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Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.

Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.
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Marty w/ Total Auto Solutions here to discuss the journey of life, the art of detailing & enjoying a good pint of beer. In each full episode, we are going to have on a guest that chooses their favorite beer to sip on while we discuss Auto Detailing Tips and Trends in our industry.




Auto Detailing Insurance and IPAs!

We had a special beer expert/insurance agent on the podcast tonight. We picked his brain about certain insurances for mobile versus fixed. Rumor has it that having the proper insurance can open the doors to a lot of business opportunities within your business. Garage keepers, general liability, workers comp... which do you need? We enjoyed a couple of IPAs which are a least favorite for Marty and DJ. Grab a pint and enjoy!


Sanding Workshop - Detailers of Oklahoma

Listen in for the live experience of our “Detailers of Oklahoma” workshop. Detailers from all over Oklahoma drove in to network and learn together. This kind of gathering is extremely rare... especially when competitors, so grab a pint and enjoy!


Building your Team with Budlight Platinum

Lamont Davis out of Greensboro, NC drops some great content in regards to building a team and identifying alternative revenue streams within your business. Grab a pint and enjoy! 🍻


Tulsa Tech Detailing Class

No Pints 🍺 just Polishing on this podcast. Tulsa technology school has a detail in class that we are able to help train young detailers. In this episode you’re going to hear a classroom setting on why detailers have chosen to get into the industry and a bit more info from Marty Trey and Manny and why they are in the detailing industry.


Moving Into Slower Seasons

Shout out to Steam Seattle for sending the growlers of Seattle brew! Marty and DJ sit down to discuss transitioning from the busier seasons to the slower season. Ian Porter made a special appearance and gave major insight into the topic at hand. This is probably one of the entertaining podcasts to date (we think so anyways). Grab a pint and enjoy!


Car Wash vs Detailing Miller vs Craft Beer

So I sat down with a car wash manager who only drinks Miller light. There are many stigmas on detailing versus a car wash as there are many stigmas on craft beer versus main brands. Let’s raise a pint to anyone improving automobiles and those who brew great beers 🍻 grab a pint and enjoy


Additional Revenue Streams w/ Brent Ashbrook

We are all great out what we do...But are we maximizing all of our opportunities? Our special guest Brent Ashbrook explains how his dealership is capitalizing on some very creative revenue streams. These principles can be applied in any detailing business when you honk outside the box! In order to help our creative juices flowing we all mix up our beers with something different. You might have to grab two pints as the app keeps crashing on us and there is a little bit of repetition....but...


Sunday Beer w/ Mason

We recently had TsingTao which dramatically resembles Rolling Rock. So I stop into Growler USA to talk beer cloning with Mason Beecroft. We taste some very similar beers and discuss why business copy each other. Grab a pint and enjoy 🍻


Why Do Detailers Do Continuing Education

Was a super fun random episode. We had the infamous Manny Brown in the shop to shop it up. When Tiffany New Orleans local retailer songs by it creates a whole new experience. We are drinking a Rolling Rock knockoff called TsingTao so grab a pint and enjoy!!


Continuing Education or Go To SEMA w/ Manny

What a fun time to have a couple great Detailers into the shop. We chop it up talking with Manny on how they detailed cars back in the 80’s with Ajax!! We are sipping on a Chinese knockoff of Rolling Rock called TsingTau so Grab a pint and enjoy 🍻🍻


Why Continuing Education

Should u do continuous education and go to SEMA?


Why Leave a $100,000 dealership account

Dealerships can tend to make some detailers feel like just another number. Especially, those detailers with a deep desire to produce outstanding work and want to be recognized for their dedication and skill. When is the right time to leave? Chad with Detail Ninja chops it up (pun intended) with Marty and DJ and explains his reasoning for going from a six figure dealership account to a one man, high end detailing shop! Chad has cleaned over 850,000 cars in his career! Our beer of choice this...


Work Life Balance w/ RADs Auto Detailing

This is the FIRST ever “detailer’s wife” episode on the podcast! Some of us detailers have family’s, kids, wife’s, girlfriends and/or various outside hobbies. How do we balance it all with the demands of running our own businesses? Josh from RADs Auto Detailing, and his wife, drove down to Tulsa to record this podcast in person. We all hashed out the realities of running a business while balancing the home life as well. Big shout out to Prairie Ale for the amazing beer choice of the night, a...


Marijuana Beer...Is it possible?

For our Sunday afternoon beer with Mason we want to have a cannabis infused beer but we settled on some great fruit infused beers and some not so good.


Branding vs Sales

Had the Opportunity to go lead to a sales presentation on ceramic coatings for a dealership. I open up the discussion trying to help salesman understand the power that they have by creating their own personal brand to help bring in customers. Some great nuggets of info in here or grab a pint and enjoy 🍻


Marijuana & Auto Detailing

Our guest, Cass Tucker, comes on the podcast to discuss the complications of the legalization of marijuana in Oklahoma. Cass gives feedback from a big business perspective and DJ comments from a small business perspective. To hire detailers that smoke weed or not? That is the question! Lots of fun “weed facts” were shared while enjoying a stout beer from Prairie Ales called “BOMB”. Grab a pint and enjoy!


Ozark Detail Training

Here’s a live listen in on some ceramic coating training that we lead for Detailers in Mountain Home, Ar (population 12k). I couldn’t drink but u can grab a pint and listen to some great stories from Detailers who are applying coatings in large quantities.


IDA Update w/ the President, Justin Labato

Justin Labato (President) and DJ Patterson (Board Member) give insight on the benefits of being apart of the IDA. It’s very common for professional detailer’s ego’s to get in the way of not being apart of this movement. DJ was once a non believer of the IDA but that has most definitely changed! It is so much more than a piece of paper and certification. It’s a movement... it’s community. Tune in, subscribe, leave us a review, and make it a great day!


Having Employees 👍 or 👎

HAVING EMPLOYEES - GOOD OR BAD...with Jake Roach from Professional Auto Detailing in Warrensburg, MO College professor AND auto detailing business owner!? Our guest Jake from Pro Detail in Warrensburg, MO bought a company that was supposed to be a fully staffed and trained money making machine at time of purchase. Day 1 of opening his doors... there were zero employees! Tune in and listen as he explains how he quickly turned it around and now has 5-7 employees on his payroll with booming...


Ceramic Coating Misconceptions

With some many theories and practices in our industry its hard to know what to believe. We had the great opportunity to sit down in a little oyster bar in Sarisota Florida to talk about missconseptions surrounding Ceramic Coatings. DJ is on vacation...Cody and Marty are leading Ceramic Coating Training Events and we find ourselves having some beers and enjoying Florida cuizine!! Grab a pint and enjoy...