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Shoot'n The Bull Podcast with Josh Keller and Ty Stubblefield is an entertaining and somewhat educational podcast driven by their adventures in the elk woods or any other hunt that comes to be.

Shoot'n The Bull Podcast with Josh Keller and Ty Stubblefield is an entertaining and somewhat educational podcast driven by their adventures in the elk woods or any other hunt that comes to be.
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Shoot'n The Bull Podcast with Josh Keller and Ty Stubblefield is an entertaining and somewhat educational podcast driven by their adventures in the elk woods or any other hunt that comes to be.




#60 David Brinker, Ty & Josh talk elk

With elk season's fast approaching Ty & Josh talk about elk scouting, hunting and behaviors. Comparing the differences between Rocky's and Roosevelts and all the theories they have about elk and elk habitat. Don't miss this one, you might learn something!! And if you haven't already get Davids new country album, "Made Out West" on iTunes, Spotify and on CD wherever you find David! Please leave a review and rating after you're done listening. It really helps the Shoot'n The Bull podcast...


#59 David Wise, Gold Medalist, Father and Die Hard Hunter

We had the amazing opportunity to sit down with guest David Wise, two time gold medalist, father of two children and hunter. Humble, well spoken and all around good dude. Get to know David as we talk about life and society outside of hunting and the duties we have to educate the non-hunting community about what we do. If you're not already, follow him on IG @mrdavidwise


#58 Josh & Ty in Yellowstone National Park and an epic Montana tag

Join Josh and Ty as they drive through Yellowstone National Park on a Sunday afternoon in July. If your faith in humanity is waining we highly recommend you don't go to Yellowstone NP during peak tourist season. Laugh along with them as they discuss the "People of Yellowstone" and the 40 mile, three day scouting trip they're coming back from. And learn what amazing tag Josh drew that boarders the northern boundary of Yellowstone NP. It'll take you back in time and finish out the latest...


#57 Cody Spencer & Bison ep2

Our second episode with Cody Spencer from Lethbridge, Alberta Canada. Cody spent a few days with Ty and Josh in western Montana while he was looking over bison bulls at Bitterroot Bison. Expanding his heard and his knowledge about bison, Cody is a wealth of knowledge on the habitat, culture and community of bison. Please enjoy one of our last episodes in this bison series. We can't promise there won't be more down the line but for now we'll leave you with some comedial entertainment and...


#56 Kieth Aune and an in depth look at Bison and Bison history

This is a must listen to episode. Absolutely one of our most educational conversations on Bison and Conservation history in North America. We dive deep into the complex issue and likely the most successful conservation success story of our time. Keith Aune is an author, historian, lover of Bison and dedicated conservationist who also tells a great story. Follow along as Keith breaks down the complexity of the Bison issue. We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and know that you will to.


#55 Heather Kelly & Ty on Bison, getting involved and conservation

Ty and Heather sit down over lunch beers and talk about Bison, getting involved in conservation and putting your money where your mouth is. That means doing shit instead of talking shit!! Heather is a collegiate athlete, bad ass women, creator of Heathers Choice lightweight backpacking foods and an absolute go getter. Listen and enjoy as Heather goes from interviewee to interviewer. Heathers Choice Facebook Instagram


#54 Cody Spencer and Ty on the History of Buffalo

This is the first episode in a series of 4 podcasts on the subject of a North American icon, the Buffalo! The conversation takes place below the massive cliffs that tower over Pine Creek lake in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Ty sits down with good friend Cody Spencer, owner of Sweetgrass Bison in Alberta, CA. Cody is an officianado on all things Bison and practitioner of simple and truly organic methods of raising bison. They talk about the past, present and future of the iconic...


#53 Courtney LeVesque and Steven Dahn from Elevation Fitness Training

Courtney LeVesque and Steven Dahn from Elevation Fitness Training sat down with us at The Northwest Mountain Challenge at Hoodoo ski resort. Courtney and Steven are both Certified Personal Trainers. They are both very active in the hunting community and have started an online Personal Training business called Elevation Fitness Training. Whether you want to train at home or the gym, they will design a custom program based on your needs to help you achieve your goals! In the past year...


#52 Jack Lander of Golden Roosie Outdoors Finding Success on a Giant Roosevelt

At the 2018 BHA Rendezvous, Rex Wolferman and Josh got the opportunity to square up with Jack Lander of Golden Roosie Outdoors. Jack Lander is an avid and successful archery hunter. He's also a boots to the ground conservationist. Jack is a board member for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Last year Jack had the best hunting season of his life. He harvested his largest Roosevelt bull and his largest Blacktail buck to date. In this podcast Jack breaks down some of his style and technique on...


#51 Corey Jacobsen, Tyler Crockett and Donnie Drake on Elk Hunting and Wolf Hunting

This is the first ever live podcast event Shoot'n The Bull has recorded. We recorded this episode at the 2018 BHA Rendezvous in front of a live audience. Listen as Corey Jacobsen, Tyler Crockett and Donnie Drake share their colorful story of how Tyler killed 2 bulls in one day. As if one isn't tough enough! Their season didn't stop with filling their freezers full of delicious elk meat. They decided to embark on a wolf hunt and film and document the entire process. Tune in as the guys...


#50 Russell Kuhlman Lead Vs Non-lead Ammunition & Their Performance

Following our last podcast with Chris Parish on lead ammunition and the toll it is taking on our Peregrine Falcon, we wanted to learn more about non-lead ammunition and its performance. We found Russell Kuhlman, a new hire at BHA. Russell is currently the California and Nevada Chapter Coordinator. He has quite an extensive background in firearms and ammunition and even has a degree in Wildlife Biology. Prior to his newly acquired position with BHA, he was the California Non-lead Outreach...


#49 Chris Parish on Raptors, Lead Ammunition and Falconry

Chris Parish is a wildlife biologist and the Director of Global Conservation for The Peregrine Fund. Chris is a mountain of a man, ex college football player and a redneck. You could say he's our people! In this episode we learn a lot about Chris. From college football to currently earning his phd. He comes to the podcast with a wealth of knowledge regarding Falconry, The Peregrine Fund and lead ammunition. Chris isn't a pushy guy, nor is he trying to promote an agenda. He simply brings...


#48 Jess Johnson and Landon Blanchard of Wyoming Wildlife Federation on Conservation and Elk Hunting

Jess Johnson and Landon Blanchard are a couple bad ass, boots to the ground conservationists! They both currently work for the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. Jess tells her inspirational story of how she obtained the Public Lands Coordinator position with Wyoming Wildlife Federation. Jess is a very avid hunter and an accomplished archery hunter as well! Landon is a former intern at First Lite and is now working in Outreach Communications for the Wyoming Wildlife Federation. Coming from First...


#47 Life at First Lite with Casey Hawkes, Gregg Farrell, and Rex Wolferman

At the 2018 BHA Rendezvous in Boise Idaho we met up with our First Lite crowd. We leaped at the opportunity to grab a handful of beers and fire up the podcast equipment! As Ty is busy working and putting on the event we figured what better co-host to fill in than Rex Wolferman! In this episode Casey Hawkes of First Lite and Josh talked about their life changing injuries and the experiences they've endured throughout recovery. Gregg Farrell, also a First Lite employee, talks about what its...


#46 Snowy Mountain Rifles of Montana

Listen as we BS about cans (silencers) long range guns, muzzle breaks, ice fishing in Montana and naked goat yoga. We get a high level gunsmithing education and what happens when you shoot a 338 ultra mag without a break. Our conversation with Paul Donaldson, co-owner of Snowy Mountain Rifles helps break down rifle basics. Hope you enjoy!


#45 Dave Brinker Singer, Song Writer, Conservationist, Sitka Gear

David Brinker is one busy guy. He's the Marketing Leader for Sitka Gear and he's also a singer and a song writer. Dave resides in Bozeman Montana and is a transplant from Oregon. Since we're all from Oregon and cut or teeth hunting Roosevelt Elk and Blacktail Deer, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about the hunting traditions we grew up on. Dave is currently releasing his new country music album Made Out West on Friday April 20th 2018. Listen in for how to get your hands on some...


#44 Seacat Creative Crew, Alaska, Babies and the Green Dragon!

An elite group of men faced treacherous conditions deep in the Alaskan Wilderness that most would consider a situation of survival. The Seacat Creative crew was on a film project with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. They were on a multi day float trip through a wilderness in Alaska when they received an alarming call that one of the crew members was having a baby in an emergency situation. They needed to get him out of the wilderness as soon as possible so he could witness the birth of...


#43 OnX's Zach Sandau and Dylan Dowson on the OnX app and elk hunting Montana

Zach Sandau and Dylan Dowson both of OnX walk us through what the mapping company is doing for conservation, what the map app is good for and a little on how to use it. But most importantly we talk about elk hunting in Montana. Both natives of the Big Sky state, they never take for granted a juicy elk steak or a blue bomber. Down to earth good dudes, they are true representative of the conservation oriented company we call OnX. Join us as we get off topic a time or two but have a great...


#42 Darktimber Coffee New Products, Elk Hunting and Conservation

Tony Burlison at Darktimber Coffee Co. has been busy. We podcasted Tony last year on episode #29 when he first launched his coffee company. Since then he's come out with more coffee blends and done even more for conservation! Listen as Tony talks about some new ideas and products for 2018. The buck for conservation definitely isn't stopping or slowing down. He's got even bigger plans to help and support conservation through himself and his coffee company. We'll be engaging in some coffee...


#41 BHA Rendezvous 2018 What To Expect With Land Tawney

The anual Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous 2018 is located in Boise Idaho this year from April 12th to 14th at Boise Centre. Listen in as Land, Ty and Josh talk about what to expect at this years Rende. Its forecasting to be one hell of a time! Its not to late to register follow link below to register and purchase tickets! Rende Tickets