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The Hunter Apprentice brings its listeners real hunting content through interviews with special guests, experiences from past adventures, and shooting the breeze with like minded hunters within our community. We cover hunting strategies for different species, opinions on gear, preferred terrain, seasonal timing, and even some stuff that has nothing to do with hunting, but just who we are! Please subscribe and follow our channel for great, easy listening hunting content!




The Hunter Apprentice brings its listeners real hunting content through interviews with special guests, experiences from past adventures, and shooting the breeze with like minded hunters within our community. We cover hunting strategies for different species, opinions on gear, preferred terrain, seasonal timing, and even some stuff that has nothing to do with hunting, but just who we are! Please subscribe and follow our channel for great, easy listening hunting content!




#27 - Sharing Your Hunts with Aaron Stonehocker from Tactacam

On this episode of the Hunter Apprentice Podcast, Mike chats with Aaron Stonehocker from Tactacam. The guys chat about some cool and user friendly ways you can film your hunts with the Tactacam products as well as share some stories on how the #shareyourhunt brand messaging coincides with the Pursue the Hunt show philosophy. We also fit in a little turkey hunting strategy for the upcoming spring season! So tune in, hit that follow button and share this episode with your...


#26 T.J. Schwanky - A Pioneer in Hunting Television

Mike is joined by Muc Simons and special guest T.J. Schwanky on this episode of the Hunter Apprentice. T.J., Mike and Muc talk about how the hunting television industry has changed over the years, some highlight hunts and changes that T.J. has gone through, and whether or not we would take new hunters into our hunting hot spots. This is a great episodes full of some laughs, stories and discussion around how the hunting industry has changes and possibly where it's heading. So tune in, crank...


#25 Royd Lusk - Taxidermy and Whitetail Hype

On this episode, Mike sits down with friend and taxidermist Royd Lusk to talk about the ins and outs of taxidermy, what it takes to get into it, how long he's been doing taxidermy, things he has learned along the way and sharing a stories and few laughs. Royd's knowledge of taxidermy and hunting makes this an episode relatable to all hunters and what they need to do out in the field to make sure their trophy of a lifetime is well preserved and gives the cape the best chance possible to be...


#24 - Ducks, Skyscrapers, and Prize Wheels

Mike is joined by Muc Simons and Landen Fidek from Saskatchewan to debrief on Mike's latest hunt to Vancouver on the Canadian west coast for late season waterfowl. Mike, with friend and DUC staff Zane Zondervan and Zane's father tried their hand at sea duck on the open ocean, puddle ducks on the delta and fought the marshy tides all with the infamous Vancouver skyscraper skyline in the background! On this podcast, Mike adds in a little bit of flare by adding a cool new segment to the show,...


23 - Let’s Talk Waterfowl!

Mike, Muc and honorary guest Brian catch up on the latest in how their season is going and then dive into talking everything waterfowl. We have been learning A TON of waterfowl hunting strategies and having some good success. So if you are interested about waterfowl hunting or have already fallen in love with it, this one is for you! From blinds to decoys and shot shells to shotguns, this covers it!


22 - That’s Just Real Hunting

Hunting season is right around the corner and Mike is joined by guests Leigh and Mark from Tooth of the Arrow broadheads to talk shop with arrow and broadhead tuning, broadhead design, and arrow flight. The guys then get into the nitty gritty of bow hunting and challenges they've faced in the field. Listeners will get some great insight on this one! We are all human, make mistakes and learn from them to become better hunters and advocates in this amazing world of hunting. Also use...


21 - Comin’ Out Heavy

Mike sits down with his good friend Jaret to debrief their early season Rocky Mountain Goat hunt. Mother nature threw everything at them and yet, when the stars align, good things happen. They talk about their pre season preparations, filming challenges, weather challenges, pack weight challenges and more! This is a jammed pack episodes of learn lessons and also how some previous experience paid dividends to the trips' success! You don't want to miss out!


20 - Everything Arrows, Tuning, and Bowhunting with Kill’n Stix’s Jason Acorn and Calvin Buckler

Join Mike and guests Jason Acorn and Calvin Buckler, from arrow company Kill'n Stix, as they chat about everything arrows! We chat tuning, shaft size and spine in regard to hunting application, broadhead choices, and hunting show shenanigans. Tune in, hit that follow button and enjoy our content!


19 - Monster Bear and Short Supplies

Mike, Jeremy and Muc get into to it and waste no time catching up on Muc's spring bear hunt of a lifetime! With wind and weather against him, Muc managed to pull off harvesting the black bear of everyone's dreams, and one of the largest of all time, that Muc has been hunting for the last 4 years! Tune in and listen to how it all went down! Then we get into LEH draw results, some BC Reg changes and a more finalize fall hunt schedule outlook for the show! Enjoy!


18 - Ain’t No Time for Injuries

Mike is joined by LeeAnne and Mike from the Acumen Clinic in Edmonton Alberta to chat about Mike's recent knee injury, surgery through the Acumen Clinic, and his recovery process. With a short turn around window over the winter, Mike needed to be back on his feet and in hunting shape for the spring season. And the Acumen Clinic had all the answers. Don't let injuries stop you from doing what you love, but seek out the right process to get you moving! Enjoy this great...


17 - Exo Mtn Gear Backpack Fitting and Seasonal Hunt TrainingTips

Mike is joined my Mark Huelsing from Exo Mountain Gear, a premier hunting pack company based in Idaho. Exo Mountain Gear has been in the game of building some of the best hunting packs since 2014. Mike and Mark talk about their pack systems and what their design means for the hunter. Whether it be a day hunt or 14 day sheep hunt, Exo has you covered. More importantly we discuss practical gear packing application, use-ability, hunt training strategies and sound knowledge we've learned from...


16 - Turkey Hunt Recap from Travis and Mike, Spring Hunt Plans, and Season 3 Production Outlook

Mike, Jeremy and Travis talk about their trip down to southern BC for spring Turkey, things they learned and saw. Mike talks about his first hunting experience after his knee surgery back in January 2022 and how his knee handled the terrain and mileage they experienced. Finally, the group chats about their upcoming hunt schedule and production plan for Pursue the Hunt on Sportsman Channel Canada. This chill episodes is a great recap and catch up with the boys!


15 - Hunting Gobblers and Baiting Bruins

Mike, along with Guests Muc Simons and April Willis, talk hunting gobblers and baiting bruins on this classic "spring hunting season" topic. Muc has been hunting bears most of his life with a deep understanding of effective ways to bait bears in his home province of Saskatchewan. April, hailing from Manitoba, is a passionate bow hunter, with an even higher passion for chasing turkeys. Her knowledge and experience shines through her successes with decoying and calling techniques to bring them...


14 - Hunting Mule Deer with a Bow; Common Mistakes, Mentality, and Expectations

Mike joins with guest Dawson Atamanchuk for a unorthodox spring topic; mule deer and bow hunting. The snow is melting and it's time to get outside! Getting that bow tuned up for longer distances, re-tuning that bow hunter's mentality and this season's expectations are a few things we discuss in this episode on The Hunter Apprentice. Too often we put a ton of pressure on ourselves to succeed with the bow. We pay too much attention to social media and big bucks instead of viewing success in...


13 - I Want to Film My Hunts Too, But How?

Mike and Jeremy sit down with a panel, Travis, Dawson and Muc, to talk about their experiences in hunting and filming. Their experience with TV shows, Streaming services, and home content gives great insight into what it takes to film your hunts or start a show. We talk raw experiences, do's and don'ts, camera tech tips, and being shy in front of the camera and getting more comfortable! This a great chill episode focused are how hunting can be successful, EVEN with a camera in your face!...


12 - To Do or Not to Do When Mountain Hunting

Mike and Jeremy along with special guests, Travis and Muc, dive into what to do or not to do when mountain hunting in some of the world's most dangerous and unforgiving terrain. Mike has amde numerous trips into the Northern British Columbia backcountry in search of Mountain Goat and Stone Sheep. While Muc had guided 20 years in the Northen BC backcountry for mostly elk, but moose, stone sheep and mountain goat as well. Jeremy and Travis are still fairly new to the mountain hunting concept...


11 - Bridging the Gap - Vegan to Hunter

Mike sits down with his buddy Brian to talk about his move from Vegan to Hunter and his justification behind it. It a great honest chat about how Brian's perception of hunting changed and also the importance of self sustainability while staying connected with the wild!.


10 – Off Season Injuries, High Fence Hunting, and Banning Trail Cameras

Mike, Jeremy and Muc talk about their recovery on some off season injuries and how many hunters “operate injured” much of the season and how that can be avoided. The discussion carries into some hot topics around high fence hunting, banning trail cameras, and even the new trespassing law passed in Saskatchewan this year. The post S2E6 – Off Season Injuries, High Fence Hunting, and Banning Trail Cameras appeared first on Pursue The Hunt.


9 – Duck Unlimited Project Talk

Join Mike and Special Guests Tim. Katherine, and Zane from Ducks Unlimited Canada in BC as they chat local and national projects, ways to get involved, waterfowl conservation, habitat conservation and more! Check out for more information and ways to get involved with DUC in your area. Also, don’t forget their work is not cost free! Look up opportunities to get involved financially as well, donate and do your part! The post S2E5 – Duck Unlimited Project Talk appeared first on...


8 – Just Givin’r

Catch up with Mike, Jeremy and Robin about how Pursue the Hunt is full throttle ahead. Mike, Jeremy and Robin have been working hard to continue to deliver for the show and give a bit more insight to their goings on behind the scenes. Mike and Jeremy also recap their spring Saskatchewan trip as well as what’s ahead for summer training and fall schedule! Big thanks to our sponsor Hell’s Half Acre Coffee Co. The post S2E4 – Just Givin’r appeared first on Pursue The...