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Fine Woodworking magazine editors and contributors answer your questions and share woodworking tips and techniques.

Fine Woodworking magazine editors and contributors answer your questions and share woodworking tips and techniques.
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Fine Woodworking magazine editors and contributors answer your questions and share woodworking tips and techniques.




STL200: Live from North Jersey

The North Jersey Woodworkers Association or NJWA for short is a community of woodworkers of all types and levels of experience. We have some professionals, some beginners and every skill level in between. Our goal is to share our experience with one another and to support and grow the woodworking community in the Northern New Jersey area. Regardless of woodworking interest or level of experience, we invite you to join us. For directions, membership information and club activities follow this...


STL199: In Defense of Tail Vises

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STL198.5: Bonus Episode with Tim Rousseau

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STL198: How much lumber is too much lumber?

John, Barry, and Ben discuss workbench stretchers, basement shop vs. garage shop, and a new chapter begins in the round vs. square mortise debate Sign up for the Fine Woodworking weekly eLetter. Sign up for a Fine Woodworking Unlimited membership. Shop Talk Live show notes are available here.


STL197: Clean Miters That Are Actually Strong

Question 1: From Elijah: I’m planning on building a floating media cabinet out of 5/4 cherry. The basic idea of the cabinet is an open box that looks like you can look through to the wall. However, it will actually have a false back made of 1/4” MDF painted the same color as the wall to hide all of the wires. For this project I like the clean look of miter joints, but I am worried that it will not be strong enough. The cabinet will be about 48 inches wide, 10 inches tall, and 14 inches...


STL196: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Planer

Question 1: From Chase: I have an old 13" hitachi planer I got from craigslist many years ago. It has served me well but is starting to have issues. 13 inches has been useful, but at times I wish it was wider. In your experience is it worth the extra money to buy something bigger, or should I stick with a more reasonable choice like DW735? I have 220v access and floor space, so that isn't an issue. I am in my 30s, have been woodworking for ~10 years. I would like to keep woodworking into...


STL195.5: Scott Landis of Greenwood Global

For more than 25 years GreenWood has worked with artisans in Honduras and the Peruvian Amazon to produce high-quality wood products from well-managed forests. They train woodworkers to use appropriate tools and technologies, and connect their products to good markets. The GreenWood Carver's Mallets are available at Support GreenWood's efforts by heading over to their GoFundMe page. The Workbench Book by Scott Landis


STL195: New Tools From AWFS in Vegas

Rollie Johnson and Justin Fink join Tom, Barry, and Ben to discuss new tools being shown at the AWFS fair in Las Vegas


STL194: New-Fangled Finishes

Danish Modern Desk with Tim Rousseau Question 1: From Devin: Over the years of listening to your show, reading Fine Woodworking, and watching instructional videos, I’ve heard a million different suggestions for how long to let a glue-up sit before you take the clamps off. Ranging from “a little while” -whatever that is?- to overnight, and everything in between. Do you guys have any good rules of thumb for drying time? Strategies for Squeeze-out How to Tame Tricky Glue-Ups How to Apply...


STL193: Pocket Screws vs. Dominos

Start Woodworking Season 1 by Matt Berger, Asa Christiana Question 1: From Dan: I recently built a pair of desks featured in issue #270. I built them mostly the way Michael Robbins did, however instead of using a domino to construct the top I used pocket screws. I don't own a domino, I opted for a hollow chisel mortiser, and I thought it would be silly to use a hollow chisel mortise. How do you feel about...


STL192: Learning To Cut Dovetails

Dovetailing episodes from Chris Gochnour's Enfiled Cupboard Video Workshop: Ep 4a: Case Dovetails – Tails Ep 4b: Case Dovetails – Pins Ep 4c: Handcut Rabbets and Dovetail Fitting Video: Chris Becksvoort–The Dovetail Master Question 1: From Jerrud: I'm making a dresser that is 72" long, 18" deep and 24" high not including legs. For a dresser this size–or any deep piece that is dovetailed–is seasonal wood movement a concern? Plain sawn lumber is cheaper than rift or...


STL191: A Jointer Worth Traveling For

If you are interested in learning more about how you can support Old Sturbridge Village’s cabinet shop, contact their development office at for more information. Question 1: From Joseph: I bought a new house in 2017 and instead of moving a lot of tools, I sold most of them and started over with new ones. There are 2 things I haven't yet invested in - a router table and a dado stack. I'm primarily a hand tool guy, but I like to use power tools for dados/grooves and...


STL190: Assembling a Lumber Stash

Become a Fine Woodworking Unlimited member today and get instant access to all content. Start your free two week trial here. Question 1: From Tom: I’m now semi-retired and finally have the time to create a decent wood shop. I’ve moved to the Florida panhandle, where there are few hardwood dealers. In late May, I’ll be in Tennessee so I intend to stop in at a hardwood dealer/mill near Nashville. Given the projects on my to do list I’ll be picking up walnut, cherry, and...


STL189: Nancy Hiller, Chris Becksvoort and Vic Tesolin

Guest 1: Joe Taylor - Director of Sales for Rikon Joe gave us the ins and outs of a few of Rikon's new products Model 10-326DVR: 14″ Deluxe Bandsaw with Smart Motor DVR Control Joe shared some exciting news about the Model 70-800: 4-Piece Woodturning System Guest 2: Nancy Hiller From Jim: In terms of their aesthetic value, is there a line for you between fine furniture and cabinetry? From Jeff: If you could only design, or build, which would it be and why? Free Plan: Architectural Wall...


STL188: FWW Live Pregame Show

Question 1: From Al: I am having some trouble laying out the pins and tales on the Wenge in the more traditional way, unlike what Mike shows. Wenge is extremely hard and not at all forgiving and the grain tends to be a problem in scribing the wood. Perhaps this is why he choose to do this with the table saw and router methods as shown on Rough Cut. Where can I get the table saw blade and the router bit to do it like Mike. He always has great ideas that are very valuable. here Question...


STL187: Desert Island Dream Projects

Question 1: From Paul: Heide Martin’s serving trays in the May/June 2018 are beautiful and I have since made a couple. My question is about keeping the bottom boards flat. I cut some walnut that had been air dried for probably 20 years. In an hour or two both boards cupped. I then sequentially tried wetting one side, wetting both sides, soaking in water, soaking in fabric softener, each time clamping the boards to keep them flat and leaving for days and days to dry out. None of these things...


STL186: Machinery Placement Guidelines

Question 1: From Harry: How can I prevent Camellia from becoming all gummy. After letting a plane set for a few weeks that had been wiped down with Camellia Oil it was next to impossible to get the plane apart. I actually caused some minor damage it was stuck so hard. Rollie’s answer: On tools if you have areas that the oil is applied to that don’t see use it can build a bit, but not much and over a long period of time. A quick wipe with a bit of naphtha or acetone will clean it off. Those...


STL185: Reading Bob Van Dyke's Mind

Enter for your chance to win Fine Woodworking's Shop Giveaway: Upgrade to Laguna! The winner will receive a prize that includes: Question 1: From Shawn: I’m working on a Christmas present for my sister. It’s a hallway table with 2 drawers in cherry. This is the first piece I’ve made with cherry. Some of the surfaces have a quarter sawn grain orientation and I’m finding them highly prone to tear out. My card scraper seems to be the only tool I’ve got that can tackle it, and even then I...


STL184.5: Chris Schwarz

Chris Schwarz is a furniture maker and writer who works from a German barroom built in 1896 in Covington, Ky. He is one of the founders of Lost Art Press, a book-publishing company that specializes in handwork, and Crucible Tool, a company that makes hand tools for woodwork. Chris is the author of several books, including Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use (F+W Media), The Anarchist’s Tool Chest, Campaign Furniture, The Anarchist’s Design Book and Ingenious Mechanics...


STL184: Is it time to stockpile ash?

Enter for your chance to win Fine Woodworking's Shop Giveaway: Upgrade to Laguna! The winner will receive a prize that includes: Question 1: From William: I live in Ohio where the Emerald Ash Borer is ravaging every ash tree around. With all these ash trees coming down and the infestation of the Ash Borer, are we looking at a future shortage of ash trees? Should we, as woodworkers, stock up on quality ash boards while we can get them and while they're fairly inexpensive? Question...