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A Daily Outdoor On-Demand Talk Radio Podcast Production. 7 Days a Week, All in One Place

A Daily Outdoor On-Demand Talk Radio Podcast Production. 7 Days a Week, All in One Place
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A Daily Outdoor On-Demand Talk Radio Podcast Production. 7 Days a Week, All in One Place




Take Aim Outdoors EP-187 Hunting Nebraska & Kansas

Back with us again is Tim Clark from Reddog Outfitters who runs some of the best semi guided deer hunts from out in Kansas and Nebraska you can find more about Tim on Instagram @reddogoutfitters and website www.reddogoutfitters.com Todays show is powered by Lethal Products www.lethalproducts.com


Up North Journal - Practice with Your Hunting Gear On, Exercising for Hunting, Do Not Eat Venison, New MI CWD Case

Mike talks about practicing shooting his bow with the hunting clothes he is going to wear out hunting. Mike and Dan are getting in shape for hunting season Do not eat venison order from MI Dept. of Health and Human Services First case of CWD in Michigan's Upper Peninsula found


Up North Journal - How To Become An Archery Hunter, Dirty Food Plots, WV APR Group

Mike and Dan give info for a person who wants to start hunting and do so with archery equipment. What is a Dirty Food Plot? West Virginia Hunters For Better Buck Management


Take Aim Outdoors - Episode 186 Epic Moose Hunt

Back with a new N-Season Report with Blake Garrett from the Unfiltered Outdoors App and fresh out of Canada is Blake and the Crew from a awesome Moose hunt in Saskatchewan! If you have ever dreamed of hunting moose this episode is for you. Find out more about Unfiltered Outdoors in your IOS or Android app store. This episode is powered by www.lethalproducts.com


Up North Journal - Bowhunting Michigan's Upper Peninsula, How Do Hunters Dispose of Deer Carcass' in CWD Zones, Hunters for the Hungry

Dan takes off up to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to bow hunt A little talk about a tree saddle Dan talked about how his new Stan's release worked in a hunting situation Dan talks about what he does with the gut pile after field dressing a deer Dan is going to try deer heart! A friend of the family shoots her first deer Another family member takes two bucks What do you do with a deer carcass if you're hunting in a CWD zone? The boys talk about Hunters for the Hungry and how you could...


Take Aim Outdoors - Episode 185 DaySix Gear HD Hunting Arrows

This Week Bryan Broderick is back and we talk the launch of his new HD series Hunting Arrows. Bryan talk's all things arrows in this show and why he just might have a case that he has put together the very best hunting arrow out on the market today. Find out more at the website below. www.daysixgear.com This Episode is powered by www.lethalproducts.com


Up North Journal - 2019 PSE Hunting Bow Lineup, Dan Jasa Discuss' His Experience in the 2-18 World Field Archery Championship, Ez Cut System

Mike and Dan talk with Dan Jasa of PSE Archery about the 2019 Hunting bow lineup from PSE! PSE Rifle! precision rifle component division Donnie Vincient shooting PSE bows Rivers Divide Who We Are Dan talks about his experience shooting the 2018 World Archery Field Championship Mike and Dan unpack the new EZ Cut system Mike ordered last week to trim up around his treestand. https://ezkutproducts.com/


Take Aim Outdoors - Episode 184 Brad Myers Bowhunting Elk

New N-Season report! We Chat with long time friend of the show Brad Myers from Nocked N Loaded, fresh off a very recent bowhunt for Elk in the Gila National Forrest. Brad recounts some very cool success stories of the hunt with both Brad and another hunter punching elk tags! www.nockednloaded.com This episode is powered by www.lethalproducts.com


Up North Journal - Preping for Archery Season, Work Weekend Up North, PSE Rifles

Mike just rolled in from deer camp after a weekend of setting treestands and cutting shooting lanes. EZ Cut pruning shears PSE Rifles https://www.pserifles.com/


Take Aim Outdoors - EP-183 Gear Review Patriot Coolers

Gear Review Time we talk with Ashley from Patriot Coolers. Patriot has a full line of Roto-molded coolers awesome Tumblers that you have custom graphics added to. Also worthy of mentioning is the awesome work Patriot Coolers do for and with Veterans. You can find out more about Patriot on there FB, Instagram and Twitter @PatriotCoolers www.PatriotCoolers.com This Podcast Episode is powered by Always Lethal www.Lethalproducts.com


Up North Journal - Talking Ice Shanties, New CWD Report From Colorado

Mike and Dan talk early on a Saturday morning show! Dark Roast called Black Powder! Talking new ice shanties Otter Ice Shanty Moving to deer hunting, Danny has a question for Mike about bow hunting vs rifle hunting and how he spends his time afield. Shout out to all those affected by the Hurricane A new article from QDMA about the recent statement made by one of the leading CWD researchers in the world Mike Miller, Colorado Parks and Wildlife from the Deer Biology Congress.


Take Aim Outdoors EP-182 N-Season Hunting Report with Blake Garrett

We are Back with the very 1st, N-Season hunting report of the year and fresh off his Nebraska hunt for both whitetail and Mule deer Blake Garrett is here again from the Unfiltered Outdoors App and gives us the rundown on the details of those exciting hunts. Also Blake shares some exciting news that you catch Take Aim Podcast on the Unfiltered App under the Podcast Tab! (Download today IOS & Android) This episode is powered by Lethal Products www.lethalproducts.com


Up North Journal - Wisconsin's New Age of Hunting vs Michigan and CWD Implications, DNR CWD Survey

Mike and Dan talk about the New Age of Hunting in Wisconsin vs what is going on in Michigan and how CWD plays into it. https://madison.com/sports/recreation/outdoors/patrick-durkin-welcome-to-new-era-of-deer-hunting/article_4675c9ad-cc80-50e1-b866-91e532ae6c2e.html


Take Aim Outdoors - Ep-180 Todd Pringnitz Tree Thrasher

Back with me again on the show it Todd Pringnitz from White Knuckle Productions web show. Todd has developed a new call named the Tree Thrasher "imitate the wild" Todd shares info on the new call some great hunting tips and stories as well some in depth knowledge on the new calling system www.treethrasher.com This episode is powered by www.lethalproducts.com


Up North Journal - Checking in with Dan DaFauw in Michigan's Upper Peninsula Preparing For Deer Season

Checking in with Dan DeFauw as he travels home from Michigan's Upper Peninsula after getting camp ready for deer season. Deer management tools for this season Dan keeps a history book at his camp for deer kills Talking about Rapid River Knifeworks


Take Aim Outdoors - Episode 180 Blake Garrett Unfiltered Outdoors

Back this week on the podcast is Blake Garrett from Unfiltered Outdoors app which is a all new way for you to watch live hunting. The App is free to download and gives you full access to what Unfiltered is doing all fall long in real-time. You can find the app in your app store for both Apple and Android


Up North Journal - Fall Turkey Hunting Tactics with Tim Sias of Limb Walker Game Calls

Talking fall turkey season with Limb Walker Game Calls Tim Sias in Harts West Virginia. https://www.facebook.com/limbwalkergamecalls/


Take Aim Outdoors EP-179 Chris Hall Blacktail Hunting California

We are joined once again by Chris Hall from out in the California hills and Chris had a very successful opening weekend of California Archery season and fills us in on the very biggest Blacktail of his life.


Up North Journal - Fly Fishing for Muskie with Great Lakes Fly Eli Berant, Cabela's Weekend

Mike and Dan talk with Eli Berant of Great Lakes Fly about fly fishing for Muskie on Lake St. Clair in Michigan. www.greatlakesfly.com Mike and Dan wrap up their weekend at Cabela's talking about lack of information from the Michigan DNR about baiting, feeding and CWD.


Take Aim Outdoors - EP-178 OnXHunt Maps

This week I am talking maps for the Whitetail Hunter with Dylan Dawson from OnXHunt maps. OnXHunt maps is a app or login website services that gives you private and public land boundaries and so much more. www.onxmaps.com