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Podcast about coaching football. Covering many offensive strategies and discussing better ways to coach.

Podcast about coaching football. Covering many offensive strategies and discussing better ways to coach.
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Podcast about coaching football. Covering many offensive strategies and discussing better ways to coach.




PSSO S5E7: Alabama Offense Breakdowns: Bubble Screen and Verts Plays

In this episode, I share two brand new breakdowns of the Alabama offense by Coach Aaron Pulley. If you like the way Alabama ran their offense and scored points last year, then you will love this podcast. This week only, we have a 75% sale on the Launch of the brand new Alabama Playbook Breakdown. Click Here to Learn More 60 Play Full Game Playbook Breakdowns Downloadable .PDF included Most all of us enjoyed watching the Alabama offense this past year lead by the Heisman Candidate...


PSSO S5E6: Interview With Jeff Steinberg

How do you turn around a program wherever you go? Listen to this podcast with Jeff Steinberg to find out! In this Podcast, Coach Steinberg of Beaumont, California shares some of his secrets to turning around programs and making things better no matter where you are coaching. We chatted at the AFCA convention this year in San Antonio and I guarantee you will come away with some gems of coaching football in this podcast. Click Here to learn more about Jeff’s Spread and Shred No Huddle Fast...


PSSO S5E5: Interview With Rick Stewart

If you want to learn how to turn your program from worst to first, listen to this interview with Coach Rick Stewart. This week’s podcast is an interview I had with Rick one morning at the AFCA convention back in January. Rick is an incredible coach and so much fun to listen to and learn from. He continues to take broken programs and turn them into winners. In it we also talk about his offensive system and what he does to build trust and love within teams that are struggling to improve or...


PSSO S5E4: Beating a Scrape Exchange, Gap or Zone Blocking, IZ Q&A with Cody Wilson

Do you have to run exclusively Inside Zone to make it work? How do you beat a defense that is Scrape Exchanging on IZ? This week’s podcast is a special Webinar Q and A I recorded with Coach Cody Wilson on some of the toughest question I have received about the Inside Zone. Even if you don’t run it at all or very much, this may change your mind about the benefits of Inside Zone for your offense. Cody also discusses the similarities with his IZ scheme and the frontside of most Gap...


PSSO S5E3: How To Run The Inside Zone

This week’s podcast is all about the Inside Zone. In it I share my story about how I first had no clue running it and how much I have learned since then. That one season we ran one run play, the Inside Zone and even though, we barely knew how to coach it, we still went 5-4 and qualified for the Illinois High School Football Playoffs. I also have a special guest presenter, Cody Wilson, who shares how to number off players when blocking the Inside Zone and then gives an example of how to...


PSSO S5E2 AFCA Coaches Roundtable - Mike Canales, QBIQ and Chris Hixson and how to coach today’s Quarterback

Want to hear what’s most important about coaching Quarterbacks today? Mike Canales shares his ideas on training quarterbacks. This week’s podcast features the segment of the coaches roundtable that Mike Canales stops by to visit. Mike is the new Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks coach at UTEP. He talks about some fascinating research he has done to figure out how to help Quarterbacks handle pressure and more. Subscribe on iTunes to be notified of new episodes


PSSO S5E1: AFCA Coaches Roundtable - QBIQ, Pat Steenberge, Cologne Crockodiles

Want to know what the AFCA convention is like? Listen to this and also hear our first segment of the coaches roundtable straight from the conference. This week’s podcast is about some things I found fascinating about the AFCA convention and what you should expect if you are able to attend. I also share Part 1 of the discussion I had with Chris Hixon, Chet Walker, Patrick Steenberge and more in the first ever coaches roundtable podcast. Subscribe on iTunes to be notified of new episodes


PSSO S4E28: 3 Things That Will Take You From A Random Collection Of Plays To A Complete Football System

Listen to this if you have ever been stuck against a team with nothing to call. I’ve learned the hard way, you need all these elements in your offensive system - don’t be me. This week’s podcast topic I talk about how I came up with the Pro Style Spread Offense system and what the three elements to any successful offensive system should have. You can see how it all fits together in this episode. This is the final episode of the podcast this season, but I won’t be gone for long. The weekly...


PSSO S4E27: Special Guest Phil Longo And Chasing Space In The Air Raid Offense

How can you take the burden off the Quarterback in the Air Raid System? What personnel do you need for the Air Raid Offense? This week’s podcast topic we go back to a fantastic interview with Coach Longo - who is the new Offensive Coordinator at North Carolina. As I work through my questions we will cover all manners of topics such as who his biggest influencers are and how he can keep his entire playbook so simple that he installs in as little as two days. Thanks again to Coach Longo...


PSSO S4E26: 5 Steps A Great Offensive Game Plan

What is the most important resource you will need to rely on when building your game plan? How do you set up a winning Call Sheet and know what plays to run in your opening play script? This week’s podcast topic is on the A to Z of building an offensive game plan. If you have never seen one developed this way, you just might not believe the amount of work that goes into putting one together. Usually a team of coaches do it together in a few hours saving you, the offensive coordinator, an...


PSSO S4E25: How To Build A Series Of Courses That Football Coaches Will Buy

What kind of technology do you need to build a great looking course without breaking the bank? How do you know what to put into a course so it will be helpful to coaches? This week’s podcast is a preview and a first time ever announcement of the launch of where coaches can seek out and find help building their own courses to share and sell online. There’s a lot that goes into doing this but this should give you a good idea of what it actually takes to build something. Enjoy!


PSSO S4E24: Your Questions: Air Raid Run Game, Coaching in College and Shotgun or Under Center Snaps

What kind of run game philosophy is used with the Air Raid? How can I learn what I need to know to coach in college football? Is your offense suited for shotgun snaps and what kind of Quarterback will it work for? This week’s podcast is about questions I’ve received from coaches who have visited the website. First off is one about what kind of Quarterback is needed to run the Pro Style Spread Offense? I love this question because I categorize your Quarterback skill into three...


PSSO S4E23: 3 Ways You Should Be Looking To Attack The Defense

How to attack a defense based on angles, numbers and personnel. What to do when teams want to pressure you and go straight man and load the box. This week’s podcast is about the three things you need to consider when you are looking for weaknesses to attack a defense. Starting off with the rationale for should you run or should you pass based on numbers shown in the box. We will cover the possibilities against 5, 6, or 7 in the box. When attacking with angles, I love gap schemes. If you...


PSSO S4E22 Two Stories: Why you need 2 Plays and what happens when your running QB goes down?

Series based football is the answer to defenses that want to cheat. What I learned the hard way about core offensive plays. This week’s podcast is all about a lot of mistakes I made in the past trying to figure out an offensive system that would work with the players I had. And I have a few good ones, just not too many. If you’ve ever struggled with how to protect your best player from defenses completely keying on him every single play then you will like hearing this solution that helps...


PSSO S4E21: 2 Simple Plays to Stretch the Defense and Score Fast

These 2 Bubble Based Offensive Plays Will Give You Both Yards And Scores This week’s podcast is about a simple system of training a defense to see and react to one thing and then once they do, catching them off guard with another thing. Ever heard of Pavlov’s dog? You know the story where he feeds the dog food every time he rings a bell? Soon enough whenever he rings that bell, Pavlov’s dog starts salivating even before the food is brought out. These two plays do the same thing. Get...


PSSO S4E20 6 Keys To A Successful Offense

The Philosophy of Offensive Football. What you should really be focusing on to make your offense better. This week’s podcast is about the core offensive philosophy you need to build a great offense - no matter what plays you are running. Find out which of these 6 keys I think is the most important as well as how I think you should be handling player correction. Speed - The kind of speed you need to confuse the defense and which positions really need it. Adaptability - What is a balanced...


PSSO S4E19 Simple Pass Plays You Can Install That Will Work Now

Feel like giving up the pass? Don’t give it up just yet with these plays that can bring new life to your stale passing game. This week’s podcast is about the simplest passing plays you can install and run without needing super skilled receivers and Quarterbacks. I get it’s easy to be frustrated with the passing game, especially if you have a solid run game and it feels like every time you throw the ball something bad happens. You don’t have to scrap it all together though. I believe that...


PSSO S4E18 WR Drills: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Some drills are just not worth your time of day. Use two simple criteria to tell if your drill is quality or not. This week’s podcast is about my review of some of today’s most popular Wide Receiver Drills. So if you’re a coach who like to have players straddling poles to catch it with their hands or sprinting with towels on their heads… ...listen in, because today’s episode is going to break down some options that will take your drills from ugly to great! Seriously though, there’s two...


PSSO S4E17 Run And Shoot 2.0 Has RPO’s! Hawaii Breakdown

The Run and Shoot is back in the age of RPO’s. Why one simple play can make such a huge difference. This week’s podcast is about a new take on the Run and Shoot. Hawaii is back running and shooting and RPOing their spread offense to the island’s delight. With only a Sophomore Quarterback but immense potential, we could be seeing the beginning of a new offensive juggernaut. But even if you don’t think it’s worth it to be that “Run and Shoot” guy, even taking just one play that I break down...


PSSO S4E16 Coaches Questions: Undersized Line and QB taking over.

What should you do with an undersize line and if all you have is a great QB, how should we change our offense. Most coaches would never think of this solution! This week’s podcast is about your questions again. First I talk about what you can do when you just can’t run the ball inside. Hint: Find a way to run the ball inside! There’s a way and I talk about some ideas I have to make it happen. Then I cover the challenge a team is facing after losing their top running back. Now I could go...