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37: Open the Voice Gate #35: YAMATO's No Good, Very Bad, Korakuen

OTVG is back reviewing the excellent early November shows for Dragon Gate! Mike takes a look at one of the strongest big shows of the year, Gate of Destiny, and then reviews the Korakuen Hall show from a few days later. Finishing up a shorter episode, he takes some questions about the Dragon Gate Network, like is it worth it for newcomer fans? What's all on it? And then he finishes up the show talking about major touchstone moments in Dragon Gate, along with unit histories and Kota...


36: Open the Voice Gate #34: Painting it R.E.D.

OTVG is back to take a look a the Dragon System from OWE/DG appearances in BOLA to September 24th's Dangerous Gate show. Mike starts off the show with his first Dragon System History segment, talking about the history of Dragon System excursions and oversea appearances. Then Drew Spears (, joins him to give a live report on the Strong Hearts/Dragon Gate appearances at 2018's Battle of Los Angeles. Mike then gives his reaction and reviews Dragon Gate's current...


35: Open the Voice Gate #33: The Gathering of Fujii-los

OTVG returns with a review of early September shows including Korakuen and the first ever Gate of Origin! Case Lowe ( joins Mike to talk about a fun Tokyo show and a lopsided debut in Sendai, along with an update on the OWE/Strong Hearts guys in Wrestle-1, and they talk about the impending departure, and career, of Shingo Takagi. Case's September 6th Korakuen review can be found at:...


34: Open the Voice Gate #32: Kobe World 2018 Therapy with Shingo Soprano

OTVG is back with a recap and review of 2018's Kobe World Pro Wrestling Festival! Mike welcomes back OTVG alum Case Lowe ([]( to talk about the weird feeling flagship show and the state of Dragon Gate of 2018\. Come for the review of the incredible Twin Gate match of Big Ben versus YAMATO & BxB Hulk, stay for an impromptu therapy session about what is going right and what is going wrong in Dragon Gate over the past 18 months....


33: Open the Voice Gate #31: Bending Pans for No Reason

Milo and Mike are back with a brand new Open the Voice Gate, and boy has stuff gone down in Dragon Gate. They discuss the big news about President Okamura's retirement and its link to the new Dragon Gate Inc and Dragon Gate Entertainment companies and how Oriental Wrestling Entertainment along with CIMA, T-Hawk, El Lindaman and Takehiro Yamamura play into the situation. After that, Milo and Mike break down the big week of shows including the Natural Vibes debut, an interesting Dead or...


32: Open the Voice Gate #30: Farewell Kotoka

Much like "brother" YASSHI's random breaks where he shows up randomly to join an unit, Open the Voice Gate is back to talk all about that has happened in March and April in Dragon Gate! Milo and Mike break down Champion Gate, discuss the retirement and career of Kotoka, talk in depth, and reveal some new news, about the ongoing rumor mill about DG, Oriental Wrestling Entertainment and CIMA, look ahead to a very exciting Dead or Alive card and the upcoming King of Gate tournament. Milo and...


31: Open the Voice Gate #29: Picking Your MaxiMuM Sons up After Practice

Open the Voice Gate is back in 2018, and John has left Mike and Milo home alone! Between talks about Kyoto and a tangent about Idol culture and how it relates to Lucha Libre training practices, the pair break down everything that has happened in Dragon Gate so far in 2018! They start with the January Korakuen, and breakdown the international debuts, the early comedy match of the year candidate, what's the deal with ANTIAS, and a whole lot about Kzy. Then it's the February Korakuen with the...


30: Open the Voice Gate #28: Goodbye, 2017 (Year in Review & Awards!)

Open the Voice Gate is back and it's time for our episode looking back at the year that was in 2017! It was a very up and down year for Dragon Gate, including some peaks and many valleys, and John, Milo, and Mike discuss them all with a comprehensive 2017 year in review, going month by month! Once that's over we turn to the OTVG awards. John & Mike had given their picks back on the Milo is Missing episode (#26), but Milo gets the chance to give his picks as well. And finally, we reveal all...


29: Open the Voice Gate #27: Final Ga(y)te

Open the Voice Gate returns for our final episode of 2017, and Milo is back to complete the trio! All three hosts break down the last two shows to make tape in 2017, the 12/20 Fan Appreciation Korakuen and the 12/23 Final Gate PPV! They break down every single match on both shows, including the Doi Darts 10-man tag and all the major title matches from Final Gate. Plus get bonus perspective from Milo who was there live, and Milo's friend Kaitlin (@starrfait on Twitter) who went to her very...


28: Open the Voice Gate #26: Milo is Missing

After a typically long layoff Open the Voice Gate (well, 2/3rds of it at least- no Milo this week, but he'll return soon!) is back to discuss all things Dragon Gate! But first, we talk about deathmatches in BJW, deathmatches in Brooklyn (that one of our hosts attended!), the joys of unfettered access to Japanese television, and more. Once we turn our attention to DG, our first topic concerns our 2017 OTVG Year-End Awards, which are still open for voting through January 7th and you can vote...


27: Open the Voice Gate #25: 25?!

Yes, Open the Voice Gate is back for our 25th episode, a milestone that literally none of us were even aware of as we recorded it (as you'll hear when we mention it approximately zero times). We celebrate it the only way we know how: by obliviously ignoring it and drudging on to talk all things Dragon Gate! John, Mike, and Milo talk the Gate of Destiny PPV, easily DG's best of the year, breaking everything down including the MOTYC main event between Mochizuki & Susumu, Ricochet's return to...


26: Open the Voice Gate #24: Dirty Kanda Feelings

Open the Voice Gate is back for another episode, with a number of topics to discuss. First up is the 10/5 Farewell Jimmyz Gate Korakuen, as John, Milo, and Michael give their thoughts on all six matches and the card overall. Plus, given the big news of the show is a heel turn for Yasushi Kanda, the three of them break down Kanda's career to this point and specifically his long history as a heel in Toryumon/Dragon Gate. Next we preview the upcoming Gate of Destiny PPV from Osaka, with all...


25: Open the Voice Gate #23: Jimmyz Tribute

The OTVG crew is finally back to bring you their latest multinational episode, now featuring Milo on the other side of the world from Japan! John, Milo, and Mike come together to deliver one of their weirdest, most random episodes yet; in addition to DG topics, a ton of other stuff is covered, including (but not limited to): Milo grades Tokyo, Super Sentai & Kamen Rider, John's thoughts on the new Darren Aronofsky film mother!, John & Milo discuss their favorite & least favorite My Hero...


24: Open the Voice Gate #22b: Full House Featuring Over Generation

Open the Voice Gate is back for the second time in three days, as the Home Army of Milo and Michael give their thoughts on an astounding Korakuen Hall show! They breakdown the show and offer the televised perspective of the 5 Units Survival Race, as well as speculate on what might happen at September's Korakuen and Dangerous Gate. After that, Milo and Michael dip into the Open the Voice Gate mailbag and #openthefashiongate happens. Oh it happens. (Please pull up this tweet during...


23: Open the Voice Gate #22: God Bless Screaming Fangirls

It's a special edition of Open the Voice Gate, as John is reporting live from Japan following Tuesday night's DG Korakuen! They're joined by a number of special guests, including Mort (@mortenvh), Taylor (@tamaimbo), Mark (@weallfaulter), and more! Hear our thoughts from attending an eventful Korakuen show live, as we discuss all six matches in detail as well as the post-match angles. We also go into just what a unique live experience DG is and how it compares to past wrestling events we...


22: Open the Voice Gate #21: Rant World 2017

Your favorite (by default) Dragon Gate podcast is back on the airwaves after only a couple weeks (yes, we're shocked too). Our topic is, of course, Dragon Gate's biggest show of the year, the annual Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival, or Kobe World. John, Milo and Michael run down the entire card match-by-match and give some impassioned thoughts on whether or not the show lived up to its billing as DG's biggest event of the year. Once our comprehensive World review is over, we dive into the...


21: Open the Voice Gate #20: 18 Months Later, Episode 20!!

We may not be the most prolific of podcasts when it comes to producing episodes, but over 18 months into our run Open the Voice Gate has finally hit episode 20! Your favorite DG podcast is here with a number of big topics to discuss, including: the King of Gate finals that we were finally able to watch, the July Korakuen featuring the Jimmyz-MaxiMuM Naniwa elimination match and why it might be the best Korakuen of the year, a full preview of the upcoming Kobe World show (DG's Wrestlemania!),...


20: Open the Voice Gate #19: T-Hawk Therapy

We needed to do this. Open the Voice Gate returns after a long absence to tackle a major subject: T-Hawk, the 2017 King of Gate winner and soon to be 2-time Kobe World main eventer. Needless to say, this is not a development any of us are happy with, so we get it all out there and talk about how it's also emblematic of some of the other problems we have with Dragon Gate in 2017. But it's not all negative, as we also discuss a wide range of other topics, including a long conversation about...


19: Open the Voice Gate: Episode 18 - Pitchers and Catchers

Open the Voice Gate is back with a new episode, and this one is jam packed! John, Milo, and Mike are here to break down two big shows- the first PPV of the year, Dead or Alive, and the opening Korakuen of King of Gate! Plus, we discuss other King of Gate results, talk about the standings so far, and go over the complete GAORA airing schedule for the rest of the tournament. We then move on to the next edition of our Retro Rewatch series, as we discuss the World 2002 3-way 6-man main event...


18: Open the Voice Gate #17: Midbreath Rehab

Open the Voice Gate is finally back and we've got a lot to talk about! John & Michael are here but sadly Milo & Case are not, so once again we bring you another VOW podcast network crossover, as Chris Maffei from Music of the Mat joins us! We briefly touch upon the main matches from the CHAMPION GATE shows from last month (as they still had not made air the last time we recorded) before diving into a full recap of the 4/7 Korakuen. Plus, we preview the DEAD OR ALIVE cage match and then do a...