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2 brothers that talk MMA into a microphone. We breakdown cards and talk latest mma news

2 brothers that talk MMA into a microphone. We breakdown cards and talk latest mma news
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2 brothers that talk MMA into a microphone. We breakdown cards and talk latest mma news






Episode 67: UFC Moncton recap & UFC 230

Episode 67: We chat about a possible Khabib vs GSP fight & the positives as well as the negatives for that fight being made. What does Anthony Smith's win mean for the 205 division? & of course, we talk about everything to do with #UFC230


Episode #66: The first ever fighter trade between 2 promotions in Mixed Martial Arts history.

We discuss the first ever Mixed Martial Arts trade between the UFC and ONE FC. When Demetrious Johnson and Ben Askren will switch promotions. We debate what this also means for the future of the UFC's Flyweight division and who should be Ben Askren's first fight in the UFC. All that and more on episode 66 of Overhand Right Radio.


Episode 65: Khabib vs The UFC

We discuss what went down at Bellator 207 & 208. We preview what the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix Final might have in store. We also talk Eddie Alvarez signing with ONE FC and how Khabib vs the UFC is one match up Khabib can't win. All that and more on episode 65 of Overhand Right Radio.


Episode #64: UFC 229 fallout, Bellator's big weekend & UFC 230's main event

On episode 64 of Overhand Right Radio, we talk the positives and negatives of UFC 229 as well as tell you what we think is next for the winners and loser of 229. We also chat how UFC 230's Main Event Derrick Lewis vs Daniel Cormier came to be as well as how Cormier getting stripped of his Light Heavyweight title and UFC 232 new title fight was writing on the wall. All that and more on episode 64!


Episode #63: UFC 229 & 230 Main Event

Join us for episode 63 as we discuss everything UFC 229. We also give our thoughts to the new main event at ufc230 and Darren Till's decision to move up to Middleweight. All that and more on episode 63 of Overhand Right Radio.


Episode #62: Bellator 206 & UFC 230 plans.

Join us for episode 62 as we discuss the stacked Bellator 206 card and what the UFC plans to do with the Main Event of UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden. 165lb title? Yoel vs Guff? We debate all possibilities for UFC 230. All that and more on episode 62 of Overhand Right Radio.


Episode #62: Jon Jones is back & Conor vs Khabib war of words.

Join us for Episode 61 of Overhand Right Radio. We discuss the suspension or lack thereof for Jon Jones and what this means for the future of the Light Heavyweight division. We also chat if we think Jones fighting at UFC230 is realistic. We also give our opinion of the UFC 229 press conference and who we think won the war of words. All that and more on Episode 61 of Overhand Right Radio.


Episode #61 : UFC 228 Fallout

Join us for Ep.61 of Overhand Right Radio as we discuss everything post UFC 228. We debate if the UFC did the right thing by vacating Nicco Montano's Flyweight title and who should fight Valentina Shevchenko. We also talk who the greatest 170 of all time is and we also talk about the Main Event of UFC Moscow.


Episode #57: Should GSP get the winner of Khabib vs Conor?

Join us as we dive into the rumor of GSP getting the winner of Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov. We tell you if we think that will happen and if that is a smart move on the part of the UFC. We also debate what contenders in each division have the best chance of being champion in two years time. We give our predictions and tell you why they will hold the belt high in no time. We also chat Bellator 204 and much more on episode 57.


Episode #56: UFC 227 Recap

Join us as we talk UFC 227. We talk what the falling out could mean for all the winners and losers. We discuss if Demetrius Johnson deserves an immediate rematch or if Henry Cejudo should go up in weight and challenge TJ Dillashaw. We also take a peek at the Bellator Welterweight Tournament and talk the negatives and positives about this tournament as well as tell you who we think will be the dark horse plus we give our prediction of who will win it all. All that and more on episode 56.


Episode #55: UFC 227

Episode #55: UFC 227 by Jason


Episode# 54: UFC rankings & UFC Calgary

We tell you what the Woodley vs Till match up really means for the UFC. We also talk about the latest rankings after UFC Hamburg . We also discuss the latest fight announcements & everything else in MMA.


Episode #53: State of the Light Heavyweight & Heavyweight Divisons

We dive into the current state of the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions. We debate what the next step for Cormier should be with his two belts and we also discuss who are the true number one contenders are in each division. We also give our opinion on the Bellator Welterweight Grand-Prix and discuss who may be the dark horse in this tournament that may surprise a lot of people. We also recap UFC Boise and look forward towards UFC Hamburg.


Episode #52: Cormier the GOAT? Brock Lesnar is BACK!?

International fight week was a great week for all Mixed Martial Arts fans. After Cormier’s amazing knockout win we discuss if he now has a claim to being called the G.O.A.T. and tell you why Cormier vs Lesnar isn’t as bad as you think. We also debate what’s next for Brian Ortega after his fight was cancelled at UFC 226 and we tell you what fighters have solidified themselves a true contender after their victories last weekend. All that and more on episode 52 of Overhand Right Radio!


Episode #51: International Fight Week

It is International Fight Week and we have a full weekend of fight cards. Join us as we talk the TUF 27 Finale and UFC 2226. Also including our raw reaction from reading the news that Max Holloway was off the UFC 226 card and who we think is the best replacement for him. Plus we debate all the news and rumors surrounding the world of Mixed Martial Arts!


Episode #50: The World of Mixed Martial Arts.

Episode #50 Out Now! Join us as we discuss all the latest news and rumors in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Including UFC Singapore recap, the highly anticipated Bellator Welterweight grand-prix and the positives and negativies with the UFC creating a 165lb divison.


Episode #49: UFC Singapore

Join us as we discuss the latest news and rumors in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, such as Khabib vs McGregor, Brock Lesnar being at UFC 226, should side kicks to the knee be illegal & of course UFC Singapore.


Episode #48: UFC 225 Recap

Join us as we recap UFC 225 & talk about what the judges at cage side were thinking. We also chat the latest news, rumors and potential matchups coming this year. Oh, & of course Jason & Cole have a heated debate. #WhatsNew #UFC225


Episode #47 (Part 2)

We breakdown this STACKED UFC 225 card that goes down this Saturday night from Chicago!


Episode #47 (Part 1) - MMA News & Rumors

Join us as we talk about the latest news and rumors around the world of Mixed Martial Arts. We tell you why Marlon Morales is the definite number one contender for the winner of Dillashaw vs Grandbrandt. We also tell you the positives and negatives with the UFC getting rid of the early weigh-ins, as well as our tribute to the recent retiery Michael Bisping.