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Wall Stadium, Opening night, Evergreen, and 24 hours of Lemons

We quickly wrap up the national races and get into opening night at Wall Stadium Speedway. With a fantastic crowd and incredible car counts it was a great night all around. We are joined by special guests Ted Grow and Aaron Leinemann. Ted talks about his visit to Wall this weekend and about some upcoming events at Evergreen. Aaron talks about his weekend racing against Greg Biffle in the 24 Hours of Lemons race in Pittsburgh!


Modifieds, Mahoning and the Icebreaker

Our own Nascar official returns with Sam Ballard Jr. as we cover the Modified Icebreaker. We also look into practice at Wall stadium, more food reviews, New Egypt and the national races.


South Boston, Brdigeport and Bologna

It's no joke, Scott got his first win of the year, Tim went to South Boston and We talk about Bridgeport and the Doug Hoffman memorial race! Some enduros took place over the weekend at Big Diamond and Evergreen Speedway and we are beyond excited. Nascar was in Texas with so many spins it made the fans dizzy.


Enduros, Brakes, Hot Dogs, and Trains

Scott competes in his first race of 2019 with a fantastic finish! We recap the lack of action at Martinsville, Indycar was at the Circuit of the Americas. We reflect on some memories of Raceway park and scott talks about being a peeping tom. You don't want to miss a minute of this weeks episode!


Myrtle Beach Modifieds and another 200

We review the Modified Tour Race in Myrtle Beach, but first we recap the Nascar weekend and some driver getting 200 wins. We then move on to Formula 1 in Australia with a wicked start and a few more bumps along the way! Follow us on Facebook, instagram and twitter. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly content!


Indycar Opener, Nascar news and Roadside Rests

This week we catch up on what we missed while Scott was out sick and whats new in the Nascar world. Indycar had it's season opener in St. Pete with a special guest. Then we discuss our favorite roadside attractions and our viewers favorite places to stop before and after the races.


What is the point of Winning, and where to eat after the Race

This week, we wrap up the Daytona 500, and our AWESOME live show from the River Rock restaurant and Marina Bar in Brick, NJ. WE then cover the crazy events in Atlanta. Tim tells us where to eat after a race, and we talk about an Open Wheel Stalker. All that and more on this episode of The RPM Podcast! Don't forget to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for all our episodes, subscribe on iTunes, and check out our Facebook page for tons of updates!!!


The 2019 Daytona 500 Live Show at River Rock Restaurant and Marina Bar

Our live pre-race show for the 2019 Daytona 500 with special guests; Jimmy "Showtime" Blewett, Lee Allen, Tim Majek, and Darren Burdge. We got some great insight and some great laughs for this show!


Rolex, Atlantic City, and DQ's

We clean house and get back up to speed with some new rules releases, some sad news, and our thoughts on the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona. SuperBowl what?


Ryan Flores and Brian Osborn

This week we have Ryan Flores rejoin the show to talk abouthis indoor adventures and his Turkey Derby racing! Scott gets to ask all the technical questions and we get a great insight into the indoor racing series. Also Joining us is Brian Osborn who has great experience in the 4 cylinder division, but is looking at moving up to a higher division in 2019. There have been some rumors, and he will iron that all out for us. Some national news is sprinkled in, but we will have more in depth...


Erick Rudolph and The Battle at Trenton

It's great week as we have Trenton indoor race winner Erick Rudolph join us. Erick talks about his lengthy and decorated career and his hopes for 2019. One of only two drivers to win a sacred title on both asphalt and dirt, Erick has a unique view of the racing world. Join in and don't miss a minute! On the national level Nascar made some announcements for future shake ups, Rolex 4 at Daytona is getting ready to go, and the Karting world is preparing for their huge event at Daytona as well....


Dirt Racing with Greg Biffle

This week Scott tells the tale of his trip to the Triple B Ranch to race 100 laps with former Nascar Cup driver Greg Biffle on his specially made dirt track. What will become of team owners in the future? We weigh the possibilities, as well as talk about a few announcements made this week! A new Racing calender has debuted and it's got some people fired up.


The Wall Banquet, Nascar charters and Christmas Lights

This week we review the Wall Stadium Banquet. Then we catch up on some silly season Nascar news. A few headlines for both IndyCar and F1, then Scott has a dilemma. We finish up with our thoughts on various christmas lights and traditions.


Turkey Derby, Dave Sapienza, and Eric Mauriello

This week we are joined by Turkey Derby Tour Type Modifed winner Dave Sapienza and Wall/SK Modified winner Eric Mauriello. We talk in depth about the races, the controversial events and their plans for 2019! We follow up with a full recap of the weekends events, the highlights, the low lights and everything in between! What a great weekend it was.


Greg Biffle, The Nascar Whelen Modified Tour, and Turkey Derby

We have special guest Greg Biffle joining us to talk about his homespun enduro style charity race event. We then wrap up the top three Nascar championships from Homestead. In the local segment, we talk about the Whelen modified tour and their return to Wall Stadium Speedway, Ryan Flores gives us some insight on what we might expect to see in comparison to our Wall Modifieds. We also prepare for Turkey Derby!!! We wrap up with some international news.


Beards and Boiled Peanuts

Little Wall held their Turkey Derby, Scott has travel plans, and Nascar was in the big state of Texas. Indycar has some drama, and we have some local stories to follow. Don't forget to bring your boiled peanuts while you listen to this episode!


What A Finish!

We cover one of the most exciting Nascar weekends of the year. The guys fight over bump and runs, then we talk about Nascar cutting car counts. Meanwhile Indycar tested at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas which is looking to put on an awesome show. Formula 1 just wrapped up the Mexican Grand Prix and crowned their 2108 Champion!


If I had a Million Dollars....

We have the results from Wall Stadiums Spooky Spectacular followed by some other breaking local track news. Scott has a new book! Then we get into our picks for Nascar. In F1 it was a wild race in Austin, with some interesting views on the incidents.....


Playoffs and Local Champions

A more technical discussion regarding part failures at the top level and some great local racing. Not much on the open wheel side this week.


Kyle Bonsignore, Hollywood, and Justin Bonsignore Rovals and Buttered Bagels

This week, Kyle Bonsignore driver and now winner on the Modfied tour calls in along with his car chief to discuss their recent victory. Justin Bonsignore calls in as a surprise guest as well. Nascar tried out the much talked about ROVAL this weekend with a lot of excitement and controversy. Formula 1 was in Russia and they made their presence known to all.