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The essence of why we ride. Seat Time offers videos, reviews, podcasts and tips to fuel your passion and inspire you to keep following the trail ahead.

The essence of why we ride. Seat Time offers videos, reviews, podcasts and tips to fuel your passion and inspire you to keep following the trail ahead.


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The essence of why we ride. Seat Time offers videos, reviews, podcasts and tips to fuel your passion and inspire you to keep following the trail ahead.








22.1 | Max Gerston, Hard Enduro Media Specialist | “Getting 5% better is really, really hard to do.”

Max Gerston is the US Hard Enduro Media Specialist for the 2022 US Hard Enduro Season. What does that mean? He's the American version of Paul Bolton, a talented rider and racer who educates us, the viewers, on what the racers are experiencing. This is a great evolution for the career of Max Gerston and we chat about how his position, and the sport of Hard Enduro, are growing. Links Youtube: Shop: Instagram:...


Interviews | 2021 Red Bull Override, Texas Hard Enduro

Interviews with Mario Roman, Ryder Leblond, Pat Smage, Ryan Sipes, Quinn Wentzel, Mitch Carvolth and Jason Kueber from the 2021 Red Bull Override. The Override Hard Enduro Event changed locations and changed formats for its third iteration. The riders, and myself, have some thoughts on all the adjustments. I do hope we see the event come back for a fourth year, giving the new promoter, and new location, a chance to evolve and grow for the Hard Enduro enthusiasts. Links Youtube:...


Read-Aloud | Where Have All The Tough Enduro's Gone?

The 2021 Shady Burro Enduro is a long, grueling two days on your dirt bike. It has the spirit of a hard enduro, with the organization of a Reliability Enduro. Article: Video: Links Shop: Buy a Coffee: Youtube: Instagram:...


Interviews | 2021 Endurocross Round 3 in Reno, NV

At Round 3 of the Endurocross Series, we saw Trystan Hart go 1-1-1 for his first overall of the 2021 season. He was in control of each race throughout the evening. Even when he started from the second row in the second Super Endurocross moto, he still quickly made his way to the front to control the race. He was excited, far from "pissed" and sounds ready for Prescott. The Endurocross tracks have continued to evolve as the 2021 Series has progressed. They have had more dirt to utilize,...


21.10 | Cody Webb; The Past, the Present and the Future.

Almost ten years in the making, we ask Cody Webb all the questions about trials riding, racing at the ISDE and where the sport of Hard Enduro is heading. Where did Cody Webb come from? How is Cody Webb's recovery going right now? Where does Cody Webb see Hard Enduro and Endurocross in the States heading? Links Youtube: Shop: Instagram: Buy a Coffee: Submit your Why I Ride story to...


Interviews | 2021 Endurocross Round 1 in Tulsa, OK

The 2021 Endurocross results from Round 1 are in. Colton Haaker won all three Super Endurocross motos to take the overall. Trystan Hart went 2, 3, 2 on the evening to stand on the second step of the podium. Cooper Abbott showed his fourth last year was just the beginning, with a 3, 2, 3 for third place. More content on Instagram and coming to Seat Time Youtube Channel! Links Youtube: Shop: Instagram: Buy...


21.9 | Tire Talk w/ Rich Larsen, the IRC Tire Guy

We’re back w/ Rich Larsen for the September podcast. We talk all things IRC Tire, Gummy Tires, “How do pick the right tire?” and much more. Quote from the Episode “I learned so much about myself through riding motorcycles.” Links Youtube: Shop: Instagram: Buy a Coffee: Submit your Why I Ride story to the project at Enjoy #GettingSeattime during September, ride your...


Interviews | 2021 Red Bull Tennessee Knock Out

Billy Bolt is your winner of the 2021 Red Bull Tennessee Knock Out. The European racers came in full force to take on Round 5 of the Hard Enduro World Championship. The American racers had a great showing, but they just couldn't keep up with the speed and intensity of Bolt and Lettenbichler. Seat Time YT Channel: Enhance your pre/post ride shenanigans with some Seat Time branded merchandise at Submit your Why I...


21.8 | Self Assessment, Test/Re-test & Progressive Overload w/ Geoffrey Fryer

We’re back w/ Geoffrey Fryer for the August podcast. We’re finishing up the other three topics from the polls on Instagram. Quote from the Episode “We don’t know where we need to go if we don’t know where we are right now.” Links Fryer Performance Site: Fryer Performance Instagram: Atomic Habits Video: Atomic Habits Book: Seat Time YT Channel:...


21.7 | Pushing Your Limits, Fueling and Recovery w/ Geoffrey Fryer

For the July podcast (yup, we missed June), Geoffrey from Fryer Performance is back on the show! We polled y’all on instagram and got today's topics, Pushing Your Limits, Fueling and Recovery! Great quote from the Episode “You’re trying to fuel your mind so that your mind can better control, and govern, the rest of your body. It’s definitely top down.” Links Fryer Performance Site: Fryer Performance Instagram:...


21.5 | Mindset and Flow State w/ Steve and Denise Hatch

For the May podcast, we're joined by Steve and Denise Hatch, of Steve Hatch Racing, to chat about Mindset and Flow State. These principles aren't just for the hippies and the yoga teachers. They are ways any rider, or racer, can be more efficient and effective on the trail by being intentional before you start twisting the throttle. Books Mentioned Breath: Inner Game of Tennis: Rise of Superman: Links Steve Hatch...


Interviews | 2021 Revlimiter Extreme Enduro

Interviews and chats throughout the weekend during the 2021 Revlimiter Extreme Enduro. Thanks to Cody Webb, Trystan Hart, Colton Haaker, Ryder Leblond, Jordan Ashburn, Nick Fahringer, Shelby Turner, Rachel Gutish, Louise Forsely and Drew Kirby for taking the time to chat with me about Hard Enduro and how the sport is progressing! Thank you for tuning in. Please share with your riding buddies or leave a review on whatever platform you’re using to consume your podcasts. Enhance your pre and...


21.4 | Porsha Murdock | For The Fun Times With Friends

We’re beyond stoked to introduce our newest “Why I Ride” merchandise design, which is inspired by Porsha Murdock’s story about the reason she loves to ride — “When I was in school, I thought I was going to become a physical therapist, not be racing bikes in Italy. It’s wild to think about.” For Porsha Murdock, the sport of mountain biking came later in life. “I learned to ride in 2012,” she recalls. “Having grown up in California, you would think I would’ve done something like mountain...


Seat Time Quickie | Reaction to NEPG Retiring w/ Erek Kudla

Just recently the NEPG (National Enduro Promotions Group) announced that after 15 years, they would no longer be promoting the AMA National Enduro Series. Good for them, retirement should be fun! But what does that mean for the Series, the racers and the future of the AMA National Enduro Series? That's what Erek Kudla, the AMA Offroad Racing Manager, and I talk about during this Seat Time Quickie. Thanks for tuning in. Please share with your riding buddies or leave a review on whatever...


21.3 | Alan "Doc" Cotton from 812 Suspension Design

Alan "Doc" Cotton is the owner and tuner at 812 Suspension Design out of Round Rock, Texas. I noticed 812 stickers on bikes being posted around the world. This clued me in that there was something going on with 812 that I needed to know more about. Doc's story is deeper, and more meaningful, that I could have ever imagined. Dirt bikes saved his life, literally. Links: Motorcycle Missions Post:...


Ep 21.2 | Crystal Levesque, Canadian Enduro Rider

Crystal Levesque is a Canadian dirt bike rider. She's known on Instagram as @Crystal_loves_moto and has amassed a large following of fans who enjoy her openness, her teachings and her Canadian slang. We cover quite a few topics as we chat for just under an hour. Her journey on Instagram is a subject we cover, but we dive deeper into how she learned to ride and why she now helps other learn as she did. We touch a bit on her reason for why she rides that lead us into the differences between...


Ep 21.1 | Enduro Method: Online strength and conditioning programs for dirt bikers.

Enduro Method is a new training platform to help you be able to enjoy your time riding your bike that much more. Some of us don’t get the opportunity to move as much as we should throughout the week before we throw our legs over a bike for the weekend. Enduro Method is here to help you move throughout the week and be primed for a long weekend of getting seat time. Enduro Method: Discount Code: seattime50 Seat Time Shirts and Stickers: Youtube:...


2020 Red Bull Override Interviews and Recap

Recap and Interviews from 2020 Red Bull Override


Why Do You Ride?

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2020 Revlimiter Extreme Enduro Interviews

Interviews with Cody Webb, Trystan Hart and Max Gerston