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A Canadian RV Family towing their way through the wilderness on a part-time basis, with RV lifestyle tips, tricks, gear and reviews for getting the most out of getting outside. Learn from our mistakes and become more confident on the road. You CAN see all of North America as a part-time RV Family, it just takes a bit of careful planning...stick with us to see how!

A Canadian RV Family towing their way through the wilderness on a part-time basis, with RV lifestyle tips, tricks, gear and reviews for getting the most out of getting outside. Learn from our mistakes and become more confident on the road. You CAN see all of North America as a part-time RV Family, it just takes a bit of careful planning...stick with us to see how!




A Canadian RV Family towing their way through the wilderness on a part-time basis, with RV lifestyle tips, tricks, gear and reviews for getting the most out of getting outside. Learn from our mistakes and become more confident on the road. You CAN see all of North America as a part-time RV Family, it just takes a bit of careful planning...stick with us to see how!






Do You Need an RV Specific GPS? Ep. 36

Ah, the RV GPS debate. It's as iconic as the toilet paper in the black tank debate and just as heated. In today's episode, we begin with the general best rules for GPS, whether you're using your phone, or a state-of-the-art navigation system. Then, we talk about the major players when it comes to GPS options and weigh in with our pros and cons. Specifically, we talk about: Don't forget to head over to the Blog to find out where it's ILLEGAL for you to use a windshield-mounted GPS. You may...


Back Country Camping with Kids: How to Keep them Well-Fed and Wild | Ep 35

Today, we're joined by Terri Ney to talk about Nutrition, how to pack light when it comes to food, and the wild world of trekking the backwoods with small kids. Terri is a registered dietitian and nutrition educator with nearly 15 years of experience working for interdisciplinary health teams. Terri was drawn to pediatrics early as she understood this as an opportunity to foster lasting and healthy relationships and habits with food in the next generation. Because of this, she founded Tiny...


Ontario Trip Guides: Bronte Creek Provincial Park | Ep 34

Located in the heart of the GTA, Bronte Creek Provincial Park is located on the western border of Oakville, Ontario, bordering the nearby city of Burlington. This 6.4 square-kilometre park packs a punch in terms of amenities including a children’s farm, turn of the century house/museum with costumed interpreters, over 10km in woodland and ravine hiking trails and one of Canada’s biggest pools. There is an abundance of scheduled programming (though some are interrupted in 2020, due to...


Summer Camping Update and Togo RV Review | Ep 33

In today's episode, we talk about how COVID is continuing to affect our summer camping plans, why Dan's been so absent lately; and we review Togo RV and Roadtrippers as a trip planning solution for the technologically inexperienced (aka: Dan) We also provide some updates on Sally the Vintage Trailer, and talk about tips for booking National Parks, so stick around for all things summer 2021! To get $10 off Togo RV with all the extra discounts that offers like: Harvest Hosts, Thousand...


RV Fact or Fiction: Pest Control Edition | Episode 32

You've heard it all: Irish Spring Soap, Moth Balls, Peppermint Oil, Dryer Sheets...but the question is: Do any of these popular methods actually deter pests in your RV? We do a deep dive into the data and bring you the truth in our first ever fact or fiction episode. Join us as we decode RV myths and give our verdict on what works best on the road. Check out the episode webpage for links to the videos we talk about today.


Tips for a Smooth Border Crossing | Canada and USA | Ep 31

Don't get caught on an episode of 'Border Security'! In today's episode, we discuss the subtle but very important differences between crossing North to South and Vice Versa, and you'll find out why Dan's a wanted man in Oklahoma. But first: Get ready to hit duty-free and get in line for a great show and be sure to leave us a star rating and review on Apple podcasts if you like the show - it helps us get found by more listeners like you! Resources mentioned on this episode: USA to Canada...


You Don't Need to Be Handy to RV - Here's Why | Ep. 30

This episode is short, sweet, and super important because it all revolves around a piece of listener mail we received asking if someone who was not mechanically inclined could even join the RV community. Our answer is a resounding YES!! The RV community is a great bunch of folks who are ALL former newbies and we want the best for everyone who wants to give this lifestyle a try. In this episode, we'll go through why you can still have fulfilling RV adventures even if you don't know your way...


How to Find Free Camping with Boondockers Welcome Founder Marianne Edwards | Ep. 29

On today's show, I welcome Marianne Edwards, fellow Canadian and Founder of Boondocker's Welcome to share some of her best tips on finding free camping no matter where you travel. Marianne is also the author of The Frugal Shunpiker's Guides, the popular e-book series that guides you to the best free camping sites throughout the Southwestern United States. We have the ebook on Southern Utah, and I can attest, they are informative, witty and in-depth. You can check those guides out on...


The Ultimate Guide to Group Camping With Friends | Ep. 28

Group camping with friends or family can be such a rewarding experience and can build memories and relationships that last a lifetime...or they can go horribly wrong, and cause hurt feelings and vows to NEVER do that again. In an effort to promote the former, we've rounded up all the little tips we've collected over the years on how to successfully road trip and camp with a large group of people while respecting boundaries and having fun.


Visiting the KOA Niagara Falls | Ep. 27

Today we’re diving into a park review which will hopefully be of interest to both our Canadian and American listeners – because we’re reviewing the KOA Holiday Niagara Falls in - you guessed it – Niagara Falls Canada! Since landing a reservation at State, National and Provincial Parks is proving very difficult this year with increased demand for camping, we thought we should review some private parks that have proven to exceed our expectations both as base camps for day exploring, and as...


How to Make Working While Camping a Blissful Experience | Ep 26

Calling all weekend warriors! Have you always wanted to try extending your road trips by working from your RV? Have you tried it in the past but it just didn't work for you? Well, fear not because we've got you covered. The RV Canucks have been working on our vacations for over a decade, and we know - especially for Canadians - it sometimes seems impossible when you need to call someone but the beautiful wilderness means you have no bars on your phone. We'll show you: Thanks for being...


RV Meal Planning Tips and Tricks | Ep. 25

Join Melina as she dives into this really yummy episode on successful meal planning and food prep while Rving. We've taken all the questions we've received from listeners who've reached out to ask everything from how we plan menus, to shopping and keeping food cold when driving. All the questions you wanted to know about eating on the road are rounded up here with our best advice. We'll also highlight the staple meals our family can't live without. Let's dig in!


Ultimate Guide to Getting Your RV Ready for Camping Season | De-winterization | Ep. 24

IT'S ALMOST CAMPING SEASON!!! Well, maybe not quite...but with the sun shining on the snow here in Ontario, we know it's going to be spring soon! And as we write this it's Groundhog Day where Canada's own Wiarton Willy has predicted an early spring. Join Dan on today's episode we chat about the step by step things you need to do to your trailer to get it camp-ready for all your 2021 adventures! Specifically, we'll talk about: For a full accounting, don't forget to check out the blog. If...


Camping the Thousand Islands Region, Boldt Castle and Upper Canada Village | Episode 23

In this episode, we pull a trip from our archives in 2016 when we visited the 1000 Islands Region of Ontario and visited Boldt Castle, in Alexandria Bay, NY and Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, ON. We'll talk about the BEST places to RV in the area, and detail our two day-trips to some of the region's hottest attractions. Grab your passport and let's go!


What to Know Before You Buy a New or Used RV | Episode 22

Whether you've never owned an RV or are considering an upgrade, we've got a comprehensive list of what you need to consider before you say "I do" to your next home on wheels. In this episode we cover: It's a bit longer than our average episode but it is chock-full, so enjoy! And if you haven't left us a review on Apple podcasts or Facebook, would you consider that? We want to hear from you! Tell us what you love or want to hear more of in the future. We're all ears!


2021 Travel Plans and Big Changes Ahead

We're dropping this special bonus episode, a day before the return of the podcast for season 2 to catch you up on what we've been up to over our break, explain a few changes you'll be seeing in the podcast for 2021 and debuting our plans for our longest road trip yet. Buckle up and climb on board. You don't want to miss this.


5 RV Propane Tips to Save You Time and Money | Episode 20

From telling how full your propane tanks are (without any special tools) to determine how long your tanks will last, we've got all the tips you need to manage your RV propane usage in one short and easy episode (WARNING: there is some math...but cool math...math you can use. None of that, "If Jack rows to town in a boat and Jane rides the train, at what point will they meet on the road" nonsense.) Enjoy! Be sure to check out the episode blog post for all the numbers you need to make your...


5 Easy Cast Iron Recipes for Camping | Episode 19

Today we’re talking about delicious, easy and comforting campground food, cooked in cast iron. If you’re a cast iron newbie, stick with us, because we’ll tell you why we think it’s one of the easiest and most versatile ways to cook while RVing, and give you 5 of our go-to favourite cast iron recipes you can try out yourself on the road. So let’s dig in. Head to our blog for all the recipes we talk about in today's episode.


RV Quick Tip #1: Gas Station Tips | Episode 18

Today, we have gas....on the brain that is! Join us as we journey into "Old Man Dan" territory as Dan regales us with some of his pet peeves about life on the road, how to ensure our gas stops are quick and efficient, and how he thinks society could benefit from some basic rules at the pump!


40 Holiday Gift Ideas RV Owners Will Love | Episode 17

It's said that this is the most wonderful time of the year. Well, up in Canada, we have snowmobiling, hockey and Christmas to keep us occupied until the REAL most wonderful time of the year: Camping season!!! In preparation for those glorious days when we can hook back up and hit the road once again, we are dedicating this episode to the cool, convenient and downright weird but awesome gifts you can bestow on the RV owner or camper in your life. In this episode, we'll talk cooking,...