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RIVALS ARCHIVE: The Decline and Fall of BYU Athletics

Rivals Jason Buck and Scott Mitchell talk about the decline of BYU sports, specifically football.The conversation was inspired by a Doug Robinson article in the Deseret News that takes a look at the process of going independent and losing all hope for the future.


Monday, December 17, 2018: BYU, U of U, Concussions and Super Bowls

Jason Buck joined Scott Mitchell last night on KSL's Unrivaled because Alex Kirry is on assignment trying to find out if we actually landed on the moon. They talked Troy Taylor leaving the U of U and whether or not Kalani Sitake is creating a culture of champions at BYU. Scott also asks Jason what it was like the win a Super Bowl and how he REALLY feels after all of the concussions he suffered in his career.


AUDIO: Jason Hopes Utah State Tied Gary Andersen To a Strong Contract

Utah State hired back Gary Andersen as their head coach after he left once to go to Wisconsin and then Oregon State. Jason said he expected it, Scott is absolutely shocked by it. Either way they agree that they hope Utah State locked him it tough.


Will Tyler Huntley Start The Holiday Bowl?

The question on every Utah fan's mind. Will Tyler Huntley, their starting quarterback from the start of the season, start the Holiday Bowl? Jason Shelley, the red-shirt freshman back-up, has been hot and cold. Notably cold during the PAC 12 title game. So who do you start? Tyler Huntley or Jason Shelley?


AUDIO: Jason Dreams About Full Contact Golf

If you had to play any other sport (besides football) what would it be? Jason invented a sport today: Full contact golf. That is what he would rather play. Scott's choice is more mellow than Jason's. Jason also mentions MMA fighting and which former BYU coaches he would like to take on.


Colleges NEED a Football Program ... It's Not About Money

We have talked about the importance of a school having a college football team in other episodes briefly, but Scott and Jason are passionate about the benefits carrying a college football team brings. It is a way to bring students together. College football teams also drive diversity and connection within the student body. Jason shares a personal story about his junior college football team.


Buck: Utah Recruits Running Backs Who Can Throw Not Quarterbacks

Why are some schools really good at recruiting quarterbacks while others can't seem to find a decent quarterback? Jason says it comes down the talent of the coaches. He says part of the reason some schools fail at recruiting quarterbacks is because they want to fit everything into a spreadsheet and they forget the intangibles. Scott and Jason use BYU and Utah as examples.


The Biggest Value In BYU's Bowl Game? More Practice.

The Utes are heading to the Holiday Bowl while the Cougars are headed to the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. CBS Sports ranked BYU's bowl game the worst in the country. Scott starts a slew of jokes asking Jason what they give the losers of the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl? Funeral Potatoes.


AUDIO: Urban Meyer Leaving For Health Concerns Has Happened Before

Urban Meyer, current head coach at Ohio State and former University of Utah coach, is retiring after the Rose Bowl. He said he is retiring for health concerns. Scott says this has happened before. Jason says coaching is tough on your body and relationships. Scott wonders if it has to do with controversy over Zach Smith.


Utah Has An Emotional Edge Against Washington

The University of Utah is heading to take on the University of Washington in the PAC12 Championship game. Scott says the teams are almost identically matched. Jason and Scott agree that Chris Peterson, the Husky's coach is incredibly respectable. Jason says Utah has the emotional edge and that it's hard to beat the same team twice in one season. It is important for coaches to be smart when facing an opponent the second time in one season.


Why Are LDS, Utah County Players Choosing Utah Over BYU?

Scott and Jason, as fans of BYU and Utah, are exhausted from the game. It was an emotional roller coaster. Why is this Rivalry game always so close? In the next segment the guys give the reasons they think boys raised in Utah County and as BYU fans choose to go to Utah over BYU. Scott tells his reasoning for choosing Utah over BYU after he grew up loving BYU.


Rivalry Week Bonus: NFL Rivalries

We have talked a lot about the big one. The University of Utah and BYU rivalry. But we wanted to give you a special edition about the NFL rivalries Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck experienced. Jason experienced some of the most heated NFC East Rivalries during his time with the Washington Redskins. Rivalries in the NFC East are some of the best in sports. Everyone hates each other.


The Rivals Favorite Rivalry Game ... And Job Security For Sitake

The Cougars and the Utes face off on Saturday. Our bets have been made. Jason and Scott both played in rivalry games and have fun stories to share. Jason's favorite rivalry game from his time at BYU doesn't even involve Utah. They also talk about how incredible the Utes have been lately. And Jason wants to go back in time to when BYU was good.


Utah State Is In A Conference, BYU Isn't ... HMMMM

Utah State is having a great season. The Rivals are impressed. Utah State is in the Mountain West Conference. BYU on the other hand is having a pretty bad season. They left the Mountain West Conference ten years ago to go independent. Jason has said all along going that was the worst possible move BYU could have made. And the way Utah State is playing is proving his point.


The BYU v. Boise State Game Made Me Cringe: The Two-Minute Drill

BYU's loss to Boise State can be chalked up to bad time management. And it made Scott cringe to watch. The two minute drill is Scott's favorite time in the game and that is where BYU lost the game. Here is how you can win in the two minute drill. Number one always remember: TIME IS YOUR ENEMY. Rule number two: DO NOT GET SACKED.


Will Utah Find a Way To Beat Arizona State?

The University of Utah Utes made a major jump in the rankings this week. Scott asks where do they go from here. Traditionally the Utes have struggled against Arizona State. Scott says this is the test and the teams are pretty evenly matched.


Michigan Is The Most Overrated Team in The Country

The University of Utah football team is the best in the PAC12 and ranked 23 nationally. Scott does not understand how Michigan is ranked 5. It it is ridiculous. The ranking system is a joke meant to sell ratings.


Utah's Offense Resembles One Of The NFL's Best ... And It's Working

The University of Utah Utes rolled the University of Arizona Wildcats Saturday. Some national announcers noticed Utah's offense looked a lot like the LA Rams offense. Troy Taylor, offensive coordinator for the Utes, told Brock Huard of ESPN that he watched all of the Rams film. Football is not original. You take what works and you make it work for your team. Scott says there are no original ideas left in football.


It Is Promising To See Donovan Mitchell Criticizing Himself

We are going to the Utah Jazz. Donovan Mitchell called his defense "terrible." Scott got asked the question about criticism and how hard he was on himself. Scott says any athlete who wants to be good needs to be their own harshest critic. It is important to always strive to be better. It is important to face brutal realities. Scott played quarterback for The University of Utah and was drafted into the NFL where he played for the Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore...


Does CTE Make NFL Retirees Nervous For Their Own Children?

Scott's son plays high school football. He is actually a quarterback, that makes Scott proud. Scott says he would never put his kids in harms way, although he does think it's ok for them to face adversity and learn lessons from it. He thinks football has some very important lessons to be learned. He feels that way about all sports and hobbies kids are involved in.