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EP 109: What's the Solution When College Coaches Don't Seem to Notice You?

(Note: This episode was recorded just hours before Jon evacuated North Carolina, with Hurricane Florence on the way). It's frustrating when talented athletes put out their best efforts to get recruited and can't get on coaches' radars. That's the problem facing one family that asked a good question in our One Question Series. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler goes into detail to provide the answer that might help you if you're seeking the attention of coaches and it's just not happening. There...


EP 108: Digging Into the Finances of College -- Even for Scholarship Athletes

Receiving an athletic scholarship doesn't mean all your expenses are paid for. The real cost of college for scholarship athletes may be a shocker for some families. In this episode, Jon Fugler interviews Jim Cook, a former high school coach, a dad of talented athletes and a man who has helped sports families work through the financial issues of college. In this candid interview, Jim opens up about personal experiences with families he has counseled and passes along good advice to...


EP 107: We're Talkin' Video

We received a great question from a listener in our "One Question Series." It's about video and what content to include so the coach will watch the whole thing. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler answers the question and gives details on an athlete's video. He'll explain what to include, what order and especially what a college coach is looking for. Find out, also, how you can have a free copy of Jon's audio book. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Free 30-day trial with Audible....


EP 106: Why You Should Never Accept a Verbal Offer

It's one of the most dangerous things an athlete can do and it could kill your scholarship chances. Many athletes today are accepting verbal offers, even as early as 8th grade. This week's question is from a parent whose son has received a verbal offer, and she has some good questions about that offer. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler tells a heartbreaking story and then explains clearly why her son or any athlete should never accept a verbal offer. There are several reasons, and Jon covers...


EP 105: Does Playing on Competitive Teams Really Increase Scholarship Chances?

Almost every talented high school athlete has a choice to make at least once. And this choice is a family decision: Which competitive team should I play for? The question comes up when you're sought after by more than one club or competitive team coach. And that leads a family to wonder if playing on the better team --or even a competitive or club team -- increases scholarship chances. On this week's episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler answers a father's question about his daughter's...


EP 104: How Do I Know When Coaches are Really Interested in Me?

This week's question comes from Kayleigh, an athlete who expresses what other athletes are thinking, "How can I know when a coach is really interested in me?" Recruiting shouldn't be a guessing game, but it often is. The key is getting clarity all the way through the process with as many coaches as possible. That's the way it should be in a perfect world, but the reality is that it is not. In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler takes this question apart and delivers and answer...


EP 103: A Question About Recruiting Trips

One of the biggest thrills in recruiting is to experience an official visit. There's something about knowing that your athlete is valuable enough for a school to spend money on him or her. Any visit, official or unofficial, is the best way to get to know a school, program and coach as you narrow down your choices. There's no substitute for a face-to-face encounter. The question in our One Question Series is all about recruiting trips. Beth's daughter is a talented athlete and is starting...


EP 102: How Do I Get My High School Coach to Help Me Out?

Parents and athletes often ask how they can get recruiting help from the athlete's high school coach? Certainly, the coach can put in a good word with a number of college coaches. However, more often than not, the high school coach falls far short of the family's expectations. In most cases, the coach isn't much help, which is disappointing. In this episode of the "One Question" series, recruiting expert Jon Fugler tackles this big question. He helps you make sense of the situation and...


Ep 101: How to Get from Here -- to There!

The path to a scholarship is not a direct line, so it can be confusing as you work towards your goal. Parents and athletes, as you work together, recruiting expert Jon Fugler explains how to get from where you are today to where you want to be in college. This is the opening episode in a series called "One Question." Jon invites you to submit your biggest question. He'll be answering listeners' questions over the next several weeks, going deep into one per episode. Submit your question...


Ep 100: The Bottom Line in Recruiting

In this milestone episode, we're going right for the most important content you'll get on this podcast Recruiting expert Jon Fugler celebrates Episode #100 by giving you exactly what you need to impress college coaches. It comes down to three things, and talent is NOT at the top of the list. Jon knows what college coaches are looking for in a recruit and how they can spot a potential scholarship athlete. You'll know, too, by the end of this episode. Delivered with a strong conviction and...


EP 99: Putting it All Together- The Four Secrets to Your Summer Recruiting Success

This episode is packed with content. If you want to discover the best advice for your summer recruiting success, this is the episode you need to hear. For the past month, recruiting expert Jon Fugler has been laying out four secrets to your summer recruiting success. This is a critical recruiting season and you don't want to blow it. This week, Jon condenses the past four episodes so you have all four secrets in one place. It's always good to hear things more than once if you expect to...


Ep 98: The #4 Secret to Your Summer Recruiting Success

If you have success this summer in recruiting, it's a big win. But what does success look like for you? Recruiting expert Jon Fugler concludes his four-part series on the secrets to your summer recruiting success. In this episode, you'll be asked to determine what success does look like. But before you get to that point, Jon shares the fourth secret, and it will guide you to determining success. You'll understand the need to have big and small in your recruiting strategy. Jon shares what...


Ep 97: The #3 Secret to Your Summer Recruiting Success

How can an athlete get on the radar of multiple coaches this summer so he or she is set up for a powerful recruiting year when fall hits? In this episode, recruiting expert Jon Fugler shares the third of four secrets that will make that happen. It takes two weeks or less to put this secret into action. With summer being a high time for recruiting, you'll be inspired as Jon gives you practical steps of action that will generate interest from coaches. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS...


Ep #96: The #2 Secret to Your Summer Recruiting Success

Recruiting expert Jon Fugler dives into a parent's question about their talented daughter who is not sure about competing in college. She loves her sport but has another big interest, as well. Jon answers this family and helps all parents and athletes get perspective. Then Jon reveals the #2 secret to your summer recruiting success. Last week, the #1 secret was all about not wasting "it." Go back and listen if you need to. This week, Jon shares four keys under the #2 secret that will...


EP 95: The #1 Secret to Your Summer Recruiting Success

You want to be successful, especially at getting an athletic scholarship. Whether you're a parent or an athlete, there's one thing you need to know: SUMMER IS THE BIGGEST RECRUITING SEASON. How can you score big in your recruiting efforts this summer? Recruiting expert Jon Fugler shares the #1 secret to succeeding. He'll break it down into four elements that will be easy to remember but will take effort to apply. If you're serious about getting an athletic scholarship, make this summer...


EP 94: How Sports Can Destroy Your Life

You might have found the title of this episode shocking. Yes, sports can destroy your life. It's up to you. Jon Fugler's guest on this episode, Shannon Carlisle, is a former D1 scholarship athlete who discovered she had tunnel vision. Her sports career was her life. When her college career was over, it took her years to adapt to life outside sports. Today, she helps other athletes develop the right perspective on athletic competition so their personal identity isn't tied to their sports...


EP 93: Supercharging Yuur Recruiting Game (Part 4)

You've been to class the past three weeks and this is the final chapter with Jon Fugler and his series on Supercharging Your Recruiting Game. Jon focuses on two things that he goes deeply into. Your two most important tools that you'll create in your recruiting efforts. If you do it right, you'll be miles ahead of other athletes. As you listen, make note of the takeaways for you. For instance, one of the things Jon camps on is video. You may already have one, but you'll pick up some...


EP 92: Supercharging Your Recruiting Game (Part 3)

Recruiting expert Jon Fugler gives you three more things this week to supercharge your recruiting game. When it comes down to it, recruiting is hard work, but there is no need to spend needless energy. Many families fail at recruiting simply because they give up. You'll find out from Jon that staying on course, and supercharged, requires the discipline to do specific things and nothing else. Overwhlem is a result of doing too much of the wrong things and not getting results. Jon tells...


EP 91: Supercharging Your Recruiting Game (Part 2)

(NOTE: This episode is dedicated to the Humboldt Broncos Junior Hockey Team, who lost 15 members and associates in a tragic bus/semi accident over the weekend. We are remembering you). When it comes to making sure your recruiting campaign is on target, on schedule and executed with power, recruiting expert Jon Fugler believes you can do all of it on your own. In this second of four parts, Jon helps you supercharge your recruiting game. He first brings two bits of advice and then zeroes...


EP 90: Supercharging Your Recruiting Game (Part 1)

The serious summer recruiting season will be here before you know it and you better be ready. Recruiting expert Jon Fugler kicks off a four-part series that will bring renewed energy and clarity to your recruiting efforts. In this episode, Jon emphasizes that you can do recruiting on your own. And he explains how in this series. Today, he shares about three of the most popular, but unnecessary, places families are investing in recruiting Then he gives you alternatives that are either free...