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Kyle Lowry

The Underdog Story of Kyle Lowry, NBA All-Star for the Toronto Raptors. Before the fame and success, Kyle and Randy were teammates at Villanova. Their relationship has grown and today they are as close as brothers. Their bond and trust provides a rare look at Kyle Lowry beyond the basketball player. A candid and revealing episode about Kyle's unlikely path and his growth as a man, husband and father. Outside Shot w/ Randy Foye is Sponsored By Morgan Stanley. 01:35 Randy Foye Introduces...


Mandell Crawley

The Journey of Mandell Crawley, Head of Private Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. From the West Side of Chicago to the top of the Financial Industry, Mandell's determined to help improve communities across the globe. His story is proof that anything is possible. Outside Shot w/ Randy Foye is Sponsored by Morgan Stanley. 01:22 Randy Foye Introduces Mandell Crawley Head of Private Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley 01:58 First time handed money? Isiah Thomas Gave Me A Ten Dollar Bill At...


Rollie Massimino's Legacy

Villanova's success both on and off the court traces back to one man: Rollie Massimino. Sadly, Coach Massimino passed away on August 30, 2017. But his presence is still alive both in this team and across Nova Nation. In a special "National Championship" Bonus Clip from Outside Shot w/ Randy Foye, enjoy a few personal stories shared by Coach Jay Wright and Randy Foye as they sat down only a few months prior to the passing of Coach Mass. They describe their early moments with Coach Mass and...


Jay Wright

Villanova's Jay Wright is much more than a NCAA Championship Basketball Coach. Randy Foye graduated from Villanova 11-years ago as the Big East Player of the Year. On this very personal episode, Randy returns to his alma mater to sit down with his former coach and reveal the Jay Wright that extends way beyond basketball. A passionate and personal look at Coach Wright's inspirational journey and how he navigated the ups and downs of life before he lead the Wildcats to the 2016 and 2018...


Mohamed Khairullah

Syrian American Mayor Mohamed Khairullah had to flee Syria when he was a child because his father and grandfather were marked for execution. Today he is a citizen of the United States and the Mayor of Prospect Park, NJ. Mayor Mohamed Khairullah is a Syrian American. He is Arab American. He is Muslim and leads an inclusive community that celebrates all faiths and religions. He is a family man, a teacher, an activist. He loves the USA and the privilege to vote for his leaders. He risks his...


Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin hasn't always been a household name. Initially, his meteoric rise to global inspiration was a result of his basketball talent. And yes, he is an NBA star, currently on the Brooklyn Nets. But Jeremy's greatest impact occurs when he meets people away from the court. As the son of immigrant parents who sacrificed everything for their children, Jeremy values each moment of his success & recognizes the responsibility that comes with his fame. How many of you are familiar with the...


Will Sheridan

Teammates at Villanova, Will Sheridan first told Randy Foye that he is gay while they were in college. Will was the starting power forward, Randy the Team Captain of an elite Wildcat basketball squad. Randy reacted to Will’s news by supporting his brother. As did Will’s teammates. They had a team bond and trust that would not be broken. Keep in mind that this was 2003-2006, so prior to the courageous stories of openly gay athletes such as Michael Sam and Jason Collins. Will waited until a...


Disappearance of Regina Foye

In 1989, Randy Foye's mom disappeared. He was 5-years-old, graduating kindergarten. After that day, Randy never saw or heard from his mom, Regina Foye, again. Throughout his life, which includes his Villanova degree, his current 11-year NBA Career, and starting his own family, Randy wondered what happened to his mom. But without any clues, nobody could be sure if she was alive or dead. It seemed like it was a lost cause, to remain a mystery. That is until the impossible became possible....


Introducing Outside Shot

A Podcast about the Underdog. On each episode, Randy Foye explores the journeys of diverse people who, like him, have spent their lives defeating unimaginable obstacles. Randy and co-host Noah Scheinmann will share powerful stories throughout the series, which includes Jeremy Lin, Mayor Mohamed Khairullah, Jay Wright, Will Sheridan and more.