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The FIRST ever women-led Toronto Raptors podcast. Tune in for game and player analysis, team news, fun topics around the league, and a little gossip here and there aka "tea time". Featuring co-hosts Sarah Kalil, Esi Magic, Alison Hope, and Sonali Sharma.

The FIRST ever women-led Toronto Raptors podcast. Tune in for game and player analysis, team news, fun topics around the league, and a little gossip here and there aka "tea time". Featuring co-hosts Sarah Kalil, Esi Magic, Alison Hope, and Sonali Sharma.




The FIRST ever women-led Toronto Raptors podcast. Tune in for game and player analysis, team news, fun topics around the league, and a little gossip here and there aka "tea time". Featuring co-hosts Sarah Kalil, Esi Magic, Alison Hope, and Sonali Sharma.




Raptors Higher Ambitions: The Future is Now, and it's Spicy! All Aboard the A'Chui-Chui'wa Train!

What a week! From 3-0 to 3-2 and a fighting chance. We look at games 3-5, the broad strokes and the standouts, who is winning the battle of the coaches, and of course give kudos to the freshly minted ROTY. Yes, we are all up in our feels. Raptors fans may need therapy, but what about the Philly fans booing their own team and leaving before the end of a playoff game? We got thoughts. And no self-respecting podcast would be complete without acknowledging Boston's sweep of the Nets so we...


The Annual Paul Jones Episode

It's here! The Annual Paul Jones Episode just in time for the playoffs. Paul has been there with broadcast calls and analysis since the Raptors inaugural season and believe us, he's seen it all. Wanna know how the Raptors stand in their first round matchup with the Sixers? We look at both sides of the ball, where the advantage lies on O and on D. Who's got the edge behind the bench? Big picture--how much pressure is on Philly leadership? Need some slander and defamation? Then you'll love our...


Mismatches, ROTY Race, and deep-dive look at Precious! Raptors basketball with a special guest!

New episode today with very special guest, THE Samson Folk, beloved #RaptorsRepublic writer and podcaster. A run down of the Raptors record over the past two weeks then we hit the ROTY conversation hard. Samson brings his meticulous attention to detail, brilliant analysis of what makes Scottie Barnes great. One of the Raptor Queens throws in a provocative comparison. But WILL Scottie be ROTY? Then a dive into Precious Achiuwa. What is his ceiling? One of the Queens is taking the cautious...


Raptors All-Star Break! Shifting Eastern Conference Dynamics, Premature Playoff Predictions, and Final Stretch Hopes

All Star Week! Our Raptors aren't back in action until Friday night but there's still a lot of ball to talk. A look at where we stand 57 games in, the expectations and the reality. A retrospective with some of our preseason predictions and some of those takes were bang on. Then we examine the shifting Eastern Conference dynamics and premature playoff predictions following the trade deadline. Who won? Who lost? Who stood pat? Will the elusive "Team Chemistry" give one team an edge. Listener...


An All-Star! A Win Streak! A Player of Week! Raptors coming in Clutch!

Need an excellent pairing with your morning coffee? Check out the @RaptorQueens for analysis of the 6-game win streak, emerging trends in the half-court, on D, and in the clutch, and standout individual performances. What a streak it has been! The team is coalescing in front of our eyes and we have your coverage along with some pre-trade deadline rumours swirling around both the Raptors and the NBA at large. Our feature segment--King of the North/Court Jester--always fun. Finally we end with...


Raptors on a Run! Plus Ad-Free FVV Propaganda!

Holla! Raptor Queens have your week of coverage and what a week it was! 6-0 winning streak comes to a halt with a loss against the Suns but we have your coverage of the games vs Jazz, Bucks and Pels too. Let us tell you, there was lots to talk about, not the least of which is your #NBAAllStar #FredVanVleet. Could he even be in the **gasp** MVP conversation? Should he? Our fun King of the North/Court Jester segment where the obvious isn't always obvious. Then a look at the current trade talk....


Hot Takes and Bold Predictions: From now to the All-Star Break

Welcome special guest @AdamCorsair, podcasting legend and host of @southofthe6ix! The Raptors team is fully healthy for the first time all season, so of course, the first question we need to ask is: "Who do you trade? FVV, Siakam or OG?" Agreement is hard to come by. Predictions and hopes to the All-Star Break: Will FVV be an all-star? Where will the Raptors sit in the standings? And which Raptor won't be a Raptor any longer? The takes are hot, and altogether inconsistent with the takes...


A Tale of Many Grades: Raptors Q1 Report Card

It's that time of the year....Report Card Time. We're one quarter of the way into the 2021-22 NBA season. The Raptors are the youngest team in the league, full of potential and aspirations, fronted by a leadership group led by Masai Ujiri. And we all remember what Masai promised: "We will win again in Toronto." Today we look at the players and assign performance grades. The Raptors Queens seldom agree and the First Quarter report is no different. Who gets an A+? Who gets a C? Then we look at...


Bet on Fred and Bet on Analytics - Raptors basketball in perspective!

End of week 4 in the NBA and the Raptor Queens have analysis for the Boston, Philly and Detroit games...what we saw, who stood out and who showed out. Is the Casey Curse a thing? An in-depth look at Fred VanVleet and his evolution into a premier PG, his growth and his leadership qualities. A distinction between hard work vs. effort, and the effortless of Scottie Barnes. And it's not just Fred - the whole Raptors experiment is ballsy! Then our King of the North/Court Jester segment. Hint: the...


Raptors Breaking Even: OG's a star and Pascal returns, but nothing comes easy in the East

3 weeks into the 2021-2022 NBA season, the Toronto Raptors are turning heads, breaking ankles and busting out WWF moves. We've got just the coverage you need. We start with a look at the games vs NYK, Washington, Cleveland and Brooklyn, what we saw, the stats and the standout performances. A couple of concerns too. Were our predictions correct? Our King of the North/Court Jester segment where @kalillionaire slyly slides in an honourable mention. That's what happens when we're so excited to...


Early season returns: Rookie magic, a 3-game win streak, and some rapid-fire fun from around the league

What a week! The Raptor Queens are here to analyze a surprisingly successful week as the Raptors faced Chicago, Orlando and Indiana (twice), going 3-1 over the week for a 4-3 record overall. Lots of positives, encouraging signs and standout performances. What we saw, who excelled and who needs reps. Our regular King of the North and Court Jester segment. Then a fun rapid fire quiz with Alison Hope on the hotseat: how irritating is GTJ to play against, fav All Canadian NBA lineup and more...


Raptors Week 1: Returning Home, Scottie Barnes! and Silver Linings

Holla! The Toronto Raptors are 3 games in to the 2021-22 season and the #RaptorQueens are here with breakdowns of last week's games vs WAS, BOS and DAL. We look at the good, the bad, the ugly and the very ugly, but there are plenty of silver linings. Our favourite moments from the home opener after 600 days of absence, what didn't work and the big picture. And who doesn't love a win over the Celtics? Of course, our King of the North and Court Jester segment with surprisingly sentimental...


2021 Raptors Preview: New Roster, New Energy, and BACK TO TORONTO!

Welcome back to Raptors Basketball, and welcome to the 3rd season of Raptor Queens Podcast! Fresh off the news about a full house at Scotiabank Arena, we are stoked to start off with our impressions about the Raptors entirely renovated roster. It's an entirely new look and @kalillionaire and @canoegirrl discuss their observations. Hint: the words "fun" and "exciting" may have been used. In the feature Raptors segment, the @raptorqueens identify a skill/attribute that they see as an area of...


Tribute to the GROAT

Rested and refreshed! Raptor Queens latest episode drops with a our fondest memories of the GROAT, Kyle Lowry. Some obscure observations, some funny reminiscing, some all time standout performances...we got you with our memories of what Kyle meant to us. Off season moves and a caution about expectations. And the key free agency signing, Masai Ujiri--exactly why is Ujiri so deeply loved and what are his standout leadership qualities? Then we look around the league at some puzzling FA moves...


Not all endings are sad.

Raptor Queens are thrilled to be joined by Freddie Rivas, host of Confederacy of Dunks Podcast! A comedian, a gardener and an all around fun guy. We start off by looking at the LAL, LAC, WAS and MEM games--what we saw, what we liked, didn't like. Some analysis of the young prospects. Had a little fun with a hypothetical game that all fans can play. We'd love to hear your questions. Of course, King of the North and Court Jester...some shade thrown Adam Silver's way. Then we turn our attention...


Birds' Eye View: The Raptors are happy and winning.

We back! We hope you missed us and we sure did miss you. Today we discuss changes to the team over the past 8 weeks. The #Raptors have been remade and @kalillionaire and @canoegirrl break down their observations. Is this still Kyle's team? Who is the heir apparent? What are Malachi's strengths? Fred? Where is the future? And the Queens analyze the C spot. What are they seeing? Looking to the future, who is unlikely to return next year and an interesting question that provokes a difference of...


Raptors Winning Ways: Impressive Wins & a New Identity

Hola! New episode up! The Raptor Queens pull out their magnifying glasses and examine the details of three impressive wins over the Bucks, the Bucks and the 76ers. We breakdown what we saw and review all three games in all of their glorious detail. Also shine a light on the Bucks? Is it dysfunction we see? King of the North and Court Jester of the Week here for you. @bosslady26 dishes on our Tea Time Segment. Chris Boucher, 6MOTY or MIP or both? And what do we think about the All Star Game?...


A big week for the Raptors. Has the season turned around?

New episode incoming! @kalillionaire and @canoegirrl examine the ORL, BKN, ATL and MEM games, broad strokes and details that caught our eyes. One of the Raptor Queens has been critical of Fred. What's she saying now? The Queens serve up some juicy observations about those Nets. Then a closer look at Deandre' Bembry, his tenure in ATL and what he brings. Is he displacing a teammate with similar skills? Of course #1 - King of the North and #2 - Court Jester of the Week. So good to have several...


Raptors First Quarter Report Card: with *** SPECIAL GUEST- LOUIS ZATZMAN***

We are delighted to reveal our special guest, LOUIS ZATZMAN. Louis is a multi-talented writer for the #RaptorsRepublic --be sure give him a follow if you haven't already. The Queens hear the latest on the Raptors post game scrum With Nick Nurse... some interesting reporting here. Louis provides a report card on the first quarter of the season bright lights, dim bulbs and his thoughts on possible trade. Next up? All things OG Anunoby and some wildly fun speculation. Ever wondered why you...


Raptors Reclamation Project: Turning around the season

Another Raptors podcast for your listening pleasure. Sarah Kalil @kalillionaire and Alison Hope @canoegirrl examine the Raptors 5 games home-stand--the big picture and the details around the edges. Did you see the same trends/rough spots as the Queens? A look at Fred with an opinionated take. And of course King of the North and Court Jester of the week. Tea Time features a look at some big men past and present who really shouldn't be pointing any fingers. A look at the seismic trade that...