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The FIRST ever women-led Toronto Raptors podcast. Tune in for game and player analysis, team news, fun topics around the league, and a little gossip here and there aka "tea time". Featuring co-hosts Sarah Kalil and Alison Hope.




The FIRST ever women-led Toronto Raptors podcast. Tune in for game and player analysis, team news, fun topics around the league, and a little gossip here and there aka "tea time". Featuring co-hosts Sarah Kalil and Alison Hope.




Raptor Queens Season 5: New developments, new coaches, and lifelong villains.

We back! In our 5th year of covering the Toronto Raptors! We've got analysis. We've got fun AND we've got love for the game. First up, our observations as credentialed media for a Raptors home game, behind the scenes. Then a detailed breakdown of early season trends and issues, some worrisome and some positive. Our King of the North and Joker of the Week, where in an unlikely turn of events, the Raptors medical staff gets called out. And the latest from the James Harden saga - how far away is the next trade demand? Then a fun segment on NBA villains - never forget, never forgive. If you love hoops and love the Raptors, you'll probably love us. Spread the word!


Resolving Tensions: Roster Failures vs. Coaching Failures and a Good-Bye to Nick Nurse

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Nick Nurse fired - where did it all go wrong? How to fix it? We discuss roster construction, chemistry, short leashes and long goodbyes. And what's to be gleaned from Masai's post season comments? We've got that too, along with a look back at Nick's best moments and we give tribute to a bold creative coach. Thanks to our listeners for all your support and thanks to @jamarbh @Imman_Adan @AdonMoss for joining us as VERY special guests. A special thanks to @FreddieRivas who also joined us for a fabulous episode which we lost to tech issues. Next year Freddie! Stay Raptors fans!


Playoff Predictions, Raptors Awards and Keeping it Real on Betting Odds

It's here! End of the season awards for the Raptors and the NBA as handed out by the Raptor Queens. Hard to believe 82 games have been played but now we're focused on the play-in. The 3 keys to a Raptors W and we expect our analysis will age well. Feeling melancholy about what could have been for our team this year? Well, do we have some snarky perspective from around the league for you! And the gambling problem...it's big and it's getting bigger and we don't like it. Join us--Canada's first women led podcast covering your Toronto Raptors


Raptors Preferred Play-in Match: Swipe Right on ???

Play-in with our special guest Adon Moss aka "37-year-old Kyle Lowry" from Raptors Republic! We examine potential play-in matchups - which teams are more favorable/less favorable for the Raptors to get into the play-offs? Are season series records with IND, CHI, BKN ATL viable indicators of post-season success? What is the ONE thing the Raptors must do to improve their D. And of course of feature segment--King of the North/Joker of the week. Then a look at the down and dirty of technical fouls in light of Fred's and Luka's fines. How much does this actually cost a player? How does the league root out referee bias? How is the whistle affecting games? Then predictions on most likely teams in the East and West to grab a series upset. You know the drill: check out Canada's very first all women podcast covering your Toronto Raptors


Starters and Non-Starters: the Raptors Road to the Play-in

Incoming! New episode with special guest Imman Adan from Yahoo Sports/Dishes and Dimes. We look at the recent 5 game road trip and what went wrong....some fixable, some roster driven and some intangible. Fair criticism with a dash of hope for the future. If you're in a funk over the Raptors season, this segment will lighten the burden of a losing record. Our feature segment, King of the North/Jester...odds of 3 different people making the same choice? And a fun look at under and overrated players in the league aka what do Lonzo Ball,Bradley Beal, and Gordon Hayward have in common? Join us...Canada's first women led podcast covering the Toronto Raptors #wethenorth


The Final Stretch and a Special Guest - Raptors End-Of-Season Run!

New episode alert: with special guest Jamar Hinds. 20 games left and we've got analysis on the Raptors D and O since the trade deadline. We diverge into analysis of other favorite teams around the league and revisit our preseason predictions: what we got right, wrong and which predictions we are waiting to play out! Some Philly slander - can't help it - and our King of the North segment. Then reflections on the hot mess in Atlanta--who's to blame? We had so much fun with this episode that we had to condense topics...alas, more for next time. Join us, Canada's first all female podcast covering your Toronto Raptors, going strong in our 4th season of content


They have a Cave Troll. I mean, a Center. The Raptors have a Center.

Incoming Post Trade Deadline Special. We assess the impact of Jakob Poeltl on the Raptors offence, what he brings and how the schemes might change. How does this trade stack up against the expectations of the fanbase? Is there a grand plan? Did the trades of KD and Kyrie diminish opportunities available for the Raptors to make further moves? We have thoughts. A deep dive into the highlights of Masai's post deadline presser. He may speak like a diplomat but the future is clear as Masai lays it out. Apologies for the delay between episodes...tech issue but we back! #wethenorth


The Raptors Slump: Shooting, Team Chemistry, and Optimism through Misery

The Raptor Queens latest episode, unscripted as we weigh in on the topic everyone's talking about - The Raptors...Slump. We look at the reasons and yes, we had a lot to choose from, but our answers may surprise you. Trade talk is heating up - Do Bobby and Masai jump on roster moves? History may be the teacher here. Of course, our King of the North segment; disclaimer: Our Court Jester segment veers into the human hierarchy of needs and hygiene products. And finally, who among is doesn't like a big juicy schadenfreude sandwich with plenty of salty condiments....a look around the league at other teams floundering. Misery loves company. We remain loyal fans here at Canada's first all women podcast covering the Toronto Raptors. We believe! #wethenorth


Bugs, Slumps and The Next Generation: Raptors Ball has it all.

Raptor Queens coming your way to kick-off a slower Raptors schedule for the next 2 weeks. Think the Raptors have been bitten bad by the injury bug? Some surprising context...as bad as you imagined or better than you thought? What happens with OG when Pascal returns? Does his usage return to "normal" or will OG be a featured option in the offence? King of The North and Court Jester of the Week--nobody is wrong here. Around the league, who is likely to be worse than their record would indicate? We love hoops and we hope it shows! Join us - Canada's first women led podcast covering the Toronto Raptors #wethenorth


Spicy Early Season Takes: Impact Players, Changing Roles, and League-Wide Collapses

Raptors Queens incoming with early-seasons trends and analysis. Some positive surprises, and some glaring weaknesses. Who is the Raptors most-impactful player to start the season? There are at least 2 right answers. How has the Raptors offence changed from last season? How is Scottie's role shifting? Also, the first in a periodic series of player tributes - a heartfelt shout-out to Canada's own Chris Boucher. Finally, some props to Milwaukee showing the league how it's done, and well...then there's Brooklyn. Join us - Canada's first women led podcast covering the Toronto Raptors #wethenorth


Raptors Back in Action: First-Week Observations & Young Gun Projections. Kicking off our 4th season in style.

Holla! Celebrating our 4th season of Toronto Raptors coverage, ad-free. No lawn care or mattress sales, just good vibe coverage of your favorite team. We kick off the season with an in-depth look at the Raptors first week in action, with a special focus on the young guys - Scottie, Dalano, Precious, Malachi, and rookie Christian Koloko. What do we like and what on earth does Malachi gotta do to get minutes? Return of our regular King of the North and Court Jester segments. Then we cast our eye around the NBA and our picks for the funnest (non-Raptor) teams and the very worst. Historic grudges revealed. Then some wild and hilarious tongue-in-cheek predictions the upcoming year. Join us! Canada's first women led podcast covering the #TorontoRaptors.


Raptors Higher Ambitions: The Future is Now, and it's Spicy! All Aboard the A'Chui-Chui'wa Train!

What a week! From 3-0 to 3-2 and a fighting chance. We look at games 3-5, the broad strokes and the standouts, who is winning the battle of the coaches, and of course give kudos to the freshly minted ROTY. Yes, we are all up in our feels. Raptors fans may need therapy, but what about the Philly fans booing their own team and leaving before the end of a playoff game? We got thoughts. And no self-respecting podcast would be complete without acknowledging Boston's sweep of the Nets so we indulge in mockery and slander. Higher ambitions indeed. Join us! Canada's first all women podcast covering the Toronto Raptors.


The Annual Paul Jones Episode

It's here! The Annual Paul Jones Episode just in time for the playoffs. Paul has been there with broadcast calls and analysis since the Raptors inaugural season and believe us, he's seen it all. Wanna know how the Raptors stand in their first round matchup with the Sixers? We look at both sides of the ball, where the advantage lies on O and on D. Who's got the edge behind the bench? Big picture--how much pressure is on Philly leadership? Need some slander and defamation? Then you'll love our hard hitting piece on the Lakers. Where does the fault lie? Some may say Rob Pelinka. Some may say too many cooks spoil the broth. Or that the cook was drunk. Or used ingredients that were "off". Hilarity ensues. We end with Toronto Raptors post season awards: Raptors MVP, MIP, 6th Man and a consensus ROTY. Canada's first women led podcast covering your Toronto Raptors, joined by legend and broadcast statesman, the brilliant and funny Paul Jones.


Mismatches, ROTY Race, and deep-dive look at Precious! Raptors basketball with a special guest!

New episode today with very special guest, THE Samson Folk, beloved #RaptorsRepublic writer and podcaster. A run down of the Raptors record over the past two weeks then we hit the ROTY conversation hard. Samson brings his meticulous attention to detail, brilliant analysis of what makes Scottie Barnes great. One of the Raptor Queens throws in a provocative comparison. But WILL Scottie be ROTY? Then a dive into Precious Achiuwa. What is his ceiling? One of the Queens is taking the cautious approach in evaluating, another is all-in on Precious, and Samson brings the eloquent reasoning/astute observations. Of course, King of the North and Court Jester. Then we cast our eye around the league and speculate on some of the biggest disappointments to this point. Thrilled to be joined by this Raptors media legend! Join us here at Canada's first women led podcast covering the Toronto Raptors #wethenorth


Raptors All-Star Break! Shifting Eastern Conference Dynamics, Premature Playoff Predictions, and Final Stretch Hopes

All Star Week! Our Raptors aren't back in action until Friday night but there's still a lot of ball to talk. A look at where we stand 57 games in, the expectations and the reality. A retrospective with some of our preseason predictions and some of those takes were bang on. Then we examine the shifting Eastern Conference dynamics and premature playoff predictions following the trade deadline. Who won? Who lost? Who stood pat? Will the elusive "Team Chemistry" give one team an edge. Listener fave feature--King of the North and Court Jester where this time, we each nominate a winner for the season to this point. And some bold predictions for the week's upcoming games. Join us, Canada's first women led podcast covering the Toronto #Raptors #wethenorth


An All-Star! A Win Streak! A Player of Week! Raptors coming in Clutch!

Need an excellent pairing with your morning coffee? Check out the @RaptorQueens for analysis of the 6-game win streak, emerging trends in the half-court, on D, and in the clutch, and standout individual performances. What a streak it has been! The team is coalescing in front of our eyes and we have your coverage along with some pre-trade deadline rumours swirling around both the Raptors and the NBA at large. Our feature segment--King of the North/Court Jester--always fun. Finally we end with predictions and some schadenfreude. Join us, Canada's first women led podcast covering the #Raptors.


Raptors on a Run! Plus Ad-Free FVV Propaganda!

Holla! Raptor Queens have your week of coverage and what a week it was! 6-0 winning streak comes to a halt with a loss against the Suns but we have your coverage of the games vs Jazz, Bucks and Pels too. Let us tell you, there was lots to talk about, not the least of which is your #NBAAllStar #FredVanVleet. Could he even be in the **gasp** MVP conversation? Should he? Our fun King of the North/Court Jester segment where the obvious isn't always obvious. Then a look at the current trade talk. Will it be a quiet trade deadline or a frenzy? Finally, predictions for the upcoming games vs DET MIL MIA. Join us in our 3rd season...Canada's first all women podcast covering the Toronto Raptors. Ad-free, as always. This is a labour of love.


Hot Takes and Bold Predictions: From now to the All-Star Break

Welcome special guest @AdamCorsair, podcasting legend and host of @southofthe6ix! The Raptors team is fully healthy for the first time all season, so of course, the first question we need to ask is: "Who do you trade? FVV, Siakam or OG?" Agreement is hard to come by. Predictions and hopes to the All-Star Break: Will FVV be an all-star? Where will the Raptors sit in the standings? And which Raptor won't be a Raptor any longer? The takes are hot, and altogether inconsistent with the takes given just moments ago. Our feature segments -King of the North and Court Jester, followed by a break from the Raptors as we look at interesting stories from around the League. Finally predictions for this week's games. Join us for this special podcast! #rtz


A Tale of Many Grades: Raptors Q1 Report Card

It's that time of the year....Report Card Time. We're one quarter of the way into the 2021-22 NBA season. The Raptors are the youngest team in the league, full of potential and aspirations, fronted by a leadership group led by Masai Ujiri. And we all remember what Masai promised: "We will win again in Toronto." Today we look at the players and assign performance grades. The Raptors Queens seldom agree and the First Quarter report is no different. Who gets an A+? Who gets a C? Then we look at First Q King of the North and Court Jester. Then predictions for upcoming games vs OKC, NYK and SAC. Join us--Canada's first female led podcast covering the Toronto #Raptors.


Bet on Fred and Bet on Analytics - Raptors basketball in perspective!

End of week 4 in the NBA and the Raptor Queens have analysis for the Boston, Philly and Detroit games...what we saw, who stood out and who showed out. Is the Casey Curse a thing? An in-depth look at Fred VanVleet and his evolution into a premier PG, his growth and his leadership qualities. A distinction between hard work vs. effort, and the effortless of Scottie Barnes. And it's not just Fred - the whole Raptors experiment is ballsy! Then our King of the North/Court Jester segment. Hint: the funniest thing came with a price tag. A look at league fisticuffs and an interesting theory by @kalillionaire. We end with predictions for this week's upcoming games. Join us this week and every week! Canada's first women led podcast covering the Toronto #Raptors #wethenorth