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Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.

Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.
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Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.




Podcast #89 – Greg Leitch

My first podcast guest from overseas! Isn’t technology incredible? From Melbourne, Australia, this week’s guest is Greg Leitch! (Apparently Ordinary Marathoner is huge in Australia). I didn’t know much about Greg coming into this podcast, other than he runs a pretty cool Facebook group called Real Bodies Runners. But it turns out that him and … Continue reading "Podcast #89 – Greg Leitch"


Podcast #88 – Tracy Kachur

Tracy Kachur suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is an autoimmune disease that can cause severe pain. For Tracy, it almost ended not only her running career, but her professional career as well. After a move from Buffalo to North Carolina and some improvement in her medications, she started running again… 5k’s, 10k’s, and just a … Continue reading "Podcast #88 – Tracy Kachur"


Podcast #87 – April Tedrow

April Tedrow is one amazing lady. After losing over a hundred pounds, she made an express journey from “never ran a race before” to “marathoner.” Only, she didn’t stop there. 50k’s, 50-milers, and just a few weeks ago she tried her hand at her first 100-miler! Though the last 40 miles or so included a … Continue reading "Podcast #87 – April Tedrow"


Podcast #86 – What is an Ordinary Marathoner

Happy Memorial Day. I know, I know… I said I’d have a podcast out every Sunday and this one didn’t come out until Monday. Cut me a break – I was away last week and hey… it’s a long weekend so I think one day late is acceptable. Besides… this week’s episode is a bit … Continue reading "Podcast #86 – What is an Ordinary Marathoner"


Podcast #85 – Kate “The Great” Reed

Kate “The Great” Reed certainly lives up to her name if you ask me! I met Kate in Phoenix for the Phoenix Half Marathon and knew I had to have her as a guest on the podcast. I think many people out there (including me) can relate to some of the fears that Kate talks … Continue reading "Podcast #85 – Kate “The Great” Reed"


Podcast #84 – Stefany Lyn Schaefer Riecke

A very happy announcement on this week’s podcast with my guest (and wife), Stefany Schaefer-Riecke. If you hadn’t seen it on our social media posts or didn’t get the hint from the picture on the podcast blogpost, we’re expecting! We don’t yet if it’s a boy or girl, but we’ll be finding out soon enough. … Continue reading "Podcast #84 – Stefany Lyn Schaefer Riecke"


Podcast #83 – Dr. Scott Frasard

I wanted to thank everyone who registered and participated in the Ordinary Marathon. Our guest this week is Scott Frasard, our race director from Furever Home Running. Scott did an amazing job putting together our race and we were glad to have him as our guest this week to talk about the business of virtual … Continue reading "Podcast #83 – Dr. Scott Frasard"


Podcast #82 – Joe Bartlett and Jim Simko

At last year’s Ironman Lake Placid, a good friend of mine introduced me to two of his friends, who were also Ironman competitors. I had known Joe Bartlett a bit beforehand having had him on the podcast to talk about his prior experience having done the race. This was my first time meeting Jim Simko. … Continue reading "Podcast #82 – Joe Bartlett and Jim Simko"


Podcast #81 – Benjamin Hinton

Ben Hinton has a unique story. I wasn’t really sure how unique it was until I got him on the podcast. All I saw, was the Benjamin Hinton on Facebook – advocating for people with traumatic brain injuries and encouraging everyone. He runs fast, he runs often (currently on a very impressive run streak) and … Continue reading "Podcast #81 – Benjamin Hinton"


Podcast #80 – Mike Terruso

A little while back, a group of us met in Phoenix for the Phoenix Marathon and Half Marathon. One of those people was podcast listener, Mike Terruso, who has run the race a number of times in the past and considers it his favorite race. Unlike me, who decided I wasn’t ready for a full … Continue reading "Podcast #80 – Mike Terruso"


Podcast #79 – Bill Costello

My guest this week is Bill Costello, race director of the Cheshire Half Marathon and 5k in Cheshire, CT. I ran this race three of the last four years and it is always one of my favorites. I’ll be running it again in less than a month. It’s a special race for me – it … Continue reading "Podcast #79 – Bill Costello"


Podcast #78 – Denny Krahe

A return guest to the program and fellow podcaster, Denny Krahe (otherwise known as DizRuns) has been very busy since we last had him on the show. He’s been coaching, training, podcasting and he just authored his first book, Be Ready On Race Day: How to Create a Custom Training Plan for Your Next Marathon … Continue reading "Podcast #78 – Denny Krahe"


Podcast #77 – Ascension Multisport

We’re trying something a little new this week on the podcast. It’s a bit of a group chat – a party line, if you will. This week I invited my teammates from Ascension Multisport to come on the program. A bunch of us train together under Coach Nick Cumbo and it’s a pretty entertaining group. … Continue reading "Podcast #77 – Ascension Multisport"


Podcast #76 – Ramon Bermo

Imagine if it was your job to help people achieve things they never thought they could do before. Furthermore, imagine if your work could fund some of the most important research in preventing and treating cancer. This is Ramon Bermo’s job. Ramon is one of the leaders of Team DetermiNation, which organizes athletic events including … Continue reading "Podcast #76 – Ramon Bermo"


Podcast #75 – Laura Stebbins

Laura Stebbins and I have a lot in common. We both finished Ironman Lake Placid last year, we both have the same triathlon coach, and we both live about a mile away from each other and never knew until just recently. It’s no surprise we had a lot to discuss. Laura has come along way … Continue reading "Podcast #75 – Laura Stebbins"


Podcast #74 – Dan Demore

Dan Demore has got a goal and ain’t nothing standing in his way. The man is on a mission to drop a ton of weight and he’s on the path to finish it. Standing on a hospital scale to weigh himself, he looked at a number north of 350 pounds and decided then and there … Continue reading "Podcast #74 – Dan Demore"


Podcast #73 – Phoenix Marathon Recap and RaceAdvisors CEO Lauren Brueckner

This past weekend Stefany and I traveled to Phoenix, AZ to meet a whole bunch of you and run the Phoenix Half Marathon. We had such an amazing time, and tried to name-drop everyone (but I already know we missed some people so I’m sorry if we didn’t mention you!). Then we recap the race … Continue reading "Podcast #73 – Phoenix Marathon Recap and RaceAdvisors CEO Lauren Brueckner"


Podcast #72 – John Martin

One of the best parts about having your own podcast are the hidden benefits. For example, if your training isn’t going the way you like and you feel as though you’re having trouble staying focused, you might attend a seminar with a motivational speaker to see if you can find inspiration. But if you had … Continue reading "Podcast #72 – John Martin"


Podcast #71 – Melissa Kahn

She’s back again, folks! Melissa Kahn and I have a great announcement about the Ordinary Marathon. Registration opens TOMORROW!!! (which is Feb 19). The Million Moo March was such a success that we have gotten together again for our second virtual race… The Ordinary Marathon! Melissa and I discuss our plans for the race and … Continue reading "Podcast #71 – Melissa Kahn"


Podcast #70 – Jen Bergstrom

It’s been a while since we had Jen Bergstrom on the podcast so I thought it would be a good time to bring her back. And wouldn’t you know… the sound worked! Maybe we’ve turned a corner here at the podcast. I owe Jen a huge thank you for dragging me out to Walden Pond … Continue reading "Podcast #70 – Jen Bergstrom"