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In the ScuttlePuck NHL Hockey Podcast, irreverent Hockey Outsiders Mike Bonn and Dale Hoard give their less than expert opinions on all things hockey. Whether it's the National Hockey League, the International Ice Hockey Federation, Canadian Hockey League, NCAA or Minor Hockey, we give our take, from a fan's perspective. We focus mainly on NHL events and discussions but if there is a good hockey story to be told, we're on it!


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In the ScuttlePuck NHL Hockey Podcast, irreverent Hockey Outsiders Mike Bonn and Dale Hoard give their less than expert opinions on all things hockey. Whether it's the National Hockey League, the International Ice Hockey Federation, Canadian Hockey League, NCAA or Minor Hockey, we give our take, from a fan's perspective. We focus mainly on NHL events and discussions but if there is a good hockey story to be told, we're on it!








Episode Rick Vaive (441): Corey Perry Contract Terminated. Wild Fire Dean Evason.

Corey Perry's conrtract was terminated for reasons unknown, but it's not what everyone was saying on Twitter. The Minnesota Wild fire Dean Evason and we discuss if it was fair. Also, are the Leafs trying to go to OT? Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Title Player Rick Vaive - 441 Goals Connect to Mitch Marner - Vaive - 90-91 Sabres Mike Foligno -> Son Nick played with Marner 2021 Leafs NEWS - Corey Perry TEAM OF THE WEEK - Minnesota Weird results - all underlying stats are good - 5v5 GF 51.65% All situations Injuries to Spurgeon, Gaudreau, Summary - seems unfair - getting killed on special teams performance Friedman said, something had to be done, but why? Goalies not bailing them out No way to improve with $14.7MM in dead cap space - returning to draft on Feb 1 - NHL Alumni Man of the Year - 1967 Leafs -PWHL 3 on 3 showcase - Skills Feb 2 -Game on Feb 3 22 GP, 16 gone to OT Typically, 25% of games go to OT. 73% Leafs games - what the hell? now tied for 10th in points, 10 behind Kucherov On Nov 23rd, he was 64th in the league with 16pts Knoblach 6-3 and some hope is returning to Edmonton Guess the 5th HOT N NOT ATLANTIC - TOR 6-2-2, DET 6-2-2/ BUF, MTL 3-6-1 METRO NYR 8-2-0 / NJD, CBJ 4-6-0 - NJD in 7th! CENTRAL COL 7–1-2/ CHI 2–80 -ARIZONA - 4th place - convenient PACIFIC LAK 7-2-1 / ANA 2-8-0 - Of note, VGK 4-3-3, EDM 7-3 What’s the call? Florida Panthers - Evan Rodrigues goal called back in shootout Rule 24.2 The puck must be kept in motion towards the opponent’s goal line and once it is shot, the play shall be considered complete. No goal can be scored on a rebound of any kind (an exception being the puck off the goal post or crossbar, then the goalkeeper and then directly into the goal), and any time the puck crosses the goal line or comes to a complete stop, the shot shall be considered complete. The lacrosse-like move whereby the puck is picked up on the blade of the stick and “whipped” into the net shall be permitted provided the puck is not raised above the height of the shoulders at any time and when released, is not carried higher than the crossbar. See also 80.1. The spin-o-rama type move where the player completes a 360° turn as he approaches the goal, shall not be permitted. Should a player perform such a move during the shot, the shot shall be stopped by the Referee and no goal will be the result. Only a player designated as a goalkeeper or alternate goalkeeper may defend against a penalty shot The goalkeeper must remain in his crease until the player taking a penalty shot has touched the puck. If at the time a penalty shot is awarded, the goalkeeper of the penalized team has been removed from the ice to substitute another player, the goalkeeper shall be permitted to return to the ice before the shot is taken. The team against whom the penalty shot has been assessed may replace their goalkeeper to defend against the shot, however, the substitute goalkeeper is required to remain in the game until the next stoppage of play. DOPeS Brendan Smith - 2 Games / Konecny $5k Ryan Hartman - 2 Games tripping


Episode Ian Turnbull (440): SPECIAL GUESTS: Travis Howe and Laith Murad from NHL Breakaway.

We were thrilled to welcome Travis Howe, son of Mark and Laith Murad to the show to tell us about NHL Breakaway NFT digital collectibles. We learned all about NFTs and got some great stories about growing up in the Howe family. Also, there were some major upsets on the weekend and we discussed those and all the other action. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Title Player Ian Turnbull Feedback News 1.Crazy Saturday - Coyotes beat Vegas, San Jose beat Vancouver, Rangers score 7 against Bruins to win 7-4 2.Corey Perry away for “forseeable future” - Kyle Davidson “It’s been a team decision so far to keep him out” Pat Morris “Corey Perry has stepped away from the Chicago Blackhawks to attend to personal matters.” 3. World Cup - discussion on 32 thoughts - possibly 4 teams? Complete joke. 4. CBJ - Laine healthy scratch - 5. Lucic arrested - pleaded not guilty. 6. Klingberg on LTIR - convenient for Leafs 7. Oilers beat Washington 5-0 with big guys leading the way - have they turned a corner? 8. Fleury wears Native American designed mask after being told not to 9.Winter Classic Sweaters leaked Guess the 5th NHL Breakaway interview - Travis Howe and Laith Murad Link for 100 free drops Hot / Not Atlantic FLA 7-3-0 / MTL 4-6-0 (4 teams 5-3-2) Wings in 3rd Metro NYR 8-1-1 / CBJ 2-6-2 PHI in second! Central WPG 8-2-0 / MIN 2-6-2 Pacific LAK 8-1-1 / ANA 3-7-0 Crazy Stat DOPeS - lots of $5k fines


Episode Serge Savard (439): Woodcroft out and William Nylander Stars in Sweden.

After a couple of weeks away, the boys are back and should really be back to a regular schedule going forward. Honest. Jay Woodcroft got fired by the Edmonton Oilers and Kris Knoblach has replaced him. Was it fair and who is running the Oilers these days? William Nylander went home to Sweden for the Global Series and starred for the Leafs. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Title Player Serge Savard - connect to William Nylander Feedback - Doug from Amsterdam sent stickers - comments on Scouting the Refs. News Woodcroft fired by Oilers - Kris Knoblach in as replacement Despite win over Seattle, Woodcroft was done after loss to San Jose - seemed to know it Knoblach - coached McDavid in Erie, was coaching Hartford Wolf Pack in AHL 2-1 in first 3 games League Leading Scorers - 3 Canucks JT Miller, Pettersson and Hughes all have 28 pts Leafs Nylander 7th with 25 - contract year - can Leafs afford him? Calder Trophy Race Bedard 9-5-14 Cooley 2-10-12 Jack McBain and O’Brien both get Gordie Howe hat trick in Arizona win over Chicago Last time 2 players had GH hat trick was 1988 - Jets over Flames - Andrew McBain, Jack’s dad was one. Global Series Red Wings 4 vs Senators 5 Leafs 3 vs Red Wings 2 Senators 2 vs Wild 1 Leafs vs Wild Hot n Not ATL - BOS 7-1-2 / MTL 2-7-1 MET - NYR 9-0-1 / CBJ 1-7-2 - Jarmo? CEN - DAL 7-3-0 / MIN 2-6-2 (CHI, NSH struggling) PAC - LAK 7-1-2 / SJS 3-7-0 Guess the 5th NBA In-Season tournament - NBA Cup - what do you think? Nov 3 - Dec 9 Group Play and Knockout Rounds Group Play - Nov 3 - Nov 28 - teams divided into 6, 5 team groups. Play a round robin against all teams in group. Regular season games. Played on “Tournament Nights” where all games on schedule count for the tournament Knockout - top 8 teams - top 2 in each group plus 2 wildcards Single game elimination - Quarters, Semis - Championship All games count towards regular season except Championship NHL - Gordie Howe Cup ? - replace All Star game. What’s the Call? New Jersey Goal against New York Rangers - whistle clearly blown before puck goes in but it is called a goal. The ruling was made under Rule 37.3: Puck entering the net as the culmination of a continuous play where the result of the play was unaffected by any whistle blown by the Referee upon his losing sight of the puck Goal Review Procedure - the clocks Situation Room observes goal, not observed by on-ice - contact ref, if goal should have counted, reset clocks to time of goal. If not, no change to clocks. Team A scores, undetected and Team B scores after - if legal goal, Team A goal counts, Team B goal doesn’t, reset clocks to time of Team A goal - If determined that Team A goal was illegal - kicked in, high stick etc, no goal counted for Team A nor Team B, clock reset to time of Team A goal CRAZY STAT DOPeS - Mangiapane 1 game suspension Stats - 6 suspensions so far - 3 of them 4 games, 2, 2 games, 1, 1 game 5 fines - all $5,000 This time last year, 8 suspensions 1, 3 game, 6, 2 game, 1, 1 game 13 fines UPCOMING -


Episode Wayne Babych (438): Michale Andlauer Gives It to NHL. Our Favourite Hockey Memories.

A fun episode as we discuss Michael Andlauer's press conference announcing Pierre Dorion's "resignation". Some pointed comments for the NHL. We also picked 3 of our favourite personal hockey memories. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter Title Player Wayne Babych - connect to Pierre Dorion (Habs 1994-2005) Sens 2007 - 2023) Babych - 85-86 Whalers Dave Babych -> 97-98 Canucks Steve Staios -> Replaces Dorion as GM Feedback - Mike Maki News Dorion out Senators give up 1st round pick for trade list issue with Vegas - harsh Andelauer pissed. - “that’s something you’ll have to ask the NHL” “Andlauer told by seller that the no trade list was a “non-issue” “Why I inherited this is beyond me” Why did NHL not make sure he knew before buying? Andlauer suggested to maximize sale price - “but you’ll have to ask the NHL” “Dorion resigned and been relieved of his duties” - what? NHL decision on draft picks was last straw for Pierre Andlauer going to be very hands on Shane Pinto - not pleased that he didn’t know, wasn’t aware of all the facts Jets players wearing neck guards in practice WHL mandates neck guards NHL and NHLPA in discussions on potential for mandating Dallas - Edmonton game - Sam Gagner gets 2 in return to Oilers How long until Quenneville is coaching Oilers? Leafs lose 3-2 to Bruins Canucks have 4 players in top 12 in scoring - Pettersson, JT Miller, Quinn Hughes, Brock Boeser Lead league in goals with 46 and GF-GA with +24 Guess the 5th FEATURE Our personal top 3 all time hockey moments - Hot ’n’ Not Atlantic BOS 9-0-1 / OTT 4-5-0 - how are the Bruins doing this? Metro NYR 8-2-0 / PIT 3-6-0 - Pacific VGK 9-0-1 / SJS 0-9-1 Central DAL 7-1-1 / CHI 3-6-0 What’s the Call? Goalie Mask knocked off Oilers game, Skinner knocked over, mask comes off, play continues with Oilers going up the ice. Skinner gets mask and puts back on before play returns. Correct Call? RULE When a goalkeeper has lost his helmet and/or face mask and his team has control of the puck, play shall be stopped immediately to allow the goalkeeper the opportunity to regain his helmet and/or face mask. When the opposing team has control of the puck, play shall only be stopped if there is no immediate and impending scoring opportunity. This stoppage of play must be made by the Referee. When play is stopped because the goalkeeper has lost his helmet and/or face mask, the ensuing face-off shall take place at one of the defending team’s end zone face-off spots. Play should have been stopped right away - Oilers should not have been allowed to go up ice. Crazy Stat DOPeS McAvoy - 4 games - no discussion of being a late hit - very close about 0.5s N.b. - no 4 game suspensions last year - 2nd already


Episode Willi Plett (437): Shane Pinto Suspension. Is it Time For an Oilers Rebuild?

Despite our best efforts to publish an episode from California, technical issues prevented it. Regardless, we are back and there is lots to discuss. Shane Pinto was suspended by the NHL for not betting on NHL games. We'll try to explain. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Episode 437 - V2 Banter - technical issues Title Player - Willi Plett - connect to Shane Pinto Willi Plett -> 79-80 Atlanta Flames Brad Marsh -> 91-92 Red Wings Nick Lidstrom -> 2011-2012 Wings Darren Helm -> 2022-23 Avalanche Alex Galchenyuk -> 2020-21 Senators Shane Pinto Feedback - Paul from San Francisco, Chris, Caroline and Hooper, Tom Tilley, Nora, Jason Addy News Shane Pinto - 41 games for not betting on NHL games? Seems fishy - Players are allowed to gamble but not on NHL games - Facts - 41 games was negotiated settlement - NHL wanted more - almost certainly confidentiality clause - no appeal - public admission of making - NHL Statement - "The League's investigation found no evidence that Pinto made any wagers on NHL games," NB - does not say Pinto did not make any wagers on NHL games - Pinto - “I take full responsibility for my actions and look forward to getting back on the ice with my team” - what actions? not going to find out from Pinto or NHL - Being Reported - possibility it was proxy betting where someone uses your account to make bets for you - technically not illegal but against rules of most betting apps - no one has said the proxy was betting on NHL games but given severity of penalty, must be the case no? - proxy bet is nice, clean story but is it true? - to make an account you need to give ID and credit card / bank info - did he think that wouldn’t be connected to him? Pretty stupid if not. - Friedge and Marek pretty quick to say “nothing malicious” - what makes them think so? - being characterized as an “honest mistake” and “careless” - if they are getting info out of NHL, it’s definitely the story the NHL wants out - NHL has had huge influx of cash with betting services - what happens if it turns out a player bets on NHL games? -will any MSM get the whole story? Hahahahahaha Adam Johnson, former Penguin died in on-ice incident in EIHL in England. “Freak Accident” - neck cut by skate in collision. PWHL - logo revealed trademark filings hints at team names Toronto Torch, Montreal Echo, Ottawa Alert, Minnesota Superior, Boston Wicked, New York Sound. I hope these aren’t the names…. Training camps start Nov 15 NHL rescinds rule against pride tape after Travis Dermott uses in home opener “Players will now have the option to voluntarily represent social causes with their stick tape throughout the season,” McDavid injured in game with Jets - will he play in Heritage classic Sunday? Joe Thornton retired Oilers 1-5-1 and Edmonton is collectively losing its mind underlying numbers are pretty good but situation is dire should they fire Woodcroft? Leafs 5-2 and looking good in 3rd - Nylander with 11 points. Points Jack Hughes 7GP 5-13-18 - lots reporting that Hughes is best player in the world… Dylan Larkin 8GP 4-11-15 Alex Debrincat 8GP 9-4-13 Goalies Jonathan Quick 3GP .982 Joseph Woll 4GP .961 Jeremy Swayman 3GP .957 Oilers- Campbell 45th, Skinner 50th - High powered offence has 17 goals - 28th in league GA - 35 - 29th in league Guess the 5th Surprising Starts Atlantic - Wings 5-2-1 - Tied for 2nd place Metro - Flyers 4-3-1 - Tied 3rd place / Pit 3-5 8th place Pacific - Canucks - 5-2-1 2nd place / Oilers 1-5-1 7th place Central - no real surprises Crazy Stat What’s the call? - Throwing the stick Rule 53 – Throwing Equipment – clearly indicates that this is not only against the rules, but deserving of a penalty shot: A player shall not throw a stick or any other object in any zone. When any member of the defending team throws or shoots any...


Episode Chico Maki (436): Matthews On Fire! Oilers....not so much.

Auston Matthews puts the Leafs on his shoulders with back to back hattricks. The Oilers stumble out of the it as bad as it seems? Plus, a new segment. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter - Calgary Title player Chico Maki Feedback News Bedard - 1st goal, leads league in Shots on Goal, Pride Tape Fiasco - Quick discussion - why make this an issue? Matthews - hat trick in comeback victory game 1 Hat trick in game 2! 7 goals in 2 games! Sick of Reaves already Alfredsson back with Senators in role “somewhere between player development and Coaching”. Steve Staios, President Oilers get pasted 8-1 in season opener and fans are ready to trade everyone and fire the coach Lose 2nd game to Canucks 4-3 - outshot them 40-16 Sign Adam Erne to 1 yr deal after PTO Ekholm to play Sat Logan Cooley - 2 assists as Coyotes beat Devils Guess the 5th Stanley Cup Predictions Last year - Mike - Colorado Dale - Carolina This year - who will it be? NEWS SEGMENT What’s the Call? Bedard doesn’t wear helmet for warmup - what's the rule and what happened? Crazy Stat DOPeS Brett Howden - 2 games for check to head


Episode Sylvain Cote (435): SEASON OPENER! Bold Predictions for 2023-24

Some big news as the Jets sign Hellebuyck and Scheifele to 7 year deals. Finally, the season begins and we make some bold predictions about what we think will happen. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter - Thanksgiving - Vancouver / Newman golf - Title Player Sylvain Cote - connect him to Mark Scheifele Cote - 99-00 Blackhawks JP Dumont -> 10-11 Predators Matt Halischuk -> 13-16 Jets Mark Scheifelel Feedback - Nick in Iraq put up sticker in PAX terminal. News Jets sign Scheifele and Hellebuyck to 7 x $8.5MM deals Dahlin - $11 x 8 - big get for Sabres Bettman coy about expansion at BOG - seems like it’s a done deal Says expansion fee will be “a lot” Where? Look to TV Market What is going on in the WHL? Kevin Constantine gets fired by Wenatchee for making “ derogatory comments of a discriminatory nature” - THN Ryan Kennedy - “racial slur” In other recent events: Red Deer names Kai Uchacz Captain - he had previously been suspended by the Seattle Thunderbirds and then released by the team for racist comments made to teammate Bill Peters gets hired after history with Akim Aliu Fridge commented that in conversation between NHL and WHL employee, NHL said “Do you guys have any bleepin’ clue about what’s going on?” Characterized WHL as “not so much a league but a bunch of fiefdoms” Flames get arena deal - finally - $1.22 Billion event centre, includes 1000 seat community rink Guess the 5th Season Prediction time! Last Season 5 Stories LAST YEAR: 5 stories to watch this year: Colorado - are they built to last? Calgary - did Treliving do as well as we all think? Seattle - does Shane Wright prove the Habs wrong? Arizona - does it become a destination game? Pittsburgh - the band is back but is it too late for Crosby/Malkin and Letang? Stories to Watch Can Oilers live up to hype? Can Vegas have staying power? Kessel Iron Man streak Does Patrick Kane end up in buffalo? Will a Canadian Team win the Cup? Big Moves in Off Season Karlsson to Penguins - does he keep them a contender? Debrincat to Red Wings - can they be more than mediocre Dubois to LA - have they stepped forward or backward with this trade? Hall to Chicago with Bedard - can he help? Will they be more than terrible? Tarasenko to Ottawa - will he help them get to playoffs? Dom’s Model has Edmonton 107.2 pts and Carolina 107.7 pts as top teams in West and East. 1st and Last by Division Pacific - Edmonton / San Jose - Vegas show worthy? Watch CGY - Metropolitan - Rangers / Flyers - Pittsburgh? Carolina - goalies? Central - Avalanche / Blackhawks - CBJ / Dallas / Winnipeg- Hellebuyck Atlantic - Leafs / Canadiens - Bruins goalies? TBL - no Vasi for 2 months Leafs Keys to success outside big names- Klingberg, Samsonov/Woll Bertuzzi Matthews Goals? Oilers Keys to success outside big names - Campbell rebound / Ekholm healthy / McDavid Goals / Points? BOLD PREDICTIONS


Episode Mark Streit (434): Babcock Didn't Make It To Camp!

We joked last week that Mike Babcock and Johnny Gaudreau wouldn't last...we didn't expect one of them wouldn't make it to the opening of their first training camp together. As the other camps open, the Leafs are trying Nylander at centre and the Oilers are just hoping Jack Campbell can get close to his past form. The PWHL has its first draft. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter Title Player Mark Streit - connect to Paul Bissonnette Streit 08-09 Islanders Bill Guerin -> 08-09 Penguins Paul Bissonnette Feedback News Babcock Firing -chronology of events - Bissonnette and Whitney discuss on Spittin’ Chiclets - Babcock, Blue Jackets and Jenner release statement saying mischaracterization - Bissonnette doubles and triples down - Commodore says it’s true - NHLPA investigates - NHLPA / NHL meet - Fridge reports that PA / Bluejackets meetings were intense. PA found some young players uncomfortable - meeting away from team facilities, Babcock had phone for several minutes - Babcock resigns Davidson - “This is what we had to do, and the resignation process had to start at that point.” - why not fire him? Josh Bailey -Ottawa PTO PWHL Draft - Teams had a 10 day window to sign 3 free agents and then there was a 15 round draft after that. Boston, New York, Minnesota, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa $35,000 minimum salary, $55,000 Average, $80,000 max. Must sign 6 players to 3 year, $80,000 deals Bruins - Marchand captain 100th season sweaters are interesting Guess the 5th Training Camps open!! What are things we’re watching? Leafs - Nylander moving to Centre Reaves talking big - going to change the locker room - how will that be received? Bertuzzi, Domi, Reaves - extra grit good for team? Klingberg - return to form? Oilers - questions Lavoie makes it? Broberg - where will he play? (RHD with Nurse?) Gagner, Sutter or Erne make team from PTO? Campbell bounce back? Connor Bedard goals at Rookie camp - release is weird and lethal Penguins wear warm ups at rookie camp because Dubas makes players earn the jersey Athletic article on rule changes players would like to see Stamkos disappointed that no extension talks have happened. Crazy Stat


Episode Mario Marois (433): GM Meetings in September. Will Hellebuyck and Scheiffele Remain in Winnipeg?

We're back for another summer episode of ScuttlePuck as we start to ramp up to another season. The GMs held a meeting in September which was a first, and the coaches were invited. What's up? Surprisingly, it sounds like the Jets will start the year with Hellebuyck and Scheiffele in the lineup. How long will that last? Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter Title Player Mario Marois Feedback News Babcock redemption tour - 3 part series on Signings since last episode TOR Matters 4 x $13.25 OTT Jake Sanderson - 8 x 8.05 EDM Evan Bouchard 2 x $3.9 NYR Alex Lafreniere 2 x $2.325 Bill Peters back in Lethbridge "Over the last several years, I have worked to understand my previous anti-Black racist thoughts and actions," said Peters. "I have learned much through this reformational journey and feel ready to return to coaching. I am in an influential position to positively impact community leaders and contribute to a more inclusive generation in hockey." Guess the 5th GM Meetings - changed to Sept this year - included all coaches - mandatory meeting Friedman felt that there would be discussions about what is acceptable in a dressing room / what is acceptable when dealing with refs Lebrun and Russo article on prep for season - Winnipeg still have Hellebuyck and Scheiffele - Cheveldayoff says they’ll start the season with them Friedman - reporting that Hellebuyck could stay in Winnipeg Hellebuyck has an open mind Former Jets player told him - if there was one thing to change, key players should get more info from team on what plans are Not sure about Scheiffele - Calgary - quiet, Hannifin not signing, Lindholm willing to stay, but needs to get paid How do they get Huberdeau going? Making $10.5MM What do they look like this year? Arizona Coyotes - “They’re working away at resolving the uncertainty around where they’re going to play long term,” said Bettman, who added that the league must know definitive plans by midseason because it needs to focus on building next year’s schedule.Remember, Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith is waiting in Salt Lake City with open arms if the Coyotes can’t resolve this over the next few months.” That’s the first I’ve heard that short a timeline on the Coyotes getting resolution Bowman and Quenneville spoke to the 32 coaches and 32 GMs about their experiences and lessons learned from the Chicago scandal. No details of discussion released by NHL or these two. Bill Armstrong said, “That was about leadership and responsibility and about, if something does come up, how to handle things thoroughly,” said Arizona Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong. “You have to address it, investigate it, and it’s your responsibility as a leader to go above and beyond to make sure it’s dealt with. And that the league’s perspective, too.” - what does this tell us about their status? Prospects to enter league again? - Quenneville working with Brock McGillis - Bowman working with Sheldon Kennedy Sports 1440 in Edmonton up and going.


Episode Syl Apps (432): Toews is out for 2023-24. Ideas to Improve the NHL.

It's the dog days of summer but we're here talking hockey. The Athletic is recommending ways to improve hockey but we have other ideas. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter - Wine tour - Happy B’day to Dan, Kim, Donny Title Player Syl Apps - connect to Jonathan Toews Apps -> 47-48 Leafs Ted Kennedy -> 56-67 Leafs Dick Duff - 71-72 Sabres Gilbert Perreault -> 86-87 Sabres Dave Andreychuk - 05-06 Lightning Brad Richards -> 14-15 Blackhawks Jonathan Toews News: Toews out for 23-24 but wants to play in 24-25 “Toews had 31 points (15 goals, 16 assists) in 53 games last season. He announced Feb. 21 he was stepping away from the Blackhawks to deal with the effects of long COVID-19 and Chronic Immune Response Syndrome, which kept him out the entire 2020-21 season. “ Bergeron retires Krejci retires Will Lucic fill the void ;-) UFAs remaining Notable Unsigned RFAs Guess the 5th Ideas from other leagues - 10 things listed: Do a quick take on any of these that interest you and THEN: What other ideas do you have? Pick one or two you think they should try - try to be original. Me: 1. Cut # of games - not new but this is a must - my new angle - shorten playoffs! Whatever is done, do not emulate MLB and NBA uniform nonsense! Mike’s Trivia Challenge for Dale -


Episode Kevin Lowe (431): Summer Edition - Erik Karlsson to the Penguins. Summer trips.

We're back after a month long break with lots of stories and some hockey talk. Kyle Dubas puts his stamp on the Penguins by finalizing a trade for Erik Karlsson. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter Belgium - GP / Good beer Nurburgring D-Day beaches Stratford Grindstone Title Player Kevin Lowe - connect him to Jeff Jackson Kevin Lowe - 92-93 Rangers James Patrick -> 86-87 Rangers Jeff Jackson Feedback - Nora - wants another 9 years and a ScuttlePuck t-shirt! News Signings and trades since last episode: BIG Signings - overall, not many big ones, tons of low - middle end. Cap not going up has really squeezed the UFAs Tom Wilson - Caps 7 years $6.5MM - man alive Ilya Sorokin - Islanders - $8.25 x 8 Dmitry Orlov - Hurricanes $7.75 x 2 - smart AGM - pay high, but he’s 31 so not overpaying for long time Anze Kopitar - $7MM x 2 Alex Debrincat - $7.875 x 4 - Det Sebastien Aho - $9.75 x 8 Tarasenko - OTT - $5 x 1 Oilers - pretty quiet Connor Brown Ryan McLeod (RFA) Jeff Jackson CEO of Hockey operations! Leafs - clearly adding sandpaper Sens add Korpisalo and Tarasenko - interesting Guess the 5th Dubas announced he will be GM and promptly completes 3-way trade to secure Erik Karlsson - interested to see how San Jose approaches next few seasons - Dubas as GM - surprised? - names Amanda Kessel, Trevor Daley as Special Assistants to GM - thoughts?


Episode Ab McDonald (430): GOLDEN KNIGHTS WIN STANLEY CUP. Hall to the Blackhawks.

The Vegas Golden Knights win the Stanley Cup. Taylor traded to the Chicago Blackhawks for cap space. The NHL decides to back away from special warm up jersey nights. We do some prep for the Draft which goes this week. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Title Player Ab McDonald - connect to Connor Brown (expected to go to Oilers) Ab McDonald - 72-73 Winnipeg Jets -> Coached by Bobby Hull -> Brett Hull 03-04 Red Wings -> Jiri Hudler -> 16-17 Stars Jason Spezza -> 19-20 Leafs Travis Dermont -> 18-19 Leafs Connor Brown Feedback - shoutout to team at TSN 1260 who got cut in Bell Media layoffs esp Al Mitchell News Vegas wins STANLEY CUP - Marchessault Conn Smythe Taylor Hall to Chicago - will have played with 6 No 1 overall picks - Bedard, Dahlin, Hiescher, McDavid, Nuge, Yakupov. Board of Governors meeting - no themed warmup jerseys - disappointing - some pretty cool jerseys had been made - Pride, Hockey Fights Cancer, Indiginous etc - Salary cap up $1MM - Tampa sell minority stake for $1.4Billion - will this lead to more sales? - Tannenbaum sells a portion of his 25% stake in MLSE Trades leading up to Draft - Sean Durzi to Coyotes for 2024 2nd to LA - Ryan Johansen from Preds to Avalanche for Galchenyuk - Preds rebuilding Flames tearing it down? Big name players 1 year from UFA on the market Tyler Toffoli - Seravailli reports doesn’t intend to sign Elias Lindholm - leaning against signing Mikael Backlund - leaning against signing Noah Hanifin - not signing What a couple of years for franchise - draft will be fascinating Guess the 5th NHL Awards McDavid - Hart, Art Ross, Rocket Richard, Lindsay 64 G, 89 A, 153P - first since Gretzky in 86-87 to lead all categories Norris - Karlsson Adams - Montgomery Selke - Bergeron Lady Byng - Draft - Top 10 - McKenzie Matvei Mitchkov - fascinating discussion -viewed by many as #2 behind Bedard. Signed with SKA St. Petersburg Teams with Most Picks Crazy Stat


Episode Hakan Loob (429): Vegas On Brink of Stanley Cup. More RFAs refuse to sign.

The Golden Knights are one win away from Stanley Cup glory. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter Title Player - Hakan Loob - connect to Shane Doan Feedback - is Crosby #2 all time News Ottawa deal - another group has withdrawn - 2 groups remain - price down to $950MM Apostolopoulos supposedly had largest bid but withdrew due to frustrations with process Blue Jackets making moves- Severson - sign and trade - 8 yrs - 29 when starts Provorov - 2 yrs left at $4.725 ($2MM retained) Is Columbus going to be legit with these moves? What else will they need to do? Pierre Luc Dubois, RFA has said he won’t sign so Winnipeg is looking to move. Gave Jets a list of teams he’d sign long term extension RFA basically created a no movement clause situation. Matt Tkachuk-style. I think we’re going to see this more. He’s basically demanded out of 2 markets now - would you want him? Alex Debrincat has done same to Ottawa - Where will he go? Leafs add Shane Doan as Assistant to GM Brad Treliving - will this be the difference? Guess the 5th Playoffs Golden Knights up 3-1 - things getting testy - Wes McCauley making himself the star…again - wrap up in 5? Crazy stat DOPeS


Episode Mickey Redmond (428): STANLEY CUP FINAL - VEGAS vs FLORIDA. Tommy Krulikowski returns to the show.

The Stanley Cup Final has started with Vegas taking an early lead on the Panthers. The Penguins steal the Leafs' thunder by announcing Dubas as POHO 30 minutes before the Leafs announce Brad Treliving as GM. Plus, special guest, Tommy Krulikowski returns to ScuttlePuck. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter - Title Player Mickey Redmond - will connect to Mike Babcock 75-76 Red Wings Rick Lapointe -> 85-86 Kings Gary Galley -> 99-00 Kings Dan Bylsma ->03-04 Ducks for Babcock and coached the Penguins over Babcock in 08-09 Stanley Cup Feedback - Is Sid #2 all time? News Dubas POHO in Pittsburgh Treliving GM in TO Quebec Remparts win Memorial Cup - Patrick Roy - will he come back to NHL? Where? Babcock hired by CBJ 32 Thoughts interview with Ryan Smith - Salt Lake City potential owner Cole Caufield - 8 x $7.85 Greg Cronin hired by Ducks as Head Coach Guess the 5th Playoffs Thomas Krulikowski interview Wes McCauley making himself the story, as usual Adin Hill making a case for Conn Smythe Bobrovsky was amazing in Gm1 Crazy Stat DOPeS


Episode Ilkka Sinisalo (427): Panthers Advance to Final. Stars Force Game 6. Canada Wins Gold. Latvia Wins Bronze!

In the NHL, the Florida Panthers have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final after sweeping the Carolina Hurricanes. In the Western Conference, the Dallas Stars have forced a game 6. At the World Championships, Canada beat Germany for gold and the upstart Latvians beat the USA to win bronze. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter - Title Player Ilkka Sinisalo -> connected to Sammy Blais - 2 goals for Canada in WC Ilkka Sinisalo -> 89-90 Flyers Len Barrie -> Tyson Barrie 2014-15 Avalanche Ryan O’Reilly -> 2021 Blues Sammy Blais Feedback - thanks for a special gift from a listener News Guess the 5th Playoffs Florida sweep Hurricanes - what’s the verdict on ‘Canes - not good enough? Beat by a hot goalie? Will they make significant changes? No Paccioretty and Svecnhikov hurt. Tkachuk with another game winner with 4.3 s in game 4 - what a playoff Dallas wins 2 to force game 6 Oettinger up and down Pavelski with another game winner - hall of famer? Crazy Stat DOPeS - 2 games to Jamie Benn (Stars won both)


Episode Terry Ruskowski (426): Kyle Dubas Out as Leafs GM. Panthers on Brink of Stanley Cup Final.

As the Stanley Cup Semi-Finals got rolling, the Leafs stole the spotlight by letting Kyle Dubas walk. What really happened? We discussed that and what we think will happen next. In the semi-finals, the Panthers have a 3-0 lead over the Hurricanes and the Stars are down 2 to the Golden Knights. BOB! Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter - Long Weekend Title Player - Terry Ruskowski - connect to Brendan Shanahan - Terry Ruskowski -> 88-89 North Stars Curt Giles -> 91-93 Blues Brendan Shanahan News 1. Leafs GM saga - Shanahan timeline Did Dubas overplay his hand? Friedman reporting that people within Leafs organization shocked. Is Keefe a dead man walking? Big decisions to be made by June 30 - Matthews, Marner, Nylander NMCs kick in. What’s next? Both LeBrun and Friedman mentioned Doug Armstrong as potential for Leafs Dubas talking to Pittsburgh 2. Calgary names Conroy as GM - Nonis to have senior position Jarome Iginla will have a role 3. Other open spots - Coaches - Columbus, Washington, Rangers, Calgary, Ducks, 4. Coyotes - Tempe votes not to go forward with arena - Keller’s Dad tweets that he won’t be back, then claims his account was hacked… NHLPA’s position on this would be interesting to know 5. Larry Brooks reporting that NHLPA is on board with 84 game season What is PA getting in return? Guess the 5th Playoffs - OTs everywhere DAL 0 - VGK 2 Jack Eichel delivering for Vegas FLA 3 - CAR 0 4OT in game 1 Tkachuk both GWGs Bobrovsky stealing the lead for Conn Smythe Canes -shot volume approach continues. Crazy Stat DOPeS


Episode Kyle Turris (425): Leafs and Oilers Are Out and We Have Opinions.

Both the Leafs and Oilers got knocked out of Round 2 and we discuss what happened and what happens next. The Flyers, in a shocking move, select ex-Flyers for their new leadership team. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter - Jays game / Mother’s Day / Last of Us Title Player Kyle Turris -> 2010-11 Coyotes Nolan Yonkman -> 01-02 Capitals Peter Bondra -> 92-97 News CEO Dan Hilferty, “I know some people are thinking “here they go again, hiring two former Flyer players isn’t a fresh start,” Hilferty said. “Let me share with you that during the process, our goal was to hire the two best candidates. It just happens that they’re former Flyers. We were inspired by the titans who won us championships in 1974 and ‘75. We need to channel the spirit of those early years as we build anew. Equally, we need to embrace today’s modern game, one that requires speed, power, and strategy like never before.” Tortorella to have quite a bit of say - is that good? Guess the 5th Carolina 5 v Devils 1 Can anyone stop Carolina? Dallas 3 - Seattle 3 Who will win game 7? Imagine Kraken vs Golden Knights! Crazy Stat DOPeS Pietrangelo - 1 game for tomahawk chop - Nurse - 1 game for instigating


Episode Jim Peplinski (424): Round 2 Update. Leafs and Oilers Lose Early. Canes Look Dominant.

Round 2 starts and the Leafs go down 2 games while the Oilers lose game 1 too. Can they battle back? Petr Klima dies. Hurricanes dominate the Devils early. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter Gordon Lightfoot Title Player - Jim Peplinski 86-87 Flames Brian Bradley -> 93-94 Lightning Petr Klima Feedback - Jon Gee, Leonard Waters - News Petr Klima passed away Sutter out - Dreger reports that the players basically said, he’s gone or they were going to protest somehow before training camp Sutter’s extension starts July 1… 2 x $4MM Would Treliving have stayed if he had known? Weird Draft Lottery Monday night - Draft simulator - Award Finalists Norris - Adam Fox, Erik Karlsson, Cale Makar Adams - JIm Montgomery, Dave Hakstol, Lindy Ruff Calder - Matty Beniers, Stuart Skinner, Owen Power Selke - Patrice Bergeron, Nico Hischier, Mitch Marner Lady Byng - Jack Hughes, Onze Kopitar, Brayden Point Hart - TBD Ted Lindsey - TBD Vezina - TBD Masterton - TBD Guess the 5th Series Updates TOR v FLA 2 Bennett and Tkachuk effective Knies out with concussion Comments on 1st 2 games Any changes needed? CAR 2 v NJD Canes dominating 5-1 gm 1 and 6-1 game 2 win Devils have 19 goals in 9 games - EDM v VGK 1 6-4 game 1 Draisaitl 4 goals in loss McDavid nursing Knee injury Skinner? What happens game 2? DAL 1 v SEA 1 Grubauer Oettinger tough 1st game, bounce back Hiltz leads team - 13 points Pavelski gets 4 goals in a loss as well Kraken still doing it by committee - Gourde leads with 8pts / no players with more than 3 goals Crazy Stat DOPeS Sam Bennett - Parking Ticket


Episode Gerry Meehan (423): Leafs Get Past 1st Round! Oilers too! 3 Series Left.

The Toronto Maple Leafs got their 1st round monkey off of their backs with a 6 game win over the Lightning. On the same night the Oilers moved past the Kings for the 2nd consecutive season. Dale's away so his son Dane and I go over all the series and start looking to round 2. Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Banter - Title Player - Gerry Meehan News - Leafs win first round for first time since 2003! Samsonov big Matthews 5 G, Marner 11 Pts What pushed them over the top? Oilers defeat LA Kings in 6 Draisaitl 7G, 11P McDavid 3G 10P Bouchard 10P PP - 56.3% Skinner - almost blew game 6 Hurricanes defeat Islanders in 6 Stars defeat Wild in 6 Golden Knights defeat Jets in 6 - What is going on in Winnipeg? Lots of talk of rebuild Will Bowness be back? Will they move players? Who are the problems? Guess the 5th - Last time Leafs made it out of 1st round - ’03-’04 Beat Sens in 7 Lost to Flyers in 6 Name top 5 playoff scorers for Leafs that season (13 games) Series Still going Avalanche 3 Kraken 3 Who will win? How are the Kraken staying in this? Devils 3 Rangers 3 Rangers blow 2 game lead Will they finish them or will Devils break through? Panthers 3 Bruins 3 Bruins blow 3-1 lead Are they rattled? What happened to Ullmark - who starts game 7? DOPeS - player safety / suspension discussion Cale Makar - 1 game for interference


Episode Walt Poddubny (422):First Round Update: Bruins and Canes in Control. Are Refs Bad or are Our Expectations Too High?

First round in full swing and the Bruins and Canes are living up to expectations. The rest of the series are 2-1 and there is a bit of everything going on. Every fanbase seems mad at the refs, are they that bad or are expectations ridiculous? Listen Here: iTunes Google Play Stitcher Direct MP3 iHeart Radio Episode 422 Banter Title Player Walt Poddubny - conncect to Jon Tavares Walt Poddubny - 89-90 Devils Brendan Shanahan -> President of Leafs Tavares News Lots of injuries, targeting of key players - Pavelski, Ekblad, Cernak, Hedman, Krejci, Bergeron, Teravainen - Wes McAuley - is conflict of interest with Keefe an issue? Don Cherry was right - no one is watching to see linesmen - drop the puck! Officials are like traffic cops Guess the 5th Playoffs Series East Leafs 2 / Lightning 1 Huge OT win - O’Reilly goal late Game got nasty Vasilevskiy Given up 14 on 31+37+27 = 95 shots 85.2% Bunting suspended 3 games Tavares with hat trick in game 2 Hedman / Cernak out Marner getting all the love Matthews - not a huge factor so far How did they call that Corey Perry goal in? In review referee says review showed it completely crossed the line - what? Bruins 3 / Panthers 1 Bergeron / Krejci out but Bruins prevail Hurricanes 3 / Islanders 1 High stick non-call in Carolina game - Mike Rupp breakdown on Twitter Islanders 4 goals in 2:18 in game 2 Devils 1 / Rangers 2 2 5-1 games Devils dress rookie goalie Schmid and win game 3 West Oilers 1 Kings 2 Some very dodgy penalties OT winner - review inconclusive - tough one Kings playing rope a dope Yamo passenger Diving by Kings Woodcroft - rattled in post game Wild 2 / Stars 1 Wild alternating goalies - will they go with Gustavsson for game 4? “Wild” swings - 3-2 Wild, 7-3 Stars, 5-1 Wild. Dumba hit on Pavelski - dirty? legal? Avalanche 2 / Kraken 1 Kraken keep pushing back when I expect them to fold Kraken win game 1, then up 2-0 in game 2 but Avs come back Jets 1 / Golden Knights 2 Comeback to tie 4-4 in game 3 but lose in OT Whiteout Jets big win in game 1 Is Broissoit good enough? Crazy Stat DOPeS Bunting 3 games