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Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 68: Evan Fournier- Magic All-Star or Trade Bait?

Andy and Steve recap the current win streak and discuss Evan Fournier hot streak. Is it for real? Is Bamba more Gobert than we think? Listen to find out cause this is a spicy one. The gents then reach deep into the mailbag to discuss all things Orlando Magic and let all fans be heard. Lastly, they take a step back and evaluate the NBA and the proposed changes and give their instant reactions. BUCKLE UP!


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 67: Bamba or Birch?

The Magic have injuries afoot! Vucevic and Gordon both went down with ankle injuries in the loss vs Toronto. How does this impact the Magic in the near future? How vital is Vucevic to the team? Can Bamba actually step and up or even show up in this time of need or should he be sent to the G-League? Steve and Andy answer all these questions and more (probably more than you were asking for if we’re being honest) in this episode of the Orlando Magic Podcast. Thanks for listening and GO...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 66: Minutes Restriction

In episode 66, Andy is put on a strict minutes restriction just like Markelle Fultz (Due to illness). The guys give their instant reactions to the new city edition jerseys and come up with some wild trade ideas. They also dive into mailbag and discuss the recent DeMar DeRozan rumors.


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 65: Orlando Magic Therapy

The Orlando Magic had a rough week, so Andy and Steve do some therapeutic venting after the OKC loss on Tuesday. They discuss the trends over the first 7 games of the regular season and what been working and what hasn’t. Markelle Fultz and Gospel Jon, 5 on 1 (Isaac) have been bright spots, but why can’t anybody hit shots? They dive deep into possible solutions to the offensive woes and try a little ASMR to calm the mood of Magic nation. Enjoy and Go Magic!! Follow on Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 64: Markelle Fultz the Starter?

The Magic win their first game of the season as Fultz shines in his regular season debut. Steve and Andy discuss Fultz’s impact on the game and if he should be considered for the starting pg position already. They dive deep into the Cavs game, preview the upcoming week and answer all your mailbag questions. #MedievalMagic Thanks for listening and go Magic!!! Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 63: Round Table with the Close Up Magic Crew

Andy jumps on to a round table discussion with Wyatt and Jonathan from The Close up Magic. Wyatt and Jonathan have been covering the preseason with Andy and they give their behind the scenes look at what it's like and how being a credentialed media member helps cover the team and give a more informed perspective on what's going on. Enjoy and Rate us on Apple Podcasts! #MagicAboveAll Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 62: Jonathan Isaac the 1 Man Double Team

The Magic are 3-0 in preseason play and Steve and Andy talk about the Hawks, Pistons and Spurs games from this past week. They talk Isaac, Bamba, Aaron Gordon, Vucevic and of course Markelle Fultz. Steve also talks about his time as a water ski instructor for small mammals. Enjoy and GO MAGIC!!Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPCLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 61: Behind the Scenes at Media Day

Steve interviews Andy about his experience at Orlando Magic Media Day. Andy gives a peek behind the curtain at what the experience is like and what it entails. Andy describes what the vibe was around Fultz and how he seemed to feel at ease. The guys also give award predictions for the Magic and then rapid fire awards for the NBA. Remember to follow the podcast on Twitter @OrlandoMagicPCGo Magic!!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 60: The Shot Heard Around the World

Media Day and the training camp are upon us and the guys are ramping up for the season! They talk all about Markelle Fultz's shot debut with the Magic and how essential this is for him and his career. They also discuss Chuma Okeke and listener questions for Andy to ask at Media Day. Follow the podcast on Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPCLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 59: Markelle Fultz Mania and the Salty Sixers Fans

Steve and Andy breakdown the workout footage of Markelle Fultz SHOOTING A BASKETBALL and what this could mean for Orlando going forward. The guys also give their predictions of who they believe will be the top 10 Magic players of next season. They then go around the NBA and look at potential playoff teams in both conferences. Hope you enjoy! Go Magic!Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPCLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 58: Markelle Fultz Update and Team Superlatives

According to Caron Butler, Markelle Fultz is ...healthy?? Steve and Andy give their thoughts about this and the video that they posted on Twitter about Fultz during the summer league. They go through 5 points of optimism for the Magic this upcoming season including the roster, continuity, etc. The guys have fun with superlatives for this upcoming year's team including most likely to get traded and more!Enjoy and follow the podcast on Twitter @OrlandoMagicPCGo Magic!!Learn more about your ad...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 57: Running it Back!

Just like the Orlando Magic, Steve and Andy are running it back! They've been gone for a while, but are returning stronger than ever. The guys go over everything from the draft, free agency and looking into the future. They give their unfiltered opinions on the off-season as a whole and how it is perceived outside of Orlando. They dive into your questions from the mailbag and discuss everything about Chuma Okeke, Vucevic, Ross, Aminu, the Markelle Fultz saga and more! Enjoy and remember to...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 56: @HOOPLAHSHOW

The Magic are streaking! Andy and Steven dive into the Eastern Conference playoff outlook and give their thoughts on the remaining schedule. They dive deep into the mailbag and answer your questions. Also, they share big news about the future of the podcast. Be sure to follow them @hooplahshowLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 55: Is it Time to Trade Vucevic?

Steve and Andy are back like Jordan on the Wizards! They discuss everything that has happened while they were gone including why they were on a little break. They dive into the past game against Indiana and the upcoming schedule this next week. They discuss the hot button topic among Magic fans: Is it time to trade Vucevic? The guys also dig into how Bamba has started the season and whether or not they would change their minds about drafting him now. All this plus delicious 7/11 egg salad...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 54: The Power of Consistency

Andy and Steve are back talking Orlando Magic basketball!Topics include:Red Dead Redemption 2Previous week's gamesInconsistenciesPoint guard playAaron Gordon, Bamba and IsaacGeneral NBA discussion including Jimmy Butler, the Lakers and the ThunderEnjoy and follow the podcast on Twitter @OrlandoMagicPCLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 53: Mo Bamba at Power Forward?

Andy and Steve recap the first week of Magic preseason basketball including the first games against the 76ers and Flamengo. Can Mo Bamba play PF next to Vucevic? Is Jonathan Isaac's ankle a concern and how tall is he going to get? They dive into the mailbag and answer everyone's questions from last week. All this plus Steve delaying his delicious steak dinner for the good of the podcast. Enjoy and GO MAGIC!!Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPCFYI: You can now listen to the podcast on Spotify!Learn more...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 52: Orlando Magic Preseason Preview

Andy and Steve are back! The podcast is back! More importantly, however, Orlando Magic basketball is back! As the preseason approaches, the guys discuss what has developed during training camp and what expectations Magic fans should have for this upcoming season. Also, stay tuned for a special announcement at the end of the episode. Enjoy and LET'S GO MAGIC!!Twitter: @OrlandoMagicPC@AndyRHarrington@Garl1ckLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 51: Orlando Magic the Musical

Steve and Andy discuss upcoming season expectations and the new league rule changes expected to take effect next year. For or against offseason workout videos from players? The guys dive deep into the mailbag and of course give you some answers in song form for some reason. Enjoy all this plus Steve's campaign to resurrect the short shorts. #TeamGroban #TeamDion #GauxMagicFollow the podcast: @OrlandoMagicPCLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 50: Jerseys, NCAA, Schedule Release and a Female Mascot?

Steve and Andy dive right into the "huge" news about the two games the Magic will be playing in Mexico. They also discuss the throwback jersey they will be wearing and the recently released schedule. They break down the schedule a little and it's quirks. They also discuss the big news from the NCAA allowing players to hire agents and allowing players to return to college if they go undrafted. All this plus, could the Magic introduce a female mascot as a counter part to STUFF? Enjoy and go...


Orlando Magic Podcast Ep. 49: Orlando's Offseason Overview and Grades

The guys recap the entire offseason starting from the coaching change to the trades and signings from this past week. They dive into some NBA topics including the draft age rules, G-League's future role and potential playoff teams in both conferences next year. Steve also discusses his new favorite shoe company.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices