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This Podcast Is Not Flat or "It's Not You It's Cast"

As the dust settles on the controversy surrounding the Joe Wirth Mascot Challenge the boyz get back to doing what they do best, struggling to record a podcast (s/o to Cast). Joe gives us a recap of the last week in Notre Dame Basketball and Recruiting. We discuss Kyrie Irving's firm belief that the Earth is flat despite it not being the year 1450, our favorite guilty pleasure workout songs, and Dustin Johnson's all-time McCoy week.


The Joe Wirth Redemption Challenge (Feat. Ghost Dan)

We return from our hiatus while Beau wasted your taxpayer dollars on a senseless investigation into our first so-called "scandal" (guess who writes these descriptions). Tried to figure out some technical difficulties with our recording software (s/o to Cast) and lose Dan to the upside down for an entire episode (they say if you listen closely you can hear his whispers). Recap a legendary Otter Room meet and greet at Mulligan's this past weekend. Discuss the best places to poop on the Notre...


We Got A Burner (Monday Night Bachelor Special)

We record an episode on Monday night during #TheBachelor after Beau's romantic getaway to Scranton and Joe's broken heart over the Cowboys loss shifted us away from our normal Sunday evening programming. In other news, we bought a burner and took calls from our listeners, but ran out of minutes early on like a teenage girl in 2007. Segments include ESPN 9: Disc Golf, a history of the Cumberland Classic, we're good at basketball, and the Shotgun Sports Curse.


The One Where We All Go To The Upside Down Feat. Amazon Alexa

Shotgun Sports finally succumbs to the call of the upside down as every single host gets stuck there with only each other for company. Joe continues to tear through the Joe Wirth Mascot Challenge and takes his sports autism to a whole… ‘notha… level. We explore the wild world of Lucha Libre, granny shots, and O-Line gifts. Also featuring a riveting interview with Amazon Alexa.


"Ho Ho Ho Pimp" - A Shotgun Sports Christmas

We finally give a name to recurring segment "Sports Autism w/ Joe", give out Christmas gift suggestions to each other, adopt an otter + maybe a shark too(?), explore whether we might accidentally be cursing coaches and try to figure out how we can exploit that in the future, delve into the hottest college trend of the now, discuss a random John Daly video, and a whole lot of other nonsense to help brighten up your Christmas :)


Russell Wilson, Hamster Man #WMW

Joe continues his tear through the "Ryan McGushin presents the Joe Wirth Mascot Challenge" improving his record to 24-0. We discuss the sport of kings, console Beau after Deshone Kizer hurt his feelings, dive into the poopfest of Thursday Night Football, and pen a letter to Hamster Man, Russell Wilson.


We Love Cooters & Butts

We get over the sophomore slump and look to our #13 ranking in iTunes Top 12 Podcasts of 2016 as an opportunity to move forward. Segments include: Game Film, The Joe Wirth Mascot Challenge, Cooter's and Butts, Beau Comes Out of the Closet, History of Hyphy, and ESPN 9 - Quidditch.