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Audio of the TV series Rugby League Back Chat

Audio of the TV series Rugby League Back Chat
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Audio of the TV series Rugby League Back Chat






Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP18

The England 2019 Elite Squad is announced and includes Aussie born Blake Austin. Is this an outrage and if so why? Hasn’t anyone noticed something like this before? Blood is no stranger to Rugby League but slightly strange is the title of a new comic called ‘Rugby Blood’ courtesy of former Super League player turned actor, Keith Mason. We find out what the story behind it is all about - and those between the pages. Can Batley make a date with Wembley after their golden point win against York...


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP17

Are we spending too much time analysing the perils of clubs in the relegation zone and not enough on praising the efforts of those in the promotion and title race? Is the TV broadcast appearance money a fair deal or should it be simply put in a big pot and shared among all the clubs? And, as the game is always looking for money, is private equity the way to go? Joining host Ron Knox are Wakefield CEO Michael Carter, York Knights Head Coach James Ford and former Cronulla Sharks bossDamian...


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP16

Should clubs be held financially liable for the actions of so called fans as in the case of Featherstone Rovers and their £10k fine. Womans Rugby League sets sights on the World Cup but can we expect full time players any time soon? And, has the bottom of Super League ever looked so interesting as Huddersfield now join Hull KR, Leeds and London. Surely a case to keep relegation? Who better to ask than Giants loose forward Oliver Roberts along side Rhinos women’s player Lois Forsell and...


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP15

The Rugby Football League’s CEO Ralph Rimmer joins the debate this week as he’s grilled on the North American project, the 1895 cup and the need for a new TV deal. Plus, is Mr Rimmer and his counterpart Mr Elstone at Super League, actually on talking terms? The speculation mounts on the occupiers of the relegation zone but aren’t the Leeds Rhinos really just what the Championship needs? Also at the debate table with host Matt Shaw are League Express Editor Martyn Sadler and Forty20 publisher...


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP14

The race to avoid relegation in Super League is well under way but after another stunning win by London, can they now look towards escaping the dreaded drop? Ian Blease, Director of Rugby at Salford, shares the joys and perils of running a Super League club. While Super League contemplates cutting the number of teams the Championship considers increasing the number, but really, just how realistic is this? And from Australia to Rochdale to the Back Chat studio. The journey of former Coach...


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP13

Toronto Wolfpack majority owner David Argyle ‘fires’ himself as CEO after acknowledging his racist comment. The ‘Golden Point’ saves London but did it really rob St.Helens? Is this a step backwards, after all the games supposed to be played over 80 minutes? The man hired to solve all the problems at Hull KR is the same man who walked out on the game in 2017. So this should be interesting Mr.Smith. And all the facts on the Giant who’s decided he wants to be a Rhino. Host Matt Shaw in debate...


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP12

The return of the reserve grade is nigh but should clubs be really investing in grassroots? Halifax go marching on in the Challenge Cup but is St Helens a step too far? And Gareth Ellis heads towards his 40th birthday and becomes the oldest player in Super League. Host Matt Shaw in conversation with Batley Bulldogs Head Coach Matt Diskin, League Express Editor Martyn Sadler and Featherstone Rovers Head Coach Ryan Carr.


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP11

So the Magic Weekend adds Anfield to its list of ‘hosts’ but exactly how magical was it? With a rush of new clubs wanting some of the Super League action, where are the players going to come from? This sounds like the time to reintroduce the Reserve Grade ....and guess what? And what can we expect from the unprecedented £25 million funding from HM Government for the 2021 RL World Cup? Host Matt Shaw in conversation with Giants MD Richard Thewlis, Former politician Greg Mulholland and Jon...


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP10

On this weeks Rugby League Back Chat: It’s not officially Summer yet but the Summer Bash was the the talk of the town in Blackpool with 7 big hitting games. Ottawa get the green light from the RFL to start in League 1 as early as next year but is that too early?consortium behind them thinks it might be. And what (or more importantly who) is Kevin Sinfield referring to in his recent outburst down Rhinos way? Host Matt Shaw in conversation with League Express Editor Martyn Sadler, Wolfpack...


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP09

Yet another coach is shown the door this time at Leeds Rhinos but is the problem much deeper rooted? Can rearranging the gruesome Easter fixtures keep a clubs players intact for the good of the game? And as the Nou Camp prepares to make history hosting the Catalans v Wigan game, and the FRLF postponing every other game on that day, are we to witness the start of a brand new era of the sport? Host Matt Shaw is joined by League Express editor Martyn Sadler - Manchester Swinton Chairman Andy...


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP08

On this weeks Rugby League Back Chat.... Are clubs giving really giving coaches time to prove themselves as several are shown the door. Are attendance numbers a figment of someone’s imagination? We know someone who says they are. And do you remember when clubs had reserve grade teams? well.....they may once again. Host Matt Shaw in discussion with Wakefied Trinity CEO Michael Carter, Owner of Leigh Centurions Derek Beaumont and player Agent Dave Peet.


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP07

On this weeks Rugby League Back Chat The season for egg hunts as well as a bigger hunt for points as the Easter period throws up a collection of fantastic and bewildering results. Is the game being taken over by cheats or showmen? 50% of Super League coaches are British, is the tide turning for home grown talent? Host Matt Shaw steers the conversation with League Express editor Martyn Sadler - Featherstone CEO Davide Longo and Newcastle Thunder CEO Mick Hogan.


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP06

The American dream (well North American) takes another step closer to becoming a reality, Shaun Edwards won’t be joining Wigan after all - who could have seen that coming? And... the Easter fixtures provide interesting speculation as host Matt Shaw is joined by Danny Lockwood, Damian Irvine and Ricky Wilby.


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP05

Leeds Rhinos CEO Gary Hetherington and top Womans player Jodie Cunningham join host Matt Shaw along with League Express publisher Martin Sadler to discuss the Golden Point, the kick off to the new season of Women’s Super League and the proposal of Ottawa’s push towards Super League.


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP04

Oh yes he will...sign! The pantomime at Wigan continues as the Shaun Edwards debacle turns to embarrassment. Canada links arms with New York as the game strives to expand. All this & more on Back Chat tomorrow (Thursday 28th March) on FreeSports TV


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP03

Oh yes he will...sign! The pantomime at Wigan continues as the Shaun Edwards debacle turns to embarrassment. Canada links arms with New York as the game strives to expand. And joining host Matt Shaw two of the game’s great young talents James Ford and Lee Greenwood along with the not so young - but still talented - Phil Caplan.


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP02

Host MATT SHAW is joined by RICHARD de la RIVIERE, DANNY LOCKWOOD & JOHN DAVIDSON for this weeks topical debate.


Rugby League Back Chat SE07EP01

The new series kicks off in style...