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Open the Voice Gate #30: Bending Pans for No Reason

Milo and Mike are back with a brand new Open the Voice Gate, and boy has stuff gone down in Dragon Gate. They discuss the big news about President Okamura's retirement and its link to the new Dragon Gate Inc and Dragon Gate Entertainment companies and how Oriental Wrestling Entertainment along with CIMA, T-Hawk, El Lindaman and Takehiro Yamamura play into the situation. After that, Milo and Mike break down the big week of shows including the Natural Vibes debut, an interesting Dead or...


Open the Voice Gate #30: Farewell Kotoka

Much like "brother" YASSHI's random breaks where he shows up randomly to join an unit, Open the Voice Gate is back to talk all about that has happened in March and April in Dragon Gate! Milo and Mike break down Champion Gate, discuss the retirement and career of Kotoka, talk in depth, and reveal some new news, about the ongoing rumor mill about DG, Oriental Wrestling Entertainment and CIMA, look ahead to a very exciting Dead or Alive card and the upcoming King of Gate tournament. Milo and...