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97 - Mirna & Latoya Uncensored

Note: This episode includes explicit content including profanity and body language terminology that may be considered inappropriate in a public setting or around children. Use your own discretion when listening. Meet two barrier-breakers who have this little thing called MOMENTUM. Latoya Snell aka Running Fat Chef & Mirna Valerio aka The Mirnavator are champions of health and fitness in their chosen sports. They have both gravitated to the world of endurance sports, specifically...


96 - Samantha Reilly is About to Run 100 Miles

Meet Samantha Reilly one of the most energetic, excited, positive women on the planet. On June 23, 2018, she will attempt her first 100-mile run at the legendary Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run. The kicker? She's only 26 years old and this isn't her first rodeo. Sam ran her first 100-miler at age 22. She's been hooked on running since she was a young kid watching the Atlanta Olympics. Sam is interesting not only because she loves running really long distances so young but because she...


95 - Clare Gallagher - How One of the Best Ultrarunners on the Planet Plans to Save the Planet

Meet Clare Gallagher - renowned ultrarunner with several major wins including the 2nd fastest female time ever at the 2016 Leadville 100 mile race, first American to win the CC Ultra Marathon in the Alps in 2017, and more. The truly amazing thing is that she did all of this in the few short years after she graduated from Princeton in 2014! Yes – she is one of the fastest-rising athletes I’ve ever known. Think about it. It took me 10 years to win an Ironman! The really amazing thing about...


94 - Rose Wetzel Embraces the Starting Line

Rose Wetzel is a runner, Spartan athlete & American Ninja Warrior participant. She ran at Georgetown, then pursued elite running post college until she got into Spartan racing and became one of the best Spartan athletes in the world. A couple years ago she started appearing on the American Ninja Warrior show. And then in the middle of her rising athletic career, Rose decided it was time to become a mama. Her baby Taylor is now 9-months-old and Rose is experiencing the reality of sleepless...


93 - Susie Rinehart Chooses Brave Over Perfect

If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you may have heard Episode 92 which was my Ode to Motherhood. This means you’ve already experienced a glimpse into the mind of today’s guest, Susie Rinehart, because I stole one of her quotes as my title, “We are right where we need to be.” Today’s episode with Susie is so full of incredible quotes that I could probably steal about 50 of them for future episodes (and maybe I will!). I think that when someone goes through a profound, life-changing...


92 - Nicole DeBoom - Right Where We Need to Be

Today I give an ode to motherhood on a few fronts. I recently interviewed Susie Rinehart (episode 93) and she said the phrase "I'm right where I need to be." It really resonated with me to the point where I realized that mantra can give comfort when you need comfort, appreciation when you deserve to celebrate, and peace across all experiences. I share some defining moments in my life, from the day I decided to change my life (to get pregnant) to some struggles I've faced as a parent to my...


91 - Kelly McNelis Says Embrace Your Messy life

Kelly McNelis is a community builder, an innovator, mom, wife, and more. Kelly has a very difficult past - she is an incest survivor who finally started processing her abuse and subsequently healing later in life. As she went through this process, she identified the stages that helped her heal most powerfully and realized that her path could help others; that sharing our stories both helps us heal and helps others feel less alone in the world. This realization resulted in Women For One, a...


90 - Confidence Coach Christen Shefchunas Says Wake Up and Get Naked

Coach Christen is an All-American Division one swimmer, college swim coach, author of Naked Confidence: Revealing Your Whole Truth and Finally Moving Forward, speaker and entrepreneur/founder of Confidence Nuggets. After many false starts and disappointments, she uncovered the power of confidence coaching and realized that this would be the new direction for her life. She started infusing confidence coaching into all her endeavors and it paid off both with herself and her athletes. I think...


89 - Deena Kastor Will Help You Think Your Way to Victory

Deena Kastor grew up a running phenom and a highly recruited student athlete. In college she struggled to maintain the momentum of her high school running career and seriously considered dropping out of the running world to pursue baking. Good thing she decided to give it one last go. Through hard work, an open mind and the right people in her life, Deena turned the corner and found the magic bullet that allowed her to fully tap into her potential – as an athlete and a person - the power...


86 - Ryan Boyle is Out Making Something of His Life

Ryan Boyle is a man who makes the choice every day to live a positive, optimistic life. At age nine, he was riding a big wheel at a friend’s birthday party, and he was hit by a truck and dragged down the street. He head injury was so traumatic that they actually had to remove part of his cerebellum because it was so damaged. He awoke from a coma two months later and defied all odds by first, surviving. What happened after that is nothing short of a miracle. And yes, we talk about miracles...


85 - Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce "Nobody Told Me I Couldn't"

Kara Lynn Joyce is a badass athlete. She has swum in 3 Olympics earning 4 Olympic medals. She won 18 NCAA titles. She was a high school national champion. Kara performed at the highest level for many many years. But it isn't her swimming career that will define her legacy. It is her dedication to helping girls develop into strong women that she will be remembered for. Kara's passion has shifted to an organization she founded called LEAD. It stands for Leadership, Empowerment & Athletic...


83 - What I Didn't Know I Needed by Nicole DeBoom

Today I share with you a story. It's about a trip I just took to Costa Rica. It’s a good time to talk about it because I’m still very emotional and having a little trouble adapting back to “real life” after a magical experience. I’m in the heat of a term I just learned – reentry. I’ll be honest, it’s a little harder than I thought partly because going on this trip was something I didn’t know I needed. Think about that concept – something you don’t know you need until you do it. I didn’t...


81 - Tracy O'Malley Steps Out of Her Past and Into Her Truth

Today I caught up with an old friend from Downers Grove, IL. Tracy O’Malley and I grew up together and graduated from Downers South in 1990. I went on to become a pro triathlete and start Skirt Sports. Along the way I battled many demons and tackled many barriers. Tracy went on to become one of the most sought-after speakers, network marketing experts and lifestyle entrepreneurs out there. But as we know, there’s always a story behind the woman. Tracy has battled her own demons and tackled...


80 - Jillian Lakritz You Have Everything Inside of You to Get Exactly What You Want in Life

Meet Jillian Lakritz - former corporate world consultant turned entrepreneur, founder of Yoee Baby, mom of two, idea-birther, and more. I met Jillian when our girls were magically attracted to each other in preschool. Our first play date was hilarious. I thought I would drop Wilder off and go for a long run, but I ended up talking to Jillian and her husband, Mike, for two hours and skipping the workout! Jillian is the founder of innovative baby toy company Yoee Baby. She literally created...


79 - Megan Reamer Makes Potato Chips With Meaning

Meet Megan Reamer - founder of Jackson's Honest - a brand that makes chips cooked in coconut oil. Megan is an incredible woman with a background in the corporate finance world who realized at some point that her quality of life was suffering. So she and her husband Scott decided to pack up and move to a little town in the Colorado mountains called Crested Butte. Megan then proceeded to have a baby and another and another and another! It was when her first child, Jackson, was almost 2 that...


78 - Marie Brown the Little Engine That Could

Marie Brown is a great example of living in the moment and taking responsibility for yourself. At 18, Marie enlisted in the military. Her childhood dream was to be a soldier. She joined the Military Police and at age 20, she was deployed to Iraq. When she returned, she suffered horrible physical and emotional aftereffects and was eventually diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome, Menniere’s disease and PTSD. But the toughest part for her was that she was honorably discharged from the military,...


77 - Craig Towler - Life Can Change in a Flash

Meet Craig Towler - a man with strength, resilience and gratitude well beyond what most of us will ever imagine in this lifetime. In July 2016, Craig was struck by an impaired driver while unloading supplies from his car in front of his home in Boulder. Both of his legs were disconnected from his body in the impact. He survived – barely – and today he faces the world as a double amputee, a title he is working hard to embrace as he continues to pursue the life that he dreams about. I...


76 - Katarina Samardzija Says You Either Can or You Can't - and You're Right

When something is new in your life, it generally symbolizes a start. Think about any starting line – the emotions, expectations, uncertainty that come with it. Some people are made for the starting line. They thrive in this nervous energy, they bubble with excitement, they know that the finish line is out there, but they just love the first few steps. I’m not sure if people are born this way, if it’s genetically wired into them or if this ability to embrace and THRIVE in the starting line...


75 - Olympic Medalist Lorraine Moller Believes the Only Secret is that There is No Secret

Meet Lorraine Moller - Champion athlete, Olympic medalist, Boston Marathon winner, Coach, Wife, Mom and more. Lorraine grew up in New Zealand and struggled with various physical and emotional issues that affected her self-esteem at a young age. Fortunately she was blessed with a gift – the gift of running – a gift that she discovered when she was still a child. Lorraine pursued the sport of running, eventually becoming one of the best distance runners in the world. She won countless...


74 - Sex Therapist Jenni Skyler Gives You Permission for Pleasure

Note: If you are not comfortable listening to a conversation about sex and sexuality in front of other people (kids, your boss, etc), then please be sure to listen to this one when you’re in a place to do so. Meet Jenni Skyler - an AASECT certified sex therapist, board certified sexologist, and a licensed marriage and family therapist. Jenni helps people get in tune with their own sexuality and fully embrace themselves as healthy sexual beings. Her mission is to help people give themselves...