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Brought to you by Jon and Dave from Tap Cancer Out, this podcast is about focusing on all the positive aspects of the BJJ Community.

Brought to you by Jon and Dave from Tap Cancer Out, this podcast is about focusing on all the positive aspects of the BJJ Community.


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Brought to you by Jon and Dave from Tap Cancer Out, this podcast is about focusing on all the positive aspects of the BJJ Community.




Episode 20: John Gibson

John is a blue belt at Valko BJJ in Chicago, a Tap Cancer Out Ambassador and 2x Sub-Only Showcase veteran, and was recently featured in a documentary called STIGMA. Check out the Stigma Doc: @johngibsonbjj @stigmadocuseries


Episode 19: Kristian Woodmansee

We're really happy to have Kristian join us through skype during these times. Kristian is a black belt under Andre Galvao with accomplishments including No-Gi Pan Am Champion at Black Belt and No-Gi Worlds/Pans/European Champion at brown belt. He is the owner of Logic Jiu Jitsu in Philadelphia.


Episode 18: Emily Tan

We are excited to be joined by Emily Tan—a woman of many interests including sports, martial arts, dance, pole, aerial arts, acrobalance, handstand, parkour, fitness, personal training, bodybuilding, and last but not least, theater. You may have seen her rocking TCO gear in the many instagram posts we have shared of hers!


Episode 17: Kent Ward, Whaling City Athletic Club

Jon and Dave discuss some of the upcoming happenings in 2020 for Tap Cancer Out. Later in the episode they are joined by Kent Ward. Kent is the owner of Whaling City Athletic Club in New London, CT. A boxer since his youth, Kent has been involved in boxing and martial arts for decades. Whaling City Athletic Club is home to a variety of nonprofit and community building programs including Heavy Hitters, helping at risk youth, and Championship Rounds, which uses boxing and conditioning...


Episode 16: Brad Wolfson, BJJ in Paradise

Brad joins us in studio to discuss his BJJ journey, how he got involved with traveling all over the world to train and teach jiu-jitsu, and the camp he hosts in Mexico, BJJ in Paradise.


Episode 15: Nick Newell

We are excited to be joined in studio by inspirational MMA fighter and longtime TCO supporter, Nick Newell.


Episode 14: Zionna Hanson, Barbells for Boobs

We are very happy to be joined by Zionna Hanson in this episode. She is the founder of Barbells for Boobs. They aim to redefine the standard of care in breast health and improve quality of life post-diagnosis.


Episode 13: How to prepare for your (first) BJJ tournament

Jon and Dave discuss competing and give their advice for all the anxiety and questions that arise from it.


Episode 12: Craig Kulesa, Tampa Grapplethon Host

We’re excited to be joined in our 12th episode by Craig Kulesa. You may not know Craig but we at Tap Cancer Out certainly do because he was the host of the Tampa Grapplethon which took place this past Saturday, July 20th, at Robson Moura Headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and raised $4,372!!


Episode 11: Instagram Live Q&A

Jon and Dave go live on Instagram to discuss some jiu-jitsu related topics and answer questions.


Episode 10: Baltimore + Charlotte Tournament Recap

Jon and Dave are joined by fellow TCO team members Becky and Shannon to give you an behind-the-scenes look at our two most recent Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open tournaments in Baltimore and Charlotte. The group also shouts out the top fundraisers from each city, shares their most heartwarming moments, names the “All-Star of the Weekend,” and much, much more. This was a fun one, so we hope you enjoy!


Episode 9: Shama Ko, Girls in Gis

We’re excited to be joined in our ninth episode by Shama Ko, Program Director for Girls in Gis, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to building and strengthening the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community for females and as a whole. They provide experiences that foster the community of females in the art/sport while encouraging new females to participate. Their goal is to empower and unite females in their martial arts training as well as in life.


Episode 8: Erin Herle, Submit the Stigma

We’re excited to be joined in our eighth episode by Erin Herle, who is hard to nail down to one title, but of her many accomplishments is the founder of Submit the Stigma, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and awareness campaign within the jiu-jitsu community that promotes education, discussion and support for mental illness and those who are affected. She is also a BJJ black belt under Cobrinha, an active competitor including Worlds, Pans, Europeans, and Abu Dhabi Pro, a jiu-jitsu...


Episode 7: Brian Crandell, Gis for GIs

Brian Crandell, founder and president of Gis for GIs. He’s also an Air Force Veteran and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under John Salter out of Wilmington, North Carolina.


Episode 6: Andrew and Brandon Beaulieu, Grapplers Against Violence

Andrew and Brandon Beaulieu are the founders of Grapplers Against Violence - an organization raising awareness for violence prevention and mental health initiatives through the grappling arts. Their mission is to spread the positive effects that grappling


Episode 5: Nicole Beach, My Bruises Are From

Nicole Beach joins us to discuss her journey in BJJ and starting My Bruises Are From, an organization that exists to raise awareness and funds to end domestic violence.


Episode 4: Andrew Myerson, Haymakers for Hope

Co-Founder of Haymakers for Hope, Andrew Myerson, joins us to discuss his life and journey of starting and running his nonprofit.


Episode 3: Rich McKeegan, Blackbelts for Butterflies

Founder of Blackbelts for Butterflies, Rich McKeegan, joins us to talk about his jiu-jitsu journey and starting BB4BF.


Episode 2: Dave Keidaisch, High Road BJJ

Retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, lifelong martial artist, and head instructor of High Road BJJ, Dave Keidaisch, shares his story.


Episode 1: Alex Ecklin, Masterskya

Co-owner of Masterskya, Alex Ecklin, joins us to talk about his jiu-jitsu journey.