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A weekly show during the baseball season about the Mets and other stuff fans might care about. An "Orange and Blue Thing" is anything Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. Presented by The 7 Line.

A weekly show during the baseball season about the Mets and other stuff fans might care about. An "Orange and Blue Thing" is anything Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. Presented by The 7 Line.


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A weekly show during the baseball season about the Mets and other stuff fans might care about. An "Orange and Blue Thing" is anything Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. Presented by The 7 Line.





The baseball season is 11 days old, and the Mets have only played 5 games. The start has been rough, and some fans are restless. Take a chill pill, there's a ridiculous amount of baseball left. Conforto is going to be just fine. Andrew "Herm" Hermida joins to tell us an amazingly epic Opening Day story. Mets fan Kevin Mahon wrote a murder mystery that takes place a Shea Stadium. A plea for Steve Cohen, and more. Lot's cooking on this Monday. Start your week off with Darren and Julia from...


S5 E6: Mets Royalty Mike Piazza Joins The Show

Opening Day part 1 was postponed for the Mets, but the big day is finally here. What better way to officially start the season than with Mets royalty? The man himself, Mike Piazza joins the show! His feelings about the season, relationship with Steve Cohen, coaching with team Italy, his new True Vodka Piazza 31 Club at Citi Field, Mets Old Timers Day, the boy band BTS, blonde hair don't care, being on Baywatch with Pamela Anderson, NYC Italian food recommendations, and more. Mike with Darren...


S5 E5: Chicken Parm, Raviolis, the Mets and Francisco Lindor

Chicken parm and raviolis! Are the Mets about to land their three hundred million dollar man? Steve Cohen keeps tweeting about it, so it seems likely. A special Mike Piazza announcement. A cap tip to an OG Mets superfan Bo Field. 3 days until REAL BASEBALL. How many wins are you predicting? Hit our live streams and share the show to be in the running for some free stuff! Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino live from T7LHQ. LGM! RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE! Thanks to our friends from Dugout...


S5 E4: Mets Question Marks All Around

Start your week off right with a little OABT. Mike Piazza is in camp, and the PIAZZA 31 CLUB is coming to Citi Field. A special shout out to Joan Payson for Women's Month. The Mets really need to honor her better. Opening Day is a week away in DC. What's going on with T7LA at Citi Field for the home opener? Who's going? Are we tailgating? Is The 7 Line Army still going to Tampa in May? What's your biggest concern for the Mets heading in to the season? The rotation? The bullpen? McFadden's...


S5 E3: Dodging bullets, Deesha Thosar, and two weeks until Mets baseball

The Mets have been dodging bullets left and right, the Spring Training legend of Luis Guillorme continues, just SEVENTEEN days until Opening Night, Daily News Mets beat writer Deesha Thosar checks in from Port Saint Lucie, Julia is excited to wear jeans again, Darren is planning a 15 day colon cleanse, Nas finally won a grammy, and more from this week in Mets baseball and beyond. Streamed live from T7LHQ with Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino. RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE! Thanks to our...


S5 E2: Jay "Mr. Met" Horwitz Joins The Show

Just 24 days until Opening Night! Francisco Lindor extension talks are heating up, Jacob gets the ball for the opener (shocker!), Marcus Stroman's positivity shouldn't bother you, and more from this week in Mets baseball. Plus, Mr. Met himself Jay Horwitz joins the show, and the other usual hijinx with Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino. RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE! Thanks to our friends from Dugout Mugs! Hit up and get a FREE KNOB SHOT! Just pay the shipping and...



Excitement and expectations are at an all time high. The Mets just had the offseason of a lifetime, but now it's time to produce. We quickly run down the ABC's of the offseason, Sandy says he's working on extending not only Michael Conforto, and Francisco Lindor, but Noah Syndergaard as well. The Mets will wear a Tom Seaver patch on their jerseys this year. Opening Day is right around the corner. Will we be there? The search is on for T7L content creators, and more. Darren Meenan and Julia...


S4 E16: With The Captain, David Wright!

This Mets legend is just a couple years removed from the ball field. He leads the team all time offensively in numerous categories, should have his number retired soon enough, and has a book titled The Captain about to drop on October 13th. He's our friend, and yours. The one, the only, number 5, and soon to be father of 3, David Wright. RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE! This is our 2020 season finale. See you in 2021 around Spring Training season, and hopefully the world is in a better place by...



The Mets are in the home stretch, and with these wacky MLB postseason rules for 2020, the boys still aren't out of it. Jacob deGrom's Cy Young 3 peat might be in jeopardy. The Mets were granted permission to wear the first responders caps on 9/11, but was is for genuine reasons? The 2021 Spring Training schedule is already out. Steve Cohen is inches away from owning the team, and more. Mets talk mixed in with the usual randomness you'd expect from Julia Quadrino and Darren Meenan. Don't...



It looks like the ink is about to dry on Steve Cohen's deal to purchase the Mets. What does this mean for the team, and fans going forward? Michael Conforto is having a career year, and somehow still gets hate. Robert Gsellman broke a rib while pitching. Darren wants to pay the Mets to let him work at the ballpark. Bartolo Colon is still mashing home runs. Besides Jacob deGrom the rotation is a gigantic question mark. With just 15 games left in this weird regular season, time is running out...



Mets legend and Hall Of Fame pitcher, Tom Seaver has passed away at the age of 75. Tom Terrific was THE Franchise, and put up astronomical numbers over his 20 year career in the big leagues. Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino weren't able to witness Tom's greatness on the mound, but took a few calls from fans that had fond memories to share. A Seaver statue should be coming, but is it too little too late? Plus, catch up on all things Mets from the last week. Steve Cohen should be taking over...


S4 E12: Dom Smith Takes A Knee, Sports Are Being Protested, And This Week In Mets Baseball

The Mets are back in action this week after their covid related pause. Jacob deGrom was absolutely stellar as per usual, but ended his evening last night with another no decision. The Mets got the W, but the game still felt like a loss. Dom Smith took a knee during the anthem, and had a very emotional post game press conference. The NBA, WNBA, many baseball games were protested. Is all of MLB next? Another OABT this week with Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino live from T7LHQ. RATE, REVIEW,...


S4 E11: Dom Smith Is Thriving, and the Mets weekly tea

Cespedes opting out was the best thing to happen to our boy Dom Smith. The dude is THRIVING, and leading the Mets with home runs and RBI's. The rotation is a gigantic question mark, so Lugo is sliding back in to a starters roll. Mat Harvey is back in the bigs with the Royals. The unwritten rules of baseball kill the progression of the sport. Thom Brennaman is cancelled. The Rumble Ponies are selling the limited edition 2020 T7LA shirsey/hat that was supposed to be for our outing, and more...


S4 E10: Would you attend a Mets game right now if you could?

Another fun week from T7LHQ with Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino. Packed show with lots of laughs and topics. Marcus Stroman opted out, Matz is shaky, Peterson has looked pretty great, Nimmo extended his on base streak, Mets to face Wheeler for the first time this coming weekend, Pete Alonso is looking like himself again, Gimenez is a star, Gsellman is being stretched out to fit back in the rotation, we'd hit a game right now if we were allowed to (so would about 75% of fans who voted on...


S4 E9: 2020 has been something so far, huh? This week in Mets baseball

Nothing will surprise us in the year 2020. A storm knocked out most power and cell service in the area, bu the show goes on. Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino live from T7LHQ. The Mets are off to a slow start with no time to spare. Cespedes opts out, more playing time for Dom Smith, Pete Alonso needs to get back on track, Billy Hamilton is now a Met, we play a couple rounds of Big Apple Trivia, and more. RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE! Hit up to take 50% off their...


S4 E8: The Mets Season Is Already 10% Over

With just 6 games in the books, the Mets regular season is already 10% over. The boys are playing .500 ball so far, but with a couple heartbreak losses. More than half the teams are making the playoffs in 2020, Jose Reyes officially retired, Cespedes hit a couple bombs so far, David Peterson had a stellar big league debut, and more. P.S. if random seeds get mailed to your house, don't plant them. Pete and Darren live from the Citi Field parking lot. Pete's last show before his move down to...


S4 E7: Mets Opening Day Eve 2020! LET'S GO!

It didn't feel like this day would come in 2020, but MLB is set to kick off their season, and the Mets 60 game sprint is finally upon us. Unfortunately the black cloud of Flushing has already started raining on Citi Field as Marcus Stroman is injured, and our rotation is looking thin right out of the gate. Is it a big deal? Who knows, but any missed time is huge in this abbreviated season. This will be the first Opening Day in history where fans won't be in attendance, but the cutouts are...


S4 E6: The 2020 Mets Baseball Season Is Just A Week Away!

The boys are back at Citi Field for another week of Orange And Blue Thing. Jacob deGrom had a little scare but should be ok, Cano is back in camp, how will the 2020 climate change the overall experience for fans, Gary/Keith/Ron will be working both home and away games from Flushing, ESPN's 30 for 30 is rolling out a 1986 Mets documentary series, and more. Darren Meenan and Pete McCarthy taped live at the ballpark. RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE! Hit up for a...


S4 E5: We're back! After a 4 month break, the Mets are set to start the 2020 season!

After exactly a 4 month break to the show, Pete McCarthy and Darren Meenan are finally back at it. Orange And Blue Thing live from the Citi Field parking lot in our newly renovated T7L truck. Catching up on the state of the world, life, and baseball. We're now just 2 weeks until real life baseball games should be back. Fans won't be in the stands, but their cardboard cut outs could be. The Mets might finally be sold. The 2021 season was already announced, where might The 7 Line Army be...


SO NOW WHAT? An update from T7LHQ as the Mets season is on hold.

An update from T7LHQ. What we know so far about the Mets baseball season. Refunds? Scheduling? Outings on hold? Let's discuss this craziness. We're living in a movie. Stay safe.