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Helping horses, one human at a time.

Helping horses, one human at a time.


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Helping horses, one human at a time.






Reading Horses: Interpreting Emotional & Communicative Behavior

Today’s podcast episode is about “reading the horse,” as it’s commonly referred to by horse folks. It’s about observing and interpreting the horse’s emotional and communicative behaviors so that you have greater insight into its motivations and intentions. Plus, I’ve got some brand-new questions to answer, straight from our listeners, in my "What the Hay?" Q&A segment. Resources from This Episode: Events:...


Training Setbacks: How to Deal & Move Forward

Today’s topic is about how to deal with training setbacks with your horse. We've all been there at some point or another in our journey with horses where things don’t go according to plan. The horse that normally walks right into a trailer suddenly refuses to load. Or your horse has one bad experience at a horse show, and that turns into an ongoing problem. Or maybe you had a frightening experience on a normally unflappable horse, or an incident that overwhelmed your horse and broke down his...


Spoiled Rotten? How to Know & What to Do

Today's podcast topic is about spoiled horses. I'll talk about what that looks like, what causes well-behaved horses to act poorly, and how sometimes the owners are blissfully unaware that other people think their horse is spoiled. Most importantly, I'll talk about how to improve your handling techniques, and turn your little monster into a perfect angel.


Rearing to Go: What to Do When Horses Rear

This episode is all about the horse that rears. Whether you're on the ground or in the saddle, it's one of the scariest and most dangerous behaviors of horses. We'll talk about: What Causes Rearing How to Avoid It What to Do if it Happens How to Stay Safe Around a Rearing Horse Plus, I've got some brand new questions to answer straight from listeners like you in my What the Hay Q&A segment at the end of this podcast! Want your question answered in What the Hay? Email...


Meltdowns: Bringing Your Horse Back from the Brink

Has your horse had an emotional meltdown at a show, on a new trail, when he's away from his herd, or other new situations? It's important to understand that horses, as both prey and herd animals, tend to adopt the emotions of the animals around them. Horses have the same basic emotions that humans do, and they reflect the emotions you are feeling when you are with them—nervousness, anxiousness, fear, etc. When a horse becomes overwhelmed by these emotions and reactive, it tends to escalate...


Cultivating a Connection with Your Horse

This month's episode is about connecting with your horse: how to establish or reestablish a bonded and productive relationship with your horse—one in which the horse: Accepts Your Authority Respects Your Boundaries Is Calm & Focused Seeks Your Acceptance We'll take a look at what the objectives are, and I'll give you some specific step-by-step actions that you can take right now to improve your relationship with your horse. Plus, I've got some brand new questions to answer, straight from...


My Top Trotting Hacks

Today I want to talk to you about the trot—with tips both English and Western riders need to know. I'll talk about ways to improve your posting technique. Whether you're just learning this handy skill for the first time, or you're an old pro, there's a lot more to posting the trot than simply going up and down. I'll also cover trotting diagonals—what the heck they are, why you need to know them, and how to feel what diagonal you're on. Plus, I've got some brand new questions to answer,...


New Year's Resolutions for Horse Lovers

Today's podcast is about New Year's resolutions for horse lovers! Recently, I did an interview with Christy Landwehr, the CEO of Certified Horsemanship Association, and the sponsor of "Training Tuesdays" on the popular radio show, Horses in the Morning. We talked about my philosophy on New Year's resolutions (how to make them and keep them), plus I shared some of my personal resolutions. We also discussed popular ideas for New Year's resolutions for horseback riders, riding instructors,...


Top 10 Canter Hacks You Need to Know

I'll discuss the top 10 challenges riders have at the canter and how to conquer them. Whether you're just starting out and learning to canter for the first time, you've lost your confidence to canter, or you're an experienced rider training a green horse—whatever the case, this podcast is for you. We'll talk about the most common problems that riders have at the canter, and I'll give you some quick fixes and share some horsemanship secrets that you may not know! Want your question answered...


Ride Your Own Ride

Have you ever been frustrated with your riding because you think you should be better by now? Have you succumbed to the temptation to compare yourself with another rider, and wondered why you can't ride like that? What do they have that I don't? Or maybe you had a trainer get on your horse when he was acting like a monster, only to see the horse immediately transform into putty in their hands. It's frustrating—I get it. In today's episode, I'm going to talk about how you can ride your own...


Doc Gunner: Genetic Deep Dive Part 2

Last time, we talked about the genetic profile of Doc Gunner (who we now call "Doc") regarding his unusual coloration, his deafness, his health conditions, and his behavioral traits. It's fascinating information, and it's invaluable for us in terms of managing his health. In this episode, we're going to discuss Doc's ancestry report—how we can find out more about his real pedigree, find some close relatives of his, and possibly even figure out who his sire and dam are. Plus, we'll talk...


Doc Gunner: Genetic Deep Dive Part 1

Today's episode is about the genetic profile test report for my 4-year-old foster horse, Doc Gunner. We have no history on this horse prior to December of his 3-year-old year. Given that we know nothing about this horse's breeding or history, it was important to me to get as much data as I could so I can more effectively give him the rehab and training he needs to be successful for the rest of his life. I'm really excited to have two expert guests in the field of genetic testing and equine...


Benefits of the Counter Canter

In this episode, I'll talk about the counter canter. I'll discuss what it is, when it's the right time to incorporate counter cantering into your training regimen, why you need it, how you and your horse benefit, and most importantly, how to do it. Plus, I've got some brand new questions to answer straight from our listeners in What the Hay? Q&A. Want your question answered in the What the Hay? Q&A segment? Email it to podcast@juliegoodnight.com Show Notes:...


How to Stay Safe with Horses

Today's topic is about how to stay safe with horses. I'll give you some practical guidance and some sage advice. We'll talk about danger zones around horses, how to prevent accidents and we're going to talk about your personal safety habits. Being safety conscious around horses will help you will help build your confidence and help you enjoy the ride even more. Plus, I've got some brand new questions to answer in the What the Hay? Q&A segment! Want your question answered in the What the...


Evaluating the Unknown Horse

Often, the history of the horse does not follow him throughout his life—maybe you bought a horse at an auction, maybe you rescued an abandoned horse, or were given a horse—but, for whatever reason, you end up with this horse, and zero history on him. So what do you do now? How do you move forward from there? Is he trained or untrained? What's he like to handle? I'll discuss these questions and more in this month's episode. Plus, as always, we have some new questions for What the Hay? Q&A!


Tips to Get Trail-Ready

Trail riding season is fast approaching, and whether you go out for a few hours or a few days at a time, and whether you're going to take 1 or 2 trail adventures this year or 1 or 2 every week, I want to share some of my tips that I've learned through the years. Want your question answered in the What the Hay? Q&A segment? Email it to podcast@juliegoodnight.com


Horses That Rip & Run

Today's topic is about dealing with horses that rip and run. I'll talk about this dangerous behavior, what it looks like, how it develops, and situations where it's likely to happen. We'll look at what this behavior means—why the horse does it, and how he benefits. Fortunately, most horses never learn how to overpower people and get away, but once it's been learned, it can't really be unlearned, and it makes the horse particularly difficult to handle. Whether or not you have a horse with...


Ride Through the Spooks

This topic is often asked about, and was also inspired by my first few rides out this spring on my young horse, Pepperoni. We're going to take a look at the behavioral aspects of spooking, how to train the horse to face what he's afraid of, and most importantly, how to execute the emergency stop when all else fails. Want your question answered in the What the Hay? Q&A segment? Email it to podcast@juliegoodnight.com


Canter with Confidence

In this episode, let's talk about cantering with confidence! I'll go over the mechanics of the gait, how to cue, how to ride it, how to set your horse up for the correct lead. We'll even talk about controlling and refining the canter, and I'll address the issue all of you advanced riders want to hear about: the flying lead change. As always, we've got some brand new questions to answer straight from our listeners in the What the Hay Q&A segment!


Collection: A Short Story Made Long

In this episode, let's talk about collection—what it is, and more importantly, what it's not. I'll share with you how to prepare for this skill, how to cue your horse for collection, and how to feel it when you get it right. Plus, we've got some brand new questions to answer straight from our listeners in the What the Hay Q&A segment! Episode...