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Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.

Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.
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Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.




Podcast #108 – Stefany Schaefer Riecke

The Ordinary Baby has arrived – Ellie Dee Riecke, 8 lbs, 5 ounces of screaming, pooping, joy! It only seemed fitting to have Stefany step in as my co-host / guest and share the moment. Now that the easy part is over, the hard part begins – namely getting Stefany up and running again using … Continue reading "Podcast #108 – Stefany Schaefer Riecke"


Podcast #107 – Peter Sagal

This week’s podcast guest is none other than the host of NPR’s Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, and author of the new book, “The Incomplete Book of Running,” Peter Sagal! In the book, Peter discusses his experiences with the sport of running – how it helped him cope during times of stress and how it … Continue reading "Podcast #107 – Peter Sagal"


Podcast #106 – Jen Bergstrom

Get your arms around it… 100 miles. A 100 mile race. That’s just a little less than traveling from Hartford to New York! (Sorry if you’re not from the Northeast.) Last weekend, Jen Bergstrom took on the famed Javelina Jundred, and completed this monster of a race in under 30 hours. She trained awful hard… … Continue reading "Podcast #106 – Jen Bergstrom"


Podcast #105 – Katy Mayo

A few weeks ago we had Katy Mayo on the podcast to talk about her training and goals for this year’s Marine Corps Marathon. Well, the race is over and Katy was kind enough to report back to the podcast with tales of her glorious victory! Her goal was to come in under 6 hours, … Continue reading "Podcast #105 – Katy Mayo"


Podcast #104 – Samantha Watson, Glenn Eisenstein and Tony Pearlman

While in college, Samantha Watson was unsuspectedly diagnosed with cancer. Everything was put on hold as she went through treatment and eventually recovered. Returning to real life, she discovered that despite a lot of support, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. This was a segment of the population whose experiences with cancer and recovery … Continue reading "Podcast #104 – Samantha Watson, Glenn Eisenstein and Tony Pearlman"


Podcast #103 – Martinus Evans

Martinus Evans is a man on a mission. At 300+ pounds, he is out there proving everyone wrong by running distance races – and he has his sights on the New York City Marathon in a few short weeks. But his most recent concern is perhaps even bigger. Countless times he has had bad experiences … Continue reading "Podcast #103 – Martinus Evans"


Podcast #102 – Hartford Marathon Recap

I want to first acknowledge the city of Hartford, race organizers and volunteers for putting on an incredible event that far exceeded my expectations. The Hartford Marathon is a gem of a race, and I’ll probably be back again next year, even if I decide to do the Half instead of the Full. Maybe we’ll … Continue reading "Podcast #102 – Hartford Marathon Recap"


Podcast #101 – Hartford Marathon Preview

This upcoming Saturday, I will be running the Hartford Marathon. I signed up for this a few months ago, and it is the first race since my DNF in Ironman Lake Placid. As is almost customary for me, I have absolutely no idea how I am going to do in this race. Though I have … Continue reading "Podcast #101 – Hartford Marathon Preview"


Podcast #100 – Stefany Schaefer-Riecke

What better way to celebrate podcast #100 than to have Stefany, the Ordinary Wife, co-host the podcast with me this week. We discuss recent events, include the upcoming arrival of the Ordinary Baby. We also talk about our plans for the future – our newsletter, and our Couch to 5k video series starring Stefany, as … Continue reading "Podcast #100 – Stefany Schaefer-Riecke"


Podcast #99 – Triathlon Taren (or just Taren)

He has the #1 rated Triathlon podcast on iTunes and has a pretty cool Triathlon YouTube channel as well. I found Taren’s YouTube channel a few weeks ago and have gone through video after video getting a whole lot of advice and tips about the sport I’ve been diving into the past few months. We … Continue reading "Podcast #99 – Triathlon Taren (or just Taren)"


Podcast #98 – Georgios Zavolas

Sometimes you meet the most interesting people when you’re on the registration line for an Ironman. At least, that’s how I met this week’s podcast guest, Georgios Zavolas. On race day at Lake Placid this year, Georgios got to the finish with about five minutes to spare, for his third Ironman. I talk to him … Continue reading "Podcast #98 – Georgios Zavolas"


Podcast #97 – Katy Mayo

One of the great things about having a podcast is that you meet the most amazing people. One of the more special ones for me is Katy Mayo. Katy and I have been pushing through similar training hurdles over the past few years and I finally roped her into coming on the podcast as a … Continue reading "Podcast #97 – Katy Mayo"


Podcast #96 – Back in Zone One

It’s been almost a month since my DNF at Ironman Lake Placid, and things have changed drastically. Somehow, I have found my motivation and training has gone from “Zone 2” back to “Zone 1.” I’m not skipping workouts, I’m managing my diet better… what changed for me? And will it last? This week I do … Continue reading "Podcast #96 – Back in Zone One"


Podcast #95 – Susan Haag

Here is some trivia for you: Who was the first woman to ever complete 100 Full Ironman Distance Triathlons? Answer? My podcast guest this week, Susan Haag, that’s who!!! Susan is an incredible woman who likes to stay fresh for race day… which is almost every weekend. We discuss her record and some of her … Continue reading "Podcast #95 – Susan Haag"


Podcast #94 – 2018 Ironman Lake Placid Recap

For all of you who have been listening to the podcast, you know that this was the culminating event of a tough year of training for me. But after hemming and hawing over whether I should even start, I decided not to give up and gave it a shot. It was well worth it, and … Continue reading "Podcast #94 – 2018 Ironman Lake Placid Recap"


Podcast #93 – Cari Rincker

Cari Rincker is a runner… as in she runs a lot of things. She runs her own law firm, she runs her own family cattle farm, and she runs marathons. She’s also about to run her own podcast in a few weeks. Cari has been listening to this podcast for the better part of a … Continue reading "Podcast #93 – Cari Rincker"


Podcast #92 – Laura Stebbins

Laura Stebbins and I have one thing in common… we are both participating in Ironman Lake Placid this upcoming Sunday. That’s about all we have in common though. Laura is prepared… I am less so. Laura is excited… I am cautious. Laura is confident… I am nervous (or maybe even a bit scared). But we’re … Continue reading "Podcast #92 – Laura Stebbins"


Podcast #91 – An Ironman DNS?

A year ago around this time, I crossed the finish line in Lake Placid to complete my first Ironman. My “A-Goal” this year was to improve upon that performance, which was a goal I have not chased enthusiastically. Facing weight gain and inadequate training, I must ask myself… do I even give it a try … Continue reading "Podcast #91 – An Ironman DNS?"


Podcast #90 – Michael Waterhouse

Michael Waterhouse is a good friend of mine who for a long time kept a secret from me that I never was able to figure out… he has diabetes. Mike is a fit guy who is always active. Though he constantly has to manage his diabetes by monitoring his blood sugar and injecting himself with … Continue reading "Podcast #90 – Michael Waterhouse"


Podcast #89 – Greg Leitch

My first podcast guest from overseas! Isn’t technology incredible? From Melbourne, Australia, this week’s guest is Greg Leitch! (Apparently Ordinary Marathoner is huge in Australia). I didn’t know much about Greg coming into this podcast, other than he runs a pretty cool Facebook group called Real Bodies Runners. But it turns out that him and … Continue reading "Podcast #89 – Greg Leitch"