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Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 53: Mo Bamba at Power Forward?

Andy and Steve recap the first week of Magic preseason basketball including the first games against the 76ers and Flamengo. Can Mo Bamba play PF next to Vucevic? Is Jonathan Isaac's ankle a concern and how tall is he going to get? They dive into the mailbag and answer everyone's questions from last week. All this plus Steve delaying his delicious steak dinner for the good of the podcast. Enjoy and GO MAGIC!! Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC FYI: You can now listen to the podcast on Spotify! Learn...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 52: Orlando Magic Preseason Preview

Andy and Steve are back! The podcast is back! More importantly, however, Orlando Magic basketball is back! As the preseason approaches, the guys discuss what has developed during training camp and what expectations Magic fans should have for this upcoming season. Also, stay tuned for a special announcement at the end of the episode. Enjoy and LET'S GO MAGIC!! Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC @AndyRHarrington @Garl1ck Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 51: Orlando Magic the Musical

Steve and Andy discuss upcoming season expectations and the new league rule changes expected to take effect next year. For or against offseason workout videos from players? The guys dive deep into the mailbag and of course give you some answers in song form for some reason. Enjoy all this plus Steve's campaign to resurrect the short shorts. #TeamGroban #TeamDion #GauxMagic Follow the podcast: @OrlandoMagicPC Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 50: Jerseys, NCAA, Schedule Release and a Female Mascot?

Steve and Andy dive right into the "huge" news about the two games the Magic will be playing in Mexico. They also discuss the throwback jersey they will be wearing and the recently released schedule. They break down the schedule a little and it's quirks. They also discuss the big news from the NCAA allowing players to hire agents and allowing players to return to college if they go undrafted. All this plus, could the Magic introduce a female mascot as a counter part to STUFF? Enjoy and go...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 49: Orlando's Offseason Overview and Grades

The guys recap the entire offseason starting from the coaching change to the trades and signings from this past week. They dive into some NBA topics including the draft age rules, G-League's future role and potential playoff teams in both conferences next year. Steve also discusses his new favorite shoe company. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 48: Summer League and Free Agency Recap

Andy Harrington and Steven Garlick dive right into the Aaron Gordon Signing and how and why Isaiah Thomas to the Magic did not happen. They also recap the Bismack Biyombo trade and discuss are Magic point guard, Jerian Grant. The guys also discuss Summer League play and how Jonathan Isaac and Mo Bamba made some noise in Las Vegas this year. Steve and Andy finish up by answering mail bag questions about the team including draft and lineup questions. Enjoy and GO MAGIC!! Follow the podcast on...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 47: Magic Speculation Spectacular

Andy and Steve go over everything Orlando Magic free agency including potential signings and trades for point guards and the Aaron Gordon situation. Lonzo Ball? Kemba Walker? The guys discuss all the rumors and reports about the Magic and across the league. They also give predictions of where the top free agents will land this week. Enjoy and follow the podcast on Twitter @OrlandoMagicPC Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 46: Bamba No. 5

With the 6th pick in 2018 NBA Draft the Orlando Magic select, Mohamed Bamba! Steve and Andy give their initial reactions to the Bamba pick and what it means for Orlando's future. They discuss Trae Young disappointment, yet an optimism going forward with a solid young core. The guys also discuss the second round picks and the wingspans galore. All that plus a special message in French for Evan Fournier about Nikola Vucevic. Enjoy and Follow the podcast on Twitter @OrlandoMagicPC Learn more...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 45: Final Draft Preparations and Predictions

Andy Harrington and Steven Garlick prep you for every realistic draft scenario and what could happen on Thursday night. Will the Magic select Trae Young? Mo Bamba? Wendell Carter Jr.? Will they trade back? Trade up? They discuss endless possibilities and realistic ways in which those events could occur. They dive into the mailbag and answer your questions about the draft and the Magic in general. Should Orlando go after Kawhi Leonard? All this plus they discuss which past draft prospects...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 44: NBA Draft Tangent #Sweeped

Steve and Andy talk all things NBA draft including their top 5 targets at the guard, wing and big man positions. They discuss mailbag questions that include favorite Magic draft picks and realistic trade scenarios. They recap the Finals and also look forward to summer league 2018. #PureMagic #Sweeped Follow the podcast on Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC Leave a review on iTunes! Go Magic! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 43: The Steve Clifford Reaction

The Orlando Magic finally hired a coach! Welcome back to Orlando Steve Clifford! Is it good? Bad? The guys give their initial reactions to the hire and how it will impact the team and the roster going forward. There are definitely mixed feelings about the hire so they give pros and cons of Clifford. They give some quick, rapid fire hot takes on the draft and of course give their thoughts on the first game of the finals and the epic JR Smith mental breakdown at the end of regulation. Enjoy...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 42: The Mark Moses Show Interview

Andy jumps on the Mark Moses Show on 1560 AM The Fan to discuss the Orlando Magic. They discuss the coaching search, the draft and Orlando's young prospects Aaron Gordon and Jonathan Isaac. Enjoy the interview and follow the podcast on Twitter @OrlandoMagicPC Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 41: 2018 Live NBA Draft Lottery Special

The Orlando Magic Podcast joined forces with Orlando Magic Daily and Orlando Pinstriped Post during the NBA Draft Lottery to react live to the results and discuss the past season, the draft and the future of the Orlando Magic. Enjoy and follow the podcast on Twitter @OrlandoMagicPC Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 40: Coaching Hire More Important than the Draft?

Andy Harrington and Steven Garlick are back for season 2 of the Orlando Magic Podcast! The guys jump into a "Pure Magic or Pure Tragic" segment where they discuss the importance of the coaching hire, Alex Martins and the impact of culture on players. They also dive into the coaching search and discuss specific candidates including Jerry Stackhouse and Nick Nurse. Could the Magic hire Becky Hammon or Mike Budenholzer? They finish off the episode by going over a few mailbag questions and of...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 39: Tanking vs Culture with Philip Rossman-Reich

The Orlando Magic Podcast and Orlando Magic Daily join up for a season recap and epic tank discussion. They all discuss the season as a whole and what comes next for Orlando. Will Frank Vogel be the coach of the Magic in a couple weeks? What changes need to happen for the Magic to develop the correct culture? Are the Magic tanking correctly or are they repeating past mistakes? All this and much more on this epic crossover podcast! Enjoy Magic fans! Go Magic! Follow the podcast on Twitter:...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 38: Frank Vogel has been Evaluated

Steve Garlick and Andy Harrington discuss the latest Frank Vogel rumors and what will happen if he is let go at the end of the season. They also discuss potential replacements for head coach in their pure magic, pure tragic segment. They debate if Vogel has had a fair shot in Orlando and dive into a recent John Hammond interview. Also, learn about Steve's hidden talent he doesn't tell many people about! Follow the podcast on Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC Leave a review on iTunes and request to...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 37: March Madness: Tank Edition

With the season swiftly coming to a close, Andy and Steve dig into the Magic and what they need to accomplish by the end of the season. They discuss how Jonathan Issac has looked and what the schedule looks like going forward. They also do their Pure Magic, Pure Tragic segment discussing potential coaching changes draft prospects and more. Is Trae Young slipping? Did Michael Porter Jr. make a mistake coming back this season? Also, find out what office Steve thinks Andy is running for next...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 36: NBA Refs, am I Right?

Andy and Steve recap last week's games including the infamous Lakers game and the infuriating call made at the end of the game. The guys talk how Jonathan Isaac has looked in his time back and the tanking efforts of the Magic. They do a live lottery simulation and mock draft and discuss potential prospects at that draft slot. All this plus an exclusive interview with a world-renown alpaca trainer! Enjoy! Go Magic! Follow on Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC Leave a review on iTunes, share and tell...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 35: Jerry Stackhouse Rumor

Andy Harrington and Steven Garlick discuss the latest rumor involving Jerry Stackhouse as a potential coaching replacement for Frank Vogel. They also recap the past week including a couple wins as Jonathan Isaac returned to action and preview the next week of Magic basketball. The guys also discuss tanking and update their mock draft with the Magic now sitting at the number 7 position in lottery odds. Andy gives you his rapid-fire season award predictions and why you should never trade with...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 34: The Tankathon is on!

Steve and Andy review everything post All-Star Weekend and give updates on how the Magic's tankathon is going. Gordon and Vucevic are back and Isaac is right behind them. How will their returns affect the team going forward? What's new in the draft rankings? Has Trae Young lost favor with the guys or is he still high on their boards? All this plus reactions to Fergie's epic rendition of the National Anthem and which celebrities the guys would want as next-door neighbors. Help the podcast...