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EP 95: The #1 Secret to Your Summer Recruiting Success

You want to be successful, especially at getting an athletic scholarship. Whether you're a parent or an athlete, there's one thing you need to know: SUMMER IS THE BIGGEST RECRUITING SEASON. How can you score big in your recruiting efforts this summer? Recruiting expert Jon Fugler shares the #1 secret to succeeding. He'll break it down into four elements that will be easy to remember but will take effort to apply. If you're serious about getting an athletic scholarship, make this summer...


EP 94: How Sports Can Destroy Your Life

You might have found the title of this episode shocking. Yes, sports can destroy your life. It's up to you. Jon Fugler's guest on this episode, Shannon Carlisle, is a former D1 scholarship athlete who discovered she had tunnel vision. Her sports career was her life. When her college career was over, it took her years to adapt to life outside sports. Today, she helps other athletes develop the right perspective on athletic competition so their personal identity isn't tied to their sports...


EP 93: Supercharging Yuur Recruiting Game (Part 4)

You've been to class the past three weeks and this is the final chapter with Jon Fugler and his series on Supercharging Your Recruiting Game. Jon focuses on two things that he goes deeply into. Your two most important tools that you'll create in your recruiting efforts. If you do it right, you'll be miles ahead of other athletes. As you listen, make note of the takeaways for you. For instance, one of the things Jon camps on is video. You may already have one, but you'll pick up some...


EP 92: Supercharging Your Recruiting Game (Part 3)

Recruiting expert Jon Fugler gives you three more things this week to supercharge your recruiting game. When it comes down to it, recruiting is hard work, but there is no need to spend needless energy. Many families fail at recruiting simply because they give up. You'll find out from Jon that staying on course, and supercharged, requires the discipline to do specific things and nothing else. Overwhlem is a result of doing too much of the wrong things and not getting results. Jon tells us...


EP 91: Supercharging Your Recruiting Game (Part 2)

(NOTE: This episode is dedicated to the Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey Team, who lost 15 members and associates in a tragic bus/semi accident over the weekend. We are remembering you). When it comes to making sure your recruiting campaign is on target, on schedule and executed with power, recruiting expert Jon Fugler believes you can do all of it on your own. In this second of four parts, Jon helps you supercharge your recruiting game. He first brings two bits of advice and then zeroes in...


EP 90: Supercharging Your Recruiting Game (Part 1)

The serious summer recruiting season will be here before you know it and you better be ready. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler kicks off a four-part series that will bring renewed energy and clarity to your recruiting efforts. In this episode, Jon emphasizes that you can do recruiting on your own. And he explains how in this series. Today, he shares about three of the most popular, but unnecessary, places families are investing in recruiting Then he gives you alternatives that are either free...


EP 89: How to Get a Scholarship at One of Your Top School Choices

Your athletic scholarship dream undoubtedly includes competing at the school of your choice. That dream can become a reality, but it doesn't just happen. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler shares three things that will get you on the right track to getting a scholarship at one of your top choices. These three things include starting right, the 80-20 principle and one other key element. Sticking with these three things will greatly enhance your recruiting efforts. LINKS AND...


EP 88: What's the ONE Thing You Can Do?

Sometimes the simplest answer is the solution to the biggest problem. In this episode, Athletic Scholarship Coach Jon Fugler invites you into a conversation about dominos. And how the first domino is the key to your athletic scholarship success. Knocking over that first domino is simple. What's challenging is identifying what that domino is. But if you do... you'll leap towards the scholarship. Leave the complex behind and embrace the simple as you identify what your ONE thing is that...


EP 87: Where the Athletic Scholarship Meets the Road

Strange title for a podcast episode, isn't it? But that's because recruiting expert Jon Fugler wants it to be memorable. In this episode, Jon will introduce three things you can do that will help you find the school that's the right fit. If you do these three things, your recruiting experience will be more than just theory, emails and phone calls. It will be 3-D. Your scholarship pursuit means hitting the road. It's part of the package when it comes to finding the best fit. Hitting the...


EP 86: Covering All the Bases When It Comes to Recruiting

This is a rapid-paced episode. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler runs you around the bases as you pursue your athletic scholarship. He will explain every base you need to step on to do the recruiting process thoroughly and right. Whether you're just starting out or you're in the middle of the journey, Jon will give you a reference point and help you determine next steps. This episode is especially important as you plan your summer and what will be your recruiting priorities. LINKS AND...


EP 85: The Parent of a Star Athlete Asks for Advice

Eavesdrop on a coaching call between recruiting expert Jon Fugler and a parent who is wondering how to lead his talented daughter down the recruiting path. Jon covers a lot of ground with Michael, helping him determine next steps with his daughter. She is a star athlete who is talented in three sports. The theme of parent-athlete teamwork comes through. That's one of the biggest keys in the scholarship journey. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Download the first chapter...


EP 84: A Recruiting Conversation with a Scholarship Athlete

This week, we dig deeper with former D1 scholarship athlete Nate Sallee. If you didn't listen to part 1 last week, go back and hear some gems. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler asks Nate share the top things he did right and then what he would have done differently. Get a balanced viewpoint from someone who has been there. Perspective is key in your scholarship journey, and that's why we've asked Nate back for a second week. He'll bring valuable insights for both parents and...


EP 83: How This Athlete Achieved His Scholarship Dream

Nate Sallee achieved his scholarship dream. He competed at a D1 school, as did his wife. Now they teach high school athletes how they can get an athletic scholarship. In this episode, athletic scholarship expert Jon Fugler interviews Nate about how he earned his scholarship. And Nate's answers don't lend themselves to a "magic bullet" mentality. Nate's shares how he got the scholarship while more talented athletes did not. As you listen, you'll come away with some things you can apply to...


EP 82: WHY You Can Succeed at Recruiting on Your Own

What are your biggest fears when it comes to recruiting? In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler is burdened by something deep, and he opens up about that. His heart is that you succeed at recruiting, that you get that athletic scholarship. But most families have been led to believe that they cannot do it on their own. If there was ever a time that they could, now is it. Jon attacks the biggest fears and explains why you are set apart to be able to take on this important task...


EP 81: How to Get Recruited the Dave Ramsey Way

What does Dave Ramsey know about recruiting? Was he a star athlete in his other life? Dave's recruiting advice may be some of the best advice you'll get when it comes to recruiting. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler thinks the Dave Ramsey way is so important he lays it out in this episode. Dave's principles have stood the test of time. When it comes to the athletic scholarship hunt, his principles are applicable. You'll be doing things that most families don't. And it will pay off. Listen as...


EP 80: How to Move up the Ladder in a Coach's Ranking

It's one thing to get noticed by coaches and get recruited. It's another thing to climb the list of recruits. One of the frustrations parents and athletes have is that college coaches lose interest for no apparent reason. What was once a hot relationship has frozen over. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler helps you solve that problem. He share some things you can do to overcome fading interest. Not only that, he'll share how you can move up a coach's recruiting list. It's...


EP 79: How to Multiply Your Recruiting Efforts

RELEASING A DAY EARLY: In a day when time is more valuable than ever, how can you make the most of the time you spend on pursuing an athletic scholarship? There are so many avenues you can choose, but they aren’t all leading down the road to success. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler teaches you how to multiply your efforts. He’ll share content from his Athletic Scholarship Playbook, an authoritative guide on achieving your scholarship dream. Multiplication comes when the...


Five Big Recruiting Questions You'll Face in 2018

Every scholarship-seeking family will face five questions this year. So you'll have to be ready with the answers. It’s the only way you’ll stay on the recruiting course and not get knocked off. In this crazy recruiting world, it’s normal to be overwhelmed. Athlete and parent alike. However, don’t lose heart. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler lays out five questions you’ll face, no matter what year your athlete is in. It’s part of the scholarship hunt. By preparing for these...


EP 77: Recruiting 2018 - Three Things to Embrace, Three Things to Avoid

Getting on coaches' radars and staying there has to be one of your big objectives in 2018. But like anything else, it won't just happen. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler provides three things you need to embrace for this year to be a recruiting success. And three things to avoid. Making resolutions for 2018 isn't going to work in the long haul. The six points Jon discusses will work for you. That's because points are relevant and lasting. They aren't get-results-fast...


EP 76: Leaning into Your Strengths-- A Must to Get Recruited

It's a popular thought that you need to be a balanced, well-rounded athlete to be successful. False. That kind of thinking can drastically slow down your growth to your potential. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler lays it on the line. He says developing your strengths is more important than strengthening your weaknesses. It might seem like backwards thinking, but listen as Jon lays out evidence for this "strengthen your strengths" approach. If you grasp and apply this in...


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