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A lively discussion of modern board games. Strategies and reviews included free of charge.

A lively discussion of modern board games. Strategies and reviews included free of charge.
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A lively discussion of modern board games. Strategies and reviews included free of charge.




Episode 143 -- Those Old Technologies

The boys are back in town and doing well, and all is right with the world. In this episode, the BGG CON experience and a smattering of games, both old and new. Enjoy. SCHEDULE: 00:09:20 -- Another Year? 00:12:06 -- December's Book Selection 00:22:26 -- The BGG CON Experience 00:31:25 -- Crayon Rails (Martian Rails, Iron Dragon) 00:43:15 -- Lowenherz 00:48:02 -- Web of Power 01:05:01 -- Random Shout-outs 01:08:47 -- The Mayor of Eurotown 01:14:13 -- Hockey Game Hijinks 01:29:19...


Episode 142 -- Pleasure and Instruction

Welcome to a lively episode. In this one we dip our toes back into the Eurogame-o-sphere, and we are fairly excited about the waters. Also, the first installment of the Punching Cardboard Book Club, which results in a heady and exhilarating discussion. As they say in sportsball, we left it all on the field in this one. CHAPTERS: 00:18:52 -- Wilderness War 00:30:55 -- Francis Drake 01:04:12 -- The Estates 01:19:45 -- Westward American Single Malt 01:30:07 -- TV Diversions: Daredevil...


Episode 141 -- When Did You Stop Caring?

It's that time, and we roll the dice and lay out the games that have caught our attention in this year's Essen preview show. First we cover 10 games nominated by our guild using a complex and patented formula. Then we each take a shot at adding five games of our own discovery. Throw in some expansion discussion, and you have a show of partially educated guessing that is sure to wow even the most cynical gamer. SPOILERS: ***** **** *** ** * 00:14:49 -- The Guild 10 plus 00:16:03 --...


Episode 140 -- The Weary Game Playin' Blues

Ramshackle. I like the word ramshackle. Ramshackle Day Parade is a great Joe Strummer song. Streetcore. Track five. And it's a bit the way we're feeling here in episode 140. Run down. Beat up. We wander through this episode and take on a series of topics pertaining to the state of the hobby, or pertaining to where we exist in it. We go a bit low key, somewhat reflective, and we let the conversation lead us. Hopefully you can dig it. It's all a little ramshackle. VERSES: 00:07:38 --...


Episode 139 -- Lost in the Woodwork

Sometimes you can't fit all the information that's fit to say about a game in one episode. Such was the case with our discussion of Pendragon in Episode 138. In response, we've created a new segment, The Follow-Up. And it debuts here as we attempt to add to our in-depth coverage of heavy games and game systems. Also, how concerts are and how they should be, a beer and a dram, and a short look at a new abstract. Cheers. SETLIST: 00:10:03 -- Pendragon (follow-up) 00:44:05 -- A Beer and a...


Episode 138 -- A Game of Knots

Whosoever pulleth this sword from this rock shall, um, I don't know, do some stuff, vanquish some folks, and then become king of someplace. Right? 4th Century A.D., 5th? We're talking Pendargon: The Fall of Roman Britain here in episode 138. That, and a bit of list nonsense, and little dram of something nice as well. No pillaging allowed! RAIDS: 00:02:55 -- Scooters From Hell 00:16:36 -- Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain (in-depth) 01:23:29 -- Oban 18 yo Ltd. Ed. 01:32:17 -- The...


Episode 137 -- If At First

Here ya go kids, all the way from the lands of Antiquity, episdoe 137, take 2. We sewed all the parts together and shocked it into being. Because we care. Sincerely, Dr. Frankenstein PARTS: 00:15:03 -- What We Did on Our Summer Vacation 00:35:11 -- Condottiere 00:41:04 -- Legend of the Five Rings -- Casual Decks Need Not Apply?? 00:44:38 -- Sessions: Lisboa, Shogun, Age of Steam 00:51:17 -- Lost Valley 00:55:22 -- Root 01:06:16 -- The Music of Our Lives 01:32:15 -- A Dram and a...


Episode 136 -- All The Moogs

It's Summertime! Here's something for a long drive in a rented car or a lazy afternoon at the beach. MILEAGE: 00:09:57 -- Dusting Off The Shelves: Argent: The Consortium (Session) 00:27:47 -- Quartermaster General: 1914 00:33:54 -- Tigres & Euphrates 00:39:47 -- A Midsummer Night's Questions 01:06:27 -- Music: Rolling Blackouts CF, Gaz Coombes, Kamasi Washington 01:39:58 -- GLOW 01:42:21 -- A Little Light Non-fiction: Apollo8, Seabiscuit, Ben Franklin 01:43:57 -- Bios Megafauna,...


Episode 135 -- Dusting Off The Shelves

As Summer settles in we look to take it a little easy. Some shelves are dusted off, and a couple titles come back to the table after resting a few years. Also, a rare abstract finds it's way into our rotation. We also recount a few sessions and some trips to some gigs. Easy Breezy, as Joe might say. PARTICLES: 00:11:13 -- Bruges & The City on the Zwin 00:17:23 -- Innovation & Echoes 00:28:52 -- Automobile 00:35:03 -- Portland 18XX Con 00:40:57 -- What is it With 18XX? 00:46:55 --...


Episode 134 -- I Have My Moments and Other Times

Hey there. We discuss a sprawling, big Euro game, a compact, tense Euro game and five albums that should be filling your ears. All that and a debate on the state of the hobby in episode 134 of the 'cast. Please enjoy. MOMENTS: 00:10:49 -- The John and Company Not Monopoly Contest Results 00:18:40 -- A Trade to Make? (Tash Kalar & Terra Mystica for 18CZ) 00:21:10 -- Joe plays Feudum (multiple sessions) 00:49:42 -- The Burning Question: Sturgeon's Law and Board Games 01:21:35 -- This...


Episode 133 -- Everything, Just 20 Minutes Away

We serve up something a little different in this episode. On tap is a play by play, blow by blow, and drink by drink recap of our trip to Denver for Heavy Con and its impromptu satellite cons. Did we have fun? Did we play enough games? You be the judge. Welcome aboard the Punching Cardboard World Tour 2018. ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES: 00:09:12 -- A John Company Pre-Post-Production Contest 00:20:05 -- Day 1: On the Road; Old Men Tempting Altitude; Bison; Comfort Sleep 00:34:10 -- Day 2:...


Episode 132 -- Watercolors in the Rain

When you most expect it, and pretty much the way you like it. Episode 132. A handful of games, a little whiskey and a few good tunes. All of it, wrapped up into a semi-coherent conversation. Enjoy. COLORS: 00:07:36 -- Heaven & Ale (quick take) 00:14:38 -- The Trouble With Mombasa?(quick take) 00:26:58 -- Isle of Skye: Journeyman Expansion (quick take) 00:38:17 -- Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon 00:41:28 -- Music (Dr. Dog, Al Stewart) 00:48:57 -- The Year of the...


Episode 131 -- Jackie's Porch, Every Tuesday Night

Bruce may be dropping the needle and saying a prayer over at ol' Mary's place, and Frank's ghost sure as hell is still jammin' over at Joe's garage, but there's a cool breeze on a warm evening over here on Jackie's porch. We've got a little bourbon neat, a few slices of pie and some fancy cards; it's a juxtaposition of thinkiness and relaxation. Come on over and join the band. SOUNDS: 00:02:07 -- No Con For You! 00:08:16 -- A Burning Question #1: Why Portland? 00:25:38 -- Joe's first...


Episode 130 -- Roasted and Charred

Using our trusty mobile recording device, we gather at a secret location (Joe's) and leave our comfort zone to lay down the riffs that comprise episode 130. Some games covered, some stout imbibed and some stories related. This is a loose episode. The information is fractured. Our thought train, a bit derailed. Still, it all comes out fine in the end. And no gorillas were harmed in the making. Enjoy. WOODLAND FACTIONS: 00:09:28 -- How to Avoid Gaming 00:22:53 -- A Con Job? 00:30:07 --...


Episode 129 -- A Glimmer of Hope

Episode 129 is here. We discuss a few chunky, meaty games. We examine a new musical release from a well respected indie duo. And we imbibe a couple of weighty bourbons. Won't you join us on this magical journey of hope and glory? SCHEDULE: 00:12:55 -- Will There Ever be a Punching Con? 00:21:15 -- Broken Spirits & Resurrections (Through the Ages & Shogun) 00:48:13 -- Wye Oak, The Louder I Call, the Faster it Runs 01:01:22 -- A Tale of Two Bourbons (Bad Guy vs. Elijah Craig Barrel...


Episode 128 -- Everything is Temperamental at Best

Chaos. Uncertainty. Disloyalty. Keywords of the day. But we can handle it. We can fling Loyalty challenges across the table with the best of them. We can arrange a Renaissance marriages and take over religions and funnel coins from one bank to the next like it's water flowing through pipes. Oh, yes we can. And then we can turn it all up to 11 and list the Euros that should remain on our shelves. Yep, that's all happening here in episode 128. DECREES: 00:14:18 -- It Was a Time (some recent...


Episode 127 -- Stout Rusted Trains

No one's going to accuse us of following the cult of the new in this one. We talk about a couple older games that have hit the tables around here while shaming ourselves about a good number of titles collecting dust on our shelves. Our whiskey's been nicely aged as well (Unfortunately, the fine salted caramel stout decided to collide with some rusted trains). So, tip your servers and enjoy the session, and please, please, please, don't spill your beer. RELICS: 00:04:38 -- The Best Damn...


Episode 126 -- Aliens Land On Tissue Mountain

As the supernova known as February fades we are able to conquer the light years and arrive on a fairly sane planet. It is here where we attempt to answer your questions and guide you through the Gaia Project. Then, after our usual efforts, we wade into uncharted territory with a serious discussion on a very serious topic. Passengers will be warned and given a chance to depart beforehand, but we do recommend taking the entire journey. Will we succeed, or will a horde of alien races destroy...


Episode 125 -- We're Just Not Here Tonight

Here be episode a buck and a quarter. We're doin' the usual. You're doin' the usual. It's like we all get along or something. Enjoy. ITEMS: 00:21:50 -- Iberian Rails (in-depth) 00:51:53 -- Westland American Oak Single Malt 01:02:49 -- Albums by Jeff Rosenstock and Will Johnson 01:28:11 -- Wildcatters (in-depth)


Episode 124 -- Throat Frogs & Turmeric

On Episode 124 of As the Cardboard Turns: Joe continues to show off his quick thinking with his ability to jab and dance and commentate. In addition, we a treated to a stellar performance of the word turmeric. Meanwhile, right in front of your ears, Jim loses his battle to a nasty cold. Will the headhunters come calling to offer Joe a better gig on a more prestigious show? Will Jim’s battle against the evil Mucus be for naught? Will the dog notice that Timmy has fallen into the well? Well,...