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PST Movie Madness Pt 4: Horror

Movie Madness Pt 4: We are now down to the last bracket. This episode we pick out our favorite Horror movie to see which movie moves onto the Final 4 matchup. Enjoy this “scary” episode. Music used: 3FK - Whistle Song - Twisted Nerve Trap Remix Subscribe and leave us a review Email us for comments, suggestions, feedback: Recorded July 21, 2018 Where PST is available: iTunes


Ep 12: The Kids Invade PST Podcast

Ep 12: This episode we have two special guests joining us on PST podcast, who go by the sweet names: Big Undies and J-Rock. We go deep in discussion and talk about kids competetive swimming and living the kid baseball life, through the thoughts/voices of our kids. This was a messy but very fun podcast with our kiddos. Then we kick the kids out and finish up with some Lebron talk jumping over to the Western Conference. Subscribe and leave us a review Email us for comments, suggestions,...


PST Movie Madness Pt 3: Drama

Movie Madness Pt 3: We are finally getting to the conclusion of this movie bracket. This round we vote on the best drama movie. Listen in, see who gets confused, what’s a dramedy and which movie comes out on top to make it into the PST Movie Madness Final Four. Music by: DJ Quads - Summer Time Subscribe and leave us a review Recorded June 16, 2018 Where PST is available: iTunesGoogle Play


Ep 11: We came, we small talked…

Ep 11: Our June episode has been published. In this latest episode, Gimpy, Sweet Lou and JJ talk a wide range of topics from what we have been up to since last months cast, we throw in some Tech discussions with Apples WWDC that happened last week, we discuss a little music with Dave Matthews Band new album that just released and end the episode with some sports discussions. Sit back and enjoy! Subscribe and leave us a review Recorded June 8, 2018 Where PST is available: iTunesGoogle Play


PST Movie Madness Pt 2: Comedy

Movie Madness Pt 2: Yes listeners the PST movie bracket is still ongoing LOL. A continuation from Part 1: Action/Adventure where we continue on to the next bracket of movies in the genre of Comedy. Who will win the next bracket to move onto the finals with Indiana Jones? Sit back and listen to hear what Comedy flick wins. Music by Nowell Gio Lacbay - Cruisin Clips used: Stepbrothers (boats & hoes / Por Ti Volare) Subscribe and leave us a review Recorded May 13, 2018 Where PST is...


Ep 10: We Project Small Talked..

Ep 10: Its finally May which means we get to bring our listeners some episodes!! This episode we pretty much just small talk about random things. We discuss TV, Movies, and then end it with some sports. FYI, there are spoilers when we discuss Avengers: Infinity War and other comic related things (12:50-29:00). Enjoy! Subscribe and leave us a review Recorded May 13, 2018 Where PST is available: iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher


Ep 9: Date Night Cast with Gimpy and JJ

Ep 9: Gimpy and JJ discuss the headlines and stories in sports. We talk NBA Playoffs (8:45) and our picks on who will win. We talk PGA (13:00) and recap the masters and the OWGR. We discuss the MLB (32:50) and some bench clearing brawls that have happened and toss in a little MMA as well and other topics. Enjoy. Subscribe and leave us a review Recorded April 13, 2018 Where PST is available: iTunesGoogle PlayStitcher


Ep 8: MLB, Masters Talk, and Emily Blunt?

Ep 8: Recorded on Wednesday but couldn’t get to finishing it quickly enough before the Masters started. Hey, it’s now out and ready for your listening pleasures. Sweet Lou and JJ discuss the MLB’s Opening Week, and we talk Masters, double down on a new tournament since Gimpy won the College brackets and give some bold Masters Predictions as well. Enjoy this episode. Subscribe and leave us a review Recorded April 4, 2018 Where PST is available: iTunesGoogle Play


Ep 7: The Gangs All Here

Ep 7: All 3 hosts are in the studio for this episode. The guys talk brackets (1:25) College and our PST CBS brackets, and then move on to MLB talk (6:02) with opening day chatter, Scott Boras’s clients. They talk some NFL (14:49) and some of the FA moves that happened and also talk some PGA (19:20) where some Tiger talk gets a little goofy and some changes to golf rules next year. The guys end it with a little NBA (23:58) playoff talk and what PST is doing in the next few weeks that they...


Ep 5: Sports and Tech Talk

Ep 5: PST welcomes Sweet Lou as a member of this podcast. He quickly moved through the ranks as guest host to guest NBA beat reporter, and right to full time member all within 3 episodes LOL. In this episode JJ and Sweet Lou talk PGA (1:58-7:49), then we crossover to NBA talk (9:35-16:17), move to some quick MLB chat (16:36-20:30) and then finish off sports with the NFL (20:57-25:44). We take a stab and do a little tech talk about Samsung and their new Galaxy S9/S9+ (25:54-30:17) and we...


Ep 3: Sports and More

Ep 3: This episode we dive in and talk a little bit of what’s been going on with the Winter Olympics (2:04-9:40). We discuss a few headlines going on in the PGA with previous tournaments and being back on the Tiger Woods watch (9:45-20). Then we talk about a few headliners in the NBA (20:08-26:23). We also touch on a few things that has happened in the NFL off season (26:26-29:48) and cap off our sports talk with some hot MLB news (29:52-36:02). We throw in a few non sports headlines as...


Project Small Talk: Ep 2 - NBA Trades and NFL Talk with a sprinkle of FaceTime Audio

Ep 2: PST episode dos is out. We welcome our good buddy Sweet Lou to PST as our “NBA beat reporter” via FaceTime audio. How does this turn out for us? First time recording via this method. JJ and Sweet Lou dig in and discuss some topics in the world of the NBA (2:04-22:30) such as trades that happened this past Thursday, LaVar Ball, LeBron James/Cavaliers, the cursed NBA All-Star game and more. We also discuss our thoughts (22:30-37:12) on Super Bowl LII (hey it’s better to be late then...


Project Small Talk: Ep 1 is in the books

Ep 1: Our first episode of Project Small Talk is out. We start this podcast with some PGA talk (5:09 - 13:46) then bounce on over to some NBA talk (14:28 - 22:18), then run on the diamond with a little MLB discussion (22:26 - 29:24), we then take the field with some NFL talk (29:25 - 40:47) and we round up our cast with our Dad Bod Life segment discussing technology such as what is our current favorite tech item we have (40:49 - 52:57). Please leave us a review and feedback. Let’s hope for...


Project Small Talk: A Hello from JJ & Gimpy

Intro episode: Hey guys JJ and Gimpy here with our quick introduction episode and what you can sort of expect to hear on Project Small Talk podcast come February. As we mentioned, our episodes will mainly be focused on discussing sports headlines and will throw in other topics as well. We also will do movie reviews (new and old movies) and talk about living that dad bod life, whatever that means. We will also have guests come on to help fill in or just to join us from time to time. So look...