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Host Anastasia Bucsis, Two-time Canadian Olympic speedskater, brings her unique backstory to funny, friendly conversations with high performance athletes. No formulaic jock talk here ... these are buddies who understand each other, and help us do the same.

Host Anastasia Bucsis, Two-time Canadian Olympic speedskater, brings her unique backstory to funny, friendly conversations with high performance athletes. No formulaic jock talk here ... these are buddies who understand each other, and help us do the same.


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Host Anastasia Bucsis, Two-time Canadian Olympic speedskater, brings her unique backstory to funny, friendly conversations with high performance athletes. No formulaic jock talk here ... these are buddies who understand each other, and help us do the same.




Live with Kristina Groves

When the COC came knocking- asking Anastasia Bucsis about running a live podcast for an audience of Canadian Olympians heading to Tokyo, the first question was: what is it we want to help athletes understand? The answer was 'Flow'. That quicksilver, dialed-in state where an athlete enters a focused zone of excellence. Flow is relaxed and alert, fast and unhurried. Steady amid the chaos. Very zen. For Anastasia, it was obvious who to call to work through the idea. Kristina Groves has four...


Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes on how to build a winning team

As the NHL undergoes the long process of helping coaches and players figure out how to communicate without intimidation or prejudice, the league could do a lot worse than to listen and learn from Canada's reigning world champion beach volleyball duo of Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes. The two-woman team and their coaches have managed to dominate the world's best in large part by working long and purposefully at learning how to respect one another, how to communicate properly in the...


Pulling no punches with Stu Grimson

Stu Grimson's new autobiography is aptly called The Grim Reaper, but the book's subtitle – The life and career of a reluctant warrior – rounds out the picture of the infamous NHL enforcer. Grimson was a serious handful, a heavyweight who knew exactly how to flatten a foe in as few punches as necessary. But he is conflicted about that role - and much more proud of his leadership in the locker room and on the bench. The fact that Grimson liked using his noggin more than his knuckles became...


Manny Osborne-Paradis' remarkable recovery

Manny Osborne-Paradis has been a mainstay of Canada's Downhill and Super G teams since way back in 2005. For an Alpine skier, that's an eternity. So it's kind of amazing to see how hungry Manny still is, 14 years later. Having a no-compromise drive to win at 35 years old is even more rare when we also consider that Manny is also a full year into recovery from an injury that almost cost him his left leg. A blunt assessment would be: he's old and he's banged up. But you still won't find anyone...


Grey Cup thinking with Damon Allen

In the great Canadian conversation about sports and culture, hockey always elbows its way to the microphone. But if we want fresh insights about how this nation is wired…Player's Own Voice podcast thinks that the CFL has lots to teach us about ourselves. No better time to think about it than around Grey Cup week. And no one better to help us mull it over than one of the greatest players in the history of professional ball, Damon Allen. The American born prodigy left San Diego of all comfy...


Brady Leman's mental game

Reigning Olympic Ski Cross Champion and multiple X-game and world cup medallist, Brady Leman is not one to cut corners in the gym. The man is a conditioned brick of muscle. But for such a physical specimen - Leman is a surprisingly devoted student of the mental game. Against the mayhem and injury of competition, Leman works at mindfulness, visualization, and meditation, and he is more convinced all the time that psychological training is what's driving his world-beating results. The literal...


Keely Shaw's torturous route to Tokyo

When she was fifteen years old, Keely Shaw had it all figured out. Hockey would be the through line on a life plan consisting of high performance competition, scouting, scholarships, Olympics…sky's the limit. So when the grade nine girl was thrown from her beloved horse while she was out on the prairies, sustaining brain injuries and partial paralysis, Shaw's first reaction was furious resentment at the sport that was suddenly denied to her. It took a few years, a tonne of discipline, and...


Pierce LePage: 'Decathlon is easy — Video games are hard.'

Pierce LePage does not waste a lot of time second-guessing himself. Fresh off a strong debut at the IAAF World Championships in Decathlon in Doha, the young track and field star figures his fifth finish is a pretty good place to be at this stage in a career and Olympic cycle. The way he sees it, with some work on his throwing, he's got a path to a podium in Tokyo 2020. It's not the ambition that surprises with this phenomenal athlete. It's the chill attitude. So when LePage says his javelin...


Kirsten Moore-Towers on the leading edge

The 2019 Skate Canada grand prix underscores the new normal on the national figure skating scene. Today's skaters are younger, and to the casual fan, less familiar than the stars of recent vintage. With one exception: Kirsten Moore-Towers. The reigning Canadian Pairs champion is keenly aware that she alone has yet to retire from her star-studded generation. Does that make her wistful? Not at all. For 'KMT', it's all about being grateful to still be at the apex of her sport, still loving...


Act two for Dylan Moscovitch

Dylan Moscovitch enjoyed a long and storied career as a pairs figure skater, but he's in his early thirties now, and even though he's still a young man, he knew two years ago that he was done with competition. So Dylan did some reflecting: he had spent half a lifetime learning how to be an elite athlete. What could he do with those hard-won skills in act two of his life? Physical performance? Check. Ability to memorize, rehearse and sell gestures and moods? Check. He was comfortable in front...


Donovan Bailey's props for parents

It is hard to think of a more famous 9.84 seconds in Canadian sports. It took a lifetime of confident concentration to bring sprinter Donovan Bailey to the line for the race that made him king of the world. This week, host Anastasia Bucsis explores self-assurance with Bailey. Without that confidence, track history could very well have been different. Bucsis and Bailey zero in on one race to talk it through, because the thing we may forget, looking back at his triumphant 100 metres in the...


Marnie McBean on a Mission

No Canadian has seen greater Olympic glory than Marnie McBean. But the rowing legend says one of her most memorable moments came at the Sydney games, where she was injured out of competition. The support she got from her fellow athletes and from Team Canada, changed her outlook dramatically, and made the Olympic movement the enduring focus of Marnie McBean's life. Canada's Chef du Mission for the Tokyo Olympics comes into studio to share her understanding of Olympic sport culture with host...


Rosie MacLennan on the rebound

Rosie Maclennan is the only person to have won back to back Olympic gold medals in Trampoline. The way she sees it, that's history. You can't change history, can't take it away, no matter what you do in the future. So when it comes to Maclennan's approach to Tokyo 2020, call it a threepeat if you want, but that won't change her plan of attack: to be the best she has ever been on trampoline. Which is not to say that Rosie makes light of her legacy. Maclennan is proud of the fact that a whole...


Sheldon Kennedy skating with a purpose

When Battle of the Blades contestants throw it down on the rink, they are not chasing personal riches. They are in it for their favourite charitable cause, which sounds like a perfect summary of Sheldon Kennedy's life work. The former NHL player, who is strapping on toe picks for the first time for BOTB, is quick to say his life and career was permanently scarred by the sexual abuse he suffered as a youth. Before Sheldon, nobody talked about coaches as predators. And, in fact, the silence...


Messing with Keegan

Keegan Messing is serious about having fun. His goal is Olympic gold in figure skating, but that doesn't stop him from dreaming up a new Olympic contest. His idea is three kinds of skaters — speed, hockey, and figures — all duking it out in tests of overall skating supremacy. Unlikely, but fun idea, right? He is no stranger to unlikely plans. Born in rural Alaska, in a home with no running water, a young Keegan watched a DVD of Canadian figure skating great Elvis Stojko and knew that a men's...


Why the Peloton smells so nice, or how to make peace with pain. Michael Woods on POV podcast

There are contradictions in most athlete's careers, but Canadian professional bike racer Michael Woods embodies a doozy. In the last year, he has posted career highlight results in the world's biggest races, even as he was battling injury and personal tragedy at home. Grand Tour racing is famously a sport whose athletes embrace suffering, but even so, Woods has found a way to harness setbacks and managed to train and race even harder through them. He gained the respect of thousands of racing...


Sam Edney slides into the future

Four time Olympian Sam Edney is Canada's best-ever male luger. He recently peeled off his speed suit for the last time, and is about to begin a new sporting career, as high performance manager for the national team. This week, even before doping concerns swirled around Canada's canoeing hopes, host Anastasia Bucsis and Sam Edney sat down to talk about how Russian doping had such a dismaying effect on Edney's peak competing years. His doping rollercoaster began with a disappointing fourth...


A league on the line with Rebecca Johnston

Rebecca Johnston is eyeing a fourth trip to the Olympics. She has already helped deliver two golds and a silver medal. She has lived the experience from within as the pro game patiently built over the last ten years — but she has never seen a setback quite like the collapse of the CWHL. Host Anastasia Bucsis takes time with the all-star forward to talk about establishing one permanent, professional, equitable league. Having high quality refs, skate sharpeners on site, and some kind of...


Freestyling with Erica Wiebe

Erica Wiebe, Canadian Olympic wrestling champion, discusses the oddly isolating experience of stepping atop the podium, her newfound role as mentor to a generation of young women in the world's oldest sport, and her surprising reasons for avoiding a WWE career, despite the paycheque, her obvious fitness for the work, and an outsized personality that would seem to be tailor made for the theatrical ring.


Cassie Campbell-Pascall reflects on her storied career

Cassie Campbell-Pascall has earned many milestones in Canadian sport. As Captain of Team Canada, she helped deliver some of the sweetest wins in national hockey history. She went on to make broadcast history as the first woman to do colour commentary for Hockey Night in Canada. Her career in the broadcast booth, like her time on the ice, is a story of big wins earned through hard work- and the occasional flash of lumber in the corners as required. Cassie sits down with host Anastasia Bucsis...