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Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.

Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.
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Running a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment that more and more people are checking off of their bucket lists every year. I have completed a few, but I'm no more special than anyone. In fact, I think I'm just ordinary.




Podcast #123 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 18, 2019

It’s been a productive week for me this week. Dropped 4 pounds, got a lot of quality workouts in, woke up early 4 of 5 days – setting myself up for a good weekend… unless the Patriots win.


Podcast #122 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 17, 2019

Up and at ’em early today and feeling great about it. Got a good 8-miles in last night and made some changes to the workout schedule to focus on the next 2-3 weeks before the Phoenix Marathon. Now if you’ll excuse me… I must go cook some bacon. WHERE’S THE PARKING LOT PIC, BACKOSKI???


Podcast #121 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 16, 2019

Good morning! Yesterday was a busy day and very efficient – got my bike ride in, did a great podcast with Ken Nowell, and opened registration for the Ordinary Marathon, which went better than we even expected. Wanted to thank everyone for registering for the event, whose proceeds will be going to such a great … Continue reading "Podcast #121 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 16, 2019"


Podcast #120 – Ken Nowell

Our latest podcast guest is a co-founder of DIRT (Dads Indoors Riding Trainers) – a team of cyclists on the Zwift platform. I found these guys on Facebook a few months ago and have watched the group grow at an incredible pace. It’s a very supportive and fun-loving group who are taking advantage of all … Continue reading "Podcast #120 – Ken Nowell"


Podcast #119 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 15, 2019

Well… another streak ended this morning. I’m blaming Steve Jobs, even post-mortem, for my iPhone’s battery dying overnight even though it was plugged in! But I’m still up and at em – busy morning. Ordinary Marathon opens for registration today!!!


Podcast #118 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 14

Up and at ’em early on this very cold Massachusetts Monday. Had a fairly weak weekend of training followed by a weak swim today – and the excuses are getting me nowhere. Recognize it, turn it around… let’s get after it this week.


Podcast #117 – TSean Laws

My guest this week is TSean Laws, who was able to squeeze this interview in between his Sunday morning run and the playoff game this afternoon involving his beloved Eagles. TSean turned to running to help ease his hypertension and has gone from the Couch-to-5k to running half-marathons! We wish him the best of luck … Continue reading "Podcast #117 – TSean Laws"


Podcast #116 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 11, 2019

This morning was a bit interesting… I didn’t have an AM workout planned, but still got up early to get ready for the day and put out a podcast. Fighting for the routine! I’m going to beat the hell out of myself until I become a morning person.


Podcast #115 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 10, 2019

I’m up, I’m up… the alarm clock rang and I answered. I swam, I made a friend, I got coffee, and now here we are.


Podcast #114 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 9, 2019

Well, my streak of waking up early to do a workout and then a podcast is over. I was able to make it to 1 day. As someone on Twitter put it, at least the streak will be easy to break! So on a good note, maybe I’ve set myself up for success!?!? The good … Continue reading "Podcast #114 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 9, 2019"


Podcast 113 – Ordinary Daily, Jan 8, 2019

Trying something new today… got my butt out of bed at 4:45 AM and got to the pool for a swim. Feeling accomplished. Now I’m doing a mini-podcast about it. If I can do it, then you can too. Let’s crush 2019.


Podcast #112 – New Year’s Resolution Special

Happy New Year! It’s a few days late, but I wanted to officially wrap up 2018 and move forward to 2019. Last year’s Resolutions had some mixed results, but I am gearing up for an incredibly successful 2019. What are my resolutions for the new year? You’ll have to listen to find out. Best of … Continue reading "Podcast #112 – New Year’s Resolution Special"


Podcast #111 – Eric Keeler

Eric Keeler thought that a great way to see the country would be to run it – from corner-to-corner. Not his own country of Britain either (that might be too easy for a guy like him), but the entire continental U.S. So he saved his money, planned a trip, then dipped his toe in the … Continue reading "Podcast #111 – Eric Keeler"


Podcast # 110 – Tony Pearlman

Tony Pearlman was on the podcast a few month ago with his father, Glenn Eisenstein, and his sister, Samantha Watson. Many of you may know Glenn from our discussion group when he trained to run his first marathon at the age of 70 (and then did another one). Samantha is Tony’s sister, who started an … Continue reading "Podcast # 110 – Tony Pearlman"


Podcast #109 – Laura Stebbins

This week’s guest is triathlon-addict and multiple-time Ironman, Laura Stebbins. I tried to have Laura on the podcast a few months back, recorded the episode, and then it blew up on me. So it was time to revisit that conversation and add a little more to it. Laura has recently taken the Level-I Ironman training … Continue reading "Podcast #109 – Laura Stebbins"


Podcast #108 – Stefany Schaefer Riecke

The Ordinary Baby has arrived – Ellie Dee Riecke, 8 lbs, 5 ounces of screaming, pooping, joy! It only seemed fitting to have Stefany step in as my co-host / guest and share the moment. Now that the easy part is over, the hard part begins – namely getting Stefany up and running again using … Continue reading "Podcast #108 – Stefany Schaefer Riecke"


Podcast #107 – Peter Sagal

This week’s podcast guest is none other than the host of NPR’s Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, and author of the new book, “The Incomplete Book of Running,” Peter Sagal! In the book, Peter discusses his experiences with the sport of running – how it helped him cope during times of stress and how it … Continue reading "Podcast #107 – Peter Sagal"


Podcast #106 – Jen Bergstrom

Get your arms around it… 100 miles. A 100 mile race. That’s just a little less than traveling from Hartford to New York! (Sorry if you’re not from the Northeast.) Last weekend, Jen Bergstrom took on the famed Javelina Jundred, and completed this monster of a race in under 30 hours. She trained awful hard… … Continue reading "Podcast #106 – Jen Bergstrom"


Podcast #105 – Katy Mayo

A few weeks ago we had Katy Mayo on the podcast to talk about her training and goals for this year’s Marine Corps Marathon. Well, the race is over and Katy was kind enough to report back to the podcast with tales of her glorious victory! Her goal was to come in under 6 hours, … Continue reading "Podcast #105 – Katy Mayo"


Podcast #104 – Samantha Watson, Glenn Eisenstein and Tony Pearlman

While in college, Samantha Watson was unsuspectedly diagnosed with cancer. Everything was put on hold as she went through treatment and eventually recovered. Returning to real life, she discovered that despite a lot of support, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. This was a segment of the population whose experiences with cancer and recovery … Continue reading "Podcast #104 – Samantha Watson, Glenn Eisenstein and Tony Pearlman"