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Richard "Rahdo" Ham talks (at great length) all about boardgames!

Richard "Rahdo" Ham talks (at great length) all about boardgames!
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Richard "Rahdo" Ham talks (at great length) all about boardgames!




RTT Episode #52

Rahdo vs the world!!! :) SHOW NOTES: The Rahdo apology tour begins here: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/32578907#32578907 •••[00:00:44] Games of Interest►►► Bloom Town, Deep Blue, Deckscape: Curse of the Sphinx, Rush MD, Sunflower Valley: Card Game, The Magnificent, Trails of Tucana, Marco Polo 2, Skytopia, Fire!, Florenza Dice Game, Gugong: Panjun, Jiguan: Eastern Mechanist, Marvel Champions: Card Game, Miyabi, Nova Luna, Paris: New Eden, Rune Stones, So You've Been Eaten, Time of...


RTT Episode #51

Gencon 2019!!! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:22] Top 10 Must Get Games►►► Machi Koro Legacy, Deckscape (Eldorado, Curtain, Sphinx), On Tour, Pandemic Rapid Response, Sabotage, Space Explorers, Sierra West, Aeon's End: The New Age, Black Angel, Edge of Darkness EoD preorder link: https://alderacstore.com/gen-con-2019-pickup/ •••[00:22:15] Games of Interest►►► Are You a Robot, Truck Off, Tricky Druids, Deadly Doodles, Rail Pass, The Queen of Hansa, ShipShape, Battle of the Bards, Boomerang,...


RTT Episode #50

A bit long winded... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:45] Games of Interest►►► Cities: Skylines, Aftermath, Kingdomino Duel, Clank! Expeditions: Temple of the Ape Lords, Copenhagen, Roll & Write, Cosmic Run: Express, Enchanters: Odyssey, Escape Tales: Low Memory, Habitats: XL Expansion, Lands of Galzyr, Mint Cooperative, ClipCut Parks, Concordia: Balearica, Entrepreneurs, Harry Potter: Death Eaters Rising, Paris, Rescue Animals, 7th Continent: Classic Edition, Toy Story: Obstacles &...


RTT Episode #49

A bit short... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:02:17] Games of Interest►►► Streets, Crystal Palace, Big Book of Madness: The Vth Element, Dice Throne Adventures, Etherfields, Legacies, Lorenzo Il Magnifico: The Card Game, Merlin: Knights of the Round Table, Natsumemo, On the Underground: London/Berlin, Pandemic: Rapid Response, Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas, Trismegistus: The Ultimate Formula, Yedo: Deluxe Edition, The Isle of Cats •••[00:18:38] Gaming Q&A►►► Best part of gaming? Res Arcana...


RTT Episode #48

Just a normal episode! :) SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:31] Games of Interest►►► Age of Dirt, Xi'an Presitge, A Fistful of Meeples, Coralia, Fast Sloths, Pact, Ecos: First Continent, Endeavor: Age of Expansion, Marquesas, Search for Planet X, Unlock! Timeless Adventures, Clinic Deluxe Edition •••[00:15:15] Top 10 Revisits►►► 2018, Game Artists •••[00:41:20] Gaming Q&A►►► Colonialism theme in boardgaming? Retheme challenge! Unplayed games from Malta? Where are the euros? Games to play...


RTT Episode #47

Year 8 announcement!!! https://www.patreon.com/posts/time-flies-25705143 SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:44] Games of Interest►►► Altar Quest, Dice Quest, Floor Plan, Key Market, Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky, Bruxelles 1897, Hamlet, Dungeon Academy, Dead Reckoning, Letter Jam, Maracaibo, Margraves of Valeria, Namiji, Running Quest: Sould Raiders, Save the Meeples, Starlight, Sanctum, Trouble in Templetown, Underwater Cities: Expansion, Venice, Villages of Valeria: Landmarks &...


RTT Episode #46

On the eve of Dice Tower Con West... RTT music thread: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2162652/podcast-music Last Jedi thread: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2160803/last-jedi-blather SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:13] Games of Interest►►► Euphoria: Ignorance is Bliss, Foothills, Jodhpur, Ankhor, Menestrels, Bloom, Project Elite - Zombicide Invader Crossover Set, Sushi Roll, The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet, Pursuit of Happiness: Experiences, Welcome Too... variant boards,...


RTT Episode #45

More games, more rants! :) SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:10] Games of Interest►►► Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles, Beyond Humanity: Colonies, Roll for the Galaxy: Rivalry, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, Copenhagen, Tavern of the Deep Valley, Dungeonology: The Expedition, Dunaia: The Prophecy, Aeon's End: New Age, Pret-a-Porter, Harbour: High Tide, Luxor: The Mummy's Curse, Suburbia: Collector's Edition, Silver & Gold, The City: The Expanded City, Teotihuacan: Late Preclassic Period,...


RTT Episode #44

Anticipation, 2019-style! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:45] 45 Games of Interest!!►►► Adventure Games series, Carnival of Monsters, Carnival Zombie, Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, Chocolate Facotry, Chocolatiers, Circadians: First Light, Coloma, Sierra West, Cosmic Run: Mining Colony, Dawn of Mankind, Deckscape: Behind the Curtain, Dice Upon a Time, Egizia: Shifting Sands Edition, F.L.O.W., Humboldt's Great Voyage, Inhuman Conditions, Strange & Norrell: the Boardgame, Kingswood, Legend...


RTT Episode #43

Rahdo Rants Through! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:3:00] Gaming Q&A►►► Kids! King Vlaada! Earlier Essen preview? Teotihuacan inspiration? BGG game description critique? How much dice is too much dice? Street Masters & Solomon Kane? Why isn't Escape too light? Dream home variant! BGG meets Boxofficemojo? Robin Hood and the Merry Men? Player aids? Separate solo rules? Reprints too deluxified? Designers phoning it in? Re-seeking gone games? Tainted Grail deets? Groundhog gaming? Crazy rahdo days? Jen...


RTT Episode #42

Better late than never! :) SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:25] Recent Top 10 Revisits►►► Fantasy, BGG disagreements and OOPs alternatives •••[00:25:03] Gaming Q&A►►► What do BGG rankings reflect? Attic storage? Would I work for BGG? How should BGG entries be written? How do we deal with sudden game endings? How do we sit at the table? How do we orient the board? Old school game aesthetics? Boardgame industry trends? 2017 top10 of the year update? Budget games? Losing boardgame passion? Most...


RTT Episode #41

Essen Spiel 2018 is this week! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:02:02] Top 10 Most Anticipated Games►►► Teotihuacan, Underwater Cities, Carpe Diem, Coimbra, Between 2 Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Gugong, Key Flow, Blackout: Hong Kong, Forum Trajanum, Pandemic Fall of Rome •••[00:18:10] 85 More Games!!!►►► Jungli-La, Wok Star, Big Dig, Moorea, Cosmic Factor, Okavango, Great City of Rome, Sengal-senggol Gang Damai, Honga, Ruthless, Legendary Encounters X-Files, Dicium, Catalyst, Now Boarding, Claim...


RTT Episode #40

Back in the saddle again! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:58] Games of Interest►►► Altiplano: The Traveler, Carcassonne: Safari, Castle Rampage, Chronicles of Crime: Welcome to Redview, City of Rome, Clank!: Gold & Silk, Claustrophobia 1643, Comanauts, Concordia Venus, Deckscape: Mystery of Eldorado, Defenders of the Realm 2nd Ed, Discover: Lands Unknown, Dominion: Renaissance, Fine Sand, Fuji, Futuropia, Ghosts of the Moor, Gingerbread House, Honga, K2: Lhotse, Lovelace & Babbage, Machi Koro...


RTT Episode #39

A Gencon Quickie! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:30] Top 10 To Get►►► Chimera Station, Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd Edition, Welcome To, Kashgar: Merchants of the Silk Road, Warsaw: City of Ruins, Carson City: The Card Game, Detective, Coimbra, Merlin, Forbidden Sky •••[00:14:25] 60 More Games to Check Out►►► Legendary Encounters: X-Files, Woodlands, Dragon Master, Amun Re: The Card Game, Jungli-La, Import/Export, Fantastiqa Rival Realms, Mesozooic, Catalyst, Professor Treasure's Secret Sky Castle,...


RTT Episode #38

So much to talk about... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:00:54] Games of Interest►►► A Thief's Fortune, 5-Minute Marvel, Clank! In! Space! Apocalypse! Roll Player Adventures, Solenia, Shadowrun Crossfire: Prime Runner's Edition, Dragonfire: Heroes of the Wild, High Rise, Troyes 2, Roll Player: Fiends & Familiars, Tale of Ord, Legend of Andor: Verschollenen Legenden, EXIT the Game, 3rd series, Mesozooic, New Frontiers, Roll for Adventure, Snowdonia Delxue, Sleeping God •••[00:25:12] Top10...


RTT Episode #37

And thus begins our 4th year of podcasting! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:00] Games of Interest►►► Homesteaders: New Beginnings, Key Flow, 5 Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again!, Escape Tales: The Awakening, Lost Cities: Rivals, Spring Meadow •••[00:09:22] Top10 Board Game Boards Part I Revisit •••[00:31:11] Game Q&A►►► New table in the future? Zombie running? Youtube ads? Yahtzee killers? Co-op conversion to solo? RTT music selection process? Feudum? Bad rules ever ruin the game? Giving 0's...


RTT Episode #36

Is this the final RTT??? (spoiler alert: it isn't) SHOW NOTES: help Rahdo run @ http://patreon.com/rahdo or http://paypal.rahdo.com https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/uganda-village-board-game-convention/ •••[00:01:03] Games of Interest►►► Barage, Underwater Cities, Railroad Revolution: Railroad Evolution, Santa Maria: American Kingdoms, Dragonfire: Moonshae Storms, Dale of Merchants Collection, Villages of Valeria: Landmarks, From Batavia, On Tour •••[00:09:20] Top10 Scifi...


RTT Episode #16

Q&A-PALOOZA!!!! SHOW NOTES: •••[00:02:26] Game/RTT Questions►►► Rahdo-designed boardgame? More advent calendar/Malta travelogue vids? Kickstarter preferential treatment? Conflict vs game harshness? Voters override me? Revising older games? Top 5 games that need more thumbs? KS stretch goals on the up and up? Oldie game-day? Will we be Essen 2016? •••[00:31:22] Non-Game/RTT Questions►►► What's it like being a videogame designer? Jen's aversion to guns in games? Fave ice cream? "If...


RTT Episode #19

Count downs... SHOW NOTES: •••[00:01:56] Top 10 Revisits►►► Disagreements, Regrets, and Pre-2009 •••[00:47:00] BGG Top 50 eval •••[01:29:33] Boardgame Q&A►►► Artistic impact? Crunchy co-ops? Dice supercut? •••[01:46:20] Non-Boardgame Q&A►►► Malta castle? Free time? Olive oil? Mongol history? Culture shock? •••Direct MP3 link: https://archive.org/download/RTT005_201805/RTT019.mp3 •••Subscribe: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RahdoTalksThrough •••Send your questions to...


RTT Episode #20

2017 is upon us!!! SHOW NOTES: 2017 Games of Interest Geeklist: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/218452/rahdo-runs-through-2017-games-interest Top 25 Most Anticipated Games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj5PHRTQJrI TIME Stories "Rahdo 2p" variant: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/22413568#22413568 •••[00:01:54] 2017 Games of Interest►►► On Mars, Alter Ego, First martians, Edge of Humanity, Fugitive, Zombies Run!, Dragonsgate College, Brasil, Brass, Trashing Dice,...