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Episode 23 - Jacksonville Jaguars, Orlando Magic Summer League, MLB Update, The Open Championship Preview & WWE Extreme Rules Preview

In this episode KT & JP talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars and upcoming training camp. They also discuss the lawsuit against Marcel Darius for sexual assault. They review the Orlando Magic offseason and summer league results. They also get into the Cleveland Indians and New York Mets and their current situation. A preview of The Open Championship and this weekends WWE Extreme Rules PPV. Sit back and enjoy.


Episode 22 - Jacksonville Jaguars Mini Camp, US Open Analysis, WWE Money in the Bank and NXT Takeover Previews, CM Punk Fantasy Booking

In this episode, KT and JP get into the mandatory mini camp for the Jacksonville Jaguars. They talk Blake Bortles and Jalen Ramsey and everything leading up to training camp. Then they talk about the first round of the US Open at Shinnecock Hills and what will come of the weekend. The last part of the pod is all wrestling. They talk about how Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho each won titles at New Japans Dominion pay per view. Then the preview WWE Money in the Bank and NXT Takeover. They finish...


Episode 21 - Jacksonville Jaguars OTAs, All time Jaguars & Orlando Magic Update

In this episode KT & JP get into the Jackasonville Jaguars OTAs and go over the all time Jaguars at all the position groups. Then they get into the Orlando Magic hiring of Steve Clifford and the future of the Magic and the entire upcoming offseason moves. Sit back and enjoy with a few brews.


Episode 20 - Jacksonville Jaguars OTAs, Wrestling landscape, PGA Tour Update

In this episode, KT & JP get into the Jacksonville Jaguars OTAs and everything going on. They get into the current landscape of professional wrestling. They talk about the $1 billion deal with the WWE and Fox for Smackdown Live. They get into the reappearance of Chris Jericho in New Japan and his feud with Naito. They also talk about the importance of the 29 minute sell out of All In in Chicago. Then they wrap up the episode by talking about the current state of the PGA Tour. Sit back and...


Episode 19 - Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Review, WWE Backlash Preview, The Players Championship Preview

In this episode KT & JP review the entire draft for the Jacksonville Jaguars. They go over all 7 picks and how they could impact the roster. They then preview the upcoming wWE Backlash event this weekend andhow the WWE is going no where. They finish the pod by previewing next weekends Players Championship and predict who could win. Sit back and enjoy.


Episode 18 - Jacksonville Jaguars State of the Franchise, 2018 NFL Schedule, New Uniforms & NFL Draft (29th pick)

In this episode KT & JP get into all things Jaguars. They discuss the recent state of the franchise, dog parks, Lot J, and everything happening with Grunt Style. They get into the release of the new uniforms and how much they like the old school feel to them. They discuss the schedule for next year and predict the record and talk about the prime time games, or lack of. Then they react live to the Taven Bryan pick at 29 and what it means. Grab some beers and sit back and enjoy.


Episode 17 - The Masters, Wrestlemania 34 & NXT Takeover Previews

In this episode KT & JP discuss Round 1 of the 2018 Masters and preview the weekend and what could happen, they also discuss the history and importance of the Masters. Then they preview this weekends wrestling, Wrestlemania 34 and NXT Takeover New Orleans. Sit back and grab some beers and enjoy.


Episode 16 - Wrestlemania Talk, MLB Opening Day

In this episode KT & JP sit back and watch the Cleveland Indians and Seattle Mariners Opening Day game. They get into a big discussion about wrestlemania and the current product of WWE. They talk about many subjects tonight from wrestling to the Orlando Magic. Sit back and enjoy the show.


Episode 15 - Tiger Woods is Back, Golf is Back, Jaguars make 2 Hard Cuts

In this episode KT & JP get into all things Golf. Tiger Woods is Back and so is Golf. They talk about how the impact of Tiger is affecting the sport and what it means going forward. The preview of the Masters in a couple of weeks. They also talk about two hard cuts that the Jacksonville Jaguars had to make with Mercedes Lewis and Allen Hurns. Sit back and enjoy.


Episode 14 - Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency and the rest of the NFL

In this episode KT & JP get into an amazing start the NFL Free Agency by the Jacksonville Jaguars. They talk about the most underrated sign of the period in Andrew Norwell and they discuss the future without Alan Robinson. They also get into all the other moves that have happened so far including Kirk Cousins and our rivals in the AFC South, the Texans and Titans. Sit back and enjoy.


Episode 13 - Jacksonville Jaguars Free Agency Preview, Phil Wins in Mexico, WWE Fastlane Preview

In this episode KT & JP get into the upcoming NFL free agency period and everything the Jacksonville Jaguars May do. They Preview the 4 positions of need and breakdown the right fits for the Jags. Then they discuss the amazing win by Phil Mickelson in Mexico and also discuss Tiger Woods playing well at the Valspar Championship. They finish the pod by previewing Sunday’s WWE Fastlane and all the implications that may come out of Sunday leading to wrestle mania. Sit back and enjoy.


Episode 12 - Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason, Blake Bortles Extension & WWE Elimination Chamber

In this episode, KT & JP discuss everything that has happened this past week for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The extension of the Coughlin, Marrone and Caldwell in the front office and especially the extension of Blake Bortles. They discuss how the deals are beneficial for both Bortles and the team and how this will effect them in free agency over the next week. They also discuss last Sundays WWE Elimination Chamber. The fall out and the amazing promo by Roman Reigns on Monday Night Raw. Grab...


Episode 11 - Orlando Magic Update, WWE Elimination Chamber Preview & The Walking Dead Preview

In this episode KT & JP talk about the Orlando Magic game they just attended at the Amway Center. They preview this weekends WWE Elimination Chamber pay per view, then they finish up the pod by discussing the Season 8 Part 2 premier and discuss the entire series and their thoughts. Sit back and enjoy!!


Episode 10 - New York Mets & Cleveland Indians Spring Training Preview, MLB Free Agency

In this episode KT & JP talk about all things baseball. Preview of the New York Mets and Cleveland Indians spring training. They talk depth charts, pitching staff and everything else going on with the teams. They also talk about MLB free agency and how major targets are still not signed with team. Grab a few cold ones and sit back and enjoy some baseball talk.


Episode 9 - Super Bowl Review, Josh McDaniels Fiasco, Malcom Butler, Cleveland Cavs, Orlando Magic

In this episode KT & JP talk all about the Super Bowl and everything that happened (02:35) They talk about the Josh McDaniels fiasco and turning the Indianapolis Colts head coaching position down (10:30) They get into the Malcom Butler decision (21:45) the discussion continues with the crazy trade deadline for the Cleveland Cavs (39:10) then they wrap up the pod with the trade of Elfrid Payton out of Orlando (56:30) Drink up and enjoy!


Episode 8 - Super Bowl LII Preview, NBA Trades, PGA Tour Update, Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover

In this episode KT & JP preview Super Bowl 52, the New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles and discuss the major trade with Alex Smith to the Redskins and the possible landing spots for Kirk Cousins (01:30) Discussions about the Detroit Pistons striking first in the NBA trade market and land Blake Griffin from the Los Angeles Clippers and they also discuss the current state of the Orlando Magic and the Cleveland Cavs (26:23) Update on the PGA Tour and the crazy Waste Management Open and...


Episode 7- Jacksonville Jaguars Season, XFL & Vince McMahon, Royal Rumble Predictions, Tiger Woods

In this episode KT & JP review the AFC Championship Game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots (00:00) Then the guys talk about the upcoming offseason and free agent possibilities (15:50) They talk about Vince McMahon's press conference about the return of the XFL and what are thoughts are on the potential of the league (36:39) A little professional wrestling talk regarding the review of the Raw 25th Anniversary show and the upcoming Royal Rumble and their predictions...


Episode 6 - Jacksonville Jaguars AFC Championship Preview, PGA Tour Update, Tiger Woods Return

In this episode KT and JP talk the Jacksonville Jaguars victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers (2:40) They preview the upcoming AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots (32:45) They update the PGA Tour and the Hawaii swing, from missile threats to a Golf Channel Strike and a 6 hole playoff (48:30) and finally the return of Tiger Woods at Torrey Pines next week and what it means to the golf world (59:46) Grab some beers and sit back and enjoy!


Episode 5 - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonvile Jaguars Divisional Playoff Preview & Orlando Magic

In this episode of the podcast KT and JP get into the Jacksonville Jaguars win against the Buffalo Bills and the upcoming preview of the Divisional round against the Pittsburgh Steelers. They also get into state of the Orlando Magic and what the future holds for the team. They also look forward to the New England Patriots and the AFC Championship. Grab a 12 pack and sit back and enjoy the show.


Episode 4 - Jacksonville Jaguars Playoff Weekend, UCF are National Champions? Professional Wrestling

In this Episode, KT & JP get into all things Jacksonville Jaguars and the upcoming playoff weekend vs the Buffalo Bills. We discuss Blake Bortles and Shad Kahn. Also, they get into the UCF Golden Knights and the undefeated season, and whether the college football playoff is already broken after just 4 years. Finally near the end of the pod we discuss professional wrestling and the amazing Wrestle Kingdom 12 in New Japan Wrestling, the current state of the WWE and the upcoming Royal Rumble....