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A hockey podcast from three women who care about the Toronto Maple Leafs a totally normal amount.

A hockey podcast from three women who care about the Toronto Maple Leafs a totally normal amount.
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A hockey podcast from three women who care about the Toronto Maple Leafs a totally normal amount.






27: What the ref?

As the first week of the playoffs wraps up, we’re happy to say that we are handling it with just as much dignity, grace, and level-headedness as you’ve come to expect from this podcast! Which is to say: none at all. Join us as we break down the first two games, discuss ref accountability, and look at what Finland pulling an upset at the 2019 Women’s Worlds means for the growth of women’s hockey.


26: Bring it Bruins

It’s finally the playoffs, and through a nail-biting end to a season full of twists and turns and speculation the Leafs are…… facing Boston in the first round. But that’s fine, and we’re fine, and still have four final regular season games to talk about anyways. Plus: updates on the CWHL situation, revisiting our beginning of the season predictions, and what the Lightning’s uniforms should look like.


25: Just guys being dudes

This week we start with the heartbreaking news that, after 12 years, the CWHL is ceasing operations. To quote the players, who came out with similar statements on social media following the official announcement, “it’s hard to remain optimistic #NoLeague”. Also on the table this week: Tyler Ennis’ Masterton nomination, Auston “Beast Mode” Matthews, the coming rise of player tracking technology, and who should captain the Leafs.


24: Jazz Hands

Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Toronto, where we lay our scene, from ancient coaching technique to new mutiny, Mike Babcock and Kyle Dubas are…. probably not actually in a blood feud. But hey, the media narrative did gave us a chance to butcher Shakespeare, and isn’t that what watching hockey’s really all about? We also talk the NHLPA’s annual player poll, the Washington Capital’s upcoming visit to the White House, the tragicomedy of the Ottawa Senators, and Vegas’ new...


23: Peak Chaos Energy

The Leafs got outscored 23-15 this week. Which is fine. We’re fine. Everything’s fine. Ignoring all that, we did have some exciting news this week, including a new Leaf to Leaf, Duszak being signed to a future ELC, and the announcement of the first ever Cree-language hockey broadcast. We also answer some amazing listener questions and play which hockey: cryptid edition.


22: Please sir, can we have some Moore

This week, Babcock out Babcock’d Babcock in the most Babcockian way ever. Join us as we send our condolences to the 5’9” line (RIP, we hardly knew ya), Freddie (at least 60 starts is slightly less than last year, right?), and perennial third-line player William Nylander. We don’t actually threaten to fight Babcock, but we’re not gonna lie…. it was close. We also look at the NHL and NHLPA’s mysterious new Female Hockey Advisory Committee, how the Jets have quietly been building relationships...


21: Naked Roommates

The Leafs injury luck regressed in a bad way this week, and we take the opportunity to talk about the Leafs blueline, what might have been on the trade deadline, and who is coming up in the Leafs’ system. We also look at Petan’s first game as a Leaf, Trevor Moore’s booty, the ongoing Greek tragedy that is the Ottawa Senators, and propose our own Leafs talk shows. Plus, that Islanders game…….. 😬


20: Babcock's Nightmare Dreamscape

Trades are a’happening! Kyle has yet to make a move, but we sure don’t let that stop us from having opinions about other team’s decisions! We also talk the very likely possibility that the Leafs social media team is out to get us personally, McDavid’s two-game suspension, the entirely Fake™ Tampa Bay Lightning, a couple Leafs losses and one big Leafs win. And if you were wondering if we’re still mad at Babcock……….


19: I love ya Papi

The William Nylander Defence Squad is out in full force this week as we question literally every single deployment decision Babs has been making lately!! Fun!! Also: Auston “100 goals” Matthews scores his 101st goal, the USA and Canada Women’s National Hockey Teams are AMAZING, Jensine and Helen are still swooning over Hilary Knight, and the Leafs… well, they sure played some games this week, didn’t they?


18: AU5TON

Auston Matthews is a Toronto Maple Leaf!!!! and honestly its a miracle we managed to talk about literally anything else this episode. Still, we found some time to discuss the general hysteria around the looming Marner contract, the Leafs outdoor practice in downtown Toronto, a beautiful pair of William Nylander goals, and our ideal lines for the Leafs moving forward.


17: Fun and Flirty

Okay, so the Leafs might not have hit the ground running coming out of bye week, but we’re not letting it harsh our Muzz. This week, we take a look at some roster moves around the league, come to terms with the fact that we maybe kind of like the Jets now, and regrettably, take some time to talk about offer sheets. Hope you’re proud of yourselves on that one, Toronto Media. Plus, Helen puts Jensine and Mel to the test to see how well they can distinguish Romantic Hockey Fact from Romantic...


16: Who you gunna call? Slumpbusters

Peter Chiarelli has been fired!! Holy shit we can’t believe that it took this long!! Meanwhile, the Leafs wrecked the Capitals 6-3 in a magical slump-busting game, the NHL managed to truly out-NHL itself with the All Star Weekend, some players wore some baller suits, and Dubas held a press conference. We also discuss which Leafs would win what in a beauty pageant, what mascot we would like to spend a week living with, and try and match hockey teams to r/relationships posts.


15: Beast in the East

It's trade season babeyyyyy! And so far there have been.... no trades involving the Leafs. But while the Ducks are busy trading out their entire roster, some other stuff did happen: Buffalo and Columbus' respective mysteries have been solved, Ryan Johansen has been suspended for two games, and the NHL and NHLPA have confirmed that there will be no 2020 World Cup. As for the Leafs, well... Babs, can you turn on your location for a second? We just want to talk.


14: Man Rocket

Hockey butts, man rockets, and a lifetime supply of vodka, oh my! On this episode of Real Gud Pros, the Leafs hit the campaign trail for noted Man Rocket Morgan Rielly, ensuring that we will never again know a moment's peace. Also, we take a look at some goings-on in women’s hockey, investigate the drama brewing down in Columbus, and the Bruins regrettably do a thing we like… right before doing that thing we hate.


13: Whatever it takes

The Leafs only played two games this week but William Nylander scored so does anything else even matter? Even though the Leafs didn't have the most busy of weeks the rest of the hockey world was rocking. We talk World Juniors, All-Star selections, and...well...whatever is happening over in Edmonton. We were also inspired by the Boston Bruins' Peaky Blinders cosplay at the Winter Classic to try and determine what era of fashion captures the true spirit of a few other hockey teams.


12: New Year, New D?

We’re back from the holidays and more prepared to fight Sabres fans than ever! But first, we have to catch up on a fuckton of games, recap the last-minute bid by the Dallas Stars to take the 2018 Tirefire Management of the Year Award, and provide an extensive play-by-play look at Auston and Mitch’s performances at the Nutcracker. And finally, to ring in 2019, we provide some members of the team with the New Years resolutions WE think they should make (and also begrudgingly make some of our...


11.5: Leafs Secret Santa

We've decided to gift you all the full, uncut version of our Leafs Secret Santa segment. You're Welcome.


11: Vasilevskiy hates moms

The Leafs have given us so much this holiday season, including a secret jam band, a veritable mob of moms, and a Leafs Alternate Career AU of their very own. To repay them, we come up with some—erm, mostly PG-rated—gift ideas for our favourite boys. Now if only we could've left Florida with more than one point…


10: Why is it always the Bruins?

It’s our tenth episode and now that we’re trusted hockey experts, we think it’s high time we start making some changes around here. This week, we propose some NHL rule changes (spoiler alert: some of them are… more serious than others). Also—the CWHL content is here and amazing, NO ONE IS GETTING OFFER SHEETED, the Leafs are once again trying to kill us personally, and Josh Leivo had to Josh Leave-o. Oh, and one more thing: FUCK the Boston Bruins.



#NylanderWatch is FINALLY over and we couldn’t be more hungover about it if we tried. But guess what? WILLIAM NYLANDER IS A TORONTO MAPLE LEAF. Some other stuff happened too, we guess. We get to it eventually.