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The official home for audio programming from Rock Chalk Talk, SB Nation's community for fans of the Kansas Jayhawks.

The official home for audio programming from Rock Chalk Talk, SB Nation's community for fans of the Kansas Jayhawks.
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The official home for audio programming from Rock Chalk Talk, SB Nation's community for fans of the Kansas Jayhawks.




S04E30 - Go To THAT Universe

With last week's bye, it's time to do a status check on the Big 12 as a whole. Phillip Slavin of The Ten 12 Podcast, Cowboys Ride For Free and The LandGrant Gauntlet joins me to break down the conference, including much more Texas Tech than I expected. Also, we look at the basketball season and soccer postseason. Topics Include: Depth of the Big 12 Did Matt Wells inherit the worst situation? Unrealistic expectations at Texas Tech Most important games for the Big 12. Ideal bowl matchups...


S04E29 - Push One Through

Andy and Fetch recap the Kansas win over UNCG, and Kansas Soccer got a national seed in the NCAA Tournament. Topics Include: Abandoning the 2-big lineup Are we just a 4-guard lineup team now? Depth after the Jalen Wilson injury. Shot Selection FT shooting. Kansas wins the Big 12 Soccer Championship Laying out the NCAA Tournament bracket. Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow Steve on Twitter: @phogfc We want your input on the podcast. If you have something you would like to talk...


S04E28 - Consistently Atrocious

Andy and Fetch recap the Kansas loss to Duke, wondering how so much went horribly wrong and yet so right. Topics Include: 28 Turnovers?!? Decision making of Devon Dotson Rust Great Defense The Legend of Silvio De Sousa Best Player: Ochai Agbaji Strong Start from Tristan Enaruna 3-point shooting Twitter Q&A (via @Brad_Hope): Are we ever going to see successful interior passing? Or is Big Dave just going to start down Dok for 4 seconds and then turn it over? #Big12SoccerMinute Follow Andy on...


S04E27 - Fantastic Defenser

The basketball season is officially here! Andy welcomes JD King of Duke Basketball Report onto the podcast to preview the Kansas Jayhawks season opener against the Duke Blue Devils Topics Include: Is it good this is the first game of the season? Looking through the Duke lineup. Why is Duke ranked higher? Returning Players The Devon Dotson - Tre Jones matchup Most important matchups Starting lineup Can we learn anything from an early game like this? Predictions Follow Andy on Twitter:...


S04E26 - All The Ingredients For The Stew

The Kansas Basketball season is upon us. Andy and Steve are joined by Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star to break down the expectations for the season. Topics Include: The most talented team for Bill Self? How might Self manage three "true 5s" splitting time? Mitch Lightfoot and the redshirt Roles for the freshman. Team-wide three point shooting. Projected starting lineup. Ranking the rotation Thoughts on the Duke Game Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow Steve on Twitter: @phogfc...


S04E25 - Because Of The Line Play

It was a painful Sunflower Showdown, and Andy and Mike recap the game as painlessly as possible. Plus, we talk a bit about the Duke game and an update on the other "football" team. Topics Include: What went wrong? Line talent. Any positives from the game? Thoughts about Duke. Kansas Soccer Update. Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow Mike on Twitter: @mikevilleKS We want your input on the podcast. If you have something you would like to talk about on the podcast, or any suggestions...


S04E24 - Gigantic Chunk Plays

It's the Sunflower Showdown, and Andy is joined by Luke Thompson of Bring On The Cats to help preview the game. Topics Include: Feeling some excitement surrounding this game? Strengths of the Kansas State team. Evaluating the offense Inconsistent defense Can Kansas State handle Kansas' explosive plays? Any changes to expectations? Special Teams play Most important matchups Predictions Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow Luke on Twitter: @AhearnAlley We want your input on the...


S04E23 - Crazy Weird

The Big 12 had an absolute crazy weekend. To help understand what happened and how unlikely it was, Andy is joined by Parker Fleming of Stats O' War. Topics Include: Shocking results from the weekend. Iowa State defense has problems. Oklahoma State vs Iowa State EPA numbers Texas is back ... to being bad. TCU scheming changes coming through. Kansas State defied their EPA profile in dominating Oklahoma. Oklahoma is super efficient, in spurts. Kansas offense is very different from their EPA...


S04E22 - Celebrating Responsibly

Andy is joined by Mike to recap the thrilling win over the Red Raiders. There's a lot to unpack, but it's a whole lot more fun doing that in a victory than a loss. Topics Include: The atmosphere to start the game. Stephon Robinson robbed of a touchdown. Bryce Torneden. Biggest offensive performers Offensive scheming moving forward. Brent Dearmon - PR Guy Huge defensive stops Hero of the day - Chris Hughes On-field celebration Looking ahead Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow Mike...


S04E21 - Sports Pettiness and Angst

Andy talks about the return of the Border War as Carrington Harrison of 610 Sports joins the show. Topics Include: Surprised that the Border War was renewed? Toxic nature of the rivalry What is the benefit to Kansas? Can this game ever get back to what it was? Why weren't other sports included? How big was the football rivalry? What makes a good rivalry? Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow Carrington on Twitter: @cdotharrison We want your input on the podcast. If you have something...


S04E20 - Extra Wrinkles

Andy is joined by Seth Jungman of Staking The Plains to preview the Texas Tech-Kansas game on Saturday. Topics Include: Does this Texas Tech team have an identity? Update on Alan Bowman. Is the offensive coordinator on the hot seat? What drove that Oklahoma State win? How does this new-look Kansas offense effect your expectations for this week? Can Texas Tech keep up if this is a shootout? Predictions Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow Staking The Plains on Twitter:...


S04E19 - Through Them Like Butter

It was a fantastic game, despite the Kansas loss! Andy is joined by Mike to break down what we saw, and it's hard to contain our excitement about the rest of the year. Topics Include: How surprised were you by that game? The Brent Dearmon offense Carter Stanley The effect of coaching The defense got burned Special Teams was atrocious The attitude going forward We want your input on the podcast. If you have something you would like to talk about on the podcast, or any suggestions for people...


S04E18 - All These Injuries

Andy is joined by Gerald Goodridge of Burnt Orange Nation to preview the Kansas-Texas game in Austin on Saturday. Topics Include: Main Takeaway for Texas from the Red River Rivalry Where is the lack of depth the biggest issue? Big playmakers on offense What's going on with Sam Ehlinger? Malcolm Roach out for the first half Scheming for a new Kansas coordinator Chances of a letdown game. How would a Kansas upset happen? Predictions Hijacking traditions Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain...


S04E17 - The Chaos Is Just Beginning

It's the halfway mark for the conference, so it's a good time to check in on the conference as a whole. Andy is joined by Chris Ross of LandGrant Gauntlet to break down the big stories and contenders in the conference at the halfway point. Topics Include: Biggest surprise Brent Dearmon and Kansas success Who are the actual contenders? Texas and Sam Ehlinger Texas and Kansas matchup Can Oklahoma State separate themselves from the bottom of the conference? TCU's brutal schedule Most impressive...


S04E16 - All Over The Place

It's been an eventful season so far, and Andy and David Potter of Rock Chalk Talk review everything that's happened so far. Note that this was recorded before the last weekend of games. Topics Include: -Resetting Expectations -Looking at the offensive change. -Biggest surprises. -Best and Worst Plays/Sequences -Disappointing individual performances -Most likely win coming up -Most competitive game -Expectations moving forward Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow David on Twitter:...


S04E15 - Sheer Numbers Alone

With no game, Andy brings Steve Fetch back on the podcast to get a Late Night update, talk about the implications of Brent Dearmon being the new OC, and taking your questions. Topics Include: -Late Night Announcement Video -Which was worse: Snoop Dogg content or apology? -Brent Dearmon promoted to OC -Any worry Dearmon could be TOO successful? -Twitter Q&A (via @mikevilleKS and @ksu_fan): How much of Kansas "explosive plays" come from the BC game? -Twitter Q&A (via @Fields_Lando): If the...


S04E14 - 3rd and Goal From Midfield

It wasn't a complete disaster, so Andy and Mike take a look at what went well, and what we can take from this game moving forward. Topics Include: -Weather Delay and the Crowd -Most impressive drive of the year? -Kansas impressive defensive performance. -Best Defensive performers -Unfortunate reffing -Huge performances by 3 offensive players. -Best Individual Passer -Feelings going into the bye. Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow Mike on Twitter: @mikevilleKS We want your input on...


S04E13 - So Many Memes

Today, Andy welcomes Kamiar Mehrabian from Crimson & Cream Machine onto the podcast to preview the upcoming game against Oklahoma. Topics Include: -Bigger surprise, big step forward for the offense or the defensive improvement? -Has the defense actually been challenged? -Biggest threat to the OU defense from Kansas. -Willing to bet the line on this game? -Who gets more credit, Lincoln Riley or Jalen Hurts? -QB of the future: Spencer Rattler -Any chance Lincoln Riley heads to the NFL? -What...


S04E12 Turner Gill-esque

It wasn't even close, which was both familiar and strange for Andy and Mike in today's recap episode. Topics Include: -Thoughts coming out of the loss. -The impact of Dru Prox -Offensive gameplanning -The future outlook under Les Miles -The impact of losing Khalil Herbert. -Is the offensive coordinator the problem? Follow Andy on Twitter: @mister__brain Follow Mike on Twitter: @mikevilleKS We want your input on the podcast. If you have something you would like to talk about on the podcast,...


S04E11 - Prove It Kind Of Moment

Last week sucked for the Kansas Jayhawks, but it also sucked for the TCU Horned Frogs. To help break down the first KU conference road game, I brought in Melissa Treibwasser from Frogs O' War Topics Include: -What IS this TCU team this year? -What did last week tell us about this TCU defense? -Strength vs Strength: TCU Run D against Kansas Running Attack. -TCU issues in the secondary. -TCU Running game vs the Kansas Running D. -Turnovers. (Andy messes up a stat). -How will TCU handle the...