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Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.

Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.
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Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.




IDA Update w/ the President, Justin Labato

Justin Labato (President) and DJ Patterson (Board Member) give insight on the benefits of being apart of the IDA. It’s very common for professional detailer’s ego’s to get in the way of not being apart of this movement. DJ was once a non believer of the IDA but that has most definitely changed! It is so much more than a piece of paper and certification. It’s a movement... it’s community. Tune in, subscribe, leave us a review, and make it a great day!


Having Employees 👍 or 👎

HAVING EMPLOYEES - GOOD OR BAD...with Jake Roach from Professional Auto Detailing in Warrensburg, MO College professor AND auto detailing business owner!? Our guest Jake from Pro Detail in Warrensburg, MO bought a company that was supposed to be a fully staffed and trained money making machine at time of purchase. Day 1 of opening his doors... there were zero employees! Tune in and listen as he explains how he quickly turned it around and now has 5-7 employees on his payroll with booming...


Missconceptions in our Industry

With some many theories and practices in our industry its hard to know what to believe. We had the great opportunity to sit down in a little oyster bar in Sarisota Florida to talk about missconseptions in our industry. DJ is on vacation...Cody and Marty are leading Ceramic Coating Training Events and we find ourselves having some beers and enjoying Florida cuizine!! Grab a pint and enjoy...


What does a sales presentation sound like?

Ever wondered what its like to present a ceramic coating to a dealership? Here u get to go straight into a sales meeting and here the audible presentation. I'm standing infront of about fifteen salesmen at a dealership that is looking at installing CC105 onto their cars. They have already started preloading some in their showroom and we giving their more info to help sell more....grab a pint and enjoy 🍻


Tampa Training

This was a great time in Tampa training some Detailers...


Thirsty Thursday throwback

This is a throwback episode to one of the first thirsty thursdays with David Solomon. Grab a pint and enjoy these beer reviews...


Detail Mafia | Air Force One Project

Detailers all over are seeing photos, videos and IG stories of the Detail Mafia’s annual Air Force One Project! Ian and Jose, who happen to be 2 out of the 65 detailers chosen, took time out of their night to share some insight as to what this project is all about. In this podcast, Marty falls in love with Budweiser, but not just any Budweiser, George Bush’s recipe! If you enjoy this podcast, please leave us a review on iTunes and we will continue to put out some good content. Hey guys and...


Detailing Talk at Tulsa Tech

Detailing had the oportunity to lead a discussion at Tulsa Tech Community College.


Shine Dr on Detail Shop or Home Garage

We all start somewhere... some of us are fortunate enough to have zero overhead and successfully detail out of our home, while others have the luxury of a having a location completely separate from home life. What are the pros and cons to both? Is one better than the other? Tune in as the Shine Doctor provides us with some killer content on this subject along with some great advice for those getting started. Big shout out to Rogue for the Honey Kolsch. Very refreshing summer beer for these...


When Should You Launch Your Detailing Business?

From working at a church to becoming a chemical supplier, from working for a dealership to owning a detailing business, from working for a car wash to owning a multiple unit detailing company..... we ALL made jumps from different parts of life. When should you jump out on your own? What should you do before you quit your job and go out on your own? June Jones, Marty Hill and DJ Patterson come from different walks of life and ended up in the same industry. This podcast was accompanied with...


Bob Phillips & Renny Doyle Career Detailers

How do you create a long term, sustainable career out of auto detailing? Tune in for some insight from 30 year old, 40 year old and 50 year old detailing veteran perspectives. The man, the myth, and the legend, Renny Doyle, and the infamous Bob Philips bring 80 minutes of wisdom in this auto detailing game! These guys are legends in our industry and we were honored that they took their time to discuss detailing with us. We enjoyed Lagunitas Chech Style Pilsner for this podcast. Definitely...


Who is Lagunitas Brewery?

We had a very short chatt with Mike Paulk who is the Texas rep for Lagunitas Brewery. Super fun to catch up with Mike sense he was my bartender at an old bar I use to go to back when I was a Mobile Detailer. The app cut us off but it was good until then 🤦🏼‍♂️


What is the IDA w/ Justin Labato

We had a great IDA Meet and Great in Tulsa, Ok for helping Detailers learn more about The International Detailing Association. We were thankful that the President Justin Labato was able to call in via IG Live. Enjoy 🍻


The Infamous Carsmotology | Struggles and Encouragement

Every detailer has struggles and roadblocks. What motivates you to keep pressing through and overcoming the odds time and time again? Have you ever taken a step back to look at your business and find out what is keeping your from getting the that next level of success? What inspires you? This podcast is jam packed with lots of good stories and inspiration. Big shout out to Jen at Carsmotology for taking the time to come on and share a snippet of your story. The beer of choice(s)........


Environmental Impacts Detailers Gave On Our Environment

Killer Episode with Ben Kadan from @GreenCleenFL and DJ Patterson @djpatterson where we dive into effects that Detailers have on our Environment. Ben has a great set up and has put together solar panels on his van and runs the “greenest” detailing business I’ve seen. We enjoyed a great beer so grab one for you and enjoy!!


When Should You Start A Detailing Business

I listened to a great podcast from Jimbo with The Auto Detailing Podcast on when to Start An Auto Detailing Business. I really loved everything he had to say and so go check out his podcast and the Detailing Inner Circle. In this episode of Pints and Polishing Podcast, I don’t get to have a beer but hey there’s some great info here on when to get into detailing.


Live Paint Correction Training

This is what I crave....onsite at Warrensburg Professional Auto Detailing training their crew on Paint Correction. Unfortunately no beer on this episode but hopefully we have some to crack open after this Mustang gets finished down!!


Sunday Beer Talk w/ Mason @GrowlerUSA in Jenks, Ok

This Sunday chatt with Mason dives deep into what is an IPA, what’s an IBU, what makes a beer an IPA and how do u get fruit flavors in an hoppy IPA? These are fun to do because we start to really learn about what’s in the beer we like to drink. Thanks Mason for taking the time and thank you Growler USA in Jenks for having us.


Hard Times, Failures and Alternate Career Paths

Marty, Ian and DJ get real in regards to difficult times in business, failures and alternative career paths IF they weren’t in he industry they’re in. Shout out to Cabin Boys for the 5 star rated beer!


Dealership Detailing Stigmas w/ Vue Kue

Despite the stigma dealerships have, there are some super talent detailers within some dealerships. New Glarus Spotted Cow was a great beer and came highly recommended by Vue since it was a very special past memory of his. You’d think he’d rate a 5, right? Nope! Tune in as DJ voices his opinions of dealerships while Vue explains the difficulties on managing multiple dealership detailers and being one of the very few “great” that actually give a crap.