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A retrospective podcast examining the OG Super Mario Brothers, one stage at a time.

A retrospective podcast examining the OG Super Mario Brothers, one stage at a time.
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A retrospective podcast examining the OG Super Mario Brothers, one stage at a time.




Episode 32: President Kooper

We've reached the end of our journey. In this episode, World 8-4, the Castle of Kooper. Andy and Aaron break down the traps and challenges of the final stage, a worthy finale to a legendary game. In the final history segment, we take a look at the legacy of Super Mario Brothers. And in the final Lore Corner, we learn about the most ridiculous plot of President Kooper. Thanks for taking this journey with us, folks! Now you can try a harder quest. intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury...


Episode 31: Storming the Battlements (SMB 8-3)

This week the boys are nearing the end of their adventure, but first they have to conquer the outer walls of Kooper's Castle! In this, their final test before the end, Aaron and Andy go up against an army of Hammer Bros out for blood. Can they survive? Also in this episode, we learn the history of Super Mario Brothers' North American launch, and discover how a single game saved a dying industry.


Episode 30: Peach is Wagging the Dog (SMB 8-2)

The gang have reached the antepenultimate stage of the game! Special guest Dave returns for World 8-2, quite possibly the hardest stage in the game. As the boys battle their way through an angry horde Lakitu, Spinies, Bullet Bills, and Bougie Beetles, they take some time to look back on the arcade classic Mario Brothers. And in the lore corner: just what is the Koopa Troop, anyway? A nation? An army? An idea? We may never know. intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury (


Episode 29: The Rude Jump (SMB 8-1)

The boys have reached World 8 at last, and they're already regretting it. World 8-1 is the hardest stage so far, not to mention the longest one, and it's full of enemies, traps, pits, and the rudest jump this side of Tall Tall Mountain! Our buddy and former landlord Dave joins us as well. Other topics discussed include more legal shenanigans involving King Kong, the finalists for the next series of One Stage at a Time, DOOM 2016, Gotham City Imposters, throwback graphics in Mario and Sonic...


Episode 28: Kiss Me You Fool! (SMB 7-4)

The boys struggle through another castle maze as they finish up the penultimate world in Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System! Aaron has decided he hates World 7. Andy discovers the perfect sound effect for the perfect game. Special guest Mike is baffled by how kids beat this game in 1985. The gang also discusses Donkey Kong vs. King Kong copyrights as well as do some pretty spot-on Yoshi impressions! intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury (


Episode 27: Bad Things That Are Bad (SMB 7-3)

Today the boys reach the penultimate stage of World 7, another remix, and it's deja-ouch all over again! Computer science correspondent Mike explains the mechanics of how flying Cheep Cheeps target Mario so perfectly. Andy goes on a long tangent about Gex: Enter the Gecko. Aaron goes off on how lazy all these remix levels are. In history, we learn about how Radar Scope was repurposed into Donkey Kong. And in the Lore Corner, Cheep Cheeps escape the Mario universe and invade Zelda! intro...


Episode 26: I Identify as a Mario (SMB 7-2)

In this exciting episode, the gang dives underwater in World 7-2 of Super Mario Brothers! Aaron laments that this is another remix stage. Special Guest Mike barely survives an encounter with Bloopers and Cheep Cheeps. Andy gives us the history of Donkey Kong. And in the lore corner: Gooper Bloopers, Super Bloopers, and Scooper Bloopers!


Episode 25: Kids, Ask Your Grandparents (SMB 7-1)

The boys are joined once again by Mike and show their age as they discuss new subjects like Jerry Orbach, Back to the Future, and writing checks! They also touch bullet bills (again), Scatman John (again), Super Mario Land (again) and other old favorites. Also featuring a "Let us Listen" where we listen to our awesome fan, Alison!


Episode 24: I Wanna Talk About Banjo-Kazooie! (SMB 6-4)

Today on the program, it's the sixth castle! Aaron gets a hammer to the face from the toughest Bowser impostor yet. Special guest Jack is shocked and appalled by the concept of Dry Bowser. Andy just wants to talk about Banjo-Kazooie. In history, we learn about the founding of Nintendo of America. And in the Lore Corner, we talk about everyone's favorite living flame, the Podoboo!


Episode 23: The Sheer Athleticism of Mario (SMB 6-3)

The boys are back for another athletic stage in World 6-3! Jack takes us on a delightful tangent about Vanilla Ice. Aaron expounds on how all these stages are starting to run together. Andy gives some history on Hiroshi Yamauchi's daughter Yoko, the first lady of Nintendo of America. The whole gang gives a shoutout to the dearly departed Scatman John. And in the lore corner, the strange tale of the Saturday Supercade! intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury ( email:...


Episode 22: Your Churlish Monkeyshines Will No Longer Be Tolerated (SMB 6-2)

The boys are back for another exciting episode, and this time they're conquering World 6-2 of Super Mario Brothers! Jack Attack is back in the mix, and he's getting redemption for 6-1. Also in this episode: the gang name this one of the best levels so far; Andy and Aaron argue over who's baby; we learn the history of Minoru Arakawa, first president of Nintendo of America; and in the Lore Corner: pipes! Come along with us, won't you? intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury...


Episode 21: Give Me Back My Childhood! (SMB 6-1)

The boys are back for another glorious world! This time we're going to World 6-1 for another night stage. Special Guest Jack gets thrown into the deep end as the game really cranks up the difficulty. Aaron blows Jack's mind when he reveals that Lakitu can be defeated. And in the lore corner, Andy reveals Lakitu's real (and incredibly long) name. Join us, won't you! intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury ( email: twitter: @onestageatatime IG:...


Episode 20: Classic Edition (SMB 5-4)

Today it's just the original OSAAT duo, and they've got a good one for you! Aaron Nieson, wild man, conquers a giant fire bar in the World 5 castle. Andy examines the early arcade career of legendary game developer Shigeru Miyamoto. And in the lore corner, where the heck does Bowser's name come from, anyway? intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury ( email: twitter: @onestageatatime IG: @onestageatatime FB:


Episode 18: Underwater Overworld (SMB 5-2)

The boys face down their most difficult challenge yet in World 5-2! Jacob struggles with Hammer Bros and a secret (read: trap) underwater area. Aaron ruminates on the past and future of Earthworm Jim. Andy delves into the history of the Game and Watch. And in the Lore Corner, the gang ponders if Bullet Bills are alive or not. twitter: @onestageatatime FB: email: insta: @onestageatatime


Episode 19: Enter Shigeru (SMB 5-3)

The boys are getting deja vu in this first (of many) remix stage! In this episode, Jacob narrowly avoids a midair collision with an angry Bullet Bill. Aaron reflects on remix levels in Sonic Mania. Andy reveals the early history of Shigeru Miyamoto, Creative Fellow. And the whole gang fondly remembers Satoru Iwata! intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury ( email: twitter: @onestageatatime IG: @onestageatatime FB:


Episode 17: Bring Back Urkel! (SMB 5-1)

The boys are joined by good friend and brother to Aaron, Jacob Wilson, as they embark upon world 5-1! They talk about new challenges in the game and delve into the strange new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie!


Episode 16: Glitch-Eater (SMB 4-4)

The boys are tackling World 4's castle in this exciting episode! Aaron Nieson, Glitch-Eater, triggers a strange glitch and breaks the looping maze. Andy goes on a long tangent about the original pitfall. Special guest Jared ruminates on Nintendo's rare mature offerings. In History, the gang digs into the story of Nintendo's Laser Clay Ranges and Wild Gunman. And in the Lore Corner, the evolution of the design for some of our favorite plumbers (and Koopas)! twitter: @onestageatatime email:...


Episode 15: Walking on Nothing (SMB 4-3)

In this episode: Mushroom platforms in another exciting athletic stage; Aaron encounters a mysterious floating enemy; special guest Jared objects when Andy describes Yoshi's New Island as an "interquel"; and the history of Nintendo's light gun technology.


Episode 14: Double Warp Zone (SMB 4-2)

Jared joins us again for another trip to the underground in World 4-2! Today the boys visit not one, but two warp zones; explore the mysteries of romance with the Nintendo Love Tester; and bask in the glory of Captain N: The Game Master. Come along with us, won't you? intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury ( twitter: @onestageatatime email: FB: insta: @onestageatatime


Episode 13: Lakitu Just Wants to Throw Some Pets at Somebody, Man (SMB 4-1)

It's the gang's first harrowing encounter with Lakitu as we embark on World 4! Our good friend Jared joins us as we discuss our Nintendo beginnings, the sentience of Lakitu's cloud, and whether or not Super Mario Land is good. intro music: "8-bit Eighties" by injury ( twitter: @onestageatatime email: FB: insta: @onestageatatime