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CSNNE.com Insider Tom E. Curran is joined by CSNNE.com reporter Phil Perry and producer Adam Hart to argue with each other, make fun of each other, and talk about the New England Patriots and the NFL.

CSNNE.com Insider Tom E. Curran is joined by CSNNE.com reporter Phil Perry and producer Adam Hart to argue with each other, make fun of each other, and talk about the New England Patriots and the NFL.
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CSNNE.com Insider Tom E. Curran is joined by CSNNE.com reporter Phil Perry and producer Adam Hart to argue with each other, make fun of each other, and talk about the New England Patriots and the NFL.




What does Tom Brady's contract adjustment say about his future with the Patriots?

2:20 - Tom Brady received a contract adjustment where he can earn up to $5 million in incentives. Are both sides justified in how his contract has been handled? What does the future hold for Brady? 5:45 - It's not just about the amount of money for Brady but the contract can be used as a measurement to other player's deals around the league. 11:55 - Could Tom Brady be franchise tagged after his contract is up? 15:00 - Patriots seemed to have dodged a bullet with the severity of Phillip...


How worried should we be about Sony Michel’s knee injury? 3 things to look for during Patriots-Redskins preseason game

Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran discuss Sony Michel’s knee injury and break down what the key things to look for during the Patriots first preseason game against the Redskins. (2:00) 3 things to look for in Patriots-Redskins game. (4:00) Will the Patriots switch to a 3-4 defense instead of a 4-3? (9:00) Will we get any an idea of how good or bad the Patriots WR core is during preseason? (14:00) Do the Patriots have enough depth on defense? (17:00) Did the Patriots get enough for Chandler...


Michael Lombardi explains why Malcolm Butler benching wasn't the reason the Patriots lost Super Bowl LII

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry break down the first impressions they are getting from the newest members of the Patriots. They go through who has shined in training camp, and whether what players we can expect to make an impact during the season. (11:30) Why has this training camp seem to be unenthusiastic? (21:00) Michael Lombardi joins the podcast to talks about his new book “Gridiron genius” that details his time as an executive in the NFL. Lombardi gives some of his favorite Bill...


Joon Lee's inside look at Jimmy Garoppolo's relationship with Belichick and Brady, and how Jimmy G forced the Patriots hand

Quick Slants The Podcast with Tom E. Curran, Jerod Mayo, and Phil Perry is back! 1:30 - The Patriots new saying this year seems to be "Forget about it". Will Bill Belichick be any different this year towards his players or explains things more given what happened in the Super Bowl? 5:40 - Discussion about if and how the decision to bench Malcolm Butler will affect the way Patriots players' view of Bill Belichick for this upcoming season. 7:00 - Are the Patriots reluctant to pay their...


Robert Kraft calls trading Rob Gronkowski rumors ‘a bunch of hogwash’

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discuss Robert Kraft’s comments saying that the rumors of him vetoing a trade of Rob Gronkowski are “hogwash” (3:00) Is there any truth to any of the rumors that the Patriots looked to trade Rob Gronkowski? (6:00) Will Rob Gronkowski hold out until he gets a new deal? (11:00) Troy Brown joins the podcast to discuss how different things are under Bill Belichick at training camp now compared to when he was a player. (17:00) The latest on Julian Edelman being...


BRADY AND GRONKOWSKI ARE BACK! Will there be any hard feelings for their missed time?

Jerod Mayo, Tom E. Curran, and Phil Perry discuss the latest Patriots news including Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski arriving for Patriots Minicamp at Gillette. (1:00) Tom and Phil give their first impressions from day 1 at Patriots Minicamp. (8:00) We listen to what Rob Gronkowski said about working out on his own, and whether he really contemplated retirement. (13:00) Will Rob Gronkowski wanting a new contract continue to be a distraction for the Patriots, or will they get the deal done?...


Does Belichick's style resonate with this generation of players?

On this week's episode of Quick Slants the Podcast, Jerod Mayo joins Phil Perry and Tom Curran and the guys are talking a lot about the culture within the Patriots organization and the effect it can have on players. Later, Tom is joined by Mike Florio from ProFootballTalk.com and the two discuss the NFL's new National Anthem policy as well as the potential for more dysfunction in New England this season. 1:00 - The guys reflect on the recent Memorial Day Weekend and discuss their favorite...


Would Tom Brady be skipping OTAs if Jimmy Garoppolo was still around?

Tom Curran, Phil Perry and Jerod Mayo jump on what's trending with the Patriots: 1:58 - How will the absence of Tom Brady from OTAs impact the Patriots' team progression? 5:00 - Jerod explains why he thinks that no Brady isn't a big deal for the Patriots for now. 6:27 - Is the Tom Brady way starting to hurt the Patriots way? 8:48 - Jerod: "If Tom's not here for mandatory mini camp, sound the alarm." 11:08 - Who is suffering the most by the absence of Brady and Gronk? 12:38 - Jerod...


Why do the Patriots want to be more like Ninjas? and how will legalized sports gambling impact the NFL?

Today on Quick Slants the Podcast Jerod Mayo joins Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to discuss the Patriots bringing in martial expert Joe Kim as a pass-rushing consultant. Jerod also explains why he is still not worried about Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski being absent at volunteer workouts. Then Tom E. Curran talks with the Sports Handle’s Editor in Chief, Brett Smiley, about how legalized sports gambling will impact the NFL. (1:00) Jerod Mayo weighs in on Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski skipping...


Jerod Mayo thinks the culture of the Patriots is changing, how will Brady/Gronowski’s actions now impact the future of the “Patriot Way?”

Jerod Mayo sits down with Phil Perry and Tom E. Curran about whether he thinks things have gone “nuclear” on the Patriots with both Rob Gronkowski and Tom E. Curran sitting out all volunteer workouts. Will all be forgotten when Brady and Gronkowski arrive for min-camp? (6:00) Jerod explains why he thinks the culture of the New England Patriots is changing right now given what he is seeing from the locker room. (9:30) Shouldn’t Brady and Gronkowski be fired up to get into this season and...


Tom Brady 'pleads the fifth' over Belichick’s appreciation; Recapping the Patriots draft picks

0:55 - Tom Curran, Phil Perry, and Jerod Mayo discuss Tom Brady’s “plead the 5th” comments, why he said what he said, and how his comments can be interpreted. 5:41 - Tom Brady’s response to the Malcolm Butler question and how Brady openly questioned the decision by the coaching staff. 10:15 - Why Patriots tried to trade up for Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield, according to Mayfield's agent. 13:00 - Recapping the Patriots draft and why they selected Sony Michael with the 31st overall...


Is Kyle Lauletta built to be Tom Brady's successor with the Patriots?

Phil Perry talks breaks down Kyle Lauletta's college career by talking with his coaches and finding out how he will translate in the NFL. Also whether he could be a perfect fit in New England as Tom Brady's successor.


Jerod Mayo: Players won't be upset with Gronk for missing OTA's; draft preview; Manziel to NE?

Jerod Mayo joins Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry to discuss Rob Gronkowski's absence from OTA's, his bizarre press conference on Saturday, and his announcement that he will return next season. (13:45) Mayo says that while the coaches obviously won't be thrilled with Gronk missing OTA's, the players will not hold it against him at all when he is back on the field. (17:15) Jerod does have some interesting thoughts on how Gronkowski supposedly met with Bill Belichick to clear things up, with his...


Is OSU QB Mason Rudolph the pocket passer for the Patriots in this year's draft?

Phil Perry delves into the story of quarterback Mason Rudolph out of Oklahoma State University and speaks with Rudolph's QB coach Zac Robinson about why the young QB should receive interest from teams during the draft. 1:31 - Despite putting up ridiculous numbers in 2017, Rudolph hasn't received quite as much attention as other quarterbacks in this year's draft class. Rudolph explains how this gives him a bit of a chip on his shoulder and how confident he remains in his abilities. 4:47 -...


Is WKU QB Mike White's big arm a good fit for the Patriots?

Phil Perry talks with WKU QB Mike White and his coach Mike Sanford about the WKU offense, White's special trait as a QB, and how he translates to the next level. Could Mike White have what the Patriots need? Take a listen and get to know all you need to about WKU QB Mike White.


Jerod Mayo explains why he is not worried about Brady & Gronkowski missing volunteer workouts, and even he can’t find out why Butler was benched

(1:30) Jerod Mayo reacts to Danny Amendola’s comments about Bill Belichick and the benching of Malcolm Butler (3:30) Jerod Mayo says that even after reaching out to players and coaches he cannot find out why Malcolm Butler was benched.(7:00) Do other Patriots players feel betrayed like Danny Amendola because they do not know why Butler was benched? (9:00) How long can the Malcolm Butler benching loom over the Patriots? (14:00) How will Butler benching impact the Patriots locker room buying...


Red flags surrounding Lamar Jackson; Why even talk about a new contract with Tom Brady?

Patriots are doing their homework on the quarterbacks in this upcoming draft, including a lot of studying up on Louisville’s Lamar Jackson. Phil reports that some teams have had difficulty in reaching Jackson at some points in the process, which is obviously concerning. Also, if Josh Rosen were to start slipping, would the Patriots consider trading up? (10:10) Tom and Phil discuss what the other teams with need at the quarterback position might do this year that effects the Patriots board....


Jerod Mayo reacts to reports that Bill Belichick ‘chastised’ Gronkowski over TB12 diet in front of teammates, is this the reason for Gronk being unhappy?

Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry sit down with Jerod Mayo to discuss the reports that Bill Belichick ‘chastised’ Rob Gronkowski over the TB12 diet in front of teammates. (2:00) Is this riff from training camp the reason that Rob Gronkowski is not confirming he will be back next season? (4:30) Jerod Mayo discusses first hand experience on how he has seen teammates deal with Bill Belichick’s criticism. (6:30) How many other times has Rob Gronkowski been criticized by Belichick? (8:00) Jerod Mayo...


Jerod Mayo: What it takes to be a linebacker for Bill Belichick

Phil Perry sits down with former Patriots defensive captain Jerod Mayo to talk about what it takes to be a linebacker in Bill Belichick's system, and how that relates to the NFL Draft. Make sure to follow Phil on Twitter @PhilAPerry for a series looking at potential players New England could draft.


Jerod Mayo explains why he is a fan of the Brandin Cooks trade, how will it impact Patriots draft strategy?

Tom E. Curran sits down with Jerod Mayo to react to the Patriots trading Brandin Cooks. (1:30) Why did the Patriots decide to trade Brandin Cooks? (3:30) What position will the Patriots address with their newly acquired draft picks? (7:30) Does trading Cooks show that the Patriots are confident that Rob Gronkowski returns? (9:00) How will the Patriots handle losing so many offensive weapons this off season? (10:30) Could the Patriots decide to move up and draft a QB? (12:00) Why did...