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116 - Sally Bergesen "Birds of a Feather..."

Today’s guest is someone that might surprise you. Ten years ago it would have surprised me that I reached out to her. Her name is Sally Bergesen and she’s the founder of women’s athletic wear brand Oiselle. Turns out she is a naming expert and the more a name stands out the more people will remember it. I am not a naming expert which is why so many people call my company sport skirts! But that’s another story! Over the years, I have watched what Sally has done with her brand and I started to...


115 - Tracey Hulick Ran 50 Miles with One Kidney

I first came across Tracey Hulick when I opened the front page of the Denver Post Sports section and there she was running an ultra. That's cool, but not that big of a deal, especially in Colorado where there are plenty of ultrarunners. What makes Tracey unique is that she was doing her first 50-miler ever. With one kidney. By choice. Tracey made the decision at an early age that she would donate a kidney someday. She literally just felt called to do it. What intrigues me is the why behind...


114 - Erin Weed Digs You

The first experience I had with Erin Weed was sitting in her office in Boulder for two days sharing the stories of my life with the goal of getting to the heart of who I am and what I was meant to do – in one word. One powerful word. Erin calls this process The Dig. She has administered countless DIGS in her professional life. I wouldn’t say I was lost when I did The Dig, but I was unsure of exactly where I was and where I should be going. I needed some clarity. I had created an identity as...


113 - Dawn Miller "Your Life is Worth It"

Dawn Miller was living what she thought was the perfect life. Mom of 4. Homeschooler. Happily married. Doing all the right things. Believing that her way was the best way. And admittedly judging people who didn’t subscribe to her way. Until one day when a car accident rattled her brain enough to cause a serious concussion and a warning from the doctor, “Don’t get another concussion in the next few months.” 19 days later, another more serious car accident sealed the deal. Dawn’s brain was...


112 - Kristin Reihman "Are You Trying to Live or Are You Trying to Die?"

Kristin Reihman is one of my favorite people on the planet and one of my longest-known guests. I met her in 1990 my first day of swim practice at Yale! I knew the minute I met her that she was special in ways I had never encountered. Kristin loves and accepts all people, despite their flaws and bullshit, and that love and acceptance shine through her physical being into the stratosphere. Not to mention she’s hard to miss. I called her and about 5 other women from her swim class, the amazons,...


111 - Mel Charbonneau Wants to Know Your Story

Mel Charbonneau believes that every single woman has a story & when she opens up and shares her story, the rest of the world benefits. Mel is the founder of Fellow Flowers, a global community of women who find strength in connecting with other women through the shared power of both running and sharing. Mel is a self-described light bringer, a dreamer. Her power is best shared through bringing women together. Today we go deep into how and why Mel started Fellow Flowers which happened because...


Mile Repeat 7 - Kriste Peoples Says YES

I met Kriste Peoples on location at a Skirt Sports photo shoot a couple years ago. Within five minutes, I was asking her to change outfits, run around and be happy. You know what she said? Yes! Today's Mile Repeat is quite a bit longer than the 8-20 minutes I promised, but we couldn't help it! More on Kriste & her incredible journey here: Kriste is a Denver-based writer, producer, speaker, Skirt Sports ambassador, and women's trail running coach in search of the perfect sock. Her work in the...


110 - Flora Duffy is Ready for the Next Big Thing

I met Flora Duffy many years ago when she was a hot up and comer on the tri scene. Tim was working with Pearl Izumi at the end of his racing career and Flora was one of the younger sponsored athletes. And it’s funny, because I consistently ran into her at RallySport over the years, but I swear I always had trouble figuring out who she was. Every time I saw her, there was something just a little different. Now I think it’s because I literally watched her transform in slow motion from a pretty...


109 - Kara Burns will Never. Quit. Trying

Kara Burns has the kind of inner energy that she just can’t contain as she touches on so many raw, personal topics today. If you’ve been a Run This World listener for a long time now, you will remember episode 24 “From Prison to 26.2” where we tackled her story from the bottom up as a former meth addict and felon. I remember trying to figure out how to ask some difficult questions, and I realized there’s no tactful way, so I literally said, “So how does one start doing meth?” Kara was a few...


108 - Beth Shields Finally Made Herself a Non Negotiable Priority

Beth Shields woke up one day and realized that she needed to commit to herself or she would not be here much longer. She hit send on the Running Start application and showed up to the first meeting – barely. We often say showing up is the hardest part. I’m not sure I fully subscribe to that philosophy. I believe it’s important. It’s the first step. But you need to keep going. You need to shift your mindset, tell yourself that you CAN do it, and then you need to follow through – again and...


107 - Alex Hanifin Makes Me Actually Want to Drink Instant Coffee

I had you at coffee, didn't I? Something about coffee taps into a universal language for so many of us hard-chargers who reach for a caffeine kick instead of considering that we may just need to back off and recharge sometimes. Alex Hanifin is no stranger to the concept of hard-charging. She is scrappy. She is smart. She is accomplished well beyond her years. She is the 28 year old founder of a company that is changing the world. The world of coffee. You’ll get the sense immediately that I...


Mile Repeat 6 - Dana Schweitzer on Living after Heartbreaking Loss

This is a beautiful episode from Dana Schweitzer. I asked her to write her bio. These are her words. This episode went live on the 10th anniversary of Lakin's death. I am a mom of two beautiful girls, one who I get to watch grow up here in earth and one who watches me from heaven. We lost our youngest daughter Lakin to Myocarditis (a viral infection of the heat). She passed away suddenly on September 10, 2008. If she were still here with us she would be 10 years old. I started running about...


106 - Jill Angie is Not Your Average Runner

Meet the ultimate champion of women, Jill Angie, aka Not Your Average Runner. As implied she is absolutely NOT average in any way, shape or form. First, she’s a self-described fat runner who started running in her late 20s because she believed being thin was the secret to the universe and the path to happiness. What she found after many stops and starts is that the REAL secret to the universe is to understand that the only thing we have control over is our brains and the choices we make....


105 - Emma Coburn Just Blew My Mind

Emma Coburn is delightful. Yes I said delightful. I never call anything delightful. I don’t think of myself as someone who calls things delightful. One of my friends, Jillian Lakritz, founder of Yoee Baby and a previous guest on the podcast, once said, “Wilder was delightful” when she was there for a play date. And it sounded totally natural and I thought I wonder if I’ll ever call anything delightful. Well guess what? Emma Coburn is delightful – pure and simple. She is fundamentally...


Mile Repeat 5 - Amputee Athlete Emily Harvey is an Ironman with 48 Seconds to Spare

Emily Harvey's leg was amputated when she was 2 because she had a condition called fibular hemimelia, which means she was missing her fibula bone and her left leg was substantially shorter than her right. She grew up not really knowing any different, and even asked her grandma at some point when she got her first prosthesis because Emily had it in her head that everyone wore a prosthesis (for the record, her grandma does not wear a prosthesis). She played t-ball & volleyball, rode bikes,...


104 - Sandi Nypaver has the Power to Control her own Happiness

Sandi Nypaver is an accomplished ultrarunner. She did her first 100 miler at 21 years old and has been on a running journey through life ever since. She recently qualified for the USA's Long Distance Trail Running Worlds team and was injured just days before the race. Most people (including a younger version of Sandi) would be demoralized and have trouble shaking that experience. But when I asked today’s Sandi how she feels about it, she said, “It’s all better…actually I think I’m now...


Mile Repeat 4 - Stacy Klontz was Doing Great and then Life Happened

Stacy grew up playing sports and being active, then life happened... Many years ago before Stacy found running After too many years of not focusing on herself, Stacy renewed her love of running in 2009 at the age of 45 - and went back to college that year as well. She started with a couple 5Ks, and then ran her first half marathon in June 2010, and her second half marathon just two weeks later. Today she has almost 50 half marathons, one full marathon, and many shorter distances under her...


103 - Gwen Jorgensen Gold Medal Mama

Gwen Jorgensen seems to have realized the true value of happiness – and she has set a path in life toward achieving it – happiness not success that is. The reason I say this is not because of what she says in the interview but how she lights up whenever she talks about anything that is bigger than herself, specifically her journey into motherhood. Gwen is an Olympic gold medalist in the sport of triathlon. She won 17 ITU World cup titles and a gold medal all in the span of 6 short years as a...


102 - Maria Thomas and her life as a puddle

I met Maria Thomas (of My Life as a Puddle) at the Truthteller Tour in Boulder earlier this year. We were both featured speakers sharing truths about ourselves that were not easy to share. It was an emotional night where the power of sharing painful truths was both liberating and an intense connector to others that we didn’t even know. After the event, Maria realized how sharing her story with others could help so many people, so she reached out and here we are. Maria’s story starts with her...


Mile Repeat 3 - Sandy Stiner "If the Bone Ain't Showin, You Gotta Keep Going"

Meet Sandy Stiner - long-time runner who after many years finds fulfillment and happiness through moving her body forward. She's a retired police officer, Army veteran, wife, and dog mom to Kirby and Zuzu the Border Collies. She works part time at Hansons Running Shop in Michigan and a Trek bicycle store. Sandy loves to run marathons and ultras. She's finished 78 races of marathon distance or longer, including 100 mile races. Sandy is currently working on finishing a marathon in every state,...