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The St. Bonaventure Bonnies basketball podcast you didn't know you needed.

The St. Bonaventure Bonnies basketball podcast you didn't know you needed.


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The St. Bonaventure Bonnies basketball podcast you didn't know you needed.






Episode 42: Bonnies in (a) Final Four

We're getting you ready for the Bonnies in the Final Four! Well, it's not THE Final Four, but a Final Four. SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X preview the NIT semifinals between St. Bonaventure and Xavier. We talk about the key matchups and how it's a renewal of an old Atlantic 10 matchup. We're also joined by Joe Enoch, who leads the Bonnies alumni group in New York City. He talks about the overwhelming fan turnout expected at Madison Square Garden and what you can expect to see in New York City...


Episode 41: Sword of Domocles Slices P5 Teams

On this episode, we're talking with Dominick Welch, fresh off the Bonnies clutch win at Virginia in the NIT quarterfinals. We ask him about hitting an enormous three with less than 23 seconds left, the team's mindset during the NIT and how the Ironman Five 2.0 is looking at their futures. We're also joined by Captain Beer to talk about how he helped organize about 50 Bonnies students to travel all the way to Virginia in less than 48 hours, as well as how they're trying to get to Madison...


Episode 40: WINNsurrection

On this episode of SBUnfurled and Friends, we break down the keys to the Bonnies huge Senior Night win over Richmond to clinch an Atlantic 10 tournament double bye. We also talk about the special postgame tribute to the members of the Ironman Five 2.0. SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X break down the possible matchups for the Bonnies at A10s and we talk about our plans for going to Washington DC for the tournament.


Episode 39: The NET Cutters

SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X discuss the Bonnies three dominating wins over UMass, Duquesne and Rhode Island. The guys also break down the upcoming St. Joseph's and VCU rematches, the Bonnies Atlantic 10 double bye chances and how you're supposed to celebrate the anniversary of an event that happened on a Leap Day.


Episode 38: St. Louis Sweep

After some prematurely wrote off the Bonnies hopes this season, SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X break down the back-to-back wins against Saint Louis. They're also joined by Rusty Tutton of to talk about the Bonnies tournament resume and why the NET rankings can be flawed. Finally, the guys talk about three games in six days in the Reilly Center and hear why it's crucial for the Bonnies to reschedule the canceled GW game.


Episode 37: Salute Green's Shorts

After a long, midseason pause, SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X are back before a huge game vs. Davidson. The guys talk about the up-and-down performances by the Bonnies recently, how to stop Davidson from 3 and they take your questions!


Episode 36: Challenging Connecticut

SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X react to the thrilling end of the rivalry game win over SUNY Amherst on Saturday. They also discuss what the Bonnies will look like with Kyle Lofton likely out for a few weeks with an ankle injury. The guys are joined by Russell Steinberg, a writer from and a UConn fan. They break down the big showdown in Newark between St. Bonaventure and the Huskies. We also tell you about some alumni events planned in the Brick City before Saturday's game.


Episode 35: Re-rank the Bonnies

On this edition of SBUnfurled and Friends, the guys work through the Charleston hangover that was the Bonnies loss to Northern Iowa. Lil Bona X and SBUnfurled break down the warning signs seen in earlier wins that made the UNI loss not so surprising. They also look at the positives from a fun weekend, especially in the demolition of Marquette. The guy also talk about what they'd like to see out of the bench in what should be an easy win over Coppin State. They also talk about the upcoming...


Episode 34: Doing the Charleston

On this week's episode of SBUnfurled and Friends, we dissect the Canisius win that unfortunately, was way too exciting of a win. We also talk about how it was to have fans back in the Reilly Center, how the athletic department can capitalize on this season's (hopefully) success and what the rest of the Atlantic 10 did. We also get you ready for the Charleston Classic, whether or not you go down to the Palmetto State. We break down Boise St., some of the other teams in the tournament and give...


Episode 33: 2 Franciscans, 1 Cup

St. Bonaventure basketball is finally back! We're joined by Kevin Sweeney from Sports Illustrated to break down the opening night game against Siena for the Franciscan Cup. He also talks about how growing up near Siena fueled his passion for college basketball. We also get into the Bonnies matchup on Sunday against Little 3 rival Canisius.


Episode 32: Ranked The Bonnies

SBUnfurled has your 2021-22 St. Bonaventure Bonnies preseason preview... preview! SBUnfurled gives us some inside information about what he's seen out of the newcomers in the preseason (2:10). The guys also talk about Fan Jam and some of the highlights from the dunk contest and other activities. Captain Beer makes his third official appearance on SBUnfurled and Friends (22:53). He talks with us about his work with the Bona athletic department as a face of the Wolfpack student section, as...


Episode 31: Detroit Muscle

SBUnfurled and Friends is breaking down the Bonnies Atlantic 10 schedule for you (3:51). We're also joined by Bona's guard Jaren Holmes and how he's getting ready for this season (16:13). Holmes talks about a date no one will ever forget, January 6, 2021, and it's definitely because of his 38-point performance against St. Joe's (25:39). We also talk with Holmes about his passion for journalism (40:25), changing his last name to honor his mother (44:36) and the possibility of using an extra...


Episode 30: Summertime Schedule Talk

SBUnfurled and Friends are back for an August episode as we get closer to what hopefully will be a historical Bonnies season. The guys discuss Bonaventure's reported new athletic director and what he could hopefully do for the athletic department (2:23). The guys are also joined by Matt Pappano, director of basketball operations for the Bonnies men's team. Pappano explains the chaos the team faced navigating last season's COVID-altered season en route to an Atlantic 10 title (9:32). He also...


Episode 29: Previewing the Brown & White in TBT

SBUnfurled and Friends is taking a break from summer... well, break... to get you ready for St. Bonaventure's first alumni team appearance in The Basketball Tournament. Steve Marcus, who's a former Bonnies student manager, joins us to talk about coaching The Brown and White. Be sure to follow us on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and several other locations! Search for us on your favorite podcast app!


Episode 28: Geaux Bonnies

Come celebrate your 2021 Atlantic 10 double champion St. Bonaventure Bonnies with SBUnfurled and Friends! Lil Bona X and SBUnfurled break down how the Bonnies defeated VCU in the title game and what it felt like to finally see Bona basketball in person at Dayton (5:41). The guys also talk about the controversy postgame after a security guard wrongfully grabbed the team's official videographer and the Selection Sunday experience after winning A10s (19:47). We then get you ready for LSU and...


Episode 27: Atlantic 10 Super Bowl Week

SBUnfurled and Friends is fired up after a couple dominating performances in the A10 quarterfinals and semifinals! After an all-time epic introduction, Lil Bona X and SBUnfurled break down how the Bonnies were able to overpower a very physical St. Louis team (14:35). They also get into why Duquesne is becoming a much more hated rival lately (27:42). The guys then do a deep dive on the team's celebration dance in the locker room after beating St. Louis (33:52). Finally, we get you ready for...


Episode 26: Ready for Richmond (and Other Teams)

We're getting you ready for the Bonnies trip to Richmond for what will hopefully be the first two of three Atlantic 10 tournament games! Proud SBU alum and New York Post sportswriter Mike Vaccaro joins us for some historical perspective on the regular season champion Bonnies in 2020-21 (0:47). He also gets into the keys for the Bonnies offense and tries to settle a debate among former and current players about which 21st century team is the best (13:26). We also get some very hot takes from...


Episode 25: The Davidson Double

After a brief segment from ODNN (One Dayton News Network), SBUnfurled and Friends celebrates with an instant reaction after the Bonnies escape from North Carolina and earn their second win over Davidson in four days! Lil Bona X and SBUnfurled break down the keys to victory in both games and how they (relatively) contained Davidson's sharpshooters (3:43). The guys then get you ready for the two teams that stand in the way of the Bonnies and their first Atlantic 10 outright regular season...


Episode 24: The Cats' Pause

This episode of SBUnfurled and Friends gets off to a rough start after it's interrupted by a stalker who REALLY likes geography for some reason. SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X discuss how the Bonnies lost a really close one at VCU (4:37). We also announce the 1st Annual Schmidty Award winners, including at least one surprise (15:32). The guys are joined by someone despised by many Bona fans after the 2016 A10 Tournament: former Davidson star Jack Gibbs (21:53). We talk about that infamous night...


Episode 23: The L.A.S.A.L.L.E. System

It's always sunny on SBUnfurled and Friends, even after a Bonnies loss! SBUnfurled and Lil Bona X break down how the Bonnies lost to Saint Louis on Saturday (3:13). We then have the second and final part of the Schmidty Awards with three loaded categories (13:12). We are joined by the guys from The Gola Standard podcast, who are A10 Twitter phenoms. They help us talk about La Salle's inconsistent season and depth (25:44). We also get into the Sheetz/Wawa debate and how Gritty has become so...