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Roll The Tape: One & Done (Episode 12)

LeBron. Kobe. Eddy Curry? Straight from high school NBA players have been some of the best... and some of the biggest flops. This week we dive into the "One and Done" rule and talk about how it has changed the sport of basketball for a generation.


Roll The Tape: American Thanksgiving Special (Special Episode 2)

The RTT crew takes a rapid-fire look at the major sports and leagues, answering some hot stove questions that have come up recently.


Roll The Tape: The Wayne Gretzky Trade (Episode 11)

Perhaps no other trade in sport has had an impact carry on the way Wayne Gretzky being traded has. Afi and Kyle Roll The Tape back to 1988 to explain why the deal happened, and what it meant to the Oilers, Kings, and the rest of the NHL.


Forward Progress: Curtis Joseph

The former hockey great joins the program to talk about his troubled childhood, mental health, financial security for athletes, and the rising costs of youth hockey.


Roll The Tape: Vince Carter and the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest (Episode 10)

In one of the favourite moments of both Afi and Kyle, Vince Carter cements himself as a Toronto Raptors legend in the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest. Through the lens of various questions, Kyle makes his point that Carter's impact goes beyond his tenure in the 6.


Forward Progress: San Jose Sharks' President Jonathan Becher on innovation in the front office

On the third episode of ‘Forward Progress’, host Gord Randall speaks with San Jose Sharks' President Jonathan Becher about how Silicon Valley's hockey team is using tech to enhance the fan experience, how the Sharks are cultivating a fanbase in one of America's most crowded sports markets, and the viral sensation that is Gritty.


Forward Progress: Gold medallist and marijuana entrepreneur Ross Rebagliati

On the second episode of 'Forward Progress', host Gord Randall speaks with former Olympic gold medallist and marijuana advocate Ross Rebagliati about what legalization means for athletes, regulation and recovery, and building a cannabis empire.


Forward Progress: Trans athlete and activist Chris Mosier

On the first episode of 'Forward Progress', we spoke with trans athlete and advocate Chris Mosier about his transition, what it meant to compete in the red, white and blue, and how he’s pushing international athletic committees to change their policy to be more accommodating to transgendered athletes.


Roll The Tape: Moments We Don't Remember (Episode 9)

Different than any other episode, Afi and Kyle take a look back at some moments that just haven't stuck around in our collective memories. The 2009 Sugar Bowl, Non-Big Four tennis matches, 2006 George Mason, and Women's Olympic Hockey are featured.


Roll The Tape: Malice at the Palace (Episode 8)

Sparked by the Lakers/Rockets brawl this past weekend, Afi and Kyle take a look back at the most infamous of NBA brawls, the Malice at the Palace. Looking at the players and teams is one thing, but Afi argues the brawl changed the way basketball is played in the NBA.


The Lockdown - Willie Mays Aikens

On the first episode of 'The Lockdown' host Alex Scantlebury speaks with former Major League slugger Willie Mays Aikens about crack cocaine, mandatory minimums, and the 14 years he spent behind bars.


Roll The Tape: Tyson/Holyfield II(Episode 7)

In the latest episode of Roll The Tape, Kyle and Afi explore the most infamous moment in boxing history - Mike Tyson biting a part of Evander Holyfield's ear off. You've seen this moment countless times, but what about this moment still provides a lasting impact to both fighters, and the sport of boxing.


[Pros & Prose Book Club] 'Season of Saturdays: A History of College Football' with Michael Weinreb

On the fourth episode of the Pros & Prose Book Club, host Micah Wimmer speaks with author Michael Weinreb about his book 'Season of Saturdays: A History of College Football in 14 Games'.


Roll The Tape: The Enigmatic Conor McGregor (Episode 6)

In this week's episode of Roll The Tape, Producer Riley steps in for Afi - and Riley and Kyle pull no punches talking about the Notorious One. From welfare cheques being cashed to worldwide superstar in a sport that doesn't create many, Conor McGregor's rise went from steady to meteoric after knocking out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds.


Roll The Tape: Hey, it's Tiger (Episode 5)

Tiger Woods is one of the quintessential American athletes of our time. Known around the world as the greatest golfer who ever lived, Tiger transcended not only golf, but the sporting world in general. Afi and Kyle take a look bag at the Tiger phenomenon - his impact and popularity that is still being felt two decades later.


Roll The Tape: The Tuck Rule (Episode 4)

In this week's episode of Roll The Tape; one of the most pivotal moments in football of this generation is looked at; the infamous Tuck Rule game of 2002. Afi and Kyle look at why this game (other than an absurd rule) is still talked about. From Brady and the Pats, to the Raiders, and yes... even to the Buffalo Bills. The effects of this game are still being felt today.


Roll The Tape: The NBA's Dress Code (Episode 3)

Both passionate hip-hop heads and basketball fans, Afi Ahmed and Kyle McLaren take a look at one of the most controversial policies in the NBA: the dress code. How did the dress code impact the present day of men's fashion? How did the rap game change to reflect the shift in basketball's style? Was the dress code implicitly racist? These questions and more will be answered on this week's epi of Roll The Tape. Make sure to find us on iTunes for more great content


Roll The Tape: Joey Flippin' Bats (Episode 2)

In the first full length episode of Roll The Tape, Afi Ahmed and Kyle McLaren do a deep dive on Jose Bautista’s bat flip in the 2015 ALDS. What did this moment do to the trajectories of the Toronto Blue Jays, Jose Bautista’s career, and how much impact can one bat flip have on the emotional culture of the sport? Make sure to find us on iTunes for more great content


Roll The Tape: World Cup Preview (Special Edition 1)

In this special episode of Roll The Tape, Afi and Kyle are joined by Carl Haworth and Onua Obasi of the Ottawa Fury to discuss the 2018 FIFA World Cup. They preview the groups, and pretty quickly realize that if France and Brazil do not meet in the semi-finals, the world will be shocked. Subscribe to GSC on iTunes for more great content!


Roll The Tape: The Do-Or-Die Menace (Episode 1)

In their debut episode, Kyle and Afi break down all the things you can expect to hear on Roll The Tape. They also get into talking about Game 7s and clutch elimination game performers. This in turn obviously leads to a debate involving Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James. Subscribe to The Grandstand Central Podcast Network for more great GSC content!