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Utah's Offense Resembles One Of The NFL's Best ... And It's Working

The University of Utah Utes rolled the University of Arizona Wildcats Saturday. Some national announcers noticed Utah's offense looked a lot like the LA Rams offense. Troy Taylor, offensive coordinator for the Utes, told Brock Huard of ESPN that he watched all of the Rams film. Football is not original. You take what works and you make it work for your team. Scott says there are no original ideas left in football.


It Is Promising To See Donovan Mitchell Criticizing Himself

We are going to the Utah Jazz. Donovan Mitchell called his defense "terrible." Scott got asked the question about criticism and how hard he was on himself. Scott says any athlete who wants to be good needs to be their own harshest critic. It is important to always strive to be better. It is important to face brutal realities. Scott played quarterback for The University of Utah and was drafted into the NFL where he played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore...


Does CTE Make NFL Retirees Nervous For Their Own Children?

Scott's son plays high school football. He is actually a quarterback, that makes Scott proud. Scott says he would never put his kids in harms way, although he does think it's ok for them to face adversity and learn lessons from it. He thinks football has some very important lessons to be learned. He feels that way about all sports and hobbies kids are involved in.


Everyone Hates The Quarterback

Quarterbacks are always on the front page. Good or bad. But today we ask the question why the quarterbacks always take the blame for the losses and the glory for the wins. Do you think they do? Scott gives his insight as to why. Quarterbacks touch the ball on every play. They are involved in every offensive play of the game. How can they not be seen on TV or talked about on the radio more? It is a quarterback's job to pace the game and to control the game. That's a big job.


Can You Imagine Sporting Events With No Crowds? Hopefully You Never Have To.

We start out on a lighter note before we take it to a heavier one. Scott starts by sharing some punny memes he found on the internet. An article came out that caught Scott's attention. The article, from The Salt Lake Tribune, revealed that there was a proposal to ban spectators at the 2002 Winter Olympics following 9-11. It didn't happen, but Scott wonders in the world we live in today, should spectators at sports worry? Could we eventually come to a point when you can only watch sporting...


Love Of Your Life vs. Love Of The Game vs. Religion

Alex Kirry of KSL's UnRivaled joins us to talk about a survey Fathead did. They wanted to know about the love of people's life vs. their love the game. The study presented some pretty funny and intriguing stats. Alex reacts as Scott presents him with the questions. Scott played quarterback for The University of Utah and was drafted into the NFL where he played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens. Jason was a defensive end at Brigham Young University...


Sports Are Not Fair, Thanks TV

We are going to the NFL and something we heard on The Herd. Why did you see the Jacksonville Jaguars on TV last week? Tom Brady. Professional sports aren't fair, especially when it comes to major TV times. Why do you always see the New York Giants on TV? They're terrible this season, but they are in New York and New York is the biggest media market in the United States. Superstars on teams make a difference also. Think Tom Brady. Scott experienced this first hand when he was playing in...


You Would Never Be In The Hall of Fame Without The Team Around You

The NFL Hall Of Fame Board members decided they should get a life-time salary for being in the Hall of Fame. A percentage of the revenue. Scott has a serious beef with this. First, the Hall of Fame is very subjective. Scott is beside himself that these select players think they deserve something more than their other team members. You play a team sport, you would never be in the Hall of Fame without the team around you. The health benefits are a different story. Scott says every single...


Scott Is Taking Lessons On What NOT To Do From Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards got himself in boiling water with the Big Ten Network, his employer, because of Twitter. Why is Twitter always getting people in trouble? Alex Kirry, a long time sports broadcaster, joins us to talk about broadcasters being fans and keeping your cool on Twitter. Braylon Edwards tweeted some harsh comments about his alma mater, The University of Michigan, and their coach Jim Harbaugh. Scott and Alex discuss whether or not this is acceptable behavior. Scott is in the the same...


Why Does it Take Catastrophe to Bring Us Together?

Today, along with the rest of the nation, we are remembering 9/11/2001. Scott shares memories about when he played football and they often wondered about an attack at a game, where there was always a large concentration of people. Scott tells EXACTLY what he was doing that day. Rivals is hosted by Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck, past football rivals, current best friends. Scott played quarterback for The University of Utah and was drafted into the NFL where he played for the Miami Dolphins,...


How The NFL Prevents Players From Being Charitable...In Some Situations

A recent article came out from ESPN where players talked about what they are doing during their suspension. Scott wonders if the NFL can actually police how much of what they do with today's technology. The NFL prohibits players from attending the game. But even more oddly the players can't even give their tickets to charities. Scott thinks this is a weird rule with no rhyme or reason. Scott was never fined or suspended because he made it a priority. The hardest fine for him to avoid? Weight...


A Great Weekend For Utah And BYU, But It Is Important To Look Ahead

Utes, Cougars, Aggies. Anywhere you were in Utah was a good weekend in college football. Even the Wildcats looked good in our loss to the Utes, according to Scott. Per usual, the pre-season polls didn't show much. Hear Scott and Alex Kirry of KSL's UnRivaled recap this last week and look ahead to next. Rivals is hosted by Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck, past football rivals, current best friends. Scott played quarterback for The University of Utah and was drafted into the NFL where he played...



IT IS GAME DAY! Finally. Today Scott's Utah Utes take on the Weber State Wildcats, who had a pretty exciting season last year. Utah is one of the most veteran teams in the Pac12, which comes with it's own set of pressures. Scott says this is potentially the biggest game of the year for Weber State while Utah is just getting the car out of the garage. The most important thing for Utah in this game is to get out of it without injury. Scott is looking forward to his question about Utah's...


Odell Beckham Jr.'s Contract Signals Big Changes In The NFL

Odell Beckham Jr., wide receiver for the New York Giants, is now the highest paid receiver in the NFL. That puts a lot of pressure on Odell Beckham Jr. because no player at this position has ever gotten a contract this big. Scott gives some insight on what players actually see when a contract this big comes out. Taxes. Agents. More taxes, especially in East Rutherford. Does OBJ deserve this money? Scott talks about the importance and significance a lights-out receiver can have on a team....


Urban Meyer Is As Guilty As Zach Smith

Urban Meyer had the opportunity to send us forward but he blew it and sent us back. He thought winning football games at Ohio State University was more important than helping his fellow humans and society. Urban Meyer's wife knew Zach Smith was abusing his ex-wife. Scott says Urban Meyer was very aware of Smith's drug, alcohol and domestic violence issues. Urban ignored the instance in 2015 because no criminal charges were filed, Scott says Urban Meyer didn't care, he only cared about...


College Football Needs To Find A Better System

College football rankings are in. Scott hates when the polls come out. He says they mean absolutely nothing but people get so attached to them. Alex Kirry joins and he doesn't hate them like Scott does, he actually agrees with the top picks. Don't worry, Scott gets into the details on why he thinks they are ridiculous. Rivals is hosted by Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck, past football rivals, current best friends. Scott played quarterback for The University of Utah and was drafted into the NFL...


The Episode You Have All Been Waiting For: Scott's Utah/BYU Dream Team

We started off our college football countdown with Alex Kirry's picks for Utah and BYU dream teams. Alex is a co-host of KSL's UnRivaled and Cougar Sports Saturday. Now, we are onto the episode you have all been waiting for. Scott Mitchell will finally share his ultimate, dream teams for the Utes and The Cougars. I bet you can guess a few of his picks, but he goes against tradition in some. Rivals is hosted by Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck, past football rivals, current best friends. Scott...


BYU FOOTBALL: If You Have Two Quarterbacks You Don't Have A Quarterback

Photo courtesy of Scott G Winterton, Deseret News BYU should have already chosen a starting quarterback, according to Scott. Alex Kirry joins us from the BYU side today. At least they have whittled it down to two candidates. Tanner Mangum or Zach Wilson. Who will it be? Do you think they know and just aren't telling people? This is an important decision for their brand new offensive coordinator. Scott played quarterback for The University of Utah and was drafted into the NFL where he...


College Football Countdown: Why Is Nobody Picking Steve Young?

Photo: Deseret News Archives. We are back again with our college football countdown and we can't wait for the season to start anymore. We take you from TV to newspaper in this episode with KSL TV's Jeremiah Jensen and Deseret News writer Brad Rock. They both chose their all-time teams for both Utah and BYU. Keep in mind Jeremiah is a BYU man and we aren't really sure what Brad Rock is. We see some first on both of these lists, keeping things interesting. Rivals is hosted by Scott Mitchell...


What Current and Recent Players Belong In The Hall of Fame? Eli Manning? Phillip Rivers?

ESPN recently published an article ranking current players and voting on their chances of making the NFL Hall of Fame. Alex Kirry, host of KSL's Unrivaled, joins Scott to discuss the votes. And they don't agree with all of them. Jason Peters, Eli Manning and Terrell Suggs are just a few names Alex and Scott discuss. Agreeing and sometimes disagreeing on who belongs in the Hall of Fame. They discuss whether or not Super Bowls wins, Pro-Bowls and lots of other things go into the decision....