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A Red Sox podcast hosted by Jared Carrabis, Pete Blackburn and Steve Perrault.

A Red Sox podcast hosted by Jared Carrabis, Pete Blackburn and Steve Perrault.
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A Red Sox podcast hosted by Jared Carrabis, Pete Blackburn and Steve Perrault.





The 2018 Boston Red Sox are American League Champions and on their way to the WORLD SERIES! Let's GOOOOOOOOOO! We open talking David Price and his remarkable performance in Game 5, how wild it is that Alex Bregman didn't think his IG story troll would become a big deal, how shocked we are that this series only went 5 games, updated feelings for Chris Sale after his trip to the hospital and being pushed back in the ALCS, what we expect from a struggling Craig Kimbrel in the World Series, how...


Episode 214: On to Houston

Coming off a couple great Section 10 Live Shows in Boston, and a big ALCS Game 2 win, we are ready for three more in Houston! We start talking favorite moments from the Live Shows over the weekend, recap David Price's start and if we feel any differently about him for the rest of the postseason, the bullpen being surprisingly impressive so far, updated feelings on Chris Sale after his lower average velocity and visit to the hospital, what we are most looking forward to in the upcoming games...


Episode 213: Daaaaaaaaaaa Jankees Lose!

The Red Sox just went into New York and ended the Yankees season. In what's been a historic year for this club, they also get to say they sent the New York Jankees into the offseason. LET'S GO! We start talking everything that went down in Game 4, how Jared was actually prepared to fight Yankee fans, the perfect silence in the stadium after the Yankees lost, a couple of could-be grand slams, Kimbrel having a wild 9th inning, the joy of celebrating a playoff series win in the Bronx, Giancarlo...


Episode 212: On to New York

The Sox won one, they lost one, and we're on to New York. We open talking how WILD the Section 10 Live Show turnout was - You guys are simply amazing for flooding Cask n' Flagon for our show, line out the door, show intro was insane, all we could have asked for. This Just In: We're looking to do another one ASAP! Then we got to talking about David Price's Game 2 start and how we actually had some confidence going into it, what we do now after another postseason stinker for him, why the...


Episode 211: JD Martinez and ALDS Preview

This is a BIG ONE, folks. We are joined by Jumbo Dong himself, JD Martinez, from the Red Sox dugout. We begin the interview talking the longest offseason of all time and how miserable it was when we briefly thought the Sox weren't gonna land JD, him getting noticed a lot more as he started to dominate this season, how much he can lift (bro), a story of how he met Manny Ramirez and learned a unique hitting tip from him, being raised to respect the game and not get too cocky but how he still...


Episode 210: David Ortiz

It finally happened. Big Papi is in the BUILDING! Very excited for today's interview with the most clutch hitter in Red Sox history. In our sit-down with David Ortiz we talk about the 2004 ALCS and how much he specifically remembers from each game, the time he almost killed Tanyon Sturtze in a brawl with the Yankees, how brawls in baseball today have changed, whether he ever considered coming out of retirement, what he told this Red Sox team after they set the record for most wins in...


Episode 209: Award Show

Here we are. The 1st Annual Section 10 Award Show. We asked and you guys delivered with 10 awards to give out after a memorable regular season for this podcast and the Boston Red Sox. The awards are as follows: Favorite Guest of the Year, Favorite Section 10 Twitter Trend, Most Surprising Performance in a Good Way, Best Section 10/Red Sox Related Barstool Shirt, Biggest Waste of Space (Put Him in the Bathroom Award), Red Sox Beat Reporter Guest That Sucks the Least, Most Memorable Red Sox...


Episode 208: Most Wins Ever

The 2018 Boston Red Sox have now won more games in a season than any Sox team ever...and that's something to celebrate. We open talking the latest on a possible Section 10 Live Show before Game 1 of the ALDS next Friday, recap how the Sox celebrated clinching the AL East title in New York last week, the phrase Boom Sauce gets thrown around frequently, whether we'd rather play the Yankees or the A's in the ALDS, the latest on Didi Gregooski's status, thank Alex Cora for putting Drew Pomeranz...


Episode 207: Tim Wakefield

Red Sox Hall of Famer and fan favorite Tim Wakefield joins us today to talk his very first memory of playing in Boston, the wildness of pitching to Jason Varitek in the 2004 ALCS, not loving the stigma that comes along with being a knuckleball pitcher, a behind-the-scenes look at Doug Mirabelli's police escort to Fenway, the best hitters he's made look silly, a hilarious Jose Canseco story, giving up a homer to Barry Bonds and the gesture he gave him right afterwards, a special moment he had...


Episode 206: Mitch Moreland

Mitchy Two Bags himself joins the podcast today to talk his top memories from playing with the Rangers - including his relationship with Ian Kinsler and favorite Josh Hamilton moments, his pitching career and how it was almost his full-time decision before hitting got in the way, when he first heard the nickname Mitchy Two Bags and his reaction to it today, where he got his toughness from with a special shoutout to a Red Sox alum, the steak and potatoes sound bite and how he was shocked it...


Episode 205: 100 Hot Takes (feat. Dave Portnoy, Evan Drellich, Gary Striewski, Scott Zolak, Rob Bradford, Steve Buckley, Chris Cotillo, Mike Mutnansky and Jimmy Stewart)

This is a wild episode, folks. To celebrate the Red Sox reaching the 100-win mark for the first time since 1946, we have 100 guests on to give their Red Sox hot takes. Well not quite 100, but here is today's guest list: Dave Portnoy, Evan Drellich, Gary Striewski, Scott Zolak, Rob Bradford, Steve Buckley, Chris Cotillo, Mike Mutnansky and Jimmy Stewart. We fly through Jared's contacts and get hot takes from each one of these studs. Strap in, because this is a rowdy one. Enjoy!


Episode 204: Alex Cora

#MyManager is in the BUILDING! This has been in the works all season, and Alex Cora delivers. Before the interview with the best manager in baseball we talk about how long the journey has been to getting access to interviews like Cora in the Sox dugout, thank each listener for their continued dedication to the show, what JD Martinez meant when he said it's like death looking at statistics, a certain Jimmy B clip being amazing and then it's Cora Time. In our interview with #MyManager we talk...


Episode 203: Agent Zero

Brandon Phillips is the greatest Red Sox player of all time to wear number 0. What. A. DEBUT. We open talking how amazing Dat Dude's performance was on Wednesday, how sad it is that the Yankees, Luis Severino, and Gary Sanchez legit suck, Drew Pomeranz still needing to GTFO, how enjoyable it is to cancel plans to stay in and watch the Sox, where Rick Porcello ranks among MLB's greatest hitters of all time, why bringing Pedroia back now makes no sense, give more much-needed live updates from...


Episode 202: Dalton Furbush

The Red Sox are likely on their way to a third straight AL East title but they sadly won't be joined by the one and only Dalton Furbush for the push for October. We open talking an upcoming live show for Section 10, give much-needed live updates from today's Sox game, debate our least favorite parks to watch the Sox play at, a key takeaway from the White Sox series, every Dalton Furbush take under the sun, what impact to expect from Brandon Phillips at the big league level, chances that...


Episode 201: We Fine

The Sox swept the Marlins and now we can all calm TF down. We open talking the 11-run inning madness that happened Wednesday night, Kimbrel and the bullpen being VERY unreliable right now and who we can actually trust in this pen come October, break down expectations for the last month of the season, and then we're joined by Marty the Mush. This guy may be our biggest concern in October because he's got curse potential written all over him. We talk Marty's background (including a random...


Episode 200: Curt Schilling

Yes, we have friend of the program and 3-time World Series champion Curt Schilling back on the show to celebrate our 200th episode. First off, this one goes out to you guys. YOU are the reason we do this show. A lot of work goes into this podcast and you constantly prove why it's all worth it. The shirts, yelling out the catchphrases, following along with us on Twitter for every game. Simply put, you guys are the real MVP. To the show! We start talking the wild ride we've taken to 200...


Episode 199: Smells of October

This Sox-Indians series has a different kind of feel to it. An October feel to it to be exact. Today we talk which Red Sox pitchers we would actually trust in the postseason, FLIP on the 2019 Sox schedule which is maybe the worst schedule in the history of schedules, find it funny that Yankee fans actually think they still have a chance in the AL East, give Pedro a shoutout for roasting the Yanks and answer your phenomenal Down in the DM questions. That and much more, enjoy!


Episode 198: Cause for Concern?

Chris Sale is heading back to the DL and we are sorta kinda not worried...sorta. We start with some breaking news involving Wally and Jared, implement a new Section 10 signal for everyone to use in public, how initial reactions made it sound like Chris Sale was dead and whether or not Manfred has actually secretly banned him, the Yankees being dickheads for not being able to catch up and make this a fun pennant race, the PawSox sad move to Worcester, updated requests for Section 10 shirt...


Episode 197: Mo Vaughn

1995 AL MVP, 3-time All-Star, and Red Sox Hall of Famer Mo Vaughn joins us on the show today. We talk his new clothing line, how the Red Sox winning it all in 2004 made life so much better for all the alumni that came before that team, Mo loving everything about playing in Boston, how he's not worried about getting credit for being the last wave that led to the title in '04, where his "Hit Dog" nickname ranks with some of the best in baseball in the 90s, what it meant to be the last Sox...


Episode 196: Wins for Sale

Chris Sale can't be stopped, the Red Sox can't be stopped, who needs some extra wins? Because we got 'em. We open with a little bday debate, then talk David Price making Steve look dumb, how it wasn't even that fun watching the Sox sweep the Orioles, Steve Pearce being a legend, comparing this team to the 2007 Red Sox, Chris Sale being insanely rude by not allowing other teams to hit the baseball, a quick in-show call to Jonny Gomes for an exclusive item that we need, cycle talk and where...