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Talking to coaches, players, and influencers in the game of soccer. Host @SoccerCoachJB Cover art photo provided by Ben Hershey on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@benhershey Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/onthetouchline/support

Talking to coaches, players, and influencers in the game of soccer. Host @SoccerCoachJB Cover art photo provided by Ben Hershey on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@benhershey Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/onthetouchline/support
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Talking to coaches, players, and influencers in the game of soccer. Host @SoccerCoachJB Cover art photo provided by Ben Hershey on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@benhershey Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/onthetouchline/support






Season 2: Episode 3: Rob Porter, @RJPCoach

Rob Porter, @RJPCoach, is what he refers to as a late-starter in terms of his coaching journey. He's worked his way up to earn his UEFA B coaching badge and now works for the Oxford United girls academy. Having learned from both "old school" football coaches and more modern day coaches he believes in fun, respect - player to coach and coach to player, and commitment are all things part of his philosophy. Rob asks questions on a weekly a basis on soccer Twitter that are thoughtful,...


Season 2: Episode 2: Becky Burleigh, @BeckyBurleigh, Head Women's Soccer Coach, University of Florida

Few college coaches can match Becky Burleigh’s ability to bring a team ready to challenge for each season’s conference and national titles on such a consistent basis. There is no question that Burleigh stunned the soccer community when the Florida program she started in 1995 claimed the 1998 NCAA crown in just its fourth season of play. But focusing on that obvious achievement doesn't give due credit to the job Burleigh does year-in and year-out as a tactician of the sport, developing...


Season 2: Episode 1: Jon Townsend, @jon_townsend3

Welcome to season 2 of "On the Touchline". My sincerest thanks for listening, subscribing, and sharing the show. Season 1 was a tremendous success! The first guest in season 2 is Jon Townsend, @jon_townsend3. Jon is a senior writer at "These Footy Times", coach, and former player who played collegiately and in Europe. Jon is also joining the show as a recurring co-host during season 2 along with Aaron Rodgers, head coach at Ohio Women's Soccer. Two Special Offers for my listeners: Go to...


Episode 30: Jo Jo Juarez, @juarez2560, FC Dallas - East Texas

This is the season 1 finale. In Episode 30 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Jo Jo Juarez @juarez2560, the head coach of All Saints Episcopal School and coach at FC Dallas- East Texas. A proper training environment, adaptability, and what Jo Jo wants from the game are some of the topics we discuss in this episode. Two Special Offers for my listeners: Go to https://www.patreon.com/onthetouchline and for $10.00 per month you can join a private soccer group for...


Episode 29: Matt Danaher, @MattDanaher, @SoccerPulseApp

In Episode 29 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Matt Danaher, @MattDanaher, the founder and creator of the @SoccerPulseApp After a playing career that included playing in the USSF Development Academy, NCAA Division I for four years, Premier Development League for 3 years, and abroad for Salthill Devon F.C. in Ireland and FCA Darmstadt in Germany, Matt wanted to create an app that could be used by coaches and players to track how they were feeling on a daily...


Episode 28: Jay Hammond, @Coach_JayT on Instagram

In Episode 28 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Jay Hammond, @ Coach_JayT on Instagram. Hammond is a coach at Birmingham United Soccer Association in Birmingham, AL. “You either win or you learn.” That is a quote coach Jay Hammond subscribes to in how he approaches the game of soccer. Hammond is a coach at Birmingham United Soccer Association in Birmingham, AL. A previous guest of this podcast, Nick Holt is a mutal coaching colleague of Jay and I’s and helped...


Episode 27: Social Media Is Ruining Soccer Strength and Conditioning and Here’s Why

In this bonus episode of #Onthetouchline, episode 27, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB narrates a blog post from a former guest, Erica Suter, @FitSoccerQueen. I like the mashup of soccer and strength and conditioning work. That's why I have guests from that community on from time to time. "Social Media Is Ruining Soccer Strength and Conditioning and Here’s Why" is blog Erica wrote recently. Follow Erica's work at https://ericasuter.com/ Special Offer for my listeners: Go to...


Episode 26: Skye Eddy Bruce, @SkyeEddyBruce

In Episode 26 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Skye Eddy Bruce, @SkyeEddyBruce. She is the founder of the Soccer Parenting Association. The mission of the Soccer Parenting Association is to inspire players by empowering parents. We believe a strong and supportive community of level-headed and like-minded parents and coaches will inspire players. We believe a more collaborative environment between coach, parent, club, and player is in the best interest of player...


Episode 25: Bryan Gettman, @CoachBryanG

In Episode 25 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Bryan Gettman, @CoachBryanG After every Dark Age is a Renaissance. That is a phrase I heard when I was an undergraduate student. Some times you don't realize you're going through a rough patch until you're out of it. Bryan Gettman is experiencing that renaissance right now as a coach. Growing up in a military family, Gettman lived all over the United States and had periods of his life where he entered and exited the...


Episode 24: Aaron Rodgers, @OhioSoccerCoach, @OhioWSoccer

In Episode 24 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Aaron Rodgers, @OhioSoccerCoach. How do you make people feel? That is a phrase Aaron Rodgers, the head women’s soccer coach at Ohio University has in his Twitter profile. I lead with this question to start our conversation and how he developed this mindset as a coach. Building a desirable culture is something each and everyone one of us as coaches strives for with our teams or programs. It is something players...


Episode 23: Chris Kessell, @TheChrisKessell

In Episode 23 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Chris Kessell, @TheChrisKessell. “Black kids in my neighborhood don’t play soccer.” That is the thinking Chris Kessell has encountered throughout his career. Kessell is the president and a coach at West Side Soccer Club in Charleston, WV and works with primarily under-served and under-represented communities – mostly African American, rural, and low-income. Chris Kessell wants each of his players to make soccer a...


Episode 22: Bonus Episode - Record Yourself - See What Happens.

This is a special bonus episode of the On the Touchline podcast. In Episode 22 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB plays the audio from a recent goal keeper training session. Why record yourself? The audio and video never lie. It is a fantastic way to grow and evolve as a coach or player. I love training goal keepers because of the one on one nature of the position. I can be more involved and connected to their development. Please be sure to share the podcast with those in...


Episode 21: Nikki Izzo Brown, Head Women's Soccer Coach at West Virginia University, @WVUIzzoBrown

In Episode 21 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Nikki Izzo-Brown, @WVUIzzoBrown, the head women's soccer coach at West Virginia University. Growing up in Rochester, NY Nikki Izzo Brown played a number of sports but soccer was drew her greatest interest. In 1992 she was a college All American at the University of Rochester as an outside back. After graduating from University of Rochester – she took on a Graduate Assistantship at West Virginia Wesleyan. She was...


Episode 20: Zach Snyder, Snyder Strength and Conditioning, Snyder_Strength on Instagram

In Episode 20 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Zach Snyder. Zach is the owner of Snyder Strength and Conditioning in Mount Pleasant, PA, southeast of Pittsburgh. Check out his work: https://www.snyderstrength.com/ A former D-1 wrestler at Penn State University, Zach is different than other guests I have had on this show. He's never played soccer. However, he trains and works with a number of soccer players when it comes to maximizing their fitness but also...


Episode 19: Angela Nicholas Tolsma, @AngelaNix23, @MedailleWSoccer

In Episode 19 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Angela Nicholas Tolsma, @AngelaNix23 the head women's soccer coach at Medaille College @MedailleWSoccer in Buffalo, NY. I love coaches who know their "why". Angela is a great example of a person who knows why she got into coaching and why she wants inspire young players to become their best. Angela is also super passionate about the sport. Think you'll find her energy infectious. A former D-1 player at the...


Episode 18: Drew Campbell, @FCDrewCampbell

In Episode 18 of #Onthetouchline, Jason Broadwater @SoccerCoachJB talks to Drew Campbell, @FCDrewCampbell. Drew is currently a club soccer coach in Boulder, Colorado working at the 9v9 level. He has experience coaching high school as well as middle school. He talks about how soccer has weaved in and out of his life at various times. I love Drew's introspective nature. He is a deeper think. You'll hear his take on parental involvement and US Soccer as a whole. This episode is brought to...


Episode 17: Patty La Bella, @WWFSHOW, @PattyLaBella12

In Episode 17 of #Onthetouchline, @SoccerCoachJB talks to Patty La Bella @PattyLaBella12. Patty is one of the co-hosts of the Women's World Football Show, @WWFSHOW. I wanted to do a dive into the women's game in the US. Who better than to have Patty come on the show. Patty is a marketing writer and sports reporter from Southern California. She covers the U.S. Women’s National Team and National Women’s Soccer League for AXS.com and The Women’s Game. Patty is currently credentialed with FIFA...


Episode 16: John Pranjic, @ThatCroatianGuy

In Episode 16 of #Onthetouchline, @SoccerCoachJB talks to John Pranjic, @ThatCroatianGuy, 3four3 coaching educator and host of the 3four3 podcast. Give the free coaching course a try at https://343coaching.com/ I love John's authentic, unvarnished look at American soccer. He has been a massive influence on me and my development as a coach and part of the reason why I started this podcast. John shares how he traveled almost 5 hours at one time to learn from the people who would become his...


Episode 15: Erica Suter, @FitSoccerQueen

In Episode 15 of #Onthetouchline, @SoccerCoachJB talks to Erica Suter, @FitSoccerQueen Erica trains athletes - mostly soccer players - in Baltimore, MD. She played college soccer at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. She has some really great thoughts on consistency and commitment when it comes to training. True player development is a marathon. It's not a light switch someone can turn on. It takes time. She also gives a balanced answer to the burning question of sport specialization...


Episode 14: Rudy Roediger, @RuudSports, @LCFalconsSoccer

In Episode 14 of #Onthetouchline, @SoccerCoachJB talks to Rudy Roediger (Ray- da- ger). Roediger @Ruudsports is the head men's and women's soccer coach at Lackawanna College in Scranton, PA. Roediger has done a lot in the game of soccer. From working internationally to working at the youth and college levels here in the US. He is a team culture first coach. I think you'll enjoy his take on creating that desirable culture we covet as coaches. Rudy is also a road less traveled guy. Some of...