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#10 — Dodgers Neurosis Explosion

We slay our doubting demons by beating down a horse sized duck known as the Nationals. We take stock of Young Walker Buehler and his nasty, wild stuff. Ponder: is it okay to boo great players on opposing teams? We disclose all of our weirdo, obsessive, superstitious protocols. We apologize to Yasmani. [Music courtesy of Homefry Niles.]


#9 — Comfortably Numb

This week the Housewife gang decides how to cope with the bizzaro whims of the baseball gods and the torment they are issuing to the Dodgers. We ruminate on Chase Utley's torso mashing safewords. The pod is divided once again on the issue of AJ Ellis and his (non?) involvement in Brawl Week '18. We promiscuously mingle with the forbidden teams of the American League. Finally, we choose the psychological warfare anthems of closing pitchers. Light a candle for the patron saint of sterility...


#8 — April Is the Cruelest Month

The gang does a post-mortem on the events that transpired in San Francisco and Arizona. We fear and celebrate weird baseball. Then we save the Dodgers by adding ourselves to the lineup with our great taste in walk-up songs. And an exciting round of baseball commissioner cosplay! Music courtesy of Homefry Niles.


#7 — The Dodgers Hit the Ball, Finally

We ask: why weren't the Dodgers hitting the ball? How can we make sure they hit the ball in the future? Then we question the value of human life by imagining a fire in the Giants club house. Things fall apart, again, over incorrect opinions about Clayton Kershaw's "last year." Amanda offers Neil an indecent proposal, and a sincere apology to the Lugnuts of Lansing, Michigan. Music courtesy of Homefry Niles.


#6 — The Outfield of Broken Dreams

In this episode we fight about Joc "I Hit Three Home Runs in the World Series" Pederson and other outfield contenders. Natasha reveals a dark part of her thespian past. We lay offerings to the baseball gods so that their hand fracturing rage might be appeased. A debate about baseball stadium hotdogs nearly destroys the podcast with acrimony and recriminations over the use of ketchup. We refuse to believe the hallucinatory kazoo music that is minor league baseball. We have a lot of...


#5 — The Great Booing Dodgers Debate

We head to spring training and try to recite Walt Whitman to Walker Buehler. Then we plumb the depths of Baez hatred and learn some hard lessons (about Amanda). We play a heart rending round of F/M/Trade to the Giants. And finally, we apologize for everything. Music courtesy of Homefry Niles.


#4 — Puig Contains Multitudes, The Shame Hat, Play Over Pace, Prospect Name Game

Does it offend the baseball gods to wear Dodgers World Series gear? Or is the World Series just about the friends we make along the way? Inside Yasiel Puig's Wild Horse costume is a traumatized foster teen looking for a sitcom dad to give him an 'atta boy. We also solve all of baseball's pace of play issues and find a way to make Dodgers prospects' names memorable in the same sitting. If you could ask for more from a single episode, you shouldn't. Music courtesy of Homefry Niles.


#3 — Goth Dad Rich Hill, Spring Training Wishing Well, Minor League Name Game

We go all the way to Glendale, Arizona to remember why we hate the Giants. We seduce prospects off the bench. We ponder the universe's hostility to humanity, specifically to Rich Hill, whose pain can only be ameliorated by the purity of a mound of dirt. Plus, we find out what if any differences there are between Warthogs, Sweathogs, and Yard Goats. Music courtesy of Homefry Niles.


#2 — Chase Utley's thousand-yard stare, The Great Yankee dress code debate, Dispatches from the Western Front, Kevin Costner and Walt Whitman

What sort of grizzled soul exists inside Chase Utley? Can you take a man seriously if he likes Kings of Leon? Is Chase the sinewy buddha of the team or a human version of a soul patch? Further, when he bedded a French spy after the Blitz in London, did he notice her scars? Plus, there is only one correct opinion about the Yankees dress code, listen and agree. And finally, we worship at the altar of Crash Davis. Talking about baseball, fam!


#1 — Kershaw wept; Why Matt Kemp, Timmy Lincecum, Jews

We discuss how many more days Matt Kemp will be with the Dodgers. If Timmy Lincecum deserves a redemption. Why Clayton Kershaw is a perfect farm tool of sadness. And we say goodbye to A-Gone and Culberson's hair. Super lit baseball talk.


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