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Ep 129: What Doesn't Work in Recruiting

The shotgun approach to recruiting is dangerous. Unfortunately, some families will try just about anything to get the student-athlete a scholarship. Before you know it, time has run out and the recruiting window is closed. In this episode, Jon Fugler tells you what doesn't work so you can each one. He lists five things that will lead to a dead end. Understand where NOT to go in recruiting and you'll keep from getting derailed in your quest for a scholarship. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED...


EP 128: How to Leverage Your Time for the Best Recruiting Results

Your time is valuable and when it comes to your scholarship pursuit, you don't want to waste it. In this episode, Jon Fugler explains not only how you can save time but leverage the time you have. You can multiply the results of your efforts when you're pursuing the right things. So many things are shouting for your attention, but some are extreme time-wasters. Start 2019 on the right foot and prepare for a year of strategic actions towards a scholarship. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN...


EP 127: The Five Best Recruiting Habits

If you master five specific recruiting habits, you will have scholarship success. Consistency is the key to getting results and this is especially true when pursuing an athletic scholarship. Jon Fugler takes you quickly through five habits that have worked for his athletes over the years. They aren't hard. But it takes perseverance and commitment to continue to do these things. You won't be surprised to know that Habit #1 is "Reach out to college coaches." This is the foundation on which...


EP 126: The Bottom Line in Recruiting [#1 Episode of 2018]

In this milestone episode, we're going right for the most important content you'll get on this podcast. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler gives you exactly what you need to impress college coaches. [This is the #1 most popular episode of 2018. Originally EP 100] It comes down to three things, and talent is NOT at the top of the list. Jon knows what college coaches are looking for in a recruit and how they can spot a potential scholarship athlete. You'll know, too, by the end of this...


EP 125: How to Multiply Your Recruiting Efforts [Best of 2018 #2]

In a day when time is more valuable than ever, how can you make the most of the time you spend on pursuing an athletic scholarship? There are so many avenues you can choose, but they aren’t all leading down the road to success. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler teaches you how to multiply your efforts. He’ll share content from his Athletic Scholarship Playbook, an authoritative guide on achieving your scholarship dream. This is the #2 most popular episode of 2018, airing first...


EP 124-- #3 Episode of 2018: "Digging Into the Finances of College"

NOTE: This was the third most downloaded episode of the year. As we round out 2018, we want to bring you the top three episodes, as determined by listeners. This was Episode #108... Receiving an athletic scholarship doesn't mean all your expenses are paid for. The real cost of college for scholarship athletes may be a shocker for some families. In this episode, Jon Fugler interviews Jim Cook, a former high school coach, a dad of talented athletes and a man who has helped sports families...


Ep 123: Recruiting Opportunity Knocks. When Will You Open the Door?

This episode comes to you from South Africa, where Jon Fugler shares three things about the recruiting opportunity you have. Jon says that it sometimes takes moving out of your comfort zone to see the unique position you're in. Learn about three things that will empower you to take the next step to an athletic scholarship. He'll also share his unusual and tentative experience at the US Embassy in Swaziland. You'll find this on-location episode refreshing, insightful and even entertaining....


EP 122: The Recruiting Funnel in 15 Minutes

This is a high speed journey through the recruiting funnel. Jon Fugler covered it in detail in Episodes 114-120, but this gives you a good overview in one listening. Learn what it takes to become a recruited athlete and the keys to pursuing the process until your final school choice. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Recruiting Power Pack free download including the Resume template The New Recruit-Me System


Ep 121: Recruiting Shortcuts: How to Do It Faster and Get Better Results

Your shortest distance to an athletic scholarship is a straight line. In the real world, that doesn't happen. However, there are short cuts you can take that will speed up the process and help you get better results. Specifically, Jon Fugler explains short cuts that will reduce your time, save you money and help you find the right fit school faster. Jon sets the table by revealing one of the biggest enemies of athletes and families: too much information. In fact, it can cost you a...


EP 120: The Recruiting Funnel Day 7: Overcoming Recruiting and Scholarship Barriers

The recruiting road is not all well-paved. There are a lot of bumps and potholes along the way. That's the reality of this process. Our Recruiting Funnel series concludes with this episode, as Jon Fugler shares how to overcome the most common recruiting and scholarship barriers. Specifically, he goes through seven and gives solutions to each. You'll also hear the encouraging story of a family that went through the funnel successfully. The NEW Recruit-Me System is now available at...


Ep 119: The Recruiting Funnel Day 6: Making the Most Important Decision

You may not be at the point of making your final school choice, but you need to prepare now. What you do on the front end of recruiting will make a big difference how it all turns out. Know now what factors are involved and you can begin thinking with the end in mind. In this episode, Jon Fugler coaches you on how to make the most important decision: your school choice. He shares three tips that will help you. You can begin using these three tips early on in your recruiting process. The...


Ep 118: The Recruitng Funnel Day 5: The Secret to Staying on a Coach's Radar

We're moving through the Recruiting Funnel, and often things slow down at the stage Jon discusses today-- Day 5. How can you stay on a coach's radar once you're on it? Many athletes get discouraged when it seems like the coach has lost interest. Jon shares a secret that will make sure you're staying in the game with coaches. While other athletes drop off, you'll continue to be noticed and recruited. At the end, Jon shares another golden nugget. The New Recruit-Me Athletic Scholarship...


EP 117: The Recruiting Funnel Day 4: The 3D Radar of Recruiting

It's one of the most strategic elements in recruiting. Video. This is recruiting in 3D. And it's important that you get it right. Jon Fugler leads the way on Day 4 of the series "The Recruiting Funnel: From Prospect to Scholarship." He'll give you clarity on some of your unanswered questions about video. He'll dig deep into the production aspect, and set you at ease if you think you need a polished video. Jon explains that talent wins every time-- not video production. Come away knowing...


EP 116: The Recruiting Funnel Day 3: The Secret to Having Your Own Radar

There's a lot of talk about getting on a coach's radar, but this is a two-way street. You need to have radar, too. What do we mean by that? It's Day 3 of "The Recruiting Funnel: From Prospect to Scholarship," and Jon Fugler explains a little-known secret about setting up radar that will radically change your recruiting outcome. Without being intentional about this, your recruiting efforts can become confusing, overwhelming and frustrating. By applying a specific way of tracking your...


EP 115: The Recruiting Funnel - Day 2: Become a Bigger Blip on the Radar

Getting on a coach's radar is just the first step. Becoming one of his or her bigger prospects means you have to become a bigger blip on the radar. In Day 2 for this Recruiting Funnel series, Jon Fugler explains how one athlete became a bigger blip and then a scholarship athlete. From there Jon shares the specifics of how this will work for you. He camps on this point: Stand out in the crowd. Jon closes with a golden nugget that will help you keep your recruiting process fresh as you move...


EP 114: The Recruiting Funnel - Day 1: From Prospect to Scholarship

Getting yourself into the Recruiting Funnel is a non-negotiable when it comes to getting a scholarship. In this opening day of a 7-day series, Jon Fugler shows you how you can get into funnel and how other athletes have done it. Over the next week, Jon will take you through the entire funnel in this special podcast series: "The Recruiting Funnel: From Prospect to Scholarship." Master the funnel and you've mastered recruiting. Let's see what it takes and go for it. Be sure to check out the...


EP 113: The Distinctives of a Recruited Athlete

NOTE: Please forward this episode to a friend. Scholarships don't just happen. Neither does recruiting. Only certain kinds of athletes reach their scholarship goal, and one of them can certainly be you. Last episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler tackled the biggest recruiting issue. This episode, he goes deeper by presenting three distinctives of recruited athletes. His thoughts might surprise you at first, but when you hear what he says, but soon this will make sense. As usual, this is...


Ep 112: Answering Recruiting's Biggest Question

How can I get exposure? That's the #1 challenge high school athletes face. In this episode, Jon Fugler provides keys to solving that problem. This is is the beginning of a series that gives you a game plan to become a recruited athlete. Getting exposure happens for talented athletes who do certain things on and off the field. Learn the first key in this episode with actions you can take right away. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Free Recruiting Power Pack The Athletic...


Ep 111: How to Compare Schools and Programs the Right Way

You have to make a decision and often it’s tough. Especially when it comes to choosing the right school. When you have a few schools in the mix you’ve got to have a way to compare. Jon Fugler shares a tool that will give you objectivity in the process. Stack one program against another and see which ones float to the top. Don’t let your emotions determine one of the biggest choices of your life. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Free Recruiting Power Pack download The...


Ep 110: When You Think It's Too Late to Get Recruited

Fear strikes the heart of a scholarship-seeking family when they panic with this statement: "It's too late!" You might be there now. If not, you'll likely be there at some point. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler helps you overcome this thought. He'll encourage you and give you steps you can take to fight this "too late" fear. It's crunch time and Jon explains what to do. He lays the foundation for success and concludes with the 66-day challenge. It could be exactly what you...