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Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.

Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.
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Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.




Dezert Detailing in Ft Worth Stockyards

If you want some of the best BBQ and sit in the historic Ft worth Stockyards then you got to go to Riscky’s BBQ. I had the chance to meet up with Brian Shipe from Dezert Detail to enjoy a Rahr & Sons Blonde Ale and dive into their story and business. Grab a Pint and Enjoy 🍻


IPAs & Plastic Restorers w/ Solutions Finish

Did you know Solutions Finish started out of a garage? Do you know the difference between a Double IPA and Single IPA? Ashley, daughter of Chris West (owner of Solutions Finish), came on to give some insight on the company and knowledge behind a true plastic restorer. Her boyfriend Nick, who is a beer connoisseur, gave an in depth review of IPAs as well. DJ discussed different uses of dressings and the common things they're used for when covering up certain parts of vehicles. We touch on the...


Detailing Talk with an All Star

Did you grown up playing sports? The competitiveness of playing sports at an earlier age may possibly contribute to the work hustle that some of us Detailers have. Were you on a good team or did you like to be the star? How does athletics transition into being a business owner? This is one of the few topics that we talked about with Ronald of All Star Detail up in Boston. We enjoyed an incredibly smooth winter wheat by Blue Moon during this recording. Grab a pint and enjoy!


Thanksgiving Episode

Marshall and DJ meet up for beers at Growler USA with Mason. They dive into things they’re thankful for in three different areas: Industry, business and in personal life. They tasted three different “holiday-ish” themed beers as well. This is a great podcast that we know you’ll enjoy this time of the year. Grab yourself a pint, leave us a review, and enjoy!


Steps to Start an Auto Detailing

Are you detailing at a dealership and want to branch out on your own? Or are you detailing part time and want to transition into full time? This podcast goes all the way back to the roots of when Marshall and DJ finally took the leap to start their own business. What is the first step you take? Second? Third? Marshall and DJ have had few businesses and been through all of the initial steps of starting a business. They give insight on the initial steps that you should take when trying to...


SEMA 2018 Recap

This is a three part podcast broken up into three guests. Mark Elliot, Justin Labato and Rigo Santana come on separately and give their different experiences of The SEMA Show 2018. We get into their favorite things about the show, favorite spots to go and WHY detailers should make it a priority to attend this show. Grab a pint and enjoy!


Pint Night at SEMA 2018

We kicked off SEMA with our first annual Pint Night event at the Gordon Biersch Brewery here in Vegas! Marty and DJ walk around the event and chat with some of the industry legends such as Renny Doyle, Mike Phillips and IDA president, Justin Labato. Grab yourself a pint and enjoy!


Fall Sunday Beer w/ Mason

When Fall comes around we start the beginning of slower season. This is a great time to sit and enjoy some seasonal beers. So I stopped in and had a Sunday Beer w/ Mason at Growler USA. We sip on A Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Ale & Dunkelweizen so grab a Pint & Enjoy


5 Tips For SEMA w/ Laqunitas IPA

Are you going to SEMA? Then this episode is jam packed with five tips on how to get the most out of The SEMA Show. Marty and DJ share past times at SEMA and talk about the upcoming show over some Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken Tenders and a Lagunitas IPA. Since the first tip is to expand ur horizons then we thought we would try this IPA. Sadly it did not sit well with our pale TS as we indulged in the chicken. But hey, we had fun drinking some beers and chatting about SEMA so Grab a Pint and...


American Idol Star Talking Detail Life

How can a musician tell us anything about Detailing cars? Just listen there whole way through.....


Auto Detailing Insurance and IPAs!

We had a special beer expert/insurance agent on the podcast tonight. We picked his brain about certain insurances for mobile versus fixed. Rumor has it that having the proper insurance can open the doors to a lot of business opportunities within your business. Garage keepers, general liability, workers comp... which do you need? We enjoyed a couple of IPAs which are a least favorite for Marty and DJ. Grab a pint and enjoy!


Sanding Workshop - Detailers of Oklahoma

Listen in for the live experience of our “Detailers of Oklahoma” workshop. Detailers from all over Oklahoma drove in to network and learn together. This kind of gathering is extremely rare... especially when competitors, so grab a pint and enjoy!


Building your Team with Budlight Platinum

Lamont Davis out of Greensboro, NC drops some great content in regards to building a team and identifying alternative revenue streams within your business. Grab a pint and enjoy! 🍻


Tulsa Tech Detailing Class

No Pints 🍺 just Polishing on this podcast. Tulsa technology school has a detail in class that we are able to help train young detailers. In this episode you’re going to hear a classroom setting on why detailers have chosen to get into the industry and a bit more info from Marty Trey and Manny and why they are in the detailing industry.


Moving Into Slower Seasons

Shout out to Steam Seattle for sending the growlers of Seattle brew! Marty and DJ sit down to discuss transitioning from the busier seasons to the slower season. Ian Porter made a special appearance and gave major insight into the topic at hand. This is probably one of the entertaining podcasts to date (we think so anyways). Grab a pint and enjoy!


Car Wash vs Detailing Miller vs Craft Beer

So I sat down with a car wash manager who only drinks Miller light. There are many stigmas on detailing versus a car wash as there are many stigmas on craft beer versus main brands. Let’s raise a pint to anyone improving automobiles and those who brew great beers 🍻 grab a pint and enjoy


Additional Revenue Streams w/ Brent Ashbrook

We are all great out what we do...But are we maximizing all of our opportunities? Our special guest Brent Ashbrook explains how his dealership is capitalizing on some very creative revenue streams. These principles can be applied in any detailing business when you honk outside the box! In order to help our creative juices flowing we all mix up our beers with something different. You might have to grab two pints as the app keeps crashing on us and there is a little bit of repetition....but...


Sunday Beer w/ Mason

We recently had TsingTao which dramatically resembles Rolling Rock. So I stop into Growler USA to talk beer cloning with Mason Beecroft. We taste some very similar beers and discuss why business copy each other. Grab a pint and enjoy 🍻


Why Do Detailers Do Continuing Education

Was a super fun random episode. We had the infamous Manny Brown in the shop to shop it up. When Tiffany New Orleans local retailer songs by it creates a whole new experience. We are drinking a Rolling Rock knockoff called TsingTao so grab a pint and enjoy!!


Continuing Education or Go To SEMA w/ Manny

What a fun time to have a couple great Detailers into the shop. We chop it up talking with Manny on how they detailed cars back in the 80’s with Ajax!! We are sipping on a Chinese knockoff of Rolling Rock called TsingTau so Grab a pint and enjoy 🍻🍻