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Every week, Jammer & Paste recap the YHWD Fantasy Football League as well as other life shenanigans. While parts of the podcast are specific to their fantasy football league, the majority of the content centers around their friendships, relationships, and life adventures.


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Every week, Jammer & Paste recap the YHWD Fantasy Football League as well as other life shenanigans. While parts of the podcast are specific to their fantasy football league, the majority of the content centers around their friendships, relationships, and life adventures.




The First Round of the Playoffs, Made-up Movies, Titanic Conspiracies, and the Best Breaking News

Henny begets a baby to belittle a Toiret Bowel beatdown. The pod does a deep dive into the ‘Kicked in the D’ data. A Christmas miracle blesses the ‘Lucky Listener of the Week’, kind of. Jammer refuses to believe. A loyal listener and her husband let the guys crash their holiday party.


The Defending Champs Go Down Without a Fight, Playoff Previews, and Tennessee’s Lousiest Thief

Jammer unexpectedly dons a piece of clothing with sleeves. Minnesota benefits from its gambling problem. Paste gives another Nephew Corner update. Five-Time Simes plugs Taco Bell after he officially earns tenure on the pod. Bowling has a broken scoring system.


Pokémon Names, Meaningful Mementos, a Trade Deadline Recap, and a Four-Time High Scorer

In a true sign of maturation, the guys spend the night before Thanksgiving recording the podcast instead of going to the bar. Jammer finds fitting inspiration to set a personal record on his Peloton. Paste cleaned out his garage. The Cowboys beat the Vikings 40-3.


Superheroes, Jonny Birthday Boy, Old People on Social Media, and a Kirko Humbling

The guys come up with another lazy gimmick for the weekly matchups. Treasure Island was a great time, probably. Paste gives a much-anticipated update on Nephew Corner. Jammer scores a victory in the debut of the new ‘Smartest 3-Minutes in Podcast’ segment.


Back From the Bye Week, Spirit Halloween Costumes for All, and Finally a Favi Feature

The first batch of podcast analytics are in and it doesn’t look promising. Jammer passes along a truly remarkable and unforgettable wedding story. Champagne Favi makes his debut and talks fantasy football, face humping, oysters, and more.


The Pod Catches Its Big Break, NBA Team Comps, a Wonderful Wedding, and Farm Trivia

The guys share some groundbreaking news and put the podcast world on notice. Netflix decides to ruin everyone's lives; RIP to the 1987 Twins. The ‘High Scorer of the Week’ takes a rain check. Jammer invents Corn Twine.


An Epic Weekend in Baltimore, London Linguistics, and Simes Hits Us With the Back-To-Back

Jammer finally has his ‘Almost Famous’ moment during a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Baltimore but it cost him his sports fandom. LT ordered some cheese curds and a sandwich. The mailbag has a new submitter. The guys discuss scary movies.


Medieval Matchups, Two Very Different Enjoyable Weekends, and a Guest Segment Unlike Any Other

Night Persons are established. Jammer recaps the very first week of 'Bowling Alley' and debuts a new haircut. Jaci accidentally steals a dog. The Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society leaves a lasting mark. The Fastest 3-Minutes In Podcast takes at least twice that long.


AG28 Man He Fast Man, Butt Punts, Shrimp Boils, and the Joys of Fall

After much anticipation, Alex finally makes his debut on the pod and doesn't lose track of the count. The Big Benny Boom Stick makes contact for the last time. The mailbag receives its longest submission yet.


A Strat Daddy & Lil’ Vinny Guest Segment, Nephew Corner, and Jammer Tells Us How He Really Feels About Having a Dog

Paste and Jammer besmirch and question the credibility of the Queen. Vinny bails out the boys for being unprepared. Clothing Point repeats as Lawn Bowling Champions. The first ever Mailbag question is strange but nonetheless answered.


The Long Awaited Return of Pastey and the Jam

After a brief break, the world's number one rated podcast returns as the guys try to remember what they are doing. Jonny dials in for the first time ever with a memorable performance. Jammer says goodbye to downtown Minneapolis.


Happy Birthday Mick, the Great Ryan Farms Fire of 2021, and a Special Appearance From America’s Favorite Haertthrob

Pastey and the Jam recap the week one last time before taking a month long break. Tyler joins the pod for the second time and has another great idea for the league. Jammer ranks his favorite Thanksgiving dishes.


Streezy SZN Strikes Again, the Biggest Donation Yet, and a Monumental Milestone for the Golden Vegas Dawgs

Strat joins the podcast to talk fast food, his honeymoon, and breast milk storage problems (sorry for the audio issues). Paste recaps a rare night with RaceCar. Jammer ranks his top-5 Marvel movies. Brought to you by Moomaw.


Halloween Heartbreaks and Hangovers, a Farewell to Flava Flav, and Recapping Week 8

Jammer tries to remember what happened during the Vikings/Cowboys game as Paste reflects on his gameday behavior. The guys pour one out for Flava Flav. Gretch and her husband join the podcast as the weekly guests.


A Throwback Tank of the Week, Ranae Resignation Shaming, and the First Dog Appearance

Jammer overdresses for the occasion. Simes joins the pod as High Scorer of the Week and the guys help tear apart his former employee. Paste gives an update on harvest and Jam talks about Halloween candy. Brought to you by the legendary Boulder Peptide Symposium.


Gretch Breaks the Pod, Week 6 Recap, The Return of Streezy SZN, and Obnoxious Cowboy Fans

The guys attempt to honor a massive $5 donation from last week. Paste and Jam both look back on their worst Halloween costumes. Strat calls in as High Scorer of the Week. The guys continue to struggle with the outro.


Week 5 Recap, The Tightest Guest We've Had So Far, and Jam Explains One of His Celebrity Obsessions

Jam continues to deliver either brilliant or horrible matchup names. Henno flows, and then the guys call him out for not listening to the pod. Jam finishes another Fastest 3-Minutes as only a true Parrot Head could.


Recapping Week 4, A Very Lucky Listener of the Week, and a Record Setting High Scorer Guest Appearance

The podcast has an episode sponsor for the first time. Bino sets the record for most guest appearances on the pod as High Scorer of the Week. The guys discuss Squid Games, House of the Dragon, and more. Jammer recaps his favorite hot tub moments.


Week 3 Recap, The Debut of the Lucky Listener, Renaming "Favorite Things", Roasting Jam's New Driver, and Puppy Talk

After a discussion on the nail-biting week in fantasy, Pat drops in as the high scorer of the week as only he knows how. The guys finally come up with a new name for the "Favorite Things" segment. Jammer talks about his brand new ancient driver.


Week 2 Recap, Team Name Noises, Chi-Town Beans, and an Unintelligent Harry Potter Discussion

Bino generously blesses the pod with a guest appearance as High Scorer of the Week. The guys try to figure out what to rename the "Favorite Things" segment after realizing it is usually dark and morbid. Jammer completes another Fastest 3-Minutes for the second week in a row.