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Episode 50 - Hugh Freeze. DCEU Sucks.

Jon and Tim are still recovering from their Postseason Party last night at Cahaba Brewing. They talk a little sports when it comes to the AAF and Hugh Freeze potentially coming back to the SEC. Tim then asks if a college football version of House of Cards would be a good TV show. That then starts them talking about the final season of House of Cards not being very good. Then the conversation turns into why Venom did so well at the box office and why the DCEU is so bad and what they can do to...


Episode 49 - Thanksgiving. Avengers.

Jon and Tim recap their Thanksgiving, which involved a lot of food, sleep, football and movies. Jon recounts his cousin burning marshmallows. Tim talks about watching Infinity War multiple times. That then starts a long conversation about The Avengers, the direction the final movie may take, then a discussion on Disney's impressive upcoming 2019 slate. The picture today is Jon's cousin's burnt marshmallows.


Episode 48 - Creed. Witcher. Thanksgiving.

We're back....again. After a nearly three week hiatus, we're back with another edition of Off the Record and we discuss Creed 2 before we go see it in theaters tonight (Tuesday night, November 20). Tim talks about his love of the Rocky franchise while Jon doesn't care about it. Tim also bought The Witcher 3 and is lost when it comes to playing an RPG, so Jon tries to explain a little to him while thinking back to the simpler days of video games. Tim then asks Jon about his holiday...


Episode 47 - Movies. Politics.

We're back with another edition of Off the Record, we hope to not do it weekly for long and get back to daily episodes. With this episode, we talk about Bohemian Rhapsody which we saw last night and discuss other big movies coming out soon. We then dive into Jon's lack of time for playing video games but how awesome Red Dead Redemption 2 looks. Then the bulk of the latter half is spent talking politics as we try to get people energized to go vote, plus Jon talks about how he would handle a...


Episode 46 - We Back.

Sorry about that. Jon has been sick all week and both Jon and Tim have been busy all week. But we're back with another episode as we continue to talk about the month of October when it comes to movies and rave about how much we liked A Star Is Born. Jon also talks about trying to find a house that will allow him to have a home theater, his love of New York, why he doesn't like to watch great movies more than once, and his obsession with Rent. Tim talks about his love of Disney World, how...


Episode 45 - Halloween

Jon is sick, so he pretty much gives Tim the floor to rave about the new Halloween movie. They discuss whether it was any good or not and what it means for the franchise and slasher films in general moving forward. Jon also continues to defend his dislike of violent horror movies. This is unscripted, real conversation. This is what happens off the air. This is Off the Record.


Episode 44 - Fear.

Jon and Tim are back with another edition of Off the Record. Jon appeared on TV this morning promoting his non-profit foundation, and Tim talks about how good (or bad) of a job he did. Tim then asks if Jon was nervous being on TV when they are normally just on the radio. Jon says that he wasn't afraid to do TV because he's in a studio and not in front of a bunch of people. That starts a conversation on fear and what Jon and Tim fear most and how they handle that fear. That leads into them...


Episode 43 - Weekend Recap. Creating Content.

Jon and Tim are back with another week of Off the Record. Jon recaps his weekend which included heading to Tuscaloosa for the Alabama/Missouri game and his experience during Dixieland Delight. Jon and Tim also went and saw First Man and reviewed it for the Jox Entertainment Crew. You can hear that full review here. Tim asks Jon about his friends outside of work and Jon talks about how his friends never listen to the radio because it's looked at as such an "old" medium. The rest of the...


Episode 42 - Acting. 2018 Movies.

This is our longest podcast ever. We start talking, and never shut up. Tim went to see Bad Times at the El Royale and didn't like it. Jon discusses his brief acting career on the stage. Jon discusses what it would be like if he ever became a celebrity. Tim questions why they don't have a Jox Primetime Facebook page. 42:16 - Our "AJ Question of the Day" asks us what movie we want a sequel to one day. Tim then asks what movie Jon is most looking forward to in the remainder of 2018 now that A...


Episode 41 - Great Movies. Halloween. Audiences.

This episode is kind of all over the place. The guys discuss the cooler weather, more about A Star Is Born and other great movies, Halloween, and how they interact with audiences. This is unscripted, real conversation. This is what happens off the air. This is Off the Record. 1:08 - Jon and Tim discuss the cooler weather and how much they love it. That makes Tim ask about Jon's weight loss so far, a little over six months in. Jon discusses where he's at so far and how he typically handles...


Episode 40 - House Hunting. Hopes and Dreams.

Jon and Tim are back. Tim asks Jon about how his house hunting is going and Jon describes where he is in the process of buying a new house and how he is considering building his own house. That leads the conversation into talking about how Jon has time to do all the things he does, including going to look at houses. Then the discussion moves to Jon and Tim's desires in the radio world and how they feel like they are working to get to that point...even if none of it never happens. The episode...


Episode 39 - October Movies. Theater experiences.

Jon and Tim discuss their weekend of movies which started with A Star is Born ([check out the spoiler review of the movie here]( Tim went to see A Star is Born again while Jon went to go see Venom. They also discuss the new Joker movie and their confidence in it with Todd Phillips at the helm (who directed The Hangover and produced A Star is Born) along with Bradley Cooper as a director. They also discuss whether they should...


Episode 38 - A Star Is Born.

Tim is deathly ill but just had to go see A Star Is Born this morning and come talk about it. He and Jon rave over their favorite movie of the year so far. This is a SPOILER filled review, but once you've seen the movie, check out our conversation about how this movie is a masterpiece! This is unscripted, real conversation. This is what happens off the air. This is Off the Record. Today's intro song is "Shallow" off the official soundtrack from the movie.


Episode 37 - Grizzlies. Interviews. Jon's Dream Project.

As Jon and Tim get ready to go broadcast from the Memphis Grizzlies Pre-Game Pep Rally before their game in Birmingham, they knock out an Off the Record podcast that touches on a variety of subjects. This is unscripted, real conversation. This is what happens off the air. This is Off the Record. 0:40 - Jon and Tim discuss their excitement for the NBA coming to Birmingham and if the NBA would work permanently in the Magic City. 8:28 - Tim talks about having to wake up early to deal with his...


Episode 36 - Normal.

What does it mean to be normal? Is there a difference between ordinary and normal? Jon and Tim dive into what they think "normal" is and whether or not people want to be normal or even should strive to be normal. And what even is normal? Is normal the same to everyone? Do Jon and Tim consider themselves normal? This is unscripted, real conversation. This is what happens off the air. This is Off the Record. (there is some Gritty talk at the end, thus the picture)


Episode 35 - Aaron Daniel. Halloween. Pelicans. The Purge.

The newest member of Jox Primetime is our guest on Off the Record as Aaron Daniel joins the show to re-live the good old days when the three guys started working together. They talk about Jon's hate of Halloween, the famous "pelican" segment and their worst work ever when they shot a Purge style video a couple of years ago to review the third Purge movie. This is unscripted, real conversation. This is what happens off the air. This is Off the Record. 0:24 - Jon had to be at a meeting early...


Episode 34 - Joe Hunk. Maniac.

We're back with another Monday edition of the podcast as we discuss what we did over the weekend including hosting more radio shows and watching the new show "Maniac" which came out on Netflix this past weekend. This is unscripted, real conversation. This is what happens off the air. This is Off the Record. 0:53 - Jon talks about the atmosphere and weather at Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday. 3:22 - Tim describes what it's like working with Joe Hunk on Jox Gameday each weekend and Jon talks...


Episode 33 - Guess Who's Back?

We're back. We took a few days off, but we're back and talking more about the new Joker movie, discussing Tim's hate of space movies (and Jon's continued hate of horror) plus discussions about Westworld and more. Listen as we ramble about movies and TV shows for an hour to make up for lost time this week. This is unscripted, real conversation. This is what happens off the air. This is Off the Record.


Episode 32 - Joker.

The guys discuss the new casting news and first photos from the new Joaquin Phoenix "Joker" movie. Both are still skeptical, but that leads them into a discussion about what they think about Joaquin Phoenix overall after Jon recommended Tim watch "Her". Jon brings up the parallels between Her and Blade Runner 2049 and then they discuss why a great movie like Blade Runner 2049 didn't make more at the box office. That leads into a discussion on marketing which brings things back to the DCEU...


Episode 31 - Video Games.

Jon and Tim discuss their love of video games and some of their favorites as they prepare for the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this winter. The conversation then turns into how video games are so negatively viewed by many. The guys discuss how people unfairly blame video games for shootings and how many people in sports view video games as lazy. This is unscripted, real conversation. This is what happens off the air. This is Off the Record.