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Power Purls Podcast - Empower Your Knits & Purls with Kara Gott Warner

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Power Purls Podcast -- EMPOWER your knits and purls every Friday with editor, designer and business coach Kara Gott Warner. Get the tools and advice to finally start and ROCK your fiber-loving crafty-preneur business and lifestyle!

Power Purls Podcast -- EMPOWER your knits and purls every Friday with editor, designer and business coach Kara Gott Warner. Get the tools and advice to finally start and ROCK your fiber-loving crafty-preneur business and lifestyle!
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Power Purls Podcast -- EMPOWER your knits and purls every Friday with editor, designer and business coach Kara Gott Warner. Get the tools and advice to finally start and ROCK your fiber-loving crafty-preneur business and lifestyle!




106 3 SURPRISING reasons you lack confidence in your knitting skills

Learn the 3 SURPRISING reasons why you lack confidence in your knitting skills (and these reasons are NOT what you might expect!) Just understanding these 3 things is exciting news because they can have a positive impact on your life if you apply them!


[SPECIAL EPISODE] The Knitter's Planner is HERE!

Maybe you’ve struggled with keeping your projects, notes and swatches organized, and you’ve been searching for the perfect planning system to help, but imagine what it would be like if they all “lived” in one place? In today's episode, I'll share details about a special new planner especially with knitters in mind that will help you do EXACTLY that! If you are just as obsessed about planning as you are knitting, then this is episode is a MUST!


105 Why Working with a Coach can UPLEVEL Your Life

Working with a coach is an investment we may think of as an "expense" rather than an "investment" in ourselves. When we see the value of working with a coach and how it helps us to uplevel every area of our life, then we'll see the magic happen. The inspiration behind today's episode is my own coaching experience with Pat Flynn, host of Ask Pat and Smart Passive Income podcasts. I'm seriously a fan girl. Just sayin.' You'll hear me get pretty transparent about my struggles with Power Purls...


104 POWER to your PURLS!

Power Purls Podcast is back! Bridging the worlds of craft and life, Kara Gott Warner reminds us of the depth in the Power Purls name. It’s more than just knitting – this is confidence-building. This is intuition. This is learning. And it starts right where you are.


103 Cables & Flow with Alison Green

It’s more than designing for cables-queen Alison Green, Berroco’s Design Department Manager. Listen in as Alison takes us into the many roles her title brings, from managing over fifty patterns in a single season to learning how to simplify her approach. It's all about going with the flow.


102 Transform Your Yarn with Multi-Craftual Māori Maker Francoise Danoy

Franoicse Danoy of Aroha Knits, is a bi-racial, multi-craftual maker of color. She empowers knitters to explore the intersection of of making with identity. Her designs draw on her Maori heritage, and she celebrates the myths, legends and other stories about her culture and relates them to knitting as an artform.


101 On a mission to educate and make knitting tutorials more accessible with knitwear designer Meghan Jones

Today I'm chatting with returning guest, knitwear designer and contributor to The Knitter's Planner Meghan Jones. She shares insights and a peek behind the curtain into her designing process, and how she makes it all happen with four kids, and a pattern design business. Meghan also shares her love for the swatching process and views it like doing scales on the piano - "a dozen a day, will get you to love the swatching process because it will make you a more confident knitter."


100 Interview with Stephanie Palmer, Creator of The Knitter's Planner

Welcome to the very first episode of 2019 where you will meet Stephanie Palmer, creator of The Quilter's Planner! Last year, Stephanie reached out to me to help her create The Knitter's Planner, and as an organization and planning fanatic, of course I was thrilled to collaborate with her on this exciting venture! In this interview, we dive into the details, and share what makes The Knitter's Planner unique, and why you'll want to get your hands on one if knitting and staying organized are...


[Power Purls UNPLUGGED] The Value of Taking a Holiday Hiatus

[Final episode of 2018] Learn 5 ways your knitting can help you keep calm and carry on, and why taking a holiday hiatus is a great way to recharge during this hectic time of year. I also ask the BURNING question -- What are you binge watching while you knit? See you in 2019!


[Minisode] Power of Taking Sabbaticals & Trusting Your Own Wisdom

I'm gearing up to take a much-needed sabbatical to spend time with family in Florida, and to reflect on the past 3 years of Power Purls Podcast before episode 100 hits the airwaves. Today's episode explores how to let go of the comparison game, forgetting about FOMO, and why taking breaks is critical for our growth so we can seek guidance and wisdom from the one person who know us best - ourselves. ==== Join the NEW Power Purls Podcast Community on Facebook!...


099 Start a Movement, Create Community & Celebrate the Swatch

How you celebrate this little powerful piece of knitted fabric -- the knitted swatch? We use it in so many ways: as a blueprint to create a new design, bring together community, learn new stitches, and lovingly donate them. In this episode, I share ways to empower yourself and others through the 6 x 6 stitch block and how you can create your own swatch celebration movement in your shop, online, or in your local community. Let's KNIT TOGETHER! Join the fun on Facebook Live Wednesdays! This...


098 How to Network with Other Fiber Lovers if You're an Introvert

Listener Stephanie Karpe asks: How do I approach people with ideas at trade shows? What's OK to ask and what's going too far? I would love to learn how to network, but I am the quintessential introvert and while I would LOVE to surround myself with other fiber lovers, I am so nervous! In this episode, I answer Stephanie's question with tips for how to network online and the value of going to trade events and meeting others face-to-face. Get my FREE 5-step recipe to tap into your skills...


097 Soulful Self-Care for Monday Haters

If you've ever found yourself thinking "oh, I hate Mondays," then this episode will perk up your perspective! Practicing soulful self-care can provide expansion and the creative white space we need each day. Holding this space for yourself is expanding -- to savor those sweet tiny moments. We have the power to create a positive or negative world each and every day. So what you create is up to YOU. We can't control our external circumstances, but we can control how we view them. Get my FREE...


096 Choose Your Own Adventure Cable Knitalong with Berroco Yarn

Amy Palmer and Alison Green from the Berroco Yarn Design Team show you how to empower your cable knitting and get started with a "Choose Your Own Adventure Knitalong." They share details about this special event, along with tips to make the most out of the experience so you can empower your cable knitting know-how! Get my FREE 5-step recipe to tap into your skills and talents to finally start a purpose-driven creative business! Download the audio training now:...


095 The Mantra of Making: How to Connect the Dots Between Creativity and the Divine

This episode was inspired by a random conversation with a fellow knitter which turned into a comparison of the uncanny similarities between circular knitting and prayer beads. This chat also sparked the inspiration behind this episode, and 4 feel-good ways to increase your peace and create your own mantra of making! As makers, we know there's a special connection between our passion for craft and the divine, but what if we were to dig deeper below the surface to uncover profound...


094 The Secret Sauce to Create a Purpose-Driven Maker Business

Learn my 5-step recipe to cook your secret sauce! It's easier than you think, and right under your nose! In this episode I share details about my valuable free guide, plus a bonus 6th step, where I go woo woo and talk all things self-care, how to create your own "making mantras" and affirmations to craft the blueprint for a purposeful, holistic (whole person, whole life process) to infuse your business with soulful spirit from the inside out. Get my FREE 5-step recipe to tap into your...


093 Do YOU: Staying True to Your Why No Matter What

In this quirky post-workout episode, I share insights about why staying true to ourselves even if it feels uncomfortable is so necessary if we wish to turn our yarn crafting passion into a way to make a living. You'll discover why it's about cultivating relationships, not dollars, and playing the long game. I also share a story about an unexpected relationship that flowered when I least expected it because I put my heart in charge. If you lead with WHY no matter what, it will ALWAYS be a...


092 Pitch Yourself! How to Get Featured on a Podcast

In this episode, discover what it takes to land yourself a spot as a guest on a podcast. Kara shares a step-by-step system to pitch yourself, how to communicate with a podcast host, and how to build authentic relationships that go beyond the mic to help promote your yarn shop and online creative business. You'll learn how to identify podcasts that align with your brand, and the basic framework to launch a podcast tour, and how to ask your network of friends, family, email subscribers to be...


091 Scrappy Ways to Blend Your Skills & Passion to Start a Yarn Crafting Business

This episode answers a question posed by listener Cynthia who asks: How can I learn more about those who use yarn crafts beyond selling patterns-- the networking, other income streams, teaching, etc. Kara answers with 10 ways to blend your skills and passion to start a business to serve those in the yarn crafting space. You can support Power Purls Podcast and receive subscriber-only content at http://www.Patreon.com/KaraGottWarner


090 How to Write Snappy, Irresistible Copy: 3 Tips to Write Like a Pro

Copy scares people! You might fear that what you write will come off as too pressure-y or sales-y. Both of which are mindsets you have to let go of to discover online marketing success. You are providing a solution for someone -- it’s your responsibility to write copy that will excite your peeps to take action! Make it personal, creative, and authentic just like you! You can support Power Purls Podcast and receive subscriber-only content at http://www.Patreon.com/KaraGottWarner