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A Daily Outdoor On-Demand Talk Radio Podcast Production. 7 Days a Week, All in One Place

A Daily Outdoor On-Demand Talk Radio Podcast Production. 7 Days a Week, All in One Place
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A Daily Outdoor On-Demand Talk Radio Podcast Production. 7 Days a Week, All in One Place




Up North Journal - Skunk Smell and the OZ Unit From Scent-Lok, Getting Ready For Elk Season, Bow Hanger System

Danny's story of his dog getting a little too close to a skunk Getting ready for Elk Season Answering a hunting question for a listener Morph Pro bow hanger system www.outrighthunt.com The Gutcheck system


Up North Journal -Michigan Upper Peninsula Deer Hunt, Michigan Lower Peninsula Deer Hunt, Shaking Down The New Camper

Danny spent ten days in Michigan's upper peninsula on a archery deer hunt. https://www.snowmobilemuseum.com/https://www.uhaul.com/www.buckbaits.com Mike took the first weekend of October off to bow hunt in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan Got out with the new camper this weekend


Up North Journal - Interview with Andy Treharne and Ellary Tucker Williams of the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation

They guys talk with Andy Treharne the Senior Director of Western States and Federal Policy and Ellary Tucker Williams the Inter-Mountain Western States Coordinator. What is the Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation? www.congressionalsportsmen.org How are they handling the commercial fur trapping situation in California. How is CSF funded? CSF Clay Competition Shoot to get elected officials out to experience the outdoors Pittman Robertson Fund Dingell and Johnson fund How habitat groups...


Take Aim Podcast TAO-217 N-Season Report Blake Garrett Kansas Buck

Back this week a new N-Season Report is Blake Garrett Unfiltered Outdoors and his Kansas buck from last night just about 12 hours before this podcast, really neat to get these types of details just after a hunt. Great hunt and story from Blake and just as great as the buck he killed are some of the take a ways of how it went down. Learn more about Unfiltered Outdoors app IOS & Android


Up North Journal - The Passing of Jim Beasely of Spot Shooter Archery, Interview with Outdoor Writer Jerry Lambert

The guys memorialize the owner of Spot Shooter Archery, Jim Beasley who passed away suddenly this week. Mike and Danny share stories and memories of Jim. Interview with outdoor writer/editor/author Jerry Lambert about the upcoming archery season.


Take Aim Outdoors TAO-216 Bonnie Mcferrin's Alberta Mule Deer

This week with us is Bonnie Mcferrin from Legends of the Fall TV and Bonnie was just in Alberta filming for the upcoming season of LOF and she tagged out on an truly once in a lifetime Alberta Mega Mule deer and Bonnie shares all the details of the hunt with us here. Where to find LOF Twitter @LegendsTV FB Legends of the Fall Instagram @Legendsofthefalltv


Up North Journal - Interview with Custom Call Maker Paul Schweitzer of JPO Game Calls, The New Modular Omni System

This week the guys talk with custom call maker Paul Schweitzer of JPO Game calls who has come up with a modular design for the call industry! The Omni Design Deer grunt tube in the Utility Line Deer grunt in the Omni line Can do some custom engraving as well Biggest seller is the hybrid goose flute www.JPOgamecalls.com Gittin' The Wild Custome 2 piece turkey strikers Building things as a youngster Paul's favorite hunt Paul's favorite wild game meal to prepare Paul's favorite...


Take Aim Outdoors-215 N-Season Report Chris Hall Double Success

This podcast has a great story within the story as Chris brought along a new to the bowhunting world first timer lets say along side with him to hunt with Chris. To say what happen next was beginners luck would selling this story short. Chris took a chance to mentor a new hunter and the outcome was greater that what could have been imagined. Then we to get to the awesome California blacktail that Chris makes a 10 ring on an absolute mega deer.


Up North Journal - Gearing up for Archery Deer Season, Mock Scrapes

Cool weather is getting the guys pumped for archery season! Danny got stands set and pulled camera cards at his U.P. camp www.buckbaits.com Mike went to Indiana and the soy beans have come on strong Mike got some mock scrapes in with Buck Baits Scrape Enhancer Ken Scicluna is prepping his new hunting lease Our take on taking does Maturing as a hunter Playing the odds to your favor


Up North Journal - Treestand safety with SafeTree Hunting Sytems Jim Jacques, Woods and Water Outdoor Show

This week the guys talk tree stand safety awareness with life line builder Jim Jacques of SafeTree Hunting Systems. Talking about Jim's accident The Beginning of SafeTree Hunting Systems Danny's Accident Hot to place the line in the tree without climbing first SafeTree Hunting System on facebook, twitter and instagram The life lines How you measure what length you need in a stand After a fall do you need to replace the line or the prusik line? Uses for saddle hunters Pricing of...


Take Aim Outdoors -214 Sitka Gear update with Chris Derrick

We get Geared up this week with Chris Derrick the Whitetail Brand manager at Sitka Gear we talk some of the new and improved products like the Fanatic Line among some other great products Sitka has to offer. You can find out more about Sitka www.sitkagear.com


Take Aim Outdoor TAO-213 OnX Hunt

This week from OnX Hunt we have Dylan Dawson on and giving us a great update on some of the new features on one of the best hunting tools out the Onx Hunt map mobile app. We cover Private to Public, waypoints and new updates including weather.


Up North Journal - Getting Ready For Hunting Season, EHD in Indiana, Mike's Near Fatal Incident, New Archery League

Danny is getting ready for his annual late summer trip north to deer camp New UNJ teammate Ken Scicluna EHD in Indiana Mike had an incident with his Jeep this week that nearly cost him his life. A little trapping talk New Archery League A coyote question Bows for kids


Take Aim Outdoors - 212 DIY Elk Gear with Scotti Campbell

We sit down and chat with Scotti Campbell Instagram @Top_Texas_Outfitters and cover some not all but some of Scotti must have Gear for DYI Elk hunt out west. Items ranging from arrows to socks and packs for the long haul. You can find out more about Scotti and his Whitetail hunts on his Instagram pg.


Up North Journal - Bowfest, Passing of Tred Barta, Getting Ready for Deer Season, Indiana Deer Tags

The guys made it to the 13th annual Bowfest at Spot Shooter Archery Passing of Tred Barta Building and working for the hunting season The deer tag system in Indiana


Up North Journal - Interview with EZ Kut Products CEO Jerry Milos

The guys were talking tonight with Jerry Milos about EZ Kut product lineup and how Jerry got involved with EZ Kut. How the Sling Pack came about www.ezkutproducts.com The 20 ft. pole saw powered by Kamakazi How did Jerry get involved in the outdoors


Up North Journal - Live on the Water Bass Fishing, Treestand Safety, Michigan Bait Ban

The boys catch up with Ken Scicluna live on the water bass fishing The guys talk with Ken about Treestand Safety Danny talking about a new riser made for his stands in the Upper Peninsula Guys talk about the new feeding and baiting ban Mike has another confrontation with groundhogs Getting the hunting bows ready for the upcoming season


Up North Journal - Talking Lures, Scents, Attractants with Buck Baits Whorley Bird

The guys talk deer lures, scents, attractants with Buck Baits Prostaffer Whorley Bird! Lures Attractants Cover Scents Whorley Bird's hunts and using Buck Baits Family


Up North Journal - Rebel Six Wild Rub & Seasoning Co-Owner Rob Harrell

The guys talk grilling and cooking all kinds of fish and wild game meats tonight with Co-Owner Rob Harrell of Rebel Six Rub & Seasonings How the guys from Rebel Six got started in the seasoning business. How to season and prepare all kinds of fish. www.rebelsixrubs.com Wild game meat rubs Dragon Dust, new for 2019! A spicy stir fry flavor! Mild Wild Bird rub, gives you a feeling of Christmas! Good on any bird meat Put any of these on popcorn! Talking the outdoor side of Rob and how he...


Take Aim Outdoors TAO-211 Deer and Land Management with Joe Sir

Back this week with Joe Sir, Joe is a resident of North East Iowa and we talk in detail his year round management plan on his family farm. We cover everything from crop rotations to food plots and stand access. Download the Unfiltered Outdoors App IOS and Android