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2/21/20: Alex Presley, Rob Cassidy, Zach Berry

Chase Parham and Neal McCready speak with Alex Presley, Zach Berry and Rob Cassidy.


2/20/20: Jeffrey Wright

Chase Parham and Neal McCready open the show talking with Jeffrey Wright for his weekly appearance. They have thoughts on last night's democratic debate and then the potential new NFL schedule rules that will add time to the regular season and more teams to the playoffs. There's college baseball conversation, college basketball topics and a look at Greg Robinson's marijuana haul.


2/19/20: Hoops, baseball and chocolate old fashioneds

Chase Parham and Neal McCready discuss the Ole Miss hoops loss in Columbia, Missouri, and what the storyline is now for the Rebels. They talk about college baseball, the NCAA Working Group's transfer news and much more.


2/18/20: Brad Henderson & Gabe DeArmond

Chase Parham and Neal McCready welcome in a couple of guests on today's show, as they speak with Ole Miss radio network's Brad Henderson about his first weekend in the booth and the Rebels' series win over then-No. 1 Louisville in Oxford. Ole Miss moved up to No. 17 nationally. Then they speak with Gabe DeArmond of PowerMizzou.com, as the Rebels are in CoMo for an SEC basketball matchup on Tuesday night.


2/17/20: What to make of the Rebs after 3 games?

Chase Parham and Neal McCready focus on baseball for the majority of the podcast, as Ole Miss knocked off No. 1 Louisville over the weekend at Swayze Field. The Rebels are up to No. 17 in the nation and have a five-game week. Ole Miss basketball lost to Kentucky on Saturday, snapping the three-game win streak.


2/13/20: Lane Kiffin

Chase Parham and Neal McCready are joined by a trio of guests on today's show. Lane Kiffin kicks it off with his first appearance on the show and then then Jeffrey Wright and Blake Lovell.


2/12/20: Rebs, winners of 3 straight, gets shot at UK

Chase Parham and Neal McCready cover a lot of areas from Ole Miss' blowout win over Mississippi State Tuesday night at The Pavilion. Ole Miss baseball held its media day on Tuesday, with some news value, and the guys hit on some national stories from Wednesday morning.


2/11/20: Rebs host State tonight

Chase Parham and Neal McCready discuss the close of the three-game homestand for Ole Miss basketball as the Rebels, winners of two straight, host the Bulldogs tonight in Oxford. They hit some baseball topics in advance of media day and then go through assorted sports topics.


2/10/20: Lindsay Graham

Chase Parham and Neal McCready discuss the Ole Miss basketball win over Florida and some baseball content and storylines with the season a few days away. They also have a lengthy conversation with podcaster Lindsay Graham, who is well known for American History Tellers, American Scandal and Wicked Game, among other works. They talk about the podcast industry, history, Graham's weekly process and much more.


2/7/20: Fire-Away Friday

Chase Parham and Neal McCready give somewhat of an update on five-star running back Zachary Evans before answering subscriber questions for Fire-Away Friday. The questions range from football and recruiting to food, drink, UFOs and baseball. Chase also speaks with Visit Oxford's Jessica Lynch about events and activities locally.


2/6/20: Hand-Raise Guys

Chase Parham and Neal McCready discuss National Signing Day and the basketball win over South Carolina. They also take listener calls including a four percenter inviting them to a wedding, a caller up to date with the Zach Evans situation and much more.


2/5/20: It's National Signing Day

Chase Parham and Neal McCready are back with a Wednesday National Signing Day edition of the Oxford Exxon Podcast. They react to early signing news and track the movements of prospects on decision day. They talk about the Ole Miss basketball matchup with South Carolina, baseball storylines this week and where the media industry is headed.


1/3/20: 48 hours to go

Chase Parham and Neal McCready discuss the latest recruiting stories as Ole Miss is 48 hours from the traditional National Signing Day. They talk about a baseball injury from the weekend, the Super Bowl and more.


1/31/20: Fire-Away Friday

Chase Parham and Neal McCready are answering subscriber questions on this edition of Fire-Away Friday on the Oxford Exxon Podcast. They take on questions about food, drinks, football, baseball, basketball and recruiting including a conversation about Zachary Evans.


1/30/20: Jeffrey Wright

Chase Parham and Neal McCready speak to Jeffrey Wright and talk about an array of sports topics on this Thursday show, including NBA, Kobe Bryant, Major League Baseball, SEC basketball, Ole Miss recruiting and more.


1/29/20: David Andrews

Chase Parham and Neal McCready discuss the Ole Miss basketball team's fourth double-digit blown lead of SEC play, as the Rebels fell to Auburn in double overtime after being up by 19 points in the second half. They also spoke with David Andrews of the New England Patriots and have some further thoughts on Kobe Bryant's impact.


1/28/20: Bryan Matthews

Chase Parham and Neal McCready speak with Bryan Matthews of AuburnSports.com about Auburn basketball, football and baseball. The Tigers are in Oxford tonight to face the Rebels at The Pavilion. Chase and Neal also discuss Kobe Bryant's complete legacy, how the media has handled it and more.


1/27/20: Kobe, Ole Miss hoops, recruiting, etc

Chase Parham and Neal McCready discuss Kobe Bryant's life and the coverage on Sunday. They talk about Ole Miss using its preferred style of play to beat Georgia Saturday in Athens before spending time on the recruiting news from the weekend.


1/24/20: Fire-Away Friday

Chase Parham and Neal McCready answer subscriber questions on an array of topics including football, basketball, baseball, recruiting, travel and more.


1/23/20: Jeffrey Wright

Chase Parham and Neal McCready discuss Eli Manning's college and NFL careers and talk about his retirement with Jeffrey Wright.