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Simon Ward, award winning triathlon coach, on all things triathlon and training related

Simon Ward, award winning triathlon coach, on all things triathlon and training related


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Simon Ward, award winning triathlon coach, on all things triathlon and training related




Sleep, the best training tool you have * Simon Ward and Nick Littlehales

Nick Littlehales was one of my very first guests on the podcast almost 3 years ago (If you're interested in listening to that episode to hear how much the podcasts have changed, please go HERE). Knowledge and information about sleep has also moved on, hence the reason for inviting Nick back onto the show. If you’re at all interested in improving your human and athletic performance, you should know sleep is a critical part of this. Forget compression garments, protein shakes and massage....


Ironman training with Dan Plews * Simon Ward and Dan Plews

In this week’s episode I’m joined again by my old friend and still the fastest Yorkshireman in Kona, Dr Dan Plews. Recently I’ve been studying Dan’s new EndureIQ course - LDT102 - all about how to train effectively for long distance triathlons. Not only has Dan walked the walk at Kona (8:24, which is the fastest ever age grouper in Kona, making him AG world champion in 2017), he has also done extensive research into the low carb/high fat nutrition approach for endurance athletes and used...


Exercise as Medicine * Simon Ward and Alan Couzens

On this week’s High Performance Human podcast, I feel like a successful fisherman who has landed a catch after a long chase. Today's guest, Alan Couzens, has been on my target list for several months now since chatting with one of the athletes he works with, Owen Martin (podcast 125). I have actually known of Alan for many years now since his involvement with Gordo Byrn and his GordoWorld blog. He posts regularly on Twitter and he is one of the coaches/physiologists that I would recommend...


Make time, or make excuses * Simon Ward and High Performing Human and IM Dan Williams

In this week’s podcast we return to the theme of High Performing Humans as I chat with a friend and triathlete I used to coach, Dan Williams. Dan entered the triathlon world a few years ago and was drawn to the challenge of Ironman, despite the fact that he could hardly swim. We both laugh about the fact that when I first met Dan at the pool my first words were, “You’ve got a bit of work to do then!” Fortunately, hard work is something Dan isn’t afraid of and since that first meeting, his...


From disrupting an industry with Cervelo, to empowering athletes with 4iiii * Simon Ward and Phil White

I love the concept of disrupting an industry. Think PayPal or Monzo with banking, Netflix with streaming TV, Amazon with book sales, Tesla with cars, and in the bike industry think Cervelo. At a time when most bikes were Italian made with traditional round stainless steel or aluminium tubing, along came Cervelo with aero designs and carbon fibre. If you want an example of their first design, look at the Barracchi concept bike which looks very similar to the P5x which came out a few years...


Why sexy sells, but boring is best * Simon Ward and Mike James, The Endurance Physio

In this week’s podcast I catch up with the Endurance Physio, Mike James. Mike came to my attention about 14 months ago when he started posting how-to videos on various social media platforms and tagging me in. I’ve watched a lot of his videos, replied to many of his tweets, and it's become clear that Mike and I share a similar philosophy - do the basics well and they will never let you down! In this conversation we chat about Mike’s life starting out as an aspiring football player,...


Move better and build resilience * Simon Ward and Jess Elliott

Back in 1995 when I started my triathlon coaching career, my first published article for 220 Magazine was about strength training for triathletes. Back then I was in a tiny minority of coaches who felt that this was an important piece of the puzzle in helping athletes to build resilience, stay injury free, boost consistency, and ultimately improve their performance. You can often hear me talking about how important it is to build a strong foundation, and 25 years later I feel that we might...


How one athlete survived Coronavirus, including a 3-week coma * Simon Ward and Paul Regan

We have all been affected by the Coronavirus to some extent, but I dont personally know many people who have been affected as severely as today’s guest. Paul Regan is a 51 year old triathlon coach who contracted COVID19 sometime in February or March and from there, life went downhill. By the end of March he was in an ICU ward at his local hospital and a few days later he was placed in an induced coma which lasted for over 3 weeks. He spent another few weeks in hospital before being allowed...


Grumpy Old Coaches discuss getting old and still going for gold * Simon Ward, Steve Lumley, and Marc Laithwaite

The three “Grumpy Old coaches" are back in the house as Simon is joined by Steve Lumley and Marc Laithwaite as they discuss a subject that is going to affect us all at some stage: Getting old. Even if you are just turning 30 you might as well listen as it will happen to you at some stage and it’s better to be prepared. Think of it like a pension. If you don’t start putting money into your pot until you’re 45, you won’t have as much to draw on compared to starting at 30. Each of our...


How can I get to 15-hours training per week without being chronically fatigued? * Simon Ward and 3 Guests

In the past 3 years we have had several podcasts where I've answered questions sent in by The Triathlon Coach Cafe members. It's part of the joining process, and leads to some great content. One of the questions we ask new members is, “What is the ONE question you would like to ask Simon?”. This show is different because I have invited three of the Cafe members on to the show as guests to ask their “one” question of me LIVE. I hope you enjoy the new format and that you find the answers...


The World's Toughest Ultra-Marathon * Simon Ward and Lazarus Lake

In all sports there are iconic characters and iconic events. In the world of ultra-running, Runner’s World compiled a list of the ‘hardest races in the world’. One of them was the Barkley Marathons and my guest today is the legendary figure who organised Barkley, and many other unique events. He is such an icon that he even has a pseudonym, “Lazarus Lake” (his real name is Gary Cantrell). If you haven’t yet heard of the Barkley Marathons then here are some facts that might get your...


High Performance Humans * Simon Ward and Toby Baxendale

In today’s podcast I’m back with another of my High Performance Human guests. This week it’s Toby Baxendale, who I have been coaching for almost 15 years. We met by chance as Toby came to a bike exhibition in central London to purchase a product which I was selling, and shortly after he asked me to coach him towards his triathlon goals. We have become good friends since then. During that time Toby has built and sold a large fish distribution business, retained a strong marriage with his wife...


Legends of British Triathlon * Simon Ward and Sarah Springman

The “Legends of British Triathlon” has been a really enjoyable experience as it has allowed me to wander back down memory lane and chat with some of the characters who were prominent in the sport when I first started over 30 years ago. My guest today is another of those individuals, and was the other half of the “two Sarah’s”, Sarah Springman and Sarah Coope (a previous podcast guest) who were big rivals in the late ’80’s, female versions of Coe and Ovett if you like. Since retiring from...


High Performance Humans * Simon Ward and Gerard Gallagher

This week’s podcast is slightly different in that I am focussing more on the High Performance Human aspect. My guest is one of the high performance humans that I have the pleasure of working closely with in achieving their triathlon goals. Gerard Gallagher is a Partner and a Management Consultant who leads EY Energy business across Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. His role involves working with client teams from across 110 countries, and consequently this requires much travel. At the...


Outlaw Full 2020 Decision * Simon Ward and Iain Hamilton

Monday the 11 of May was a sad day for OSB as they finally had to admit defeat and announce the inevitable, the cancellation of the 2020 Outlaw Full. Iain was gracious enough to spare me some of his valuable time on Monday morning after making the announcement so that we could discuss the full enormity of this decision. Iain’s a longtime friend of mine and I’ve been involved in the race for all of its 10 years, so while we discuss the personal side of cancelling a race that you’ve grown from...


10 in 10 Indoor Deca Triathlon for NHS * Simon Ward and Joe Duckworth

Today we're releasing a special podcast, as I chat with Joe Duckworth, an airport firefighter who is spending the first 10 days in May doing 10 Ironman triathlons. Each day consists of a one-hour indoor rowing session, 112 miles on Zwift, and a 26.2 mile treadmill run. Why would someone do this? To raise money for the NHS personnel and show support for all their sacrifices. Listen in to hear why he decided to do this, and how he's getting through each day. If you'd like to show support...


Grumpy Old Coaches discuss what makes a good coach * Simon Ward, Marc Laithwaite, and Steve Lumley

In this week’s podcast the “Grumpy Old Coaches” are back as they let rip about another subject close to their hearts - coaching. Inspired by another podcast recently which attempted to answer the question, “what makes a good coach?”, our three heroes set about trying to find the answer that has eluded others. The long term benefits of coaching have been proven by scientists, whereas the rest of our advice has no basis more reliable than our own meandering experiences. We will dispense this...


What if a run could be about so much more than exercise? * Simon Ward and Sanjay Rawal

I have always found running the hardest of the 3 triathlon sports to fall in love with. To run feels like a chore and probably has something to do with a period of years when I had calf and achilles injuries and running was painful. That is why I envy those who are able to just drop into a trance-like state when they run, and why I was so interested to chat with today’s guest. Sanjay Rawal is a photographer and film maker based in New York City who has recently completed the film 3100: Run...


CEO of Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) * Simon Ward and Sam Renouf

In this week’s episode of the High Performance Human Podcast my guest is the CEO of Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO), Sam Renouf. I’ve known Sam for many years and in fact the first time I came across him he was seeking information on a triathlon forum about how to become a professional triathlete. This was pre-Facebook which will give you an idea of his longevity in the sport. Sam managed to live the dream for a few years, training with some of the world’s best under Brett...


4 top coaches share thoughts on how they're helping athletes during the COVID crisis * Simon Ward with David Tilbury-Davis, Kate Offord, Mike Ricci, and Matt Dixon

This week’s podcast has several guests, all top-level coaches working with reasonably large groups of athletes. First up we have Helsinki-based UK Coach David Tilbury-Davis, who works with high-level pro and age group long-distance athletes. Next, we have the Smiling Tri Coach coach, Kate Offord, working with a large age group community. In third, we have Mike Ricci, all the way from Boulder, Colorado. Mike runs D3Multisport and has 9 coaches looking after almost 200 athletes. Finally, we...