia Flyers GM Ron Hextal. Why have so many coaches and now a GM beingn fired this season? Jim also gets into why Ken Hitchcock won’t necessarily be in conflict with the offensive nature of Connor McDavid. In the second period the talk turns to the new arena conflict in Ottawa. In the final period they discuss new offensive stars in the NHL. WInnipeg’s Patrick Laine scored 5...


Battle of Alberta and bench blood

Kristen Anderson, beat reporter in Calgary, joins Paul Chapman to talk about the Battle of Alberta sparking to life, both on the ice and in the press box. They also discuss the aftermath of the Flames-Oilers game which saw Edmonton coach Todd McLellan lose his job, the fourth coach to do so this year, and if four coaches fired already this year is surprising.


Inside the Senators: Canada's most dysfunctional team

Senators beat reporter Don Brennan joins Paul Chapman to talk about the controversies and freakish side shows that have plagued the Ottawa Senators. The Senators have had a wild last 12 months from accusations of cyber bullying, trading their biggest star and then having the embarrassing Uber video surface. Don also talks about being banned from the team charter and the team’s attempt to punish the media for the appearance of the video.


Coaches cornered, the perilous life of an NHL bench boss

Ed Willes joins Paul Chapman for this week. They dive into the discussion of the two coaches fired in the NHL this week and examine what the impact of an NHL coach really is. Do superstar coaches like Mike Babcock really have the impact they’re supposed to in today’s NHL. Topics also kicked around this week include the super rookies of hockey, and how impressive is it when a first-year player steps in and is not only able to negotiate the bright lights of the big league, but handle the...


Surprising rookies and slumping veterans could spur early trade market

Postmedia National Hockey Writer Mike Traikos joins Paul Chapman for this week’s Off the Post. In the first period the hot start from Vancouver super rookie Elias Pettersson is discussed as Mike wonders if his draft year was done over would he go first overall. The rookies around the NHL, including Ottawa’s Maxime Lajoie and Brady Tkachuk, have turned some heads through the first month of the season. In the second period of the podcast we look at teams, and players, off to a slow start. Are...


McDavid vs Crosby, McDavid vs Gretzky

Paul is joined by the Edmonton Journal and Sun’s Jim Matheson to slap around the issues in the NHL this week. In the first period Jim tells us about the battle this week between Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby, and the bigger changing of the guard between the old faces of the NHL, Crosby and Alex Ovechkin, and the new dogs like McDavid, Auston Matthews and Jack Eichel, followed by even younger burgeoning stars like Elias Pettersson and Rasmus Dahlin. In the second segment Jim and Paul talk...


The code, the weed and the Leafs

Vancouver Canucks beat writer Ben Kuzma joins Paul Chapman for this week’s Off the Post podcast. They talk about the hit by Mike Matheson on Vancouver’s Elias Pettersson that divided the hockey world. Should the NHL protect it’s stars better like the NFL? Was it even an illegal hit? Is the NHL’s ‘code’ of protecting players fading away? Also they talk about this week’s legalization of marijuana in Canada and what that could mean for NHL players. In the second period the talk turns to, who...


Why you should never believe an NHL goalie

Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun joins Paul Chapman. Steve talks about how he’s been pleasantly surprised at the offensive hockey being played so far around the league and how it’s a good sign of how the season is going to progress. He also runs through some of the better stories in the league, in particular Montreal, where so far they look like they’ll exceed expectations. Steve also tells us why you can never believe an NHL goalie. Talk then turns to the teams that might be in trouble, and...


The meaning of the C and Tom Wilson's suspension

This week Calgary Flames writer Kristen Anderson joins Paul Chapman to talk about the start of the NHL season. In the First Period they talk about the importance of the C, is Shea Weber the right choice for the Canadiens? The Canucks have chosen not to pick a captain? Does it matter? In the Second Period Kristen looks ahead to which teams will compete for the Stanley Cup and explains why it’s good for the league to have the Leafs as one of the best teams, even if the rest of the country...


NHL 2018 season preview: Dumpster fires vs tire fires

It’s time to drop the puck, and you can get caught up with Postmedia’s revamped Off The Post podcast. Toronto Maple Leafs beat writer Lance Hornby joins Paul Chapman to preview the burgeoning NHL season. Which teams in the East are the ones to watch? How about the West? Will a Canadian team ever win the Stanley Cup again? Whose tire fire burns brighter, Montreal or Ottawa? All these questions and more are answered along with predictions for the Stanley Cup, the Art Ross and Hart winners,...


On Tavares, Carlson, Kane, JVR and the 2018 NHL free agency class (Ep. 92)

John is joined by Matt Cane, editor for, to discuss the upcoming NHL free agency crop through the lens of Cane's prediction model.


Round 3 preview: What makes Tampa so scary, Vegas so effective (Ep. 91)

John is joined by Gus Katsaros, analyst for McKeen's Hockey, to preview the conference finals and talk about the Maple Leafs' GM vacancy.


David Ling on life as hockey's ultimate journeyman (Ep. 90)

John is joined by David Ling, a 43-year-old former NHLer who has played professionally for two decades, to discuss his journey.


Previewing the second round with Michael Traikos (Ep. 89)

John is joined by Michael Traikos, national hockey writer for Postmedia, to handicap the second round of the NHL playoffs.


A conversation with Tim Thompson, the man behind those incredible hockey montages (Ep. 88)

John is joined by Tim Thompson, filmmaker and ex-pro hockey player, to chat about his famous Hockey Night in Canada video montages, and much more.


Playoff preview: Handicapping the NHL's first round (Ep. 87)

John is joined by Matthew Coller, hockey writer for ESPN Insider, to preview the opening round of the NHL playoffs.